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  1. Hello people , its a beautiful day here in AR. I have purchased some Bitcoin and Ethereum. I was wondering what are some thoughts on Bitcoin cash and Litecoin? reading on bit cash it seems its waiting for the reset to become popular. It felt so good buying into the Bitcoin . Glad to be part of the future. Any advice on the other two would be appreciated. As always you all have a Blessed day and GOOO RVvvv!!!!
  3. I would like to warn that part 4 is very graphic about child trafficking. It is so horrible it has to stop!!!
  5. President Trump Patriot News & Intel, [08.02.21 06:38] Facts to think about and ponder... * Gen Michael Flynn Pardon by President Trump. In less than 6 hours after Gen Michael Flynn was pardoned by President Trump, he had his full security clearance for full access to the pentagon, the same as he had before when he was the United States National Security Advisor under President Trump. - * Charles Flynn (Army Lieutenant General) promoted on Jan 26th to command US Army Pacific. Do you really think Joe Biden would have allowed Charles Flynn to be promoted to command
  6. I suppose I am on a roll this morning. There is so much out there that is not getting out to the public that i feel the need to post some things. I pray it is not to much from me . I am so blessed to be apart of this sight. Thank you for allowing me to post my thoughts or of those of others.
  7. President Trump Patriot News & Intel, [08.02.21 08:14] There are two types of people in this nation... PERSON #1: Patriots who talk the talk and walk the walk. They have their eyes open who are awake and see the truth. They trust God, they trust the military, and they trust the plan. They have faith, they have hope, they have patience, they are positive, and they know that the best is yet to come. Furthermore, they know that even if they don't see things happening publicly that things are happening behind the scenes, they know it's just a matter of time before we start to see t
  8. I stand firm in the belief that God will bring us through this. Trump has been chosen by God for this purpose to bring us through the darkness of evil. He is standing firm in keeping America in prayer. God Bless America.
  9. I am praying that the truth of the election being stolen will be fully accepted . Over 80,000,000. People think the election was stolen . An I am one. But unfortunately if it is not brought out and accepted I suppose I will have to accept it. But I don't have to like it.
  10. He will be at his own inauguration, so how can he be at Bidens. Biden will not be president.
  11. Cant make up things like this.
  12. I stand with you. Jesus tells us to go to our high place on the rocks and find our safe place and praise him to cover us with his armor and shield of protection and pray and watch what Jesus and his army of Angels fight this war between good and evil. Jesus will save us from the destruction of the evil that is raining down on America evil will be beat by Jesus and the Angels, I am watching hold my peace as Jesus told the Israelites crossing the red sea. Our enemies will be destructed. Not to say we will not have hard ties to come , it will take time to get things straight. This is all IM
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