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  1. Are those number lucky numbers? Hmmm......Who wants to make a bet on those powerball and mega million lottery number to win a jackpot?
  2. Sounds too good to be true , doesn't it, but when???. It is useless to even mention the name " Shabibi " because he already went to a better place and was replace by someone else.
  3. The corrupt Malarky, barzany and their cronies? And noone dares to touch and put them in prison.
  4. 1 deutsche mark ( DEM )=$0.56 US. Will IQD be equals to=DEM=$0.56 US? I know some dinar holders disagree and still prefers at least a buck or higher.
  5. They should have a hidden agenda which they won't tell us. May be they know something we don't know and they want all of us to sell our dinars. Therefore, they are the only one who get wealthy.
  6. Why did they compare Iraq to Venezuela and Zimbabwe? Why didn't they compare Iraq to Germany ( Deutsch Mark )? By the way, Germany did RV the currency before , right?
  7. Yep. That's a good question. That also makes me wonder why would this Aargam financial ( Saudi based company ) care too much whether Iraq will delete 3 zeros or not. Unless this aargam financial company has also invested billions or even trillions of IQD. Could this be true? Just wonder, is this aargam financial company owned by the Saudi royal family king of Salman??
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