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  1. BA, here's some facts for you. The Rats are scurrying and pointing fingers at each other, because they are the party that tried to usurp our Constitution and rule of law by trying to overturn an election, the results of which they did not like by coup. You may not like Trump, but nobody and I mean NOBODY could have withstood the onslaught of BS and lies the LSM and the Rats have fabricated against him. And the best part is he let them do it, and now the the entire two years turned out to be a turd in a punch bowl, the Rats are left with nothing and now the FUN begins. If you like justice, get your popcorn, as I think you may or may not enjoy this ride. I know I am looking forward to it.
  2. If Iran does something stupid, I don't think the quote War would last very long, (kind of like the Saddam War.) The goat humpers LOVE to talk big. Not wise!!!
  3. Oh PLEEEEZE!! Give me a break!!!
  4. These incompetent FOOLS must be tuning into our news everyday and watching the Rats in our Congress operated. And then emulating them.
  5. I'll give him credit. He is doing what no other Prez has either wanted to do or had the marbles to do. He is a business man not a f'ing politician. Half a billion dollars the Chi Coms steal from us each year and ahem been for years. And now the game has changed and we are no longer gonna help fund their military build up. Their economy is not near as strong as ours and they will get this thing done, and when they do the market will return.
  6. That's the way these leftist pigs roll. Intimidation. Soon they will cause a tipping point to be reached by killing or severely injuring someone and then the tide will change. For me, Have already reach the limit I will tolerate. If I see anyone being abused by the hate pimps, I will not stand idly by and watch. And if they select me for their assault or their of my property, they will DAMN sure NOT like the outcome. I mean NO harm to anyone, but it is a shame we have allowed our country to become degraded to the state we are in today. And so while I mean no one any harm, I will not hesitate to defend myself, my family or anyone else who has to experience the socialist fools.
  7. BA, none of my business, but are you holding and Dong?
  8. Umbertino, why do you post all this bilge from the guardian? Do subscribe to this rag? Why, because "butt wipe" is running low in Italia???
  9. md11fr8dawg

    Go Iraq

    I hope those "goat humpers" have enough brains to fly them. They can't even put together a fully elected and working Gov!!
  10. Don't get your panties in a wod BA, the market will return, Gonna give Obummer credit for that also?
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