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  1. Hey nadar. If he is your boss , then are you really realy his subordinate? Hmm....
  2. The solution is just fired the current governor of the CBI in exchange with a new governor of the CBI who is more capable and dares to do the exchange rate reform quickly without delay and more excuses.
  3. Nope. Not me. That's not my plan. That's for all wealthy dinar investors who own and hold at least billions of dinars.
  4. For me , it isn't about real or not real , but a lie or a truth. Sudarni can say whatever ( a lie or a truth ) he likes to say and it doesn't mean he will do it. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes from the mouth of corrupt iraqi officials and politicians.
  5. 7.) Hotel , Airport and Casino : buy a huge land to build hotel ,casino and airport to increase income. Then, invite people all over the world to come and spend the money in the casino. This plan can only work out if the rate is $5+. If the rate is less than a buck , then change a plan.
  6. Passport? It depends on What nationality are you nadar? Are you Iraqi Citizen or US Citizen? If you are US Citizen and you are going in the US to exchange , you only need driver license and ID ( no passport needed ). Unless , you want to fly to Iraq directly to exchange for a huge amount , then you definitely need at least 2 identifications , such as a passport and International driver license or ID. Enough about exchange. Now, The most important question is " when is it going to RV? "
  7. Where are we going nadar? Where do you take us to? Why do we need a passport if we're just going to the bank in the US to exchange??
  8. May be what mm said Iraq was " international " means dinar have already been travelling internationally and a lot of dinar investors hold the dinar around the world, not to mention US dinar holders hold the most.
  9. 1 IQD=0.0697 FOREX. What does " FOREX " mean in this case? Which foreign country has a currency's name " FOREX "? I thought the IQD is against USD.
  10. 1.) Car is used to go to the bank to cash out. 2.) Bag is used to put all the monies.. 3.) Gun : just in case for self defense against robbery..🔫 4.) Plane : charter a plane to bring and hide the monies somewhere on the island..🛩️ 5.) House : buy a land to build a house somewhere on the island to hide the monies and retire there..🏡 What else....
  11. Time for what? to go to the bank to cash out? Let's check on the cbi site first. Oppss...the rate is still stable at 1,310. Now, I am going to bed now. Wake me up when there is a rate change on the cbi site.
  12. It is better for the governor of the CBI to answer this question because the governor of the CBI knows a lot more than the rest of us.
  13. That's one of the gurus's jobs as a pumper works together with a dinar dealer to pump up sales.
  14. We have already been duped in the last 20 years haven't we. What have we learn from this? Don't trust the article about Iraq? Or don't trust what gurus spew out?
  15. Even a one time fee is still considered a source of income for AM to pay for the operating costs to run this dinarvets, beside what he makes off of advts.
  16. Usually when a person make a wish, his wish doesn't always come true ( 50/50 chance ) because may be a god has a better plan for him.
  17. I amn't going to get excited yet. Just wonder , what does " Official Rate " mean according to Iraq definition? Hopefully , it isn't the rate 1,310.
  18. Are you really sure? I thought AM also charges the monthly VIP membership too.
  19. Either one of them doesn't matter As long as bigfoot can't even find and steal it.
  20. Is there a flying pig in Iran? I thought there is only a flying rug where Aladdin and a prince jasmine used to fly. And, a genie who gives 3 wishes: 1.) First wish: RV the IQD SOON. 2.) Second wish : RV the IQD at $1 3.) Third wish : RV the IQD at $5+
  21. This is what I call " lie in disguise ". That means he lied to people that he works for free when actually, he makes at least $240k per year. Can't imagine how much Adam ( the owner of this site ) makes a fortune per year.
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