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  1. I think there is evidence of tax fraud from some of his state filings. He has properties and incomes from those properties claimed at a lower value than he has on listings of his assets... So we'll see if he is telling the truth on his tax filings as compared to his other documents. But I do agree cheating on taxes and everything else now seems to be accepted in America... People cheat on their spouses and that's okay. People cheat at sports and that's okay.. People cheat on their exams.. Again okay.. The American way, has lost it's way. JMHO B/A
  2. I guess we'll what the Supreme Court says... That's where this headed... Just thought you'd like to know. Clint Eastwood @ClintEastwoodLA I AM NOT Clint Eastwood. Just another guy duping Trump worshippers. B/A
  3. Is that why Republicans are starting to run away from Trump? Just wondering. B/A
  4. Yeah and they said Bush was going to pay for the war with it. And then they said Obama was going to eliminate the debt with it. Now they say Trump holds the cards... It's all Guru Poo Poo. B/A
  5. The DOW hits record highs throughout history... That doesn't mean it can't hit record lows... Only a blind follower would not realize markets go up and down based on Wall Street bankers and not U.S. presidents... Trump has as much to do with markets as he does with the Dinar RV... B/A
  6. Come on caz, Rudy said it jokingly... Why is it you Trump folks have zero sense of humor? Of course there is a lot of truth in humor. I don't know about you, but I learned long ago, never trust a lawyer. B/A
  7. Republicans speaking out in support of President Donald Trump during this week’s impeachment hearings are using a tactic straight out of “The Simpsons,” a former writer on the show said. The GOP argument is that Trump’s attempt to use foreign aid to pressure Ukraine into investigating his political rivals wasn’t a crime because it wasn’t successful. Fox News host Laura Ingraham even said on her show this week that bribery was specifically named as an impeachable offense in the Constitution, but “attempted bribery is not.” Bill Oakley, a writer and showrunner on “The Simpsons,” wrote in The Washington Post that this argument calls to mind the defense used by the malevolent cartoon character Sideshow Bob when he was jailed for attempted murder. He quoted the character: Wow you know it's bad when you are using cartoons for your defense... LOL B/A
  8. I agree... the democrats are doing everything for votes. But I guess the republicans are guilty of the same thing. They just use corporate welfare to keep multi-nationals paying for their campaigns... It's a dirty game and the only ones who get screwed is the American working class. And please don't come back corporations are using tax cuts to help workers... The truth is they used tax cuts to buy back their stock and prop up the share prices while giving their executives bonuses... It like when the banks crashed and we bailed them out. Their executives got big fat checks and not one went to jail... It's a scam. B/A
  9. Rudy Giuliani has said – apparently in jest – he has “insurance” on Donald Trump, should the president and his aides decide to try and blame him for the mounting controversy over the administration’s dealings with Ukraine. A day after Democrats on Capitol Hill called their public witnesses to testify about Mr Trump’s July phone call with the leader of Ukraine and Mr Giuliani’s private outreach to Kiev, the former New York mayor said he believed the president would remain loyal to him. Asked by the Guardian if he was concerned about being “thrown under the bus”, Mr Giuliani replied: “I’m not, but I do have very, very good insurance, so if he does, all my hospital bills will be paid.” The report said Mr Giuliani. who has been serving as Mr Trump’s personal attorney, spoke with a slight laugh in his voice. It also said Mr Giuliani’s own lawyer, Robert Costello, whom he retained as the impeachment pressure intensified, interjected into the interview: “He’s joking.” Mr Giuliani was asked about how confident he was that Mr Trump would not ditch him, amid reports senior Republicans were considering seeking to use him a scapegoat, as a means of protecting the president. Axios said the plan would be to say outreach to Ukraine, in which Kiev was asked to launch an investigation into Joe Biden in exchange for the release of military aid and a state visit, was the work of Mr Giuliani. “So the point is as long as this is a step removed, he’s in good shape,” a Republican member of one of the committees said. “If it’s a step removed from the president, he doesn’t lose any Republicans in the House.” In the weeks since a whistleblower alleged Mr Trump had improperly sought a “quid pro quo” in his July 25 with Volodymyr Zelensky, more and more information has emerged of the role of Mr Giuliani in pushing for such a probe to be launched. Republicans have accused Mr Biden of improperly using his position as vice president to oust an anti-corruption prosecutor who they allege represented a threat to Mr Biden’s son, Hunter. There is no evidence to support the claim. After the whistleblower made the accusation, Democrats launched a formal impeachment investigation. As the probe has advanced, Mr Giuliani has removed himself from the television networks, though he is said to be considering hosting a podcast. He also wrote an op-ed for The Hill, denouncing the investigation as “unprecedented, constitutionally questionable, and an affront to American fair play”. Mr Trump was previously asked Mr Giuliani remained his personal lawyer and appeared reluctant to back him entirely. “I haven’t spoken to Rudy,” he said last month. “I spoke to him yesterday, briefly. He’s a very good attorney and he has been my attorney, yeah sure.” Never trust a lawyer.. B/A
  10. Let's start with the people on the call... Oops Trump won't let them talk.... Hmmm I wonder why. Don't you wonder why he won't let the people on the call talk? B/A
  11. If I was accused of something and had prove of my innocence I surely wouldn't hold it back. If I was on a phone call and accused of wrong doing I surely wouldn't edit it. If I was a CEO and the board of directors had voted a decision to make a payment, I wouldn't hold it up so my kid could get in college and then make the payment 2 weeks after the board starting looking into the hold up. That's the problem with Trump, he thinks he owns the company... He has a board of directors and he has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, then he lied about it. Basically he is running his administration like the mob... If he was innocent he would send his people in to clear him, but instead he stops them... It is like watching the Teflon Don plead the 5th.. For the president to act this way is pathetic and based on the number the American people are beginning to understand you can't believe anything he says. His numbers are shrinking. Even in the end there are always a few people still supporting the evil ruler. Trump is down to his few remaining cult members. B/A
  12. Because they like diversity? I don't know, but I do know Obama didn't call then good people. Like Trump called the Nazis in West Virginia. B/A
  13. Isn't it ironic that Trump won't let his people testify under oath who were actually in the room... What is this guy afraid of? First they edit the phone call transcript, now they won't let his people talk.... He is really backing himself into a corner. When they asked the Republicans coming out of the hearing, don't you want to interview Trump's people who were there, they said no. They don't want to hear the truth they are hiding it... People need to vote all these clowns out. B/A
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