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  1. “the report concluded by saying that "for the United States, there are no good results: the political chaos in Baghdad is as bad as the existence of a proxy government for Iran." We are close 🤣
  2. Save me a spot in line at the bank please Laid Back, I’m on my way brother 😊
  3. Good morning Yota, the exchange rate chatter continues… “He added that taking a new decision to reduce the exchange rate comes only by ensuring financial abundance and improving the economic situation” I hear you and I concur
  4. I agree, giving Iraqi's more spending power will not only spur growth but will NOW attract investment. A worthless Dinar makes it difficult to purchase goods and services and will not drive the economy onward and upward. (which has been proven time in time out) Iraq needs to start now and engage the international community and open the doors to whom ever wishes to enter, not just the BIG corporations, and, begin to enjoy an economy not based soley on oil. Creating jobs in other sectors and industry will diversify their economy and bring in other soarces of income, for example, tourism is slooowly making it's way back as there are many YouTube videos pertaining to this. Let's see how this unfolds but one thing is for sure, "rate change" news in pretty much on the daily docket these days.
  5. "All independent and non-independent deputies are determined to organize the process of exchanging the dollar against the dinar," Determind= urgency The "exchange rate" chatter continues..... It's getting interesting DV
  6. Great articles 6ly, keep em coming "He pointed out that "the continuous popular pressure may result in an adjustment of the dollar exchange rate to its previous era, despite the reservations of Finance Minister Ali Allawi to reduce the exchange rate." Pressure, translates into urgency as the "rate change" chatter continues 🧐
  7. Good morning Yota, a fine day out to you sir 🙏 As we know, there will be no way of a informed RV/RI, we are going to wake up one day and this will have changed. The media on this matter is meant to keep the people guessing and the speculators confused. This topic has been debated for many years now and we are still waiting, but, that does not mean that it won't happen. The facts are that Iraq has a severly undervalued currency for the riches that it has, and it's only a matter of time that it's rightful value will be reinstated. IMO, they are on the right track and their has been substantial progress, especially as of late, that coupled with the steps taken to bring Iraq to the worlds stage and become a global competitor, their nieghbors are all on board for this to happen. I agree @Artitech they are doing a fine job indeed, I also think that they can adjust the rate anytime they wish with no specific date in mind. Timing is everything and the sense of urgency in the past few months seems like this could POTENTIALLY be the year.
  8. Good afternoon Yota Al-Sadr refuses to enter into an alliance with al-Maliki to form the next government under any circumstances. Maliki goodbye
  9. Good morning Ron, Interesting timing on this issue, could be something could be nothing. We are PERHAPS seeing a major change of events taking place, and with all the news as of late, who knows, maybe, just maybe we are getting close. Thanks for your ongoing support for us all here Ron, very much appreciated sir 🙏
  10. Thanks Yota, very much appreciate all your ongoing efforts here in DV. As we can see, we have many conflicting articles about the exchange rate. Keep the people guessing and the speculators confused 😉
  11. Much appreciated Ron, there sure is a lot of talk about exchange rate and oil and gas
  12. Iraqi's are selling their dollars to buy Dinars, more "chunky money" out of the system 😉 Sadr means business, and yes, we'll see 🙏
  13. The Central Bank of Iraq warned, on Sunday, that demands to amend the dollar exchange rate may lead to a recession in the Iraqi economy I highly doubt it... and giving local producers and investors an important competitive advantage with imported goods.” I don't agree, a deflated currency makes goods and services more costly, they pay more for imported goods. "The repetition of changing the exchange rate within short times without a study from the concerned No study is needed, Shabibi had this all worked out years ago (may he RIP) "Despite the rise in international oil prices of an unstable nature, there is no link between this rise and the objectives and results of changing the exchange rate." At 90.00 usd per barrel, I think timing is everything He pointed out that "the current rise in oil prices will enable the Iraqi government to properly rebuild the Iraqi economy, and build sufficient financial buffers to face any future fluctuations in international oil prices." If cash reserves are what they say, gold reserves as well, oil at 90usd, they have the ability to RV, perhaps not at 3 dollars per Dinar, but at least enough to bring them to the worlds stage and begin the road to prosperity for the Iraqi people. Let's not forget that the oil and gas law is once again front row and center. Again, timing is everything
  14. Everyone knows Maliki is a terrorist of the state and he is getting the door slammed in his face
  15. Thanks 6ly and Yota for these VERY interesting articles. It seems that the exchange rate news is dominating the threads as of late, perhaps something is up. Also Iraqi's changing dollars back to Dinars as well. Stressing That The Government Has The Ability To Reduce The Price Of The Dollar And Return It To Its Previous Price." I think we are getting to the point where that the price of crude being at 90.00usd per barrel Gold reserves up Cash reserves up White paper showing results Inflation at all time highs And the list goes on...... Timing is everything, and, the timing seems to be perfect to FINALLY bring value to the IQD. No one really knows for sure, but in all the time being invested, I have never seen so much news about the subject
  16. Wow 6ly, this sure is getting very interesting, I can see there is urgency in the air. Al-sadr means business and wants to get these matters solved and pushed through immediately. One of the main topics of discussion, "the exchange rate"
  17. Much appreciated @6ly410 great articles. Number 5 tells me that the plan is to float the IQD. “5- Regulating the Iraqi currency market centrally and in a correct manner and by enacting some laws that increase the value of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate” The primary argument for a floating exchange rate is that it allows monetary policies to be useful for other purposes. Using fixed rates, monetary policy is committed to the single goal of maintaining the exchange rate at its announced level. However, the exchange rate is only one of the many macroeconomic variables that monetary policy can influence. A system of floating exchange rates leaves monetary policymakers free to pursue other goals, such as stabilizing employment or prices. (Wikipedia) Which is exactly what, in part, the article is pertaining to. Iraq has a plan, one that “seems” to have structure and congruency. Sadr and Kazemi are making sure they get it right. I see progress in all directions DV, now more then ever there seems to be a sense of urgency to bring Iraq to the worlds stage. If they continue to pursue their mandates we may see this ride to the end. Again, nobody knows for sure, but the picture currently being painted on the canvas is nothing I have seen since my first days here in DV. Just my 2 cents
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