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  1. I wonder if their census will have the citizenship question? LOL. I think so! Very valuable potentially.
  2. I am part Cherokee....." The government must have kept that money cause I haven't seen a nickle of it!"
  3. This is a repost by Adam of an article brought into Adams' thread on 2/5/19. The article was brought by 6ly410. I don't think it pertains to what Adam eluded to on that day. Adam seemed surprised when 6ly410 posted it. He hasn't disclosed yet what prompted his post about the HCL. As soon as he has more I'm sure he will post what prompted him that day.
  4. So is there a news article that got everything excited or some inside info?
  5. Loved that movie! Robin Williams RIP
  6. Their money supply is not dollars. You keep using dollar equivalent to dinar as comparison. You MUST deal with the fact that they have 40 Trillion dinar in circulation
  7. ( 33.6 Billion USD Equivalent) / 51.5 Billion USD = .6524271845 or 153% cover of monetary mass of 40 Trillion Dinar which would give a conversion rate of 1820.7 Bring on the ruby's! We have to see reduction of Dinar out of circulation
  8. Agreed. This may be the best thing that has happened. Sadr may be the only thing to stop the jockeying back and forth between Baghdad and the Kurds.
  9. How much did they have in circulation then and now? There you may find your difference just as Iraq.
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