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  1. I wonder if any of these "water projects" will be used to generate electricity, which IMO is a prime necessity for Iraq to move forward with investors, especially considering Iran can cut off their electrical supply at a whim whether the bill has been paid in dollars, dinars, or riyals. Why isn't Iraq installing solar plants all over the country? I would guess this could happen fairly fast and sunshine is in ample, never ending supply in the ME. If I were an investor looking to build plants requiring electricity, I would look to push for or invest in solar plants myself first to guarantee Iran didn't pull my investment plug and then watch it go down the drain.
  2. jg1, I understand your sentiment, but the UN is run by the US and the largest financial contributor to the UN. If we can't handle a $41M contribution and make sure it gets to the proper accounts, especially considering the UST in sitting in the CBI penthouse, then we had better figure out a way to do things because this would be a stupid failure. Have a great weekend.
  3. After all the effort to place almost world-wide sanctions on Iran to strangle their access to the US dollar, I would think there are stipulations on the $41M in dollars from reaching Iran for food, don't you?
  4. This $41M in food will replace Iraq buying some food from Iran and paying for the food in IQD, which we see as a problem. Not too sure today, but it used to be that providing food to a country garnered allegiance and a cornucopia of good will.
  5. Iraq and Iran Build Economic Ties With the U.S. on the Sidelines Reports & News Iraqi President Barham Saleh (R) shakes hands with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani upon his arrival at the Presidential palace in Baghdad on March 11, 2019. – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani arrived in Iraq for his first official visit, as Baghdad comes under pressure from Washington to limit political and trade ties with its neighbour. (Photo by SABAH ARAR / AFP) (Photo credit should read SABAH ARAR/AFP/Getty Images) In the contest for Iraq’s loyalty, geography is proving irresistible. Baghdad is being urged to take sides in the U.S.-Iran confrontation that’s escalated into one of the Middle East’s top flash-points. President Donald Trump is pushing Iraq to stop buying natural gas and electricity from its neighbor. President Hassan Rouhani wants it to purchase more to ease the pain imposed by American sanctions. So far, Rouhani’s winning. On a three-day state that ends Wednesday, he’s held a press conference alongside his Iraqi counterpart, addressed businessmen, visited important Muslim shrines and chatted with tribal leaders. In December, after a 16-year American military presence, Trump caused a diplomatic furor by arriving unannounced in the middle of the night at a U.S. base, speaking to troops and leaving without meeting top officials. Barham Saleh greets Hassan Rouhani at the Presidential palace in Baghdad on March 11. “The essential part of Rouhani’s message is addressed to the U.S. — Iran’s on the ground in a major way,” said Ihsan Al-Shammari, an Iraqi political analyst. Tehran “is bolstering its relations in a broad way to support its political position inside Iraq.” Visas, Trade The two countries signed transportation and trade agreements, including one for the construction of a railroad link between the Iranian city of Shalamcheh and Iraq’s oil-hub at Basra. From next month, the neighbors will drop visa charges for each other’s citizens, Iran’s state-run Press TV reported. And Rouhani said officials planned to boost bilateral trade to $20 billion from the current $12 billion. Obstacles to banking between the two nations have also been cleared, Secretary of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce Hamid Hosseini told state-run Tasnim news agency. Respective central bank governors signed an accord last month to make payments for oil and gas trade through non-U.S. dollar bank accounts, using euros and Iraqi dinars to skirt U.S. sanctions. This week, Iraq paid the first installment of $2 billion it owes for the import of Iranian gas and electricity, according to a report by Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, which didn’t specify the amount transferred. The payment had been delayed by the re-imposition of U.S. sanctions last year. Shiite Muslim Iran’s influence in Iraq has been deepening ever since the U.S. invasion of 2003 removed Sunni Muslim dictator, Saddam Hussein, and precipitated a shift in power to the country’s majority Shiites. Iranian militias played a significant role in pushing Islamic State jihadists out of Iraqi territory — a victory made possible by U.S. air power. And undeterred by an undercurrent of Iraqi nationalism, the three Shiite front-runners for the post of prime minister in last year’s elections trumpeted their good relations with the Islamic Republic. Vague Offers “We were standing by the Iraqi nation when times were hard and at a time of peace and security, we are at their side too,” Rouhani said in comments on Monday, according to Iranian state media. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Iraq in January amid Arab doubts over the U.S. commitment to their region following Trump’s announcement that he wanted to pull troops from Syria. While those talks focused on security issues, Pompeo also spoke about reducing Iraq’s reliance on imported energy that mostly comes from Iran. He didn’t get far, it seems. In a February interview in Moscow, Abdulkarim Hashim Mustafa, special adviser to Iraq’s prime minister, put the record straight. “These are American sanctions and we have the right to protect our national interests,” he said. “We tell them always: we are your friends but we are not part of your policies in the region.” Sunni Allies Trump has made isolating Iran’s economy and curbing its military potential the cornerstone of his Middle East policy, finding grateful allies in Israel and among Sunni Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia. Iranian oil production is languishing as foreign investors steer clear of the world’s fourth-largest holder of crude. Pledges by U.S. officials to tighten curbs on Iran’s oil sales and the expiration of waivers for several of the nation’s customers in early May are set to further restrict its exports. Dhafir Al-Ani, an Iraqi Sunni lawmaker, regretted that his nation was caught in the middle of the standoff. “The U.S. has the ability to punish countries helping Iran bypass sanctions,” he said. “I hope Iraq will not be the victim of the U.S.-Iran conflict.” Source: Boomberg. March 12, 2019,
  6. Honest question, IMB4421: Apparently the HCL is required prior to an IQD revaluation. The GOI can pass the HCL laws, but how do you implement the proceeds when you have not done a census, which is scheduled for 2020? Do we just need the HCL law or does the implementation and distribution need to be completed for the revaluation?
  7. And Iraq needs products they can export in order to gain full membership in the World TRADE Organization.
  8. Jail? This notice is about "pretrial." "The purpose of this hearing is to clarify any outstanding issues prior to trial." I'm not an attorney but that is what it looks like to me.
  9. Dinarham, you are right: counterfeiting is not the issue. I used counterfeit as an example of fraud. Marketing fraud has primarily been the issue.
  10. Best advice yet on this thread, Floridian. Many folks had reserves at Sterling and GID and they have a chance of getting their money back. As someone said above, it is completely legal to purchase IQD. We had done something wrong would we be on a internet site discussing it for years? The only people in trouble and/or prison are individuals that have defrauded customers or the government, and I happen to be glad about it. As I recall, the only currency that has been illegal to purchase has been Iran's due to sanctions. It is sold on eBay. Have you heard of the FBI rounding any of the purchasers or sellers up in midnight FBI raids? I hope anyone that had a reserve with Sterling, Dinar Banker or GID and lost it, will complete the form and let the FBI help them get their money back. Read the documents and make your own decision. These are "victim" accounts being submitted to the FBI and some of you may have been a victim. Floridian, let me ask you this: if you bought IQD from Sterling and you found it to be counterfeit or defrauded by Sterling, who would you call to help you?
  11. Always nice to see you and your comments, Laid Back. Grounded, straight forward, no fuss, no muss, educated and realistic. Thanks!
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