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  1. Then, let's just wait and see until the end of November to prove what Breitling said was true or not. But, it doesn't come true, then it is a ok too.
  2. Thanks cjdavid. I just wish one of these gurus will be right one day.
  3. I am more than happy to run to the bank to cash all out at 3 bucks and never look back.
  4. Hey Breitling, Just wonder, did the minister of finance really write a letter to the IMF about getting the rate back to $3.25? Is there a source/ link to back it up? I would love to read it.
  5. If they are forced to devalue the rate until 3,000 iqd in 2025 ( they will devalue for 4 years from 2021 until 2025 ) and 90% of iraqi people will live below the poverty line, then does that mean that cbi only suck all the dinars in from the remaining 10% of iraqi people ( just assume 90% of iraqi people are very poor and don't have enough money and the remaining 10% are wealthy iraqi people ) who are very wealthy? Does that mean they devalue almost 100 % from 1,500 to 3,000 iqd for 4 years from 2021 to 2025? When they devalued back in december 19, 2021 from 1190 to 1,460 , we already lost more than 20%. If they will really devalue again until 3,000 iqd for 4 years until 2025 then we will lose our investment more than 120% gradually until 2025. We can only hope that this devaluation is only talk talk talk BS and isn't happening.
  6. Devalue the rate ( again? ) until reaching 3,000 iqd in 2025? Isn't this going the wrong way? Or are they trying to suck all the dinar in again from iraqi citizens who have still been hiding their dinar under the bed and dinar investors out of iraqi country? Just wonder when iqd devalued back in december 19, 2020 ( from 1,190 to 1,460 ), how much dinars in circulation had the cbi already been sucking in ( from iraqi citizens and dinar investors out of iraqi country ) until today?
  7. Wow. That's so scary. Take the kidney without a permission? Is it for real?
  8. If Adam doesn't give up and sell off his dinar, then i don't either eventhough i bought my dinar before i joined the dinarvet. And, i will still hold my dinar until this crazy ride is over no matter how many years it is going to take.
  9. I agree with you. Starting at $0.50 not a bad rate, and from there, it goes all the way up until reaching the highest rate ( 3 bucks hopefully ).
  10. That's why this is called rumor section. It is just for entertainment purpose only until one of these gurus is right one day.
  11. I have never known before and this is the first time Breitling mentioned the rate $3.25.
  12. Then, what are waiting for? Just do it. What took you so long to change the exchange rate? How much more time do you need to change the exchange rate? We are waiting and waiting?
  13. You got that right md11fr8dawg. By the way, did you have a bad experience with international travel before?
  14. Thanks for your clarification yota. If the term " stability " means " just slide the decimal over from the current rate, removing the zero , issue lower notes, remove big notes out of circulation "( just the way you mentioned it ), then i like it very much. Bring it on.
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