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  1. Yep. That is the job of the pumpers and dinar salesmen to spread rumors, like a wild fire to increase their profit from selling and buying iraq dinar.
  2. " Possibility " hmm , does that mean they haven't printed yet? May be they still think about it.. who knows. Is it a good news for dinar investors?
  3. Why would they print 20K dinar if they're planning to release new lower denoms and RV the iqd ( unless they have other back up plans? )? It's wasting money and printing a new currency costs a fortune.
  4. I really don't mind if the rate comes out from $1.50 to $3.50 as long as it is going to be a straight RV ( the RV that we want it to cash out ) , not RD+RV ( this is a nightmare ). Again , good luck to all of us in the same boat that have been waiting for the iqd to RV.
  5. So do I. That's what I have in my mind , too.
  6. This sentence " the dinar is stronger " is in the " Present Tense ". Does that mean the current rate 1,310 is already stronger?
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