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  1. Can't be too smart if he does not want to get to the truth. I don't care what party or side you come down on, if you are willing to suspend, cover up or ignore getting to the truth (NO MATTER WHERE IT LEADS), then you don't deserve to be serving drinks, much less your state, country, local or county in ANY capacity PERIOD!!! And to let something like TDS guide your judgement disqualifies you even more.
  2. If I had a buck for everytime one of these "Ass Clown" gurus predicted a rate, a date or some other prognostication that didn't even come close, I could either sell or give away my dinar, because I would not need it anymore. They are all one trick ponies, but like a stopped watch, even it is right twice per day. Maybe one day 😞
  3. Then if it is that bad edbeach, perhaps you should sell and go about your merry way!!!
  4. Hey Brucie, it's late evening on Saturday in Iraq, so where is your friggin RV ass clown??? GMAFB!!! ARRRGGG!!!
  5. Everyone, I am going to inject my here and if I offend or upset anyone here then so sorry. We all know Shabs, caddieman Utah rock and a few others have considerably different views/opinions than many on this site. The majority of the posting members for sure are conservative (notice I did not say Republican). And because of being conservative, we ARE the defenders of individualism, less government, freedom of speech, religion, assembly and staunch defenders of our Constitution ( the great estdocument EVER written by men). Many of these flaming ideologically blind posters can get under our skin at times, but most of the time I enjoy the jousting back and forth. I try to keep my big boy pants on at all times and not let things like this get under my skin, because life is WAY too short and we are ALL going to have to answer for our thoughts and actions eventually. I write this becuase I am an unapologetic and staunch defender of the Constitution especially ammndments 1 & 2. I realize this site is a privately owned, but public website, but I believe that if we want to be true to our beliefs of free speech, that No One should be banned unless they threaten another member, use this site for neferious, treasonous or racists reasons. Many of us have been as hard on some of these Libs as they have been on us. But as sad as they and their Trump hating, obsessed life may be I still enjoy the banter and exchange of barbs. Example, Shabs is a Vet and I DO NOT doubt that he loves this country, but when he says something I believe to be right and true I will gladly acknowledge it ( altough that seldom happens). I guess my point would be does banning anyone who hasn't done what I mentioned above make us hypocrites to the conservative creed and cause? If you don't like what these guys say, then don't read what they post or ignore them altogether. I say if we don't give them the forum to air their demented wrong ideas here, then aren't we doing to them what the LSM, Big Tech and our Government are trying and is doing to us everyday? Thanks for letting me vent. Dawg Out!!
  6. Smart move. Don't put ALL those eggs in one basket!!
  7. He would ONLY agree if Trump was not running and if he is running then NOTHING is off limits to the Elitist Rats to defeat him and hold onto their power. They know "so far " they have gotten away with this voter fraud scam and they are moving rapidly to (as "The One" said) fundamentally change America. And it's not for the best or for the average citizen's benefit, That is why the will NOT entertain ANY evidence of voter fraud, because they know what they did and what will be found and they CANNOT ALLOW that.
  8. Fantastical Shabs? Really? We'll hopefully soon find out if you are correct with your assessment. Don't place a Vegas wager on that!
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