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  1. If it was so great when trump was president, why didn't he demand an RV? That is what the Right on DV expected, especially since most believe trump owns billions in IQD. If President Obama and President Biden are so bad, and trump is such a financial genius, why did he not make Iraq RV their currency?
  2. What the hell does an election have to do with the exchange rate! The PM may want to use the exchange rate politically and push the button prior to an election to gain support. Okay. But the actual worth of a currency or the revision of an exchange rate has nothing to do with an election. Ask Kuwait. IMO the PM would lose the poor as supporters keeping the exchange rate low for 4 more years.
  3. All you Christopher Columbus wannabes keep dreaming.
  4. By all means spend billions for nuclear power. Sun and wind are wildly abundant and these types energy facilities would cost a fraction of the nuclear cost, would have no deadly consequences, and would takes a few years rather than a decade to build. Is this a Russia Chernobyl joke or an Iranian ploy to keep making money supplying Iraq with necessary electricity?
  5. Petra, it seems ... "The six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council -- Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates -- have been running currency pegs or managed foreign-exchange regimes since the early 1970s. Kuwait pegs the dinar to a basket of currencies believed to be dominated by the U.S. dollar, while the others are linked solely to the greenback." Why Gulf Dollar Pegs Are Strained by Oil and Virus By Abeer Abu Omar and Netty Ismail | Bloomberg
  6. Thanks, Laid Back! "Sterilization is a form of monetary action in which a central bank seeks to limit the effect of inflows and outflows of capital on the money supply. Sterilization most frequently involves the purchase or sale of financial assets by a central bank and is designed to offset the effect of foreign exchange intervention."
  7. I hope your know-all attitude is beneficial for you, but I would get to know some of the personalities here before judging and advising members. I don't know of anyone that would say I am paranoid or afraid or anyone. Many of us have love-hate relationships but we have been here a long time with a common goal. Some are good researchers and always share when they discover useful information. Others have degrees and/or experience in business and finance, legal, government, military ops and interpret and guide members on BIS, IMF, WB, WTO etc. comments and guidelines. We have a myriad
  8. I read the UK has taken Iraq off the high risk listing for money laundering:
  9. Oh, sweetheart, I am not paranoid.
  10. If anyone is wanting a better understanding of a "float" the IMF article below is very beneficial: "Moving to a Flexible Exchange Rate How, When, and How Fast?"
  11. Washington accuses Iran of "dominating" Iraq: We were informed in advance of the strikes 2019-12-30 15:57 Shafaq News / The American envoy to Iran, Brian Hook, said that his country will continue to respond to any attacks targeting American interests in the region, indicating that the American army is in Iraq at the request of the government, and there are American military forces in some bases in order to help the Iraqis In the fight against terrorism. Hook added in an interview with Al-Hurra, that Was
  12. "I wish I could PM you as I have sensitive, personal information of which some parts I could share with you but as it relates to my circumstances I am not prepared to publicly post it." Blackrobes, per your quote above, why would you want to share "sensitive, personal information" with Eosirl, who you just came into contact with here, but not the rest of us? At this point we are all strangers to you. Perhaps you two have a kismet, synchronistic type relationship since you both are new here, each have 12 posts, and seem to have similar objectives. Wow! Not to say you should not be c
  13. Moving articles provides organization rather than having random subjects mixed up which is very confusing and disjointed. I appreciate when Yota moves anything I post that makes more sense in another thread. Thanks Yota!
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