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  1. You too are being political... Trump made bad choices with his corporate welfare, cutting budgets and people in the CDC and wasting money on his monument along the border, and we now see it hurting all of us... While the rest of the world is testing thousands of people a day, our doctors can't get tests. While world leaders stated over and over this is serious listen to the experts, Trump spent the last month spewing misinformation. Telling Americans he had a "hunch". That this would magically go away. Then even last night, he gets his facts wrong. When do you call out a liar? When do you hold
  2. SINGAPORE (Reuters) - All global investors got from U.S. President Donald Trump's coronavirus package were a shock travel ban on Europe and a flashing signal to sell, and none of the large-scale tax breaks or medical tests for Americans they'd been expecting. The deep disappointment with Trump's much-touted plan, which he unveiled late on Wednesday, spurred massive falls in global stock markets. U.S. stock index futures <ESc1> plunged nearly 5%, almost hitting their circuit breakers for the second time in a week. The highlights of what Trump described as "the most aggressive an
  3. You are correct that is my opinion... And now is the time to call a spade a spade... That's real man, not politics. B/A
  4. Global shares plunged on Thursday after the World Health Organisation declared a coronavirus pandemic and indexes sank on Wall Street. France’s CAC 40 slipped 6.6% to 4,306.89, while Germany’s DAX lost 6.7% to 9,745.59. The FTSE 100 plunged 6.5% to 5,496.67. The future contract for the Dow Jones Industrial Average slumped 5.2% while the S&P 500 lost 4.9%. On Wall Street overnight, the Dow fell into bear market territory, with a loss that dragged it 20% below the record set last month. The broader S&P 500, which professional investors watch more closely, is a single
  5. Three crucial components of President Donald Trump's nationally televised Wednesday-night address on the US response to the novel coronavirus were quickly walked back or contradicted. After Trump announced a 30-day ban on travel from most of Europe to the US, the Department of Homeland Security clarified that it would exclude US citizens and permanent residents. Trump also issued a tweet saying that trade of goods between the US and Europe would not be halted after saying the opposite in his speech. A major US health-insurance industry group contradic
  6. I only hope his followers take notice... This whole "it's a hoax" needs to end.... He did look like a beaten down horse during his presentation. I think it is wearing on him. B/A
  7. Yes this crisis has plainly demonstrated his incompetence in management. He chose to be a denier and made light of what the disease experts were telling him and it is costing him greatly... A few of his supporters I know personally are bewildered. They aren't sure what to think. Last night didn't help. During his speech he stated the health insurance companies would cover the treatment costs of people infected... This morning Pence had to go on the live morning shows to correct his misunderstanding.. Pence explained the insurance companies would cover the cost of your copay for getting tested,
  8. Well, there are still a few deniers out there... I hope you don't catch this virus and have to deal with reality... B/A
  9. Why do people want to be censor police? Why is it so common that people live by the saying "Do what I say not what I do"? You post some of the most disturbing tweets I've ever seen. They are hateful, they are anti-American and they certainly are not something anyone with love in their heart would spread. The real virus in America is the hate perpetrated by people posting worthless crap that is racist, bigoted and only meant to divide... You really ought to read some of the tweets you post. B/A
  10. Go away little man... I'm busy talking to adults about real issues, not unicorn fantasy crap. B/A
  11. S&P Futures 2,613.50 -126.75(-4.63%) Dow Futures 22,391.00 -1,184.00(-5.02%) Nasdaq Futures 7,619.75 -383.75(-4.79%) Russell 2000 1,264.30 -86.60(-6.41%) Crude Oil 31.08 -1.90(-5.76%) Gold 1,638.20 -4.10(-0.25%) Silver 16.64 -0.14(-0.81%) EUR/USD
  12. S&P Futures 2,613.25 -127.00(-4.63%) Dow Futures 22,361.00 -1,214.00(-5.15%) Nasdaq Futures 7,616.25 -387.25(-4.84%)
  13. Well I guess all the Trump supporters will have to start taking this seriously now that someone told Trump to suck it up and tell America the truth... Last night he stopped his stupid and uninformed comments about this being no big deal, or that the 15 cases would go to 0, or that it would magically go away. It's obvious the medical experts have made him understand this is a big deal and it isn't simply going to disappear. Finally he has listened to the scientist and hopefully his worshipers will as well. B/A
  14. You posted non-stop bashing tweets about the little girl and her climate change comments... Pretty sad for a grown man. As for reporting you, I'm not a cry baby buttercup like some people I know. B/A
  15. You're joking correct???? You post the most disrespectful and ugly tweets out there... You posted tweets bashing a child... B/A
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