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  1. Booming Obama economy BA?? Were you living in the same 8 years of that fools reign as I was?? I realize you dislike Trump and some of the things he does or is doing, but in my 70 years of inhabiting this planet, the 2 worst Presidents were The Bumma #1 and Himmy Cartier #2. And probably Lyndon Pains Johnson #3. All Dems. Nice track record in 70 years. And no I was not a fan of George HW or W that much. Nixion, actually flew the man on corporate jet. Extremely nice and cordial, but he was a corrupt and took us off the gold standard which opened the door for all the debt we encounter today.
  2. Learning all I can, the Koran needs to be read and understood by many, in order to see and understand the way the enemy of civilization (muslims) think and where and how they derive their ideology . It is a false religion buried in the 7th century. When you compare Christianity (love they neighbor, forgive etc) versus Islam, (kill anyone who will not covert or submit to slavery) I doesn't take a genius to figure out what is right. Unless of course your have brainwashed in the muslim since you were born. JMHO!!!
  3. Most of these dumb arse politicians don't realize that an AR-15 can be purchased in different calibers. The smallest being a 22 which by the way Beto, won't go in the body, explode and tear everything out. Has to be a bigger caliber to do that. Although a 22 will kill.
  4. Caddie buddy, better check your facts, the top 1% (the wealthy) pay better than 50% of the taxes, the top 10% pay 80%+ and the middle class pay the rest. And the bottom 50% of the population pay nothing. Need to change the tax code if you want everyone to have skin in the game. National sales tax would be a good start. That way NO ONE escapes taxes, even the drug dealers, welfare recipients and illegals would pay every time they buy something. Plus the money saved by reducing the IRS employees and getting them out of our hair. They have WAY too much power to effect/ruin our lives with no oversight. And the worst part is they have been used by politicians as a weapon against people/groups of people they disagree.
  5. That was Bolton, never saw a war he did not like!!
  6. Snatcher, the one purpose of the military is to break things and kill people. Bad people who want to control other people's lives. Maybe it taught you nothing, but it DAMN sure taught me, my Dad, my Grandfather , my Uncle, my cousins, a lot about discipline, responsibility, life itself and love for country and the life we have here in the USA. And don't tell me about working holidays etc. If we join we all do it.ALL of us. I will not broach the subject of the strategy of battle. There are excellent commanders and there are some who got promoted to their highest level of incompetency. That part of the discussion is political. When politicians enter the discussion you get a Vietnam. If left to do our job with no political interference, we are second to none.
  7. Umbertino, the military makes you take responsibility, as well as makes you learn to think for yourself and make decisions in a timely manner. I do not see where I said it would make all members right wing. I challenge you to tell me what type of country you would like to live in, one where everyone are sheep and lean and depend on the government to make the bulk of them major decisions, or a country where the government is out of your life (except for things that are the functions of the government) and people decide what is best for them and there loved ones and are willing to make the decisions and stand by those decisions regardless of whether they fail or succeed. They work hard, obey the law and take responsibility for their actions. They don't sit around waiting for someone else to make them feel happy and fulfilled. By the way, have you ever noticed that the problems all our politicians want to solve for us are problems that they themselves created??
  8. Personaaly, I think if there was a requirement for every HS graduate to serve a minimum of 2 years of military service, it would solve many of our nations social problems. First it make these whinny ass millennials have to mature faster. It would teach them responsibility, self respect and respect for the law and authority. It would show them that the liberal brain washing they received in their educational institutions does not work in the real world. And finally, I believe it would go a long way to stopping or reducing the random acts of violence we see far to often today . Just my
  9. I am sorry and I apologize in advance, but the teen guy looks more feminine than his mother who looks like a man. Just my
  10. It depends on which direction the jets were flying when the munitions were released. If it had been 1 B-52 releasing the bombs as it flew over then the pattern you described would have been what you expected to see. In the Fighter business, you don not fly straight and level in formation to bomb, because you are exposing yourself to enemy fire. And you never know what defenses your enemy might have. So fighters have various bombing maneuvers where they drop from different direction and altitudes, to keep the enemy off guard and guessing. The highest point frag pattern of a Mark 82, 500 pound bomb explosion is 2525ft above the blast. The first jet can get down low to release his package, but the next fighter has to have a bombing run that will keep him above the frag pattern of the first bomber. The larger the bomb the highest the center overhead frag pattern would be. Don't know what bombs they used, but that is one explanation of why the pattern looked the way it did. And there are others as well. Just my
  11. No problem Umbertino, Not being here you probably don't know what a mean, condescending, lying, corrupt, power hungry, do ANYTHING to get that power COW she really is as a person. You might not like the way I describe her, but sometimes TRUTH hurts.
  12. I cannot tell you that Synopsis, because I keep my feelings close to the vest. But, I will tell you that if I were King, there would be NO ISIS or Taliban. That's all I'll say. Very low tolerance for murderous, cult worshipping, 7th century morons!
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