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  1. Ah, the GREAT effects of socialism and the results of their fair elections using (wait for it) the Dominion voting machines, Doesn't get any better than that. Can't wait until we get our country set up on the same blueprint as Venezuela, you know BROKE and everyone EQUAL. Ah, PARADISE!!!
  2. Ah YEEESSS the all knowing Guardian. Epitome of credible news!!
  3. Found this article about voter fraud that is happening in Mississippi now in a local election. Trump won MS, but if there was fraud I still want to know about it and I want the perpetrators held accountable. In this case in Aberdeen MS it was (you guessed it) the Rats who committed the fraud, just like they did in the National Presidential election. If any judge had the BALLS to just look into the fraud it would or should be the demised of the Rat party. BUT NOOOOOO, NOTHING TO SEE HERE!! Move along! Judge Orders New Election After 78 Percent Mail-In Ballots Fo
  4. What could possibly go wrong with this deal???
  5. Got a problem?? Let the Government solve it, after all it was their policies that caused it in the first place. They must have studied under our genius US politicians. "We are from the government and we are here to help". 1st BIG lie. 2nd Big lie is "Yes and we are glad to have you"!!!
  6. You how the country is now. Everyboby has feelings that are easily hurt and we can't have that!
  7. Now if that Manhattan DA can just fine one of Trump's accountant's children to threaten ( like they did Gen Flynn's son) NOW we may be on our way to getting "Orange Man". Or perhaps the accountant has a $$$ sign in mind that will cause a sudden rememberance of actions the DA wants to hear. Stand by, corruption takes time.
  8. Sorry Johnny, didn't see your post before I pulled the trigger. Didn't mean to steal your thunder!!!
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