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  1. Do you think the vietnamese government will tell to the publics openly and honestly that they want to rv their currency?
  2. From 2003 until now 2021, the rate went down from 1190 to 1450 and 1450 isn't called a stronger currency. Come on wake up iraq, if you want to make the iqd stronger, the only solution is to rv your currency and return to glory rate 3,22 usd immediately.
  3. Because iran is under sanction. If iran isn't under sanction, i think the rate might be higher than iraq dinar.
  4. Iraq dinar has become stronger after 18 years? From 2003 until now, the rate went down from 1190 to 1450 and 1450 is called a stronger iraq dinar? Come on iraq, you got to be kidding me. Are you joking? During a saddam regime, the rate was 3.22 usd and this rate 3.22 usd was called a stronger iraq dinar. After the fall of saddam, the rate went down the toilet and the rate is 1450.
  5. 2020 was a rough year for me and some people, too. And right now, i only own iqd. And i just hope, If iraq dinar pops first, then i will buy rial and dong.
  6. What if iraq does pop first, do you think iran will pop immediately after? Do you think vietnamese dong is the same as south korean won? Because south korean won is cheap, too , but the south korean never intend to revalue their currency since civil war between south korean and north korean until now.
  7. Iraq politicians are BS, trash , liars. Don't believe what they say. Just focus on what they do.
  8. If i remember correctly, i read the article somewhere that iraq want to delete 3 zeros, does that mean it is a lop, too or rv? And also, we still wait for a new rate on the budget.
  9. Do you think between iranian rial, iraq dinar, and vietnam dong, which one is going to pop first? Since iranian rial is cheaper than vietnam dong and vietnam dong is cheaper than iraq dinar.
  10. Sadly, shabibi isn't a governor of cbi anymore. Now, it depends on the current governor of the cbi. Will the current governor of cbi decide to revalue the iqd?
  11. 2004? So 5.26 usd must be the first test rate showed up on the cbi website after saddam died in 2003 and then, the rate went down the toilet. Hopefully, we will see the second real rv rate ( not a test rate again ) on the cbi website one day s**n.
  12. Did you, by any chance, talk and cash in with the tellers named judy and bruce?
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