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  1. Luigi, this post is shameful, disgusting, and disregards the American lives lost on 9/11 and the hundreds of first responders that are still losing their lives today. Luigi, you post crazy stuff when you don't need to, but this takes the cake. When you use 9/11 victims and the brave people that rushed in the save them for another script in your crazy RV conspiracy world, you sink to a new level of low.
  2. Could be. If you read the today's article about the CBI's accomplishments, this article makes no sense. Samir al-Nusairi: Rational management of the central bank and the sound application of monetary policy achieved economic resilience
  3. Dinarrock, I have to remember that if they were planning to DTZs anytime soon, and that probably means within a year, the currency would have to be printed already and the coins minted. So, another study and if positive move forward, then get it in a budget, pass that, and then print. You are talking 3-4 years out. I don't buy that and I don't buy the article. This comment sounds rather nuts to me: deleting the zeros is a project with psychological effects rather than being actual, as the citizen will feel that his money is compatible with the requirements of his life and the movement of supply and demand and equal to hard curre.
  4. The above article was posted here on DV back in July BTW.
  5. Here you are, Laid Back! Central Bank: total foreign reserves of $ 72 billion 2019/07/04 17:54البنك-المركزي-ارتفاع-اجمالي-الاحتياطيات-الأجنبية-لـ-72-مليار-دولار The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Thursday, July 4, 2019, the rise of total foreign reserves to 72 billion dollars, indicating that this increase is the result of the investment policy followed by the bank and diversify them using safe tools. "The total foreign reserves increased to 72 billion US dollars in the light of the first half of 2019," an authoritative source at the central bank said in a press statement. "These reserves could rise to the limit of 86 billion dollars if the Ministry of Finance And by taking advantage of high oil export revenues, to pay $ 14 billion to the central bank, which represent the remittances of the treasury, which was deducted by the bank during the period of financial crisis, seeking to achieve financial stability at the time. He added that "this increase is the result of the investment policy followed by the bank and diversification of the use of safe tools, which strengthens the international credit situation, and enhance confidence in the Iraqi economy, in the framework of efforts to achieve monetary stability, as confirmed by exchange rate indicators, which remained in a state of balanced stability Over the past two years ". The source added that "the achievement of this increase came in light of the Bank continued its financial initiatives in support of investment projects, including the initiative of financing the 5 trillion Iraqi dinars, for projects of housing, agriculture and industry, in addition to the amount of trillion dinars for small and medium enterprises, which contributes to reducing the unemployment rates." Edited July 4 by 6ly410
  6. Central Bank announces strategic banking projects for the next five years By Samir al-Nusairi In the monthly meeting of the government and private banking leaders, Mr. Ali Al-Alak, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, stressed the continuation of the approach that the Bank is pursuing to stimulate the economy and build the capacity and development of the banking sector in order to move to the development role and contribute to financing investment and reconstruction projects. The exchange rate as the main achievement of monetary policy applications and one of its important objectives, which has positive repercussions on the revitalization of the economy and stabilize the monetary and financial system. Ed oil as a key resource for revenue and continuing imports of all goods and not to encourage and support local production will inevitably lead to the continuation of the bank offer to sell dollars, according to its law because the reason is not supply but demand for the dollar for the reasons above. The central bank announced at the meeting the launch of its strategy for the next five years to implement 21 projects for the development of the banking business after it was able to most of the main objectives to achieve the sub - first strategy for years (2016 - 2020 ) , which became possible that the starting process begins full objectives of monetary policy to achieve the transition to The ranks of international banks sober certified by specialized international financial organizations. And that of the strategic banking projects which have been identified for future objectives and its impact according to a program for each project is limited to periods of implementation and reach the target during the years (2019 - 2023These are development projects related to achieving financial inclusion such as the settlement of salaries and projects to restore confidence in the banking sector, such as the Deposit Guarantee Company, projects for structural, administrative and legal development such as the government guide project, projects for training, rehabilitation, capacity building, classification of banks, and projects to move banks from the role of banking to contributing to development as a combined Islamic finance project. It should be noted here that although the bank has begun planning for these projects since 2016 but also as stated the government is committed to the curriculum as it comes to the banking sector and as targeted by the National Development Plan (2018 - 2022 ) and the vision of Iraq in 2030. The central bank's emphasis on working in accordance with its approach to economic reform since 2015 is anchoring the reality that the central bank and its current administration embody a bright spot in an unstable economic environment for subjective and objective reasons. The results highlighted the experience of the Central Bank in supporting the national economy while maintaining its functions and objectives specified in its law, and its contribution to achieve economic resilience and promote the decisive victory over terrorism. In addition to the results achieved on the scope of applications of monetary policy internally and convince global financial organizations, the most important official reports issued by them confirmed the success of the Central Bank's policy in achieving an important transition to the Iraqi economy and achieve stability in the exchange rate and the recovery of the Iraqi dinar and raise its purchasing power, one of the objectives of strengthening the economy. In addition to his contributions and multiple initiatives to stimulate the economic cycle and enhance liquidity in banks and reach to re-coordinate bridges between the financial and monetary policies and propose new economic and structural policies to prepare public budgets for the coming years on the basis of programs and not items and attempts to restore confidence in the banking system. The Central Bank has demonstrated its clear ability to interact, analyze business constraints and create conditions to overcome challenges. To build a solid national economy. Views: 360 Added on 03/09/2019
  7. When doubt filters in, I remind people of the SIGIR report (US report submitted to Congress, now I forget exactly but I believe it was April 2011) that stated the IQD would revalue to $1.19 and it was part of a plan. Could things change? Yes, but I do not believe in this case they will. This "plan" has been in place for almost 20 years and the US Treasury has guided and worked with Iraq to prepare their systems and resoruces for it. You do not twist and turn plans like this unless you have a war and security is an issue. I wonder if Iraq would have made all the monetary, governmental changes if we were not pushing them. Nah! All just IMHO.
  8. I used to live in Lahaina and would love to stand in the water by the airport and watch a golden sunset. Nothing like it and I will be planning a trip back over. We will have to talk.
  9. Thank you, Laid Back. Keep it up and I will need to get you a week's worth of Mai Tais delivered right to that new hammock. Thanks!
  10. HCR, the WTO began in 1995 and Saddam Hussein was in power for about 30 years, so that brings him in about 1970. We invaded in 2003 and democracy was planted in Iraq, and I believe the first rounds of WTO review began in 2007. The process to gain full membership in the WTO is about 10+ years, so I would say no is the answer to your question.
  11. Pitcher, you can collect the rubies and make jewelry, and rubie jewelry makes great gifts for the Mrs. I'm recently made a necklace and earrings, and currently working on a big ring. Ruby slippers would be wonderful for Xmas time. 👠
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