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  1. Wiljor

    Adam Montana Weekly 16 January 2019

    Top of the day to you Adam, as always, very much appreciated. Thugs, nice to see you brother πŸ‘
  2. True that my good man, let’s see how this year unfolds.......again
  3. Gosh, only season 5 for this dude.....I feel like a noob 🀣
  4. Its getting interesting again brother Chuck, lets see if its not the "beginning of the year hopium" we are so used to seeing 🀞
  5. "Maybe the WB knows something we don’t know." I bet they do brother Laid Back πŸ‘
  6. Laid Back, Happy New year out to you brother. I agree with your analysis, but, have to say that we have been down this path is the past. I think what Iraq needs is a strong government that is willing to take the bull by the horns, eliminate as much as possible their corrupt ways, and really WANT to make a difference for its people, rather then keeping them below the poverty line and suppressed by the sorrows of war. Really, I thought that Abadi was going to be the one that was going to make a difference, and he did, up to a point, as Iraq has come a long way, and I have to acknowledge that, Rome wasn't built in a day. Its these bureaucrats that can't seem to put one foot in front of the other, and, collectively move things as they should. I am in this investment till the end, no matter what comes of it. Iraq has such riches its mind boggling, and, until these government officials begin to do their job, first by showing up to work, perhaps then we will begin to see a change in the rate of the IQD. Until corruption is dealt with, we will continue to see this back and forth bickering that goes on in their government. I wish, first and foremost that the Iraqis have a life, something they can wake up to everyday and enjoy, live in peace, jobs, a economy that functions etc... Once their infrastructure is working, and, the world has confidence that they can do business there, perhaps we will see movement in the value of their currency. Anyhow, these are just my personal thoughts, and, perhaps their reality is way more complicated then my simple mind. Lets see what happens, Im here, and sure do appreciate you and all the DV members who contribute to this amazing community.
  7. Wiljor

    7,000,000 dinars for sale

    Slaudos brother Synopsis, Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. May this year be our year in this crazy ride.πŸ‘
  8. Wiljor

    7,000,000 dinars for sale

    Great deal guys, well done πŸ‘
  9. Happy New Year Chuck, health, love and prosperity out to you and yours brother πŸ™
  10. Good morning Yota, and, a fabulous end of the year to you my brother. A lot of agreeing between Iraq’s neighbors going on as of late, seems like they really want to make things happen in 2019. Well, maybe a lot of hopium on my part, but, this has been a coin in the air for some time now with 2019 hopefully being the year of financial reform and the RV we all have been waiting for, first and foremost, Iraq. May 2019 bring you health, love and prosperity to you and yours Yota, and, thank you for all your patience and efforts during 2018. πŸ™
  11. Back at ya, brother Synopsis. Ran out of Tims a while back, and, doesn't look like I will have visitors from the great white north for a while, but, its not the end of the world.....kinda πŸ˜‚ Down here they do have some good Mexican mountain grown coffee I must say. Top of the evening to you πŸŽ„
  12. Just checking in here, and, looks like we have some euphoria going on this thread. I sure hope we are nearing the end of the tunnel and the New Year will brings good tidings for everyone. Happy Holidays to everyone πŸ™
  13. Hey 10 Years, lets hope this time its the real deal. The best of the holiday season out to you brother
  14. Sure do love your articulated posts brother, and, your enthusiasm. lets hope we are honing in on the "flippening" as we conclude another year on this train to...........somewhere 🀞
  15. Wiljor

    Adam Montana Weekly 12 December 2018

    It’s all good Adam, enjoy the holidays πŸ‘

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