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  1. Mr. Al-Kazemi: Restoring consideration to Mr. Sinan al-Shabibi Wednesday 10 June 2020 I do not know Mr. Sinan al-Shabibi and I have never met him, but I have heard like the rest of the citizens that he is excluded from the central bank because he refused to obey the orders of corrupt heads and implement what they ask of him and accused him of false accusations, and this corrupt elements have vandalized him by the vile methods to topple the national and clean elements and the man is known on a global level Mrs. Magda Al-Tamimi made a statement in an interview during Al Sharqiya TV channel in the past days that the currency auction takes advantage of one-fourth of the corrupt in the Central Bank, so what is required is to take Mrs. Al-Tamimi's claim seriously, open an extensive investigation in this regard, restore consideration to Mr. Sinan Al-Shabibi and return him to his position as governor of the Central Bank and benefit From his experience and sincerity (this is a brief summary from the free encyclopedia) Sinan Muhammad Raza al-Shabibi “Sinan al-Shabibi” was born (July 1, 1941, Baghdad) economist and governor of the Central Bank of Iraq from September 2003 to October 2012. It is the first governor of the Central Bank after the occupation of Iraq by the coalition forces. Growing up and educating al-Shabibi was born in Baghdad on July 1, 1941, and his father, Muhammad Reza al-Shabibi, is a prominent Iraqi poet, thinker, and politician. Al-Shabibi attended the College of Economics and Political Science at the University of Baghdad and graduated in 1966 with a Bachelor's degree in Economics, and also obtained a diploma in Graduate Studies in Development and Economics, Masters degree in Economics from the University of Manchester in Manchester, United Kingdom (1970-1971) . He also obtained a PhD in Economics from the University of Bristol in Bristol, UK in 1975. Beginning of his career from May 1975 until March 1977, Sinan al-Shabibi was head of the Import and Marketing Department at the Iraqi Oil Ministry, and from April 1977 until December 1980, al-Shabibi was head of the Planning and Coordination Department of the Iraqi Ministry of Planning. After the Iraq-Iran war erupted, al-Shabibi moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where he stayed from December 1980 to October 2001 and worked as an economist at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Since assuming the position of Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, he introduced modern accounting systems and payment systems for the financial institution, replaced manual printers and computers with modern computer systems, and accounting tools as currency auctions, and replaced the pre-2003 currency with the new currency between October 2003 and January 2004. He also involved the Central Bank of Iraq in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, in addition to the Paris Club negotiations, where 19 countries agreed to exempt Iraq from 80% of pre-2003 debt to help Iraq recover from the US-led post-war phase 2003. Despite local and regional instability in the region, Al-Shabibi managed to maintain the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar at 1190 dinars per 1 US dollar (while the exchange rate was 2214 dinars per 1 dollar in 2002), and reduced the inflation rate (from 64% in 2006, to 5.2% in 2012), and doubled the gold reserves to 32 tons, and remained a strong advocate for the independence of the Central Bank. His use of these policies and high oil revenues helped raise foreign exchange reserves to nearly $ 67 billion (in September 2)) over December 2002 $ 2.7 billion 2012) We hope that the right man will be in the right place. --
  2. After Coming Under Heavy Criticism … The Central Bank Stops The Currency Auction Last update June 4, 2020 The Independent / - An informed source confirmed that the Central Bank of Iraq management recently decided to stop the auction of foreign currencies after the Iraqi economy was subjected to severe setbacks due to the Corona pandemic and the drop in oil prices to record levels, and the Central Bank followed a failed monetary policy. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Al-Mustaqila that the governor of the central bank has been subjected to great pressure in the past few days by many political blocs, the media and economists because of his unjustified insistence to proceed with the foreign currency auction window despite all the losses and risks incurred by the economy Iraqi. The data published on the website of the Central Bank indicates that the last date for which a currency auction was held was on Thursday, 21/5/2020, where more than $ 180 million was purchased with the participation of more than 30 banks at the auction. Below is the link for the results of the foreign currency sale window
  3. The Finance Committee comments on the central bank’s decision to stop the flow of the dollar Politics 04/2020 17:34 374 Baghdad today _ Baghdad The Finance Committee commented, on Friday, on the Central Bank’s decision to stop the dollar from flowing into the market with the aim of floating the dinar and reducing its value, in order to fill part of the budget deficit and the needs of the government. The committee’s rapporteur, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that “reading the intention of the central bank to stop the flow of the dollar and floating the dinar to fill part of the state’s budget deficit is impossible, but it may be in harmony with the current situation to compensate for the shortfall in oil revenues” . Al-Saffar added, "At the same time, the central bank may also be unintentional because of the curfew and the suspension of most life activities." And the rapporteur of the Finance Committee in Parliament, Ahmed Al-Saffar, spoke last Sunday about the authority of the Central Bank to issue a set of decisions on withdrawing the commission of the US dollar. Ahmed Al-Saffar said, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that "the decisions issued by the Central Bank regarding the commission of withdrawing the US dollar are considered within his powers and he is the one who sets the interest rate, whether by depositing or withdrawing." Al-Saffar added, "Iraq revenues from selling oil go to the Ministry of Finance account in the US Federal Reserve, which the Central Bank has a branch in," explaining that "the process is that the revenues are transferred to the central bank account and the bank transfers it to the Iraqi dinar to the Ministry of Finance to pay salaries." employees". He continued, "The process of withdrawing the dollar and depositing it relates to the policy of the central bank, which is monetary policy, and the central bank has the right to raise or reduce interest rates, and this is one of the methods of monetary policy that you use." On Sunday (March 29, 2020), the Central Bank of Iraq issued a set of decisions regarding the US dollar withdrawal commission. And included a document issued by the bank and received (Baghdad today): "The commission for withdrawing cash for the US dollar, which comes from the incoming transfers to the bank to our accounts in the American Federal Bank, as well as the transfers received to banks from other banks by a rate of seven thousand." The bank added: "The amounts of the above remittances are transferred to banks by (75%) in cash in dollars according to the above commission, and (25%) pay Iraqi dinars at the official bank rate (1182) dinars to the dollar." He continued: "Banks must spend the (25%) above on their remittances customers at a price of (1200) dinars / dollars, and submit their requests at the end of each month to the accounting department at the central bank for the purpose of handling the two price differences in our accounts in Iraqi dinars." And he added: "The banks will spend the full amount of the transfer received in the Iraqi dinar if the customer desires to do so, and the two price difference will be processed by the same mentioned mechanism." He stressed, "The above mechanism does not include customer deposits in dollars in cash, where it is paid to the customer in full, but is restricted to customers who receive remittances received from outside Iraq of any kind, and internal dollar transfers between their banks in our accounts."
  4. Yota!!! Document .. The central bank issues new instructions to withdraw the dollar and comments on the printing of the currency Economy of the Central Bank of Iraq, the dollar printed currency 03/29/2020 Shafaq News / The Iraqi Central Bank issued on Sunday a set of decisions regarding the withdrawal of the US dollar. Among the most prominent decisions is that the withdrawal of the dollar to the customer (if it is the case) by 75% dollars and 25% dinars and is calculated on the price of 1,200 dollars per dollar. Likewise, the withdrawal of the dollar to the customer if the deposit is 100% dollars without any change. On the same level, an authorized source in the Central Bank of Iraq stated about what some people are talking about to some officials about the possibility of printing an Iraqi currency to avoid economic problems and so on, including the following: 1- The printing of Iraqi banknotes is a routine, technical procedure practiced by the central bank in accordance with the requirements of cash circulation, and printing of banknotes is a completely separate process from the cash issuance process. 2- No party can withdraw banknotes from the central bank unless there are funds in their accounts that cover the amount to be withdrawn. Therefore, to say the dinar does not mean any meaning other than strengthening the treasures of the Central Bank in accordance with the monetary policy, and not for any other purpose or purpose .. The Central Bank Law and Monetary Policy do not allow the issuance of cash in favor of an account without balance. 3- When the Ministry of Finance wishes to finance spending on the various spending units and salaries, it requests the Central Bank to strengthen its account in Iraqi dinars in exchange for withdrawing from its account in dollars. No amount is deposited into the finance account in dinars unless offset by a withdrawal from its dollar account. 4- The Central Bank Law does not allow him to lend to the government, whether by printing the currency or any other way, direct or indirect, and he is entitled to deduct the treasury transfers, if they are present in the secondary trading market, as it is one of the tools of monetary policy, if he deems it based on Accurate, objective data serving monetary policy objectives.
  5. “Seven Shia” disintegrates before the completion of its interest .. Ammar Al-Hakim: This is our separation Politics of Ammar al-Hakim, the Prime Minister's Committee of Seven 03/16/2020 05:03:33 Shafaq News / The head of the al-Hikma movement, Ammar al-Hakim, announced on Monday that he will withdraw from the task of choosing the head of the new government, shortly after the alliance of Sadrists close to the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, announced the failure of the Shiite "Seven Committee" in charge of this matter. Al-Hakim said in a statement received by Shafak News, that "because of our refusal to remain in the equation of delay and our reservations on political accounts that do not take into consideration the supreme interest of Iraq and the Iraqis, and do not take into account the current circumstances that the country is going through, we decided not to interfere in the task of choosing the names of candidates for the position of president Ministers for the transitional period anymore. " He added that "entering the national wisdom stream was to find a way out for the political closure and disrupting the interests of people only," demanding that "the task of the next candidate be confined to the framework of restoring the state's prestige and preparing for early elections during this year." The head of the alliance are moving and his representative in the "Committee of Seven" Nabil Terminal said earlier on Monday, said that the Committee of Seven did not reach an agreement on the choice of a candidate for the mandate to form a government , rather than the current outgoing government ", calling on the President to exercise the constitutional mandate of his powers. And ending the night on Monday , the second constitutional deadline to choose a candidate for prime minister in Iraq. the main leaders Shiite formed last week 's committee heptagons includes all the Shiite parliamentary blocs represented in parliament, to discuss the progress of more than 31 candidates for the post, to be agreed on a single candidate Insatiable, submitted to the President of the Republic , Barham Salih , for the purpose of the assignment. And revealed a source in the Seven Committee, which includes Shiite political forces, on Sunday, the existence of an agreement within the committee to nominate a close associate of Nuri al-Maliki, leader of the State of Law coalition Naim al-Suhail as prime minister. He added, "If the committee does not reach a final agreement to nominate Al-Suhail and present it officially to the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, then the Seven Committee will present the head of the intelligence service, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to fill the position."
  6. Sheikh Ali to the President of the Republic: The Shiites failed twice and it became necessary to take the opinion of the demonstrators 16-03-2020 03:10 PM Baghdad - news Today, Monday, member of the House of Representatives, Faik Sheikh Ali, sent a message to the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, while confirming that the Shiite blocs failed twice by choosing a prime minister and it was necessary to take the opinion of the demonstrators. Sheikh Ali said in a tweet addressed to the President of the Republic, on his personal Twitter page, followed by "Al-Akhbariya", that "the Shiites failed twice to agree on a candidate," stressing that they "failed once with Muhammad Allawi, and another with the seven-member committee that was dissolved." He added, "You have become a solution to your command, and this time you only need to take the opinion of the demonstrators only," noting that "whoever objected to the Shiites of the rule delivered by my experiences Allawi and the Seven Committee!" Today, Ali al-Tamimi, the legal expert, confirmed that after the failure of the Seven Committee, constitutionally, President Barham Salih received the prime minister with his full powers. فائق الشيخ علي/كلمتي للتاريخ @faigalsheakh 6:58 AM - Mar 16, 2020
  7. Legal expert: After the failure of the Seven Committee .. Constitutionally Saleh takes over the Prime Minister with his full powers Baghdad / news On Monday, the legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, confirmed that after the failure of the Seven Committee, constitutionally, the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, assumed the prime minister with his full powers. Al-Tamimi said in a statement received by "Al-Akhbariya" that "in case the Seven Committee fails and the 15-day period granted to the President of the Republic passes ... I see that the topic of the largest bloc that obligated the candidate in paragraphs first, third and fifth of Article 76 of the Constitution has ended, and that the transition will be to Article 81 first and second, the transfer of powers to the President of the Republic, and he who will replace the Prime Minister with full powers and the end of the role of Abdul-Mahdi and those with him, who has to hand over the administration of the country to the President of the Republic. ” He added, “According to the second paragraph of Article 81, the President of the Republic may appoint a candidate far from the largest bloc or parties, meaning he is free, unrestricted and not obligated to choose, stating that“ if Parliament does not vote for him on whom he chooses, then any President of the Republic can dissolve Parliament and call elections It is early, according to Article 64 of the Constitution, because it brought together the two positions, that is, the President and the ministers with us ... and then it will be a milestone ... that will solve the problems of the whole country. " He continued, "In the event of disagreement on this, the President of the Republic can resort to the Federal Court to find a solution to the crisis in accordance with Article 93 F2 of the Constitution."
  8. We manipulated Iraq's currency value to remove value away from the currency. As I recall, the value was over $3.00 when we and the UN de-valued it.
  9. It's not "Iraqis" in general that can't swim, and they are not ignorant people. Quite the opposite. It's the greedy, corrupt, and lawless Iraqis and Iranians that are drowning the Iraqi people.
  10. "...start precautionary measures on the Iraqi and foreign currency ...
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