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  1. Dinarham : Wow , Somebody sure jumped the gun on the $50 IQD note when it was first printed at US expense back in 2003 . How ironic that a $50 IQD note will now be readily used after the rv. so the 50 IQD was printed in 2003, and then 12 years later in 2015, the 50 IQD was worth 4 cents. is this a huge increase during 12 years period only , isn't it. does it called rv? does anyone know how much was 50 IQD worth when it was printed in 2003? has 50 IQD still been in circulation right now? I can't imagine how much 25,000 IQD will be worth when the rv happens one day. By the way, what ye
  2. Trump. So if trump wins the election for a second term, hopefully trump has the authority to push the rv button. Come rv.
  3. If the rate is 3.33 or 6.66 us, i am running to the bank and never look back forever.
  4. Actually it doesn't really matter who has the power to push the rv button. The goi or cbi or trump or other presidents. As long as either one of them can push the rv button, it is ok with me and the rate is initially between 0.1-0.9 us. of course i will be more happy if the rate is initially between 1-3 us. Furthermore, If the rate is initially above 5 us, i will definitely retire ( i know i know everyone will think the rate above 5 us is impossible but who knows miracle from heaven can happen suddenly without notice ). But the most important thing is don't buy more than you can't afford to l
  5. For $3.04 i am running to the bank and never look back forever. Come rv.
  6. Yup. You are so right. Only the goi and cbi themselves have the power to push the rv button. Whenever they are ready, they will push the button. None of other countries has the power to push the button, except the goi and cbi. And the cbi and goi will announce the rv suddenly, quietly and surprisingly. Nobody knows when and nobody can predict the date 100% correctly either. The most important is don't buy more than you can't afford to lose! Come rv.
  7. Thanks mr. Adam. A 6 month window means In the month of april 2021. A 6 month window sounds good to me. I will be waiting patiently until reaching the finish line no matter how stressfull this crazy ride. I hope this crazy storm will be over soon and comes the sunshine. Come rv.
  8. wow i really really like the sound of this. come rv/
  9. I amn't scared with this kind of bs articles at all. I just laugh when I am reading this article. just keeps coming more and more and more bs articles to distract the dinar investors. and then who knows next week or next month or the end of this year booms rv is coming suddenly and surprisingly with a prior notice. come rv.
  10. me too. with 0.82 i will run to the bank and never look back forever. but at this moment i amn't going to get excited yet. i believe it when i see it. come rv.
  11. don't just talk talk talk about changing exchange rate many many many many times " 1300 dinars per dollar or 1500 dinars per dollar ", the most important is just doing it and more action. I don't care if it is 1300 to 1 or 1500 to 1 or whatever the rate , just do it quickly and make it happen immediately if goi and cbi really dare to do it. if talk only means BS. I really want to see if goi and cbi get the balls to make it happen. actually iraq isn't broke if they know how to manage their oil monies etc and hang all the corruptors like saddam hussein. come rv.
  12. if the us banks don't buy foreign currency, then where do the dinar investors exchange dinar for dollars? do the dinar investors have to exchange dinar for dollars outside us, like canada may be?
  13. i just hope it isn't " talk only , no action ". I am really curious what they are going to do next. I really challenge them if they really dare to make the rv happen quietly suddenly surprisingly. omg this is iraq I am talking about. I think they got no balls to make it happen because they have a lot of BS. come rv.
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