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  1. The only # I remember is 8675309 It's a toss up who repeats more in their Vid"s
  2. Maybe change it to Wasnt.So.Soon That way there's no date to remind you of how long it's actually been
  3. stangernan

    Silly Smiles II

    That's no Hershey Kiss
  4. Bottom line is Rude is Rude.....
  5. stangernan

    it's OFFICIAL!!!

    I like Luigi and his posts. He doesn't write the junk and it's actually fun to read and see whats going on around Bizaro Dinaro land... I can just browse DV and it's all here. He breaks up the bla bla bla politics of Iraq with a laugh/ that's why it's the rumor section Read'em n Laugh After 10 years of this I need it.....................
  6. stangernan

    it's OFFICIAL!!!

    It's worse that we read it
  7. Maybe this Boo-Boo is made up to make peeps believe they are releasing more 000 notes...I can not believe such an error could occur (I know it;s Iraq ) there has to be some sort of proof reading on the press line. Print one thousand notes stop the presses proof-read specifications are correct then continue and (SUNRISE,SUNBURN,SUNSET REPEAT) MisInformation at it's best I think...OR the costliest financial error for Iraq to replace new currency with new currency
  8. Uggggggg don;t say snickers bar Broke my front tooth on a frozen peanut had to wear braces over a year cause of it But I saved my tooth!!! I cant even look at them
  9. stangernan

    DV Prayer Family

    Sending! So sorry for your loss...

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