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  1. Thanks Thugs, I think they are starting to get it 🥴 “The hard currency auction represents one of the most important gates of corruption in Iraq," pointing out that”
  2. Ohhhhhhh Lordy, crunch time ???? Can we really be near the end of this ride? keeping vigilant Adam, thanks for the update sir 🙌
  3. Good evening brother, and yes, I concur with your statement 👍
  4. Much appreciated Adam, excitement ramping up indeed.
  5. Good morning Adam, and thank you sir for the uplifting and motivating post. I have been around here a while and have never heard you so excited, I have my Dinar and resignation letter right beside each other and they are ready to roll
  6. Kazemi is going after the corrupt, he is draining the swamp and is the chosen one to turn Iraq around to a sovereign and prosperous nation. I agree with our brother Laid Back, I believe we are at the end of this ride as well, still some work to do, but, sooner is now a reality and later is closer then you think 😉 Keep the gears grinding Mr Kazemi, and let’s get this done 💪
  7. Be safe up there TexasMike, our prayers are with you brother 🙏
  8. Much appreciated Adam, we patiently wait 🙏
  9. LGD, so sad to hear this my brother. My god rest her soul and bring peace and comfort to you and your loved ones during these times. Prayers out 🙏
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