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  1. I enjoy watching movies like this, the only problem I have is I have to watch them alone, because having flown Fighters in the real world, I become critical of certain scenes being totally unrealistic. I have to keep in mind it is entertainment. The flying in the first Top Gun was great to the untrained eye, but liberties were taken in some scenes. In the trailer of this movie the flying seems a bit more realistic, time will tell. Great job by the Navy going all in on the second Top Gun. It instills great pride and patriotism in our country and most of our citizens, which is sorely needed today. Go Air Force!!😎
  2. Agree with all you said above NYK, BUT the GOP had control of Congress the 1st 2 years of the Trump Admin and because of that candy-ass Ryan NOTHING got done, when so much could have been done. A waste of 2 good years due to a bunch of RINOs. I expect Nothing from the Rats and I am never disappointed. I expect much better from the GOP and get disappointed more times than I like.
  3. Yep BA just us peons pay taxes or go to jail, but he elitist don't pay and no consequences. That DAMN sure needs to change and fast!!
  4. Getting the wife a new Lincoln MKX, sweet ride. She will probably look at the Jag SUV, the Range Rover, Infiniti QX60 and maybe the Benz SUV also, but she really likes the Lincoln.
  5. Maybe, but I don't think Pitcher's soon will take as long as the Iraqi's soon.
  6. Shack Indy, the division started and has be fostered over the years by the Rats. And our spineless GOP leaders were either too scared or too "refined" to respond in kind. And the whole time. harding working, tax paying, freedom loving citizens were frustrated as HELL. It seemed we had no voice. And if a conservative leader tried to push back on the Rats agenda, they were called every name/ism in the book until they tucked their tails and went away. Alongs comes Trump, who could give a Rats A$$ what these fools on the left say and that is why the American people are so supportive. They feel someone cares about them and the country. And NO IDON'T WANT TO HEAR WHAT THE ANTIFA FOOLS HAVE TO SAY!!! I share and agree with very little the radical left has to says. And the Lame stream media has lost ALL credibility. I served the nation so these MORANS have the right to have their say and protest/demonstrate, not to get violent and start assaulting people. And is not the Donald's supporter who are doing this. It is the Obamma hard left leaning radicals who are doing this. This has been going on for many many years by the left (not loving this country and always looking for the bad not the good in it) and it can to a head under the Bummer going around the world apologizing for this nation and bowing to other country dignitaries. It was Bummer who fostered and encouraged civil unrest and the divide go the country. All you have to do is read the Rules for Radicals or the manifesto of Marx and Obummer was following it to the letter. Remember "fundamentally change America". Well true Patriotic Americans don't want their country fundamentally changed. They had 18 GOP candidates running for the nomination to run for president and they chose Trump. Why? Because they saw in the other 17 candidates NO FIGHT and NO SPINE and they were tired of electing someone, getting their hopes up and then watching that guy get steam rolled by the Rats. They saw in Trump, a brawler and fighter and that is what they wanted. A Bull in a china shop who will break and disrupt things. When I hear what these fools on the left spew out of their mouths it makes me sick. And usually Trumps response is appropriate. If you don't like this country, fine, sell your ideas to the people in a sane civilized way without running the country and the people in the ground. If you cannot do that then "GET THE HELL OUT". I suffered for 8 LONG YEARS watching this incompetent joke of a person and President try to run this country in the ground. He did and said many things as bad a Trump, EXCEPT very few Americans heard it because the "free press" refuse to cover ANYTHING negative about him, HillDawg or Mochelle. But they will go so far as to make up lie after lie and even get caught red handed in their lies and they don't give a rats ass. So if Trump offends them so what, I've been offended for years by the left.
  7. Right you are BA and it is high time to bring the worldwide practice to a halt!!
  8. And after Lehman and the US banking and prime mortgage fiasco the greedy F'ing bankers learn NOTHING and continue their risky investment practices at the expense of the investor. These people should be lined up, given a last smoke, be blindfolded and shot in public for the world to see. Maybe that would wake them up for a short time. Greed is a wonderful thing!🤯
  9. I believe we are headed back to a gold backed dollar. If so the current fiat $ would be worth much less than it is now.
  10. Oh NO BA, not a YANKEE!! Might think about moving. If we had built The Great Wall of China type wall along the Mason Dixon Line, we could have kept the Yankees out of the South and wouldn't be having all the problems we encounter in our country today!!!😜
  11. That Stupid comment Biden made about walking out on the porch and firing a couple of blasts from a 12 gauge shotgun should disqualify him from the highest office on the land!! JMHO!!
  12. I too would be interested in hearing more. I plan to take up the cause of helping people who are hurting, especially children and vets.
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