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  1. Exactly. Now the question is whether these camel still care and love their own citizens and try to improve the lives of their own citizens for the better. In reality, they only care about themselves, not their own people because they have evil hearts. Do you folks still believe there are still good and honest iraqi government employees from high to low rank?
  2. Why doesn't iraq just delete 3 zeros and change the rate instead of keep borrowing money that make iraq very hard to pay off their debts? And why does the imf still want to borrow money to iraq eventhough it is still useless because the exchange rate will not increase from 1:1460 to at least 1:1 and the price of imported goods has still remained expensive that make all iraqi citizens suffer and life sucks for iraqi citizens. Are the goi and cbi not thinking how sad and miserable the life of iraq citizens are? Are the goi and cbi only thinking about their own bank accounts with millions of doll
  3. Economic progress? Are you really sure 100%? Whom are you trying to fool? Or are you just trying to hide the dark side inside to look good on the outside? If iraq keep borrowing monies from imf, does this mean iraq make economic progress? If iraq can't pay the monthly salary, bills, does this mean iraq make economic progress? If Iraq already devalued the rate from 1190 to 1460 that make all imported goods very expensive, does this mean iraq make economic progress? If there are still corruptions that spread like pandemic, does it mean iraq make economic progress? The questions is how long is it
  4. 2 weeks? What day? What month? And what year? Come on iraq, you can do better than this. Just a remainder, next time give the exact date with exact day, month and year , so the readers don't get confused.
  5. I like when you predict the month between january - march. But, what day? Between 1 - 30/31 ( just pick any number you like ). And What year? 20.......( just fill in the blank as you like ).
  6. Thanks a lot for the reminder. I"ll keep that in mind just in case i forget again.
  7. I like the way you think. I agree with you that iqd has to rv first before the iranian rial. So this will give us more time to buy more rial/toman after iqd rv first.
  8. Cash sales=0? Omg. I can't blink my eyes. Are you really sure? Are you still dreaming? You aren't joking around are you. Is it for real? Is this just a hoax? Where did you see " 0 cash sales "? When ( date ) did you see " 0 cash sales "?
  9. Welcome back thuggy. Always the funniest one. Ops did i say that?
  10. You're welcomed. Unfortunately, this article is just someone opinion.
  11. Next 3 years? Say what? Are you kidding me? You aren't serious right. Does 3 years mean the year 2024? Wow is iraq trying to fool the dinar investors? Or is iraq trying to playing games with us? I think may be iraq is confusing when facing the reality. Therefore whatever iraq say, they can never implement it.
  12. 1.4-3.22 i love it. But the unsolved mystery is the exact date. Because most of the articles from iraq only mention about deleting zeros or removing zeros from the exchange rate. on the other hand, none of the articles ever mention about the exact date when it is going to delete the zeros. I know folks will disagree with me because If iraq mentions the exact date, then dinar investors will buy up the dinar. For me actually, the first most important is the exact date, after that the second most important is the rate. Because if the first most important is the rate, then the articles always men
  13. So if iraq returned to the old rate =1190( previous rate ), then Delete 3 zeros=1.190 just round it to 1.2 or 1 iqd=0.86 usd. Not bad for a fresh start and then raise until reaching $3.22. This is more like it. Works for me.
  14. Returning to the old exchange rate create big problems? That depends on the rate. If the old rate is 1190, then it will create problem. If the rate is $3.22 , then it will give triple benefits. 1. make the imported goods in iraq very very cheap. 2. also give the purchasing power to the iraqi citizens. 3. Make dinar investors very happy.
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