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  1. With tequila, you are never meant to win Chuck, trust me, I have been trying for years. I even moved to Mexico, and nope, it ain’t happening 🥴
  2. HI fancy, if you go to the "support" tab and click on that, it should show that your payment has been reflected. Every time I make a payment it always shows up there
  3. I feel a sense of urgency in the air Thanks Thugs and 6ly410
  4. Good morning Yota, and, wow!!!!! this is BIG. I could be wrong, but I think this could be the beginning
  5. Thanks Thugs, keep em coming 💪 He added, "Any agreement between Baghdad and Erbil will never be successful without adopting the oil and gas law that has caused billions of dollars in waste." Ok, now that we know that, let’s ink this deal and move forward 😀
  6. Much appreciated Adam, and, your analysis makes perfect sense. There’s a great deal of money to be made on this RV, not only for Dinar holders such as ourselves, but, for the CBI as well. Many moving pieces to this puzzle are finally falling into place, that coupled with the new president taking the bull by the horns and getting things done, makes for some elevated emotions once again in this “speculative” investment.
  7. Thanks Yota, the war on corruption is underway and Iraq inches towards a sovereign nation, the corrupt can run, but they can’t hide. Digitized expenditures is one way to curve the mafia, I’m stoked that this is taking place. This coupled with the opening of the files of the “corrupt” will bring back stolen money to a nation who has had its wealth pilfered for years. Well, let’s hope so 🤷‍♂️ We patiently wait.....
  8. “the Prime Minister issued directives to transfer the data of consumer expenditures to the digital system“ BOOM!!!!! This is a major blow to corruption mafia of Iraq and a huge step forward to a sovereign nation. By digitizing the financial movements of government officials, they can now track how money moves much easier and have a more productive balance sheet. Yota, massive find sir, and I’m all teeth knowing that corruption is finally being dealt with. We are moving along just fine DV, and progress advancing daily. Thanks Yota, you made my day 😀
  9. The list of “bigtime” companies have the financial wherewithal and staying power to wait out any governmental uncertainty. That’s why they are “bigtime” they have been around for years and can smell an opportunity long before the rest 😉 And, as Laid Back has stated, once moved to an open market economy, the flood gates will open, the rest of the world will join In on the band wagon to prosperity. It’s just a matter of time, clean the corruption as best as possible, get HCL passed, and perhaps we could be looking at the RV, and, Iraq can move on to be competitive in the global arena. All those resources, but at the end of the day, in the hands of corruption. I must also say that things seem to be moving much quicker with this new president, we patiently wait....
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