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  1. Another holiday= another delays. They really love and enjoy holiday, don't they.
  2. So when the Russian revalued their rubles, did you still remember the rate? What was the rv rate at that time of revaluation? And also, when Russia revalued their rubles , did you trade in your rubles for dollars in the country of Russia only at that time or did you have to fly back to the States to trade in your rubles for dollars at any banks?
  3. Hey kraperoni. Didn't you sell off your dinar already? Or have you still buried them on your backyard?
  4. Again, this is just another distraction. Don't believe what they said cause they are the master of disguise , BS and lies. What they say today will be totally different to what they say tomorrow or next week or next month or next year.
  5. That's called distraction to keep dinar investors from buying more dinars and also to make dinar investors give up and sell off their dinars.
  6. So we have to wait until December 2022 while the wabbit monitor the price vewy vewy quiet? Ok. No problem. It is still 5 months to go until the end of 2022 and 5 months aren't a long wait.
  7. The price of oil don't have something to do with the RV. The higher the price of oil , the higher the iraqi's oil revenues and the more corrupt people who also want to enjoy the wealth the most.
  8. Tivon : reserves don't have something to do with reinstatement of the dinar. When rv happens, dinar investors will trade in dinar for dollars out of iraqi country. Mark : why all of a sudden you talked about reinstatement of the Kuwait? do you think iraq can also shot all the way up to $ 9.88 before it settle back to mid $3 range when RV happen?
  9. They always denies at first, and then , WHO KNOWS , suddenly BOOM ( without prior notice ) RV at previous rate before 2003 ( Saddam's rate )= 3+USD. Again, we can only hope.
  10. That's a good news for dinar investors. because they may want to return to the previous rate during Saddam's regime ( Saddam's rate ) which is above 3+ USD. Again we can only hope.
  11. Now we learn a new word " URGENT ". What is Iraq definition of " URGENT "? Is " URGENT " equal to or better than " SOON "? Patience? Well it depends on how long do you want us to wait for the IQD to rv? One week? Or one month? Or one year?
  12. Or second option is if they can't return to previous rate 1200, they may want to return to the previous rate before 2003 during Saddam's regime ( Saddam's rate ) which is above 3+. This is even better.
  13. I never say that I am right because I amn't a guru either. Because I never believe what iraq said about " they want to return to previous rate 1170 or 1180 or 1190 so many times before " and they don't have a ball to implement it until now. They just like to talk talk talk and finally BS with so many excuses.
  14. Hey malarki. Don't just talk talk and talk. Talk is cheap. Just prove it that you can form a new strong government. Now the only question is how long do you need to form a new strong government? One week? Or one month? Or one year? Or one decade ( hopefully not cause this takes too long )?
  15. Eventhough iraqi gold reserves exceed 130 tons and billion of dollars from oil revenues , iraq still can't pay their debts and can't even form a new government until now because of corrupt people around the government circles together with Iran.
  16. Well. If they can't return to previous rate which is 1200 , then the best and only solution is just rv'ing their currency at 1 IQD : 1 USD. Also, there is no problem paying back their debts at the rate 1:1 either. And , the dinar investors are also very happy at the rate 1:1 , too. This is win-win solution on both sides. Come on iraq, what are you waiting for? Just push the button.
  17. Hey samson. What does Britain has something to do with Iraq? Do you think iraq will ask iraqi citizens to dispose the old notes within 100 days exchange period when the rv happens one day?
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