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  1. Thanks Adam, the "But we are getting close." thang was like a shot of expresso this morning. You think? we are close? Not gonna hold ya to it but like, a day, a week, a month........another year??? Just kidding sir, very much appreciated and have a fantastic day
  2. Thanks Adam, much appreciated, "The perfect storm"
  3. Good morning Thugs, always appreciated brother. Lots of talk about the "printing of currency" shouldn't be long now before we all know what this means (in which direction) printing of currency goes. To me, based on the current global scenario and economic situation in Iraq, the only thing that will, lets say, save them, is making the value of the IQD in accordance with international standards. They must act NOW as the world comes out of lock down and things begin to come back on line, the perfect storm, so to speak. As oil demand begins to increase, and we are already hovering at 33.00 bucks, the potential upside could be BIG. And, I'm not sure if they have tapped into their reserves or cashed in some of their gold stash to off set the current Covid19 and, pull back on oil. I highly doubt it, at least, I haven't seen any articles pertaining to such.
  4. Good morning DV, and thank you for all these encouraging posts. I believe that this is the perfect time to make the necessary changes to the IQD value. While the entire world is in the midst of this Covid collapse, and, on the verge of recovery, what a better time to "do what needs to be done" and begin to ride the wave to recovery. Catching the bottom at the right time is every investors dream, and here we are, I think the bottom is in and its now that the perfect time to get on the wave to the upside. Just my humble opinion, but, It's GO TIME Iraq, lets see if you got what it takes to finally push you to the international stage
  5. Good day Adam; " I dare say "suddenly" is looming closer and closer"...... appreciated the enthusiasm We patiently wait...
  6. Thanks Yota; Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Is Iraq really starting to acknowledge this? "It cannot and does not make sense to continue wasting huge amounts of money by auctioning the currency in the central bank in conjunction with a severe economic crisis and the absence of a real money management strategy." Well???????? we're waiting
  7. Is this the news we have been waiting for DV? " this program was developed by the World Bank in 2000, with the aim of building capacities and providing consulting and asset management services. Trillion dollars in sovereign assets." We patiently wait.... Thanks Yota, very much appreciated sir and good morning
  8. Good afternoon DV, it is with great sorrow I have to unload some of my Dinar for some quick cash. I am selling 5 million IQD un circulated notes in perfect conditions from DINAR TRADE, since I have never done this, but some of you have, your feed back would be greatly appreciated. Looks like the going price is 875 per million. Not sure how to do this but, I live here in Cancun Mexico and sending the notes via DHL (I have an office next door here) would be the simplest way for me. I know sending currency is not permitted, but I'm sure there is a way. (again, feedback welcome) Selling the whole lot to one buyer would be the perfect scenario for me. Email me if interested:
  9. Thanks for the update Adam, much appreciated..... We patiently wait
  10. Top of the day out to you Yota, glad to see you my brother and wishing you and your loved ones well
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