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  1. I have been waiting and praying that this happens. I pray that Trump will be reelected. I can not believe Biden has not been disqualified for running for president. With all the damming information that had been verified as true from Hunter Biden's computer. I believe Trump will be victorious and be reelected.
  2. Great!!!!! I am praying that this is the end of waiting . I think I will be in shock when it happens..........
  3. I do believe that people are not listening to the news and what Biden is for. If he gets voted in he will not be there long, he is not mentally competent and Harris and the other powers behind them will oust him and we will be left with President Harris. To me this is a horrible thought. She is so far left people will lose their right to go to church, America will become a socialist country. Harris has said in her speeches that the riots will not stop even if they win and have defunded all the POLICE, the safety of American is not their first priority. They/she will lock down America again a
  4. I agree with you I believe that the evil in the world is coming to a head and all of the demons and curses that has been placed on the people of the world will be compelled to leave. The criminals will be exposed. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.
  5. Thank you to everybody that works at Dinarvets for all you do. Ive been in this a long time. Can't wait till we're on the downhill road!!!!!
  6. I was beginning to think this day would never come, After being in this for 13 + years. Thank you our Lord Jesus Christ !!! May everything come to fruition and we will all be dancing in the streets. Thank you Adam for all the hard work you continue to do for all of us. You made our day THANK YOU!!!!
  7. Whoop Whoop , I love it when a plan comes together!!!!! Thank you Adam!!!
  8. Prayers for Gods healing touch and give your family peace, may Jesus hold ang keep you with his healing grace.
  9. Thanks Adam, I'm excited, and so nervous , I just pray i get all the paper work done . Just sitting on needles. Now all we need is for America get their stuff together no more riots and protesting.
  10. Thank you Synopsis, I was unable to get the picture to show.
  11. I went back and could not open the link . Here it is. introduction Counterfeit and Forgery Banknotes Replacement Criteria for the Damaged and Defective Banknotes Selling Prices list of Banknotes & Coins for Collectors Vatika Withdrawn Banknotes from Circulation Circulated Banknotes: In 2013 the Central Bank of Iraq has upgraded the circulated banknotes the series of 2003 which included graphic design and technical characters apart from the denomination of (50) dinar which has been withdrawn from circulation since 1st May 2015.The two series will
  12. Just a question! I was looking on the CBI web sight and was looking under the currencies and the notes taken out of circulation . At the bottom could someone tell me please that the 25,0000 have not been taken out of circulation or just updated in 2015. Please put me out of my misery and say it's not so. thank you so very much. ET Banknotes-en.doc
  13. COALITION PROVISIONAL AUTHORITY ORDER NUMBER 56 CENTRAL BANK LAW Pursuant to my authority as Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) and under the laws and usages of war, and consistent with relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions, including Resolution 1483 (2003), Article 3 Objectives The primary objectives of the CBI shall be to achieve and maintain domestic price stability and to foster and maintain a stable and competitive market-based financial system. Subject to these objectives, the CBI shall also promote su
  14. Where are they on the currency market. How are they bigger on Wall Street if they haven't RV'ed yet. Maybe someone can enlighten me on how this can be. Videography. President of Iraq market for securities: biggest banking sector on Wall Street. Dialogues Economy news Baghdad: The Executive Chairman to I
  15. The interest rate or 6 month deposits. I am ready to start earning some of these rates. Acronyms (مختصرات) FAQs (الاسئلة المتداولة) Terms (مصطلحات) User Guide (دليل المستخدم) Login Supper Admin Panel Admin Activity Logs Manage Admins
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