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  1. Indeed she is CL and one of VERY FEW democrats I would EVER support. I really like her, her guts, determintion and her patriotism!
  2. You and me both Pitcher!. Living here near Memphis we get some GREAT blues and down in the Mississippi Delta. THE BEST!!!
  3. Okie's got to find a place to land first!! What a ****** bag!
  4. More natural disasters from "CLIMATE CHANGE"!! Right, and my arse is made of sugar!
  5. Where are you finding these funky named coins screwball?
  6. Thanks CL. Are you prepared? Gold. silver, real estate, crypto???
  7. Right there with you 8th. These MORONS will stop at NOTHING to spread fear and control over the masses. When they are done KYA they can pucker up on my butt next!!! Oh Yeah!
  8. No I mean "The Swimmer". He swam his arse out of there and left her to die, That SCUMBAG should be dancing with the devil as we speak, if there is justice.
  9. Don't know about Kennedy , but if Der Slickmeister was around then 13 might have been pushing the upper age limit!! Just saying!
  10. Unfortunately I don't believe the freedom to travel that we use to enjoy will still be available. Too many demonic MORONS running the governments of the world who have gotten heady over the power that they took with the covid outbreak. If I cannot travel freely without jumping through a bunch of bureaucratic hoops under the guise of protecting our fellow man when many of the elites have exempted themselves from the vac then "SCREW THEM" I WON'T travel!!
  11. I travel about 20 years internationally, pretty much all over the world. Some countries were easy others like China and Australia were a pain in the ass. India could be difficult at times. But let me emphasize all this travel was before the China Flu was so graciously loaned to us by the demonic Chi Comms.
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