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  1. I promote mask wearing to prevent getting COVID. Yes, you can get COVID through your ears and eyes. I never said you could not. Don't make an issue out of something that was not said or implied.
  2. My god, you are so smart. I hardly know what to say. Maybe nothing would be best.
  3. You say "masks are so dehumanizing." You would rather risk getting COVID and passing it to your family and friends. Dehumanizing for me is lying in a hospital bed alone, no one you know to comfort you. Dehumanizing is having a catheter relieving your bladder into a plastic bag hung on the side of your bed and a stranger cleaning you and your mess. Dehumanizing is having a tube down your throat, a miserable experience, relying on a machine to pump oxygen into your lungs. You have no control. And if you are not intubated, you suffocate, like a fish out of water, flopping a
  4. No problem, RVM. A curious mind is one that is growing, flexible, and open to new ideas.I have never met a successful person that was not curious.
  5. IMF eLibrary Articles of Agreement Capítu Article VIII General Obligations of Members Autor(es): International Monetary Fund Fecha de publicación: September 2011 Sección Section 1. Introduction Section 2. Avoidance of restrictions on current payments Section 3. Avoidance of discriminatory currency pract
  6. We are all here to get to get information. If you have a question and can provide the answer, many would really appreciate any info you can provide. You might just be a hero!
  7. Here is the IMF website address: You can find answers to your questions there. We would appreciate whatever you find out, so please share after your investigation just as many do after they put out the effort to educate themselves.
  8. RV Blog Investing in Iraq: Perception vs. Reality Investing in Iraq: Perception vs. Reality Despite decades of geopolitical turbulence, investors have long-eyed frontier markets like Iraq for high growth value investing
  9. Ah, honey. I'm sorry if you are bothered, or mad, or whatever. I feel terrible and I will try to live up to your expectations. Blowing a kiss! 💋
  10. I am assuming no one held a gun to your head when you bought dinar as an investment and it was a conscious decision. Any true investor will research and study an investment prior to making a decision to invest. So far, the only people I hear complaining are the people making a relatively small outlay of cash and wanting a fast return. A miracle making wishes come true. There are big guys out there that have invested but know how to be patient: No complaining there. They're smart. The Iraqis don't owe us anything. Iraq is their country and they can do what they want when they want
  11. I can see you're frustrated, and granted the emergence of a new democracy embroiled with results of corruption, dictatorship, and foreign occupation is frustrating, but high risk, high return. If you ever consider getting out of the dinar investment, let me know. I would be interested in buying your dinar.
  12. South Korea To Pay Iran's Debt To UN From Frozen Funds Wednesday, 03 Feb 2021 22:09 One day after Iran issued the release permit for the crew of the a South Korean tanker it seized last month, Seoul officials announced that their negotiations with the US to pay the Islamic Republic’s debt to the UN from Iran’s frozen funds in South Korea are in their final stages. Around $7 billion of mostly oil payments were froze
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