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  1. Usually Nothing happens before Ramadan, during Ramadan , and after Ramadan every year. But, What about Ramadan this coming March 2024? May be just
  2. May be RV is not their priority list and they also don't care about dinar investors either. Therefore, don't even hope too high for the rate to go for a buck or above to avoid huge disappointments month after month , year after year.
  3. What makes you think that goat? Did you give up and sell your dinar already, didn't you?
  4. By the way, doesn't Ron always post the list of foreign exchange rate against USD from the CBI site everyday on the news section?
  5. I have never had a plan B, too. Plus, I have a worse financial problem. And RV is the only thing that can solve my financial problem. Therefore, let's say if this baby pops from 5 cents to a dime, I will definitely cash out and pay off my debts. And, I don't want to wait for the rate to RV at a buck in the next 20 or 50 more years or even longer than that.
  6. Hey Frankie. Where do we go don't matter at this moment in time because this blessing doesn't occur in the last 20 years. When? 🎃🎄
  7. Voter fraud is a part of money politics / a dirty game to win a favorite and chosen candidate. And, something like this always happens in some parts of other poor countries during the election. None of the gurus can predict the date right because gurus know nothing just like the rest of us.
  8. Hopefully , what happened in Russia won't happen to dinar holders ( when we cash out ) when this baby really pops one day.
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