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  1. What did my comment mean? If that is the question, my comment was sarcastic. Attacks on our embassy were not done by "gangs" associated with Britain. The attacks are from Iran and their gangs, as they always have been. Good morning!
  2. Everybody has their own opinion. That's great. I just don't like comments preaching I'm an idiot for my investment, it will never happen, this is all a joke. Why would anyone spend time every single day making negative comments and probably making many feel forlorn about their investment? What is productive or positive about trying to crush other's dreams? Perhaps more time should be spent researching Chapter 7 and what the correct name is rather than taking the time to post basically the same, negative comments everyday. Boring? You got that right.
  3. I was making a point on another thread and this article was moved to this thread. Merry Christmas, Southbeach.
  4. Merger of brokerage firms by buying and selling foreign currencies December 20, 2021 Proceeding from the role of the Central Bank of Iraq in achieving monetary stability in Iraq, and in view of the success of the project of merging mediation companies by selling and buying foreign currencies to form exchange companies under categories ( A, B ) and providing them with modern banking services and their expansion and for the purposes of combating money laundering and terrorist financing in accordance with modern international requirements and standards, it was decided that The last date for receiving merger applications for your companies under the above two categories is no later than 9/30/2022 in accordance with the requirements mentioned in the regulations regulating the work of exchange and mediation companies in the sale and purchase of foreign currencies No. (1) of 2021.
  5. Please tell me what politician ("official in the Iraqi government") gives quotes to the media and wants to remain anonymous ("a source").
  6. This banking relationship between Iraq and Turkey supports the latest proposed trade agreements with Turkey: "Iraq presented its vision of forming an economic bloc to compete with economic developments and confront other blocs," noting that "the region needs an economic bloc that possesses wealth, money and labor to compete with the world's economies through an economic bloc capable of confronting economic blocs that already exist." He added, "Iraq, through the Ministry of Trade, put forward an idea in Turkey to form an economic bloc," noting that "it will be presented in the form of a proposal through the Council of Ministers or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our commercial attaches, and communication will be made with countries in order to exchange ideas, information and how to form the bloc. Nothing but good news for the economic development of Iraq and opens the door for investors. That's good news for us.
  7. Good for you, DOD. Your global economic knowledge and perspective is amazing.
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