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  1. And the same to you Umbertino. As Spock said, "Live long and prosper" May we ALL prosper very "soon"!!!
  2. Ah YES the Hellfire missile, the sushi maker!! Love it!!!
  3. I'm with you on that. I would like to make it to 85+ (God willing) and I don't think it will be climate change that will get me!! I'm 69.
  4. Yes we can Umbertino, besides, according to AOC and the lunatic global socialist elitist, we only have 10 years left before we ALL DIE. So it won't matter anyway
  5. I will never understand how an individual can leave a state because of what you said about California KristiD and move to a much better state and then vote for the same type of people whose ideology ruin the state they left. I guess the saying that insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results is true after all.
  6. She's a puppet with absolutely NO experience or knowledge being fed BS which she then regurgitates to anyone who will listen. SAD!!
  7. Come on Umbertino, think bigger than President! Why not Global Ruler. You would like that much better
  8. Yeah Umbertino and the brain washed liberal wants to control ALL aspects of my life. No thanks, I can take care of myself without ANY liberal intervention. The earth is changing all the time, always has always will, but there are arrogant condescending fools that think they have the power and brains to change it. Good luck with that.
  9. We'll written and she is the only sane Dem in that stage. The rest checked out from reality LONG AGO!!!
  10. If it doesn't fit the DemoRat socialist narrative I am sure it is!!
  11. I was born and raised on a tobacco farm in VA and if I still lived there would damn sure attend. Now retired and helping wife take care of her two 90 yo parents in very poor health does not leave much time to travel and enjoy life yet. I think the SCOTUS will have to get involved in this one.
  12. Yeah, one of the 14 year old girls that was on one of his trips to kitty sex island. What a stand up guy, ole Bill happens to be.
  13. Hope you are being sarcastic Joe B, if not you have a reality problem. Doesn't mater whether you call it communism or socialism, (only difference is how you get to that point), either or both are alive and well in the world and need to be destroyed at every turn. Check out Monday what happens with people's state of Virginia with their "black face" governor and the democrat controlled General Assembly. That state will be the next California if something doesn't change and fast.
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