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  1. May be someone(?) Offered malarki a secret higher RV rate he couldn't refuse, but on one condition that malarki and his cronies have to get out of iraqi country forever and never come back to iraqi country ever again.
  2. OMG. Did malarki really mean what he said to reduce the price of dollar? Has malarki been taking the wrong medication or something lately? I really can't believe it but if makarki really wanted to reduce the price of dollar, makarki must be up to " something ( secret )" behind the scenes that we don't know. From now on, we just wait and see if malarki really do what he said, and not just talk and talk and talk BS that will end up delaying again and again in the end.
  3. Thanks for your optimism nstoolman1. At least, somehow, there is still a big hope behind a dark side of covid. I wish this covid thing will be over soon and comes a sunshine that bring a good news that we have already been waiting for almost 19 years.
  4. Hope you are right jg1. 1170 delete 3 zeros=1.170. Then, 1:1.170= 0.85 US. 1 IQD=0.85 US isn't Not a bad rate for a start. As long as the rate is between 10 cents to a buck, i will run to the bank and never look back.
  5. I don't get it. First, they readjust the exchange rate. Second, they revalue. What are the differences between readjusting the exchange rate and revaluing? Will there be two different rates between readjust the rate and revalue?
  6. So is frankie. By the way, how come there are Frank26 and FRANK , who are the real Frankie and the real Prankie?
  7. $6 on the 22nd? Hey fleming, how did you get that number? Year 2022 means the first number 2 equal to= month of february and the third and fourth number 2 equal to= day 22, therefore the date is on february 22, 2022. And the rate is $ 6 ( year 2022=2+0+2+2=6 ). Does that mean it will rv on february 22, 2022 at $6? Is this how you got that number fleming?
  8. Omg. Was there a pumper ( one of the members in this room ) who was paid to spread out BS? Whose pumper could that be? Wolverine himself? Frankie? The goat? Pimple ( i mean pimpy ) or kaperoni?
  9. I don't believe if IQD is already international recognized currency, noone wants to deal with IQD. Can IQD be accepted in the middle east countries, like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia? If IQD is already international recognized currency, IQD at least will be accepted in the middle east countries as a form of payment to buy something in the middle countries. Is Kuwaiti dinar accepted in the middle east countries? I think so. For example, USD is international recognized currency and everyone around the world wants to deal with USD. JMO.
  10. Jan 09 or March 15, 2022, either one of them sounds good to my ear as long as it is still in the first quarter of 2022. Only time will tell.
  11. $3 bucks+? Again, we can only hope there will be a rate change in the 2022 budget.
  12. Nope. Not me. I only bought dinar one time a long time ago. That's it . For me enough is enough and i don't care what pumpers said. None of the pumpers can persuade me to buy more dinars. No no never.
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