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  1. I'm a sis bro lol Thank you the same tho😁
  2. I agree. Hopefully they will start a new one and people will stick to discussing progress thats being with dinar. It's too many comments to filter through that have gone way off topic.
  5. @Laid BackThank you for your input, you add value to this forum and I appreciate you. May I ask your opinion of why you think they extended this legislation for a month if they don't intend to RI they dinar until 2020? Then why bother extending this legislation. Do you think it was because of deadlines to complete the govt. The article that came out in March also stated they would increase the dinar during the first legislation.
  6. Im not sure if this is important. I didnt know how to post it, sorry.
  7. Very informative, thank you! Not sure if I fully understood it all but I do have a better idea of what to expect. Tax codes are so tricky, God bless the experts!
  8. I will render unto ceasar that which is his (TAXES)and give God His (TITHES), pay debt, take 85percent and properly park it and take 15 percent and spend any way I like!!!!!
  9. Citigroup has had a bank in Vietnam since 94 or 95 and their currency is worthless. Not trying to be negative. Im just wondering if this warrents an RV?
  10. Prayers going out to his family, he will be very missed here. Sad day....
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