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  1. What did Bugs Bunny do inside the small cage? Looking for a carrot ? Or hiding from being shot by Elmer Fudd?
  2. What I mean is " CBI stated they need a three day holiday to RV/RI " and hope it is right.
  3. Because it is in the dinar rumors.
  4. Ha ha. What was he doing there beside update?
  5. Thanks for the reply Linda Bower. So when the Russia revalued their rubles at that time , that would be considered " In Country RV " because noone can trade in rubles for dollars out of Russia country, right? Just wonder , will IQD be the same ( In Country RV ) as Rubles when it rv one day?
  6. Did Kazemi really really say and want to change the rate to 1,200??
  7. Another holiday= another delays. They really love and enjoy holiday, don't they.
  8. So when the Russian revalued their rubles, did you still remember the rate? What was the rv rate at that time of revaluation? And also, when Russia revalued their rubles , did you trade in your rubles for dollars in the country of Russia only at that time or did you have to fly back to the States to trade in your rubles for dollars at any banks?
  9. Hey kraperoni. Didn't you sell off your dinar already? Or have you still buried them on your backyard?
  10. Again, this is just another distraction. Don't believe what they said cause they are the master of disguise , BS and lies. What they say today will be totally different to what they say tomorrow or next week or next month or next year.
  11. That's called distraction to keep dinar investors from buying more dinars and also to make dinar investors give up and sell off their dinars.
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