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  1. bostonangler

    It's been a while.... New bank story!!!

    Good stuff Pitcher... B/A
  2. It's an oxymoron alright!!! I actually laughed out loud... Where do they find these people? B/A
  3. bostonangler

    May 18, 2018 - Articles

    And then they just decided to chop him up into pieces because???? B/A
  4. MAGA hat and a Nike shirt???? Now that's funny!!!! B/A
  5. TNT Contributed from a member… As I was completing some banking transactions on Friday evening, I inquired about the Iraqi Dinar. The teller checked the rate and was surprised to see it at $1.XXX and she called on another bank employee with more experience to observe and check her screens. The second bank employee was equally surprised at the rate seen and the dollar amount of my intended exchange process. Due to the large transaction amount, the manager was called over (as a third eye) and to confirm the exchange process. All would have been “a GO” except the bank person stated that due to my volume, I could get a higher rate but, since they were near closing, I would have to wait until Monday to learn the higher rate, and I agreed to come back on Monday for those results. There was not enough time left to get in a “leverage” opportunity, it was closing time for the bank and they were ready to go home! LOL I’ll return on Monday and report on my results. Sorry but I had to post it... I know these people are full of it but what the heck? LOL B/A
  6. Now that's what I'm talking about rational conversation. Not name calling. Not denying facts. Not throwing out talking points of the swamp. Good job Santa... Thank you. B/A
  7. (GQ) - Sean Hannity has made a name for himself as a brash straight talker who doesn’t mind being honest about how things are. However his latest gambit have left network sponsors seething. A guest on Hannity's show threw him under the bus when she revealed that he has a side business. Network executives didn't take the news about Hannity's side business very well considering it is in direct violation of his contract with the network. They are currently discussing whether or not they want to cut ties with him or give him a hefty fine. However, Hannity annouced that he has been donating 50% of the profits of his side business to research for prostate cancer. His fans are showing their supporting and calling for the network to go easy on the popular anchor. What exactly was it that Hannity was willing to risk his career to pursue? A solution for erectile dysfunction. That's right. The secret the guest on his show revealed was the erectile dysfunction business Hannity and Dr. Phil started together. The next day, Hannity caused a frenzy when he and Dr. Phil unveiled their new Erectile Dysfunction fix on Dr. Phil's show. “Dr. Phil and I have done our research, spoken to specialists and industry insiders.” Hannity said when he appeared on the Dr. Phil's Show. “And they helped us create this product Magnum Pump XR And boy can I tell you, this stuff is potent. I’ve tried the name brand blue pills, I’ve tried Red Ginseng, I’ve tried all the other big brands. Magnum Pump XR blows them all away.” The product is repeatedly selling out within minutes and Hannity says his number one struggle as CEO is sourcing enough products to be able to adequately service the demand. His men’s health line is 83% cheaper and five times more effective than others on the market. Male Enhancement Titans, the big name-brand companies, were furious, calling for his apology and calling on studios to drop him from their projects. If those companies thought Hannity was going to back down, they clearly didn’t know him. He appeared again on Jimmy Kimmel the next day, not to apologize, but to offer viewers free samples. “I won’t let anyone intimidate me." He fired back during his appearance. "I am so confident in the product Dr. Phil and I have created that I am offering free samples to our viewers. Magnum Pump XR is the product of thousands of hours of research and development. I wouldn’t talk about something on air I don’t believe in and have tried myself."
  8. bostonangler

    Denying just for the sake of denying

    Looks like 'ol Nikki has lost her good standing to the Negmiester... B/A
  9. Because a conversation takes two rational people... It is very hard to have a conversation these days when people left or right are brainwashed by party.... It would be so nice to find some intelligent, free thinking people to talk rationally about today's issues instead of having to listen to idiotic rhetoric being spewed by special interest groups whose only interest is themselves. JMHO B/A
  10. Good luck... And see you on the other side. B.A
  11. bostonangler

    Denying just for the sake of denying

    Is Nikki spewing venom? It's called humor... A joke. Having fun... Maybe she is really The Deep State, because we all know Donald only hires the best. Nikki Haley mocks Trump for UN laughter and Elizabeth Warren controversy in dinner speech US Ambassador to the United NationsNikki Haley has poked some fun at President Donald Trump, just a week after announcing she would be leaving her position representing America to the world. Ms Haley, during remarks at the 2018 Alfred Smith Dinner in New York, lightly mocked the president for getting laughed at at the UN General Assembly last month — a spectacle that both she and the president said was intentional. She later joked about the president's ongoing feud with Senator Elizabeth Warren. “The president called me this morning and gave me some good advice, he said if I get stuck for laughs just brag about his accomplishments. It really killed at the UN, I’ve got to tell you,” Ms Haley said on Thursday night. The outgoing ambassador was recalling a moment during the president’s UN speech when delegates laughed at him boasting that his administration had, in two years, “accomplished more than almost any in the history of our country”. Mr Trump later suggested that he had intended to get some laughs out of the boast. Ms Haley backed him up later on, supporting the president’s supposed foray into stand-up comedy. After that joke, Ms Haley then turned her attention to Ms Warren, who recently released the results of a DNA test that strongly supported the existence of Native American ancestry from six to 10 generations ago. Mr Trump has repeatedly mocked Ms Warren with the nickname for “Pocahontas” for her having claimed previously that she has Native American ancestry. “I get it, you wanted an Indian woman but Elizabeth Warren failed her DNA test,” Ms Haley said in New York. “Actually, when the president found out that I was Indian American he asked me fi I was from the same tribe as Elizabeth Warren”. Ms Haley announced last week that she is resigning from her UN post, effective at the end of the year. She has since claimed that she has no ambitions to run for president in 2020, and it was not immediately clear where her future ambitions lie. The outgoing ambassador is said to have a close working relationship with the president, even though they have disagreed on certain international matters. After her resignation announcement, Mr Trump praised the ambassador, saying she has “done a fantastic job”, and that she is a “fantastic person”. B/A
  12. bostonangler

    Denying just for the sake of denying

    And of course you didn't answer my question. Because like so many.... It's the old "not in backyard". There is a kid out there that needs someone, who's going to step up? Are you going to save a soul that you are so concerned about, or just keep preaching? Come out from behind the pulpit and be a man. B/A
  13. Yup and you voted for one. B/A
  14. Interesting concept... How about those who are for the wall open a Go Fund Me page and start collecting so they can pay for the wall. Why don't you open one today and on Monday we can see how many people really want the wall... It would be very interesting to see how many people actually want it... B/A

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