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  1. Totally concur brother Laid Back, Iraq is full of riches and the current devaluation of the IQD is temporary. Keep the people confused, and the speculators guessing
  2. Representative Energy: We have dealt with the oil and gas law disputes and will vote on it SOON
  3. Thanks Adam, always appreciate the Wednesday’s update, even if it’s short and sweet. I am not convinced that the current IQD rate will hold for long, as stated in some articles, they will never reveal the TRUE, and, immanent date or rate until it comes out. This last devaluation of the IQD is temporary and does not portray its TRUE value, Iraq is full of wealth and its just a matter of time before we see it. DONT get disappointed with these articles, although obviously portrayed in the current rate, it won’t last. I also believe that the HCL is key to pulling this all together,
  4. Seems like, still, a high level of corruption exits. We patiently wait.
  5. "The way things are going, we could see an RV early this year" Thanks Adam, Love the progress taking place
  6. “Ministry of Finance has led extensive discussions in the past weeks after the approval of the budget by the Council of Ministers regarding the follow-up to adjusting the exchange rate, with several parties inside and outside the government, and these discussions will culminate next week” More details of the exchange rate to be followed up next week. 🤔 There has been many articles as of late regarding the elusive exchange rate, yes we know it has been adjusted to the down side, but it doesn’t end there, as it should, if..... it was the end of the story. Daily we are seeing these arti
  7. “and work continues to adopt the Iraqi dinar in the system for the next stage“ Thanks Yota, “the next stage” for the IQD is to become an internationally recognized currency. We are getting closer DV...
  8. Extremely interesting, yet frightening documentary. This is something out of a science fiction movie, but is actually unfolding right under our noses. I spoke to a well acclaimed surgeon today who actually told me that, what is taking place with Covid 19 is a well planned and orchestrated campaign. The masks we are all wearing is utterly useless and that these viruses molecules are so tiny, they will pass through any mask. Scary to think where this is all headed, and that one day we will all be a slave to the system. Well, not this family 😉 thanks for posting @Charlie Echo
  9. Thanks Adam, a sense of urgency is in the air as we close the final days to 2020. As you say “it’s just a flick of the switch” and boom 💥 there it is. We have all stuck together through thick and thin during all these years, it sure would be nice to put real faces to all my friends here in DV. may you all have a blessed, healthy, and yes, a very prosperous New Year 🙌
  10. Good morning Yota, and thank you very much for your continued dedication to us all here in DV. May you have a healthy and prosperous New Year 🙌 “The dollar sales index fell in the currency auction, on Wednesday, to more than $ 14 million only.” Once again we see a decline for the sale of the dollar. I believe Iraq is getting ready to make the jump to the worlds stage, the urgency as of late and intensity to get things done has accelerated drastically. The current exchange rate to the dollar is not sustainable, it makes an already dire situation, worse and makes goods
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