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  1. Captain John S McCain US Navy, Better know to the Viet Song General as "Song Bird"!! Lead the way to expose the Steele Dosier and gave the "very courageous" vote to prevent the repeal of Obummer care. GREAT PATRIOT my ARSE!!
  2. Four Roses Single Barrel for me BA, not that you asked!!😜
  3. Ah yes Santorum, the GREAT statesman who should be in a Sanitarium !!!
  4. Not if they don't know you have it!! It is sad to have to say but Gov is a necessary EVIL. Usually everything they touch turns to Shite!!!
  5. The sad part of most of these shootings is that there usually was a sign or tip off that something bad was about to happen and it was either ignored, laughed at or just brushed off as fear mongering, when in essence, if there had been any situational awareness most of these would have been prevented.
  6. You know, I agree with you BA, Trump does brag. I will also submit to you that the Lame Stream Media gives him ABSOLUTELY ZERO credit for ANYTHING he does right (and in 2 years he has done PLENTY right in my opinion). NO President in history has been treated with the vitriol, and hatred by the media. But what really makes their heads spin and explode and cause projectile green pea vomit to fly from their mouths, is Trump has the marbles to stand up to these lying, water carrying liberal FOOLS. They are not use to it, nor have they ever seen the push back they encounter with Trump. They don't know what to do. "Why how DARE he, does he not know who we are???" I would not mind this treatment if it was applied fairly across the board, but unless you are blind or have the IQ of a turnip, you know the big "O" NEVER received 1/100 of the negative treatment Trump has received. And because of the unfairness displayed by the media, I cannot and WILL NOT cut them ANY slack. Just my thoughts .
  7. The worst part of the whole deal is he is won't go away. He keeps popping up like an inflame boil on the buttocks of the world. Narcissistic FOOL!!
  8. One thing to consider is if you are the offspring of a US Prez, you won't have to bribe the main liberal universities to let your child in. The prestige alone of being the child of a Prez is enough no matter whether you are qualified or not.
  9. Thanks CL, always enjoy your posts. Great advice. I see we are on the same brain wave.
  10. I understand Umbertino, and sorry I missed what you posted. It is all relative to where you are and the situation you are in. But you are slowly making progress my friend.
  11. Bullseye jg1!! And that is why I carry AT ALL TIMES!!!
  12. Hey Umbertino, I respect you opinion and feelings about guns, especially being Italian and your country having a completely different mindset about guns than we here in the USA. However, you might reconsider your thinking, because I guarantee you if you are ever caught in a situation where someone is threatening you or your family's life, you will wish you had something other than your Johnson to defend yourself. JMHO!
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