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  1. If he is guilty, he will plea (still should hang if this is true) and if he truly is not guilty then he should fight it and when he wins he should stick it to his accusers and the LSM and sue the heel out of ALL of them!!
  2. The Michigan lawmaker was a RAT, so ALL charges were probably dropped and he will be given reparations for handling him so rough. Those dumb cops obviously did not know who he was!!!
  3. EXACTLY, why screw around, blow all of the asses out of the water and let Allah sort it out!! The US, pussyfooting with Ole Joke at the helm. Tough guy Ole Joke. Take em out back Joke and show em what a tough guy you are. All blow and no go Joe!! But Orange Man Baaadddd!!!
  4. Been there done that LGD. You are so right!!
  5. YGTBSM!!! Absolute mentally ill MORONS!! ARRRRGGGG!!!
  6. Always glad to be of assistance Shabs, but not sure that curtain will get pulled back. The Rats are scrambling, trying EVERYTHING they can think of to stop this cold in it's tracks, because they know the truth comes out they will be "melting"!! So Yea, let's see if Orange Man is behind that curtain, or if the witch's flying monkies are back there!!!
  7. Keep clicking your heels together Shabs and repeating, "There no place like home, there's no place like home"!!!
  8. Yes, but those medical pros are right wing, Qanon, redneck, knuckle dragging,Quacks that you can't trust to diagnose /treat you and tell you the truth, especially if that truth lies outside of the Cabal message. you must listen to the experts, Der Fauci and the medically degreed LSM! SHUT UP AND OBEY!!!
  9. DAMN IT CL, your picking on Shab's believable lying news sources again!!!🤣
  10. Yes, but was Ole Joke who threatened them had the prosecutor fired and bragged about it!!!
  11. Don't forget to wear your masks and social distance by orders of commrade Fauci!!
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