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  1. Thanks for the drive by Adam, locked and loaded sir
  2. “We are close to show time” Good afternoon brother, yes, totally agree with you. We knew all along the purpose of the currency auctions, and what it was being used for, now Iraq has the ability to re direct funds for the better of each and every citizen. The move to a open market economy is now a reality, steps are being implemented to achieve these objectives. Hang on ladies and gentlemen, this is getting very interesting, HCL, exchange rate news is the dominant information coming out of Iraq as of late. we patiently wait....
  3. Much appreciated Adam, I believe we are heading to the finish of this ride. is much closer then you think
  4. You might be right CF, I'm sure he's super busy reserving our spots at the beach bar
  5. Good morning Brother Laid Back, yup, I concur, Looks like they are getting ready to make the jump to the worlds stage. Lots of positive news coming out of Iraq as of late, hopefully won't be long now.
  6. In a very surprising and sudden move it was announced that the "Opinion Board" (Hayaatul raay هيئة الرأي) of the Ministry of Oil (MoO) discussed and approved the final version of the Federal Oil and Gas Law (FOGL) at its meeting on Wednesday, February 24, 2021. Wow Thugs, this is a juicy tidbit indeed brother, nice find. Could we really be near the end of this ride? As our good man LGD says "SUDDENLY" is looking mighty fine
  7. At 1:1 you will see the biggest run to the bank in human history. Yup, I will be in that mob camped outside till it’s my turn. 🤑🤑🤑
  8. Thanks Adam, uplifting and motivating post. Soooo much chatter about the exchange rate, HCL, etc... that I feel we have never been in a better position for this thing to pop. It has been an interesting year and all of us here sure do appreciate the work you and your team have been doing. TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK
  9. Thanks Ron, everyone is getting hyped about all this news flying around. maybe is er then we think
  10. Good morning Yota, natural reaction when the crooks keep their hands out of the cookie jar 😊 Appreciate all you do brother 🙌
  11. Lot's of talk lately indeed Laid Back, Credit rating Exchange Rate HCL Oil Budget Looks like they are getting ready to make the jump to the world's stage, and, open the economy up to become a global contender. This is really starting to get interesting brother, hang tight and be ready
  12. “If Iraq were to regain its strength and there was a possibility to strengthen the Iraqi dinar, it would be the first in the region and it would be a good supporter of the economy and vice versa, and it would overcome the region’s currencies and economies and would be a global power,” Ok, this sounds like they are on the same page as us????? does it???? I mean, I’m not dreaming I
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