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  1. Good morning Yota, as always sir, very much obliged 🙏 If ya can’t beat ‘em, join em… Al-Maliki indicated that this step is one of the priorities of our work in the new parliament, whether we are a government or the opposition."
  2. More progress joint cooperation between the two countries, and activating financial and commercial exchange
  3. Onwards we go DV, everything is looking good 👍 “this is a very important matter that gives freedom and liberalism to banks to work in global environments,”
  4. This means International 😉 "this step will pave the way for a greater degree of trade and investment exchange between Iraq and European countries."
  5. Good morning Ron, glad to see the gurus are up early this morning, thanks for all you bring to the table here sir, very much appreciated
  6. Good morning Yota, much appreciated sir 🙏 the first legislative term in the presence of 325 deputies." Decent attendance
  7. Totally agree with you HowieC, linking the local trade exchange with the international, indicating that the new system is applied in 80 countries and contributes By curbing corruption, red tape and nepotism, and returning to the state treasury about 50% of the lost revenues
  8. Looks like they are getting ready to make the jump to the worlds stage
  9. This gentleman was all for the people of Iraq and their prosperity, RIP Dr Shabibi 🙏
  10. Thanks for all that you bring to the table here Ron, may you and your loved ones have a healthy and prosporous New Year 🙏
  11. Thanks Yota, and a very Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Totally agree with you @WheresmyRV? "The next government will discuss the budget, amend and add, and may make changes to the exchange rate according to the oil markets, and may add new projects to the investment budget," noting that "all these things will not be delayed
  12. Much obliged Yota Iraq is moving to the international scene at a record pace, everyone is looking for a peace of the action
  13. Iraqi banks are paying citizens a rate between 4-6% interest on deposits. Show me a bank on the planet that pays that interest on deposits. I think the citizens know something, that’s why they are hanging in to their Dinar.
  14. Love this After it has paid all its compensation to Kuwait, Iraq must submit a request to the Security Council, in order to transfer it from Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations to the provisions of Chapter VI of the Charter, a subject that will liberate the Iraqi banking system and integrate it with the global banking system, and will also liberate the accounts Iraqi finances are with the US Federal Bank, because any financial returns in hard currency do not go directly to Iraq, but through the United States, so that compensation for Kuwait can be completed.”
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