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  1. Awesome news my brother, perhaps sooner, rather then later, we will see Iraq’s true value. Wishing you well πŸ™
  2. All good Adam, thanks for the update
  3. Make sure no one pulls any pranks with that glue brother, you might spill your beverage Wishing you well 10 years
  4. Wiljor

    Go Iraq

    It’s dollar fluctuations Artitech, I’m a trader with an alert 🚨 on the international currency markets for when the IQD goes live πŸ˜‰ All is looking good though, we are definitely moving in the right direction. But, not yet πŸ‘
  5. Good morning Yota, top of the day out to you my good man. Lots of banking news as of late, I believe that Iraq is getting ready for the worlds stage. 🌎
  6. Awesome, Iraq is moving along nicely and we are patiently waiting Adam. Appreciate the continued support sir πŸ‘
  7. So sorry for your loss brother, sending prayers out to you and your loved ones πŸ™
  8. Good morning Chuck, totally agree with you. Timing is looking good my friend πŸ‘
  9. Great news brother Laid Back. Having the green light for investors is a huge step in the right direction. Little by little the economy is chugging forward, and the move to an open market system is now in sight. Sooner then later is looking mighty fine πŸ‘ Sending out good vibes to you and all of DV.
  10. Brother Laid Back, huge piece of the puzzle here falling into place. Lots of action going on, perhaps sooner then later we will be able to see this thing through. Be well my brother πŸ™
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