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  1. Looking to sell some of my dinar. Have circurated as well as uncirculated. $350 pm me if interested. Thanks.
  2. Have 500,000 for sale...Ocala area. Uncircurated as well as circulated. $350.
  3. They seem to always get just as much...if not more done while on a "vacation"!! So they can go on and take their vacation thru December..that way they can return with a new budget..HCL passed..and a nice new rate on or before Januaryn1,2015!!!
  4. hoosier1470


    I wont believe it until Okie says its true! LMAO!
  5. I'm not racist..never have been. I love my fellow brothers and matter what color they happen to be! Living in the south, I have found (without being judgemental) that the most racist people that I run across are older black men. Especially those that are 70 or older. They remember the stories they heard, and the things they have seen. I suppose that if I were in their shoes, I may feel the samw way..who knows! One thing is certain...racism has been, is, and will continue to be a touchy point! But, I don't see where statements like this video...from someone with the following as large as Oprahs are needed or allowed. Its statements such as these that only fuel the fire! Oprah needs keep her personal opinions quietly in her personal life. Just because she has access to a tv camera shouldn't mean that she has the right to spread her tainted opinion all over the place! Everyone has the right to think what they want...but sometimes it pays to simply SHUT UP!
  6. I believe that they will be able to get it done this year. Many are saying 2014, but I believe that they will get it right and complete so they can step over into a new year with a new currency value, therefore instead of spending the biggest part of the year working on something they should have already completed. ....they can instead concentrate on big, big steps in investment, and the rebuilding of Iraq as a major player on the global scene! JMHB!! God bless each of you! May you have a very special Thanksgiving this year! A Thanksgiving like none of us has ever had before!! Please don't forget from where our provision comes!! Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus! Amem.
  7. Where there is SMOKE...there's fire! And with ALL of this SMOKE we are seeing, Iraq must be planning one heck of a wennie roast...because there has to be a HUGE fire somewhere! God bless!
  8. I don't have the link, but in a previous article posted here at DV...They stated that they were going to put the dinar on the open market prior to the next "world crisis", they were referring to the next deadline of the US debt ceiling ...I believe in January. So, if they actually stay the course...we will see the dinar being traded on the open market prior to Jan. 2014. Persoanlly I believe we will see it prior to the end of the year. Many other have different points of view, but that's why they're called opinions! God bless! (If I can locate that article..I will post it)
  9. Some more very positive news from Iraq! We are so very close to an increase in value of the dinar!! Its going to be an amazing Thanksgiving and Christmas this yeaf...and for years to come!! God bless!!
  10. A lot of info...and all of it positive!! As time goes by, we read more and more about economic growth and advancement. With everything appearing to be going in the direction we, and they want...its about time for them to come online in the international economic community, and use the massive wealth they are proven to have! Share the wealth with the Iraqi well as the rest of the world!! Bring the dinar back to it former glory!!! God bless!!
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