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  1. Indeed getting old is NOT for the faint of heart, All you can do every morning is wake up and "don't let the old man in"!!! That's what I do.
  2. Yep, In a presser they asked Ole Joe about the Constitution and he said "it's not big deal, he took exlax and the problem is gone".
  3. I saw recent survey results that 40% of doctors polled say they'll refuse the vax. Same survey of nurses found 60% will refuse. They surely have more insight than I do. Forwarding the info below as an FYI. p.s. second photo took me a while to figure out ... it's the woman's heel. Subject: British woman's feet destroyed by "severe adverse reaction" in C-vax trial. (NOT FOR THE QUEASY) More urgent news that we're not getting from the MSM.
  4. Yep, we all know the Rats would never stoop so low as to threaten anyone, right??
  5. Sorry man, NOT a democracy a Representative Republic. BIG difference!! You probably knew that and forgot. Did you also know there is NO requirement in the Constitution for the people to vote to elect the Prez??
  6. The Rat party is loaded with corrupt Rats and they have no morals!
  7. Two different sets of rules in our nation today. One for the Swamp dwelling elitist Rats, and one for the rest of us, even the fools that support the Rat party.
  8. I found this spot on, regardless of what you think of Beck. Glenn Beck delivers 6 minutes of undeniable truth (and nearly has a stroke while doing it). By the way ... whatever happened to all those indictments that were supposed to be forthcoming???
  9. You and me both Artitech! Been here since 2008. Many here have been it even longer.
  10. Or smash a few skulls and save on food and housing costs. No great loss to society!! JMHO!
  11. Yep, the song "The Messiah " wanted to replace our National Anthem with. Maybe Joe and Ho can pull it off, after they gut the Constitution and get rid of those nasty guns and free speech.
  12. I was raise to stand up to a-holes that try to bully you by spreading lies. Like the the Rats and MSM have done since before Trump won in 2016. From day one they have ridden him like a rented mule with story after story, false accusations and known lies and acted as if were true, and NOT A DAMN THING WAS PROVEN even though they spent millions upon millions of our tax money trying to prove the lies they fabricated. So yeah I probably would have been worse than Trump had they gone after me, my Presidency and my family and friends they way they did. And they are still doing it. Sad.
  13. I think Bond lady died, but voted on Nov 3rd, maybe that's why you are confused. Just saying!
  14. So then you support the "dog face pony soldier, you wanna do push ups, run a race, go behind the barn for a brawl" Chinese puppet and Ukraine stooge and 10% for "The Big Guy"? So that is the way you were raised Shabs? Ok got it. Thanks for the clarification.
  15. Shabs, you and caddieman should form the new Everly Brother's duet and while clicking your red ruby slippers together sing "Dreeeeam, Dream, Dream, Dream, Dreeeam. NYT article, that "no bias" birdcage liner is the best you can come up with???
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