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  1. Yep, back down under $5 today. They are doing something to keep from going under!!
  2. As a Vet though never wounded, this guy and that short thank you was a DISGRACE!!
  3. MAXI PAD the Hypocrite!!! IQ of an "F"ing turnip!!
  4. Yes, but Frankie has those "inside" contacts that we're not privy too!!
  5. Be careful Marko, I'm not that far away from you !!! I might show up. Always have loved a good partaay!!!
  6. 45 this past April 21st!! Who'd ah thunk it???
  7. And after that they will have to pass the camel dung recycle law for Dept of Agriculture!!! Sheeeeeesh!!
  8. Well it the 4th in Iraq and almost the 4th here and I AM NOT RICH YET!!!
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