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  1. Keep voting in mentally ill liberals into power and this is what we are gonna get, and if we do we deserve it. JMHO!
  2. Oh Thanks L:GD< I REALLY needed that!!! UGGGGGHHHHH
  3. You Tube removed the video for violating their terms of service. YGTBSM!!!
  4. Indeed it is LGD, especially when you are dealing with the mental illness called liberalism!!
  5. Yep Pitcher, BA will be fine because of future orders, military contracts of late and building the first Space Force Vehicle. CVX has a nice dividend and will be one of the first petro companies to come back strong. JMHO.
  6. What else does IRAQ need to line up before they re value their currency? Probably about a 1000 goats lined up in the hall of Parliament so the crooks can have a Pre-RV party!! And then SOON!!!
  7. Sweet "Tang"!!! That Bugatti looked like a large electric razor!
  8. You know capitalism, supply and demand determines the price of things, but if true it is interesting they are paying that much. Could it be????
  9. I hope you are correct LGD, but the article about Sadr and his shiitehead brigade doesn't sound encouraging. These guys couldn't get along if you gave them all the pretty goats in the country!! Sad.
  10. There is plenty of research on colloidal sliver. It comes in many strengths. If you get the 10PPM (parts per million) you can ingest it internally and it will help fight off infections by strengthening your immune system. I use the 500PPM on cuts, cold sores scrapes etc. 500ppm is amber in color because of all the silver in it and if ingested can cause bluing of the eyes and skin. Colloidal silver can kill bacteria, fungus and viruses. It was used back at the turn of the 20th century by physicians to treat eye disease in newborns. So in the right strength it can be used in the eyes. The reason it is not used by modern medicine today, is because you can make it yourself if you needed . Therefore, it cannot be patented so Big Pharma can gouge the public and make huge profits from it. I use it and have for years and find that it produces results much faster and better than certain drugs my Dr. recommends. You can by a sliver cream ointment from the drug store that is really good on burns. As always do your on research and make your own decision.
  11. In any event a nice bit of hopium for the next few days!!! 1 Especially since we are all home sequestered in our homes for the next ?? weeks!!
  12. You can get the shrooms in capsule form from your local nutrition store. Not that expensive and they work to really boost your immune system. And I have a mushroom recipe with Bourbon that you pour over a good steak and it will knock your socks off!!
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