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  1. I amn't holding my breath yet since I am in the rumor section.
  2. Come on CBI , Just do it! No more boring talk talk and talk about returning to the old rate and never dares to implement it. No more lame excuse.
  3. big whales never miss if there is a big investment opportunity to make a profit.
  4. Compared to what happened to Kuwait RI : 1.) Iraq have all these chat sites feeding all IQD holders information called " Dinarvet, etc ". 2.) Some people already know and can buy IQD through dinar dealers. And we can get all the information about IQD on the internet openly, there is no secret at all. However , there are some people know about IQD RI from friends or internet, but they don't believe it and buy them. Therefore , what happened to Kuwait RI is opposite to what happens to Iraq RI. But the most important is if kuwait can RI , so can Iraq. The question is when.?
  5. Just wonder , by any chance , did the IMF buy a billion or trillion of IQD in anticipation of RV?
  6. For example , If he bought at 7 cents and sold at $7 ( accoding to Linda Bower ), then it is like 100 folds. So what a decent profit he made. For example, if he bought 1 million KWD at 7 cents and sold at 7 bucks, that means he made a decent profit of 1,000,000 KWD x 0.07 x 100 folds=7 million bucks. As Adam predicts the IQD rate at 10 cents that means the current rate=$0.00068 x 150 folds=10 cents. So hopefully, iraq will have to increase the rate by at least=150 folds to rv at 10 cents ( above KWD that is only 100 folds ).
  7. Thanks for a story. At least there was a prove that one person made a profit of a million off kuwaiti dinar. I hope that person was right about 10 cents RV, too. And I won't sell them back either until this baby pops. I'll wait no matter how long it is going to take.
  8. I didn't buy the kuwaiti dinar at that time , so i didn't know how kuwaiti holders made a profit after exchanging kuwaiti dinar for dollar. So let me get this straight. First , kuwait redenominated the currency at the rate of 1:1 to give a chance for kuwaiti holders to exchange old dinars for a new dinars. Second, after that , kuwaiti reinstated the rate to $3.45. Just wonder , How many folds did the kuwaiti holders make a profit then?
  9. Wow 500 billion dollars? How can they steal that much money without getting caught by the police at that time and smuggle them out of iraqi country? Can't imagine how can they possible do that? This is like a bank robbery.
  10. May be hundred billions of dinars. Do the richest billionaires, like Bill Gates , Warren Buffet, etc own that billions of dinars? Hmm....
  11. This is definitely conflicting stories to confuse the dinar holders to give up and sell off their dinars. I wouldn't surprised at all if they like to spread rumor / conflicting stories before something big(?) is about to happen. When? Noone knows. just stay calm and hang in there.
  12. Just wonder , Are they trying to implement by deleting 3 zeros and introducing the 20,000 dinar at the SAME TIME by the end of next year 2023? Hmmm..... is it possible?
  13. Does that mean 1 USD=1.5 dinar ( therefore 1 dinar=0.67 )? The current rate 1USD=1,460 IQD , then delete 3 zeros=1.460 IQD, after that round it to=1.5 IQD. Therefore 1 USD=1.5 IQD , then it becomes 1 IQD=0.67 USD. just wonder , are they trying to implement by deleting 3 zeros from the current rate?
  14. IQD is considered as a strong international currency? Who are we kidding now? 1.) I thought IQD isn't international recognized currency yet , that's why IQD isn't listed in the Wells Fargo yet ( as frankie26 said multiple times ) 2.) And, Is the current rate 1 IQD=0.00068 USD considered as a strong currency?
  15. With a current rate 1/6 of a penny? No way. Never. Wait until it rv at least between 10 cents to a buck.
  16. That is totally and absolutely right that Iraqi dinar still is not listed on the Wells Fargo foreign currency because IQD ISN'T international recognized currency yet , so frankie or everyone can't check IQD in the Wells Fargo , except on the CBI site only. Frankie is out of his mind. A rate change will initially show up on the CBI site for the first time.
  17. This is iraq. Nothing is surprising. They only care about themselves and for the benefit of corrupted iraqi government officials. They like to talk talk talk about deleting 3 zeros , yet they can't implement for almost 19 years. How many more years do we have to wait for them to rv the dinar? Hmmm..well , that would be anyone's guess.
  18. Wow who doesn't like enjoying the 30 days holiday WITH getting PAID? Everytime they can't finish the job done ( budget, etc ) on time, they always take a long holiday as an excuse. They always care about themselves, including their cronies. Do they care about rv'ing the IQD? Hmm......
  19. Frankie frankie frankie. Why did you call Wells Fargo? Are you out of your mind? Did you call 1-800-pimples or 1-800-frankie26 or 1-800-kaperoni? Who was the teller you talked to in the Wells Fargo?
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