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  1. And none taken, just trying to see if in your mind you have a clear picture of what Jesus looks like. Always interested in what others think on a subject even if we don't always see eye to eye.
  2. So Shabby, if the depictions of Jesus in the church are inaccurate, why don't you issue your rendition of what he looks like so we will all be enlightened. I am very interested in seeing what you present.
  3. md11fr8dawg

    Adam Montana Weekly 16 January 2019

    Hey he's still alive!! Welcome back Thuggie!!
  4. Yeah Baby, those Rats really care about the little guy, you know their base!! Let em eat Cake!!
  5. md11fr8dawg

    Iranian Rial

    Sure looks like it
  6. Sorry to burst your bubble caddieman, but I have NEVER given a ruby (not one) since I have been on this site. Red Ruby means NOTHING to me, except I may have hit a nerve on the giver.
  7. Pitcher, it is so important because if you allow them to break the law by coming in illegally and the give the taxpayer store away to them they will vote for the Rats, when the Rats help them voter illegally. Not real hard to figure out.
  8. Caddieman Trump was never accused of rape actual rape. Huge difference their. And you might be a republican but you Damn sure don't sound like a conservative, especially thinking Kasick is something great. That fool is nothing but an Establishment Elitist swamp dweller and no better than the Rats IMO! His nam Ka Sick is as appropriate as Flake, both cut from the same cloth of RINO. And I do not give a damn whether he said Mexicao would pay or not as long as the wall gets built.
  9. Hey caddieman, he may be Prez for another 6 years. Yeah why don't you tell us about the lies Obummer told us and how Slick Willie(I am sure he was one of your heroes) treated women? I quote " put some ice on that lip". You know DAMN well what I am talking about. Conservatives have had to put up with BS like this, so suck it up Buttercup and tolerate our guy until you can elect one of your Communist, America destroying Rats one day. If you have a body temp of 50 degrees and cast a shadow, you know the last 4 Prezs have lied, I will give you that. Now let's look at which one has done the most for the betterment of the country. And unless you have your head buried so far up your A$$ you can't see, you know it is Trump. So sit back and enjoy the ride. One day, (if we are that unfortunate) we will have a Prez from your side and you can get back to the comrade brigade.
  10. They probably took lessons from our illustrious moral ethical politicians.
  11. Yep That's been the pattern for most of my life. Repubs draw a line in the sand and then cave like the cowards they are. If the House had had a Trump-like leader instead of that wuss Ryan, many things would have gotten done. Way too many establishment elites in both parties that DO NOT give a DAMN about any of us or the country in general. FACT!!
  12. Shabs, the Rats had nothing to offer his 1st two years in office as the Repubs had both houses of Congress and the Rats had no power. It was the incompetent fools like Ryan who blew that deal away. RINOs and RATS, hard to tell the difference.
  13. md11fr8dawg

    That’s It!!!!

    Yep ole Lurch and Plastic Face spewing their pablum!!! WHAT A CROCK!!!
  14. md11fr8dawg

    Trump. One Term?

    Thank you for your appreciation Synopsis, It was an Honor and a Pleasure to serve my country. My wife and I both come from a long line of military service. And YES, Carter went cheap by not allocating enough personnel, money, logistics and insufficient planning to pull off the hostage rescue and as a result it was a miserable FAILURE that cost us military equipment and the lives of our brave warriors. So NO, in my opinion the man was not brilliant (even though he was military) and in my opinion a miserable failure as Commander-in-Chief.

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