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  1. Mr. Clown spent hours today pulling news for the rest of us to read to keep us informed. He did it yesterday and the day before, and will do it tomorrow. Just like Yota and others do too. What were you doing yesterday, Sonia1?
  2. Mr. Al-Kazemi: Restoring consideration to Mr. Sinan al-Shabibi Wednesday 10 June 2020 I do not know Mr. Sinan al-Shabibi and I have never met him, but I have heard like the rest of the citizens that he is excluded from the central bank because he refused to obey the orders of corrupt heads and implement what they ask of him and accused him of false accusations, and this corrupt elements have vandalized him by the vile methods to topple the national and clean elements and the man is known on a global level Mrs. Magda Al-Tamimi mad
  3. After Coming Under Heavy Criticism … The Central Bank Stops The Currency Auction Last update June 4, 2020 The Independent / - An informed source confirmed that the Central Bank of Iraq management recently decided to stop the auction of foreign currencies after the Iraqi economy was subjected to severe setbacks due to the Corona pandemic and the drop in oil prices to record levels, and the Central Bank followed a failed monetary polic
  4. The Finance Committee comments on the central bank’s decision to stop the flow of the dollar Politics 04/2020 17:34 374 Baghdad today _ Baghdad The Finance Committee commented, on Friday, on the Central Bank’s decision to stop the dollar from flowing into the market with the aim of floating the dinar and reducing its value, in order to fill part of the budget deficit and the needs of the government. The committee’s rapporteur, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that “reading the int
  5. Yota!!! Document .. The central bank issues new instructions to withdraw the dollar and comments on the printing of the currency Economy of the Central Bank of Iraq, the dollar printed currency 03/29
  6. “Seven Shia” disintegrates before the completion of its interest .. Ammar Al-Hakim: This is our separation Politics of Ammar al-Hakim, the Prime Minister's Committee of Seven 03/16/2020 05:03:33 Shafaq News / The head of the al-Hikma movement, Ammar al-Hakim, announced on Monday that he will withdraw from the task of choosing the head of the new government, sh
  7. Sheikh Ali to the President of the Republic: The Shiites failed twice and it became necessary to take the opinion of the demonstrators 16-03-2020 03:10 PM Baghdad - news Today, Monday, member of the House of Representatives, Faik Sheikh Ali, sent a message to the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, while confirming that the Shiite blocs failed twice by choosing a prime minister and it was necessary to take the opinion of the demonstrators.
  8. Legal expert: After the failure of the Seven Committee .. Constitutionally Saleh takes over the Prime Minister with his full powers Baghdad / news On Monday, the legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, confirmed that after the failure of the Seven Committee, constitutionally, the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, assumed the prime minister with his full powers. Al-Tamimi said in a statement received by "Al-Akhbariya" that "in case the Seven Committee fails and the 15-day period granted to the President of the Republic passes ... I s
  9. We manipulated Iraq's currency value to remove value away from the currency. As I recall, the value was over $3.00 when we and the UN de-valued it.
  10. It's not "Iraqis" in general that can't swim, and they are not ignorant people. Quite the opposite. It's the greedy, corrupt, and lawless Iraqis and Iranians that are drowning the Iraqi people.
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