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  1. Im not sure if this is important. I didnt know how to post it, sorry.
  2. Very informative, thank you! Not sure if I fully understood it all but I do have a better idea of what to expect. Tax codes are so tricky, God bless the experts!
  3. I will render unto ceasar that which is his (TAXES)and give God His (TITHES), pay debt, take 85percent and properly park it and take 15 percent and spend any way I like!!!!!
  4. Citigroup has had a bank in Vietnam since 94 or 95 and their currency is worthless. Not trying to be negative. Im just wondering if this warrents an RV?
  5. Prayers going out to his family, he will be very missed here. Sad day....
  6. So do I.....thanks for your sacrifice. God bless you, you deserve this to happen more than anyone I know. Again Thank You...
  7. You are VERY appreciated SWFG. Thank you for all of your reseach and time invested to help us better understand this lengthy process. Hopefully this ride will be over Asap. Again...thank you!
  8. Saw this on Facebook with the caption "what is our goverment getting ready to profit from that they dont want us to know about" ......interesting
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