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  1. Hope the little JMU liberal snowflake can find him a safe space and a well endowed boyfriend to share the space with.
  2. In Mississippi, if you voted absentee, the ballots had to be in by 12 noon on the 3rd. About 5 days before election day. This was posted on the state voting website and also was on the news and in the papers. That allowed the votes to be tabulated and report as required on election day. Too bad other more educated sophisticated states could come up with something like this, but then if that were to happen there would be no chance for Demo election rigging and false claims of fraud from the left. Maybe in the future AI will sort this corruption out and each CITIZEN only can vote ONE TIME and expect their vote to be counted. JMO.
  3. md11fr8dawg

    Varney on Gas Prices

    I am just south of Memphis in Southaven MS. Bought gas today for $2.14
  4. md11fr8dawg

    Varney on Gas Prices

    It's almost the same here, just a bit lower here. Where are you BA, obviously not in MA.
  5. md11fr8dawg


    Yep Shabs, that is EXACTLY how it worked. Same county, Broward, (hanging chads) recount, State Supreme court (all DemoRats)gave election to Al Global Warming Gore until it went to the US Supremes and they said no way. There was and still is huge corruption in that county. And it only pops up when the election is close and a few thousand manufactured votes are needed to get the DemoRats elected. The worst part is it is the same women for the last number of years and yet she is still there. Not good.
  6. md11fr8dawg


    My personal opinion is that Sessions left on good terms. But he was not the Bulldawg Trump needed to go to war with the insane House DemoRats now after the election. Like in the Godfather, Trump needs a war time consultant. And he needs one that will go after where the real corruption and election interference lies. With the HillDawg and the DemoRats. And how with election corruption in Broward county FL, the Dems have said to the American people, "Screw You, we don't care what you think or how you voted we are gonna win and it's IN YOUR FACE"
  7. I know you saw the quotes Shabs. Sly ole Dawg!! You know better.
  8. That fool does not ask tough questions. He ask questions by prefacing them with an innuendo or accusation to try and put Trump off guard, Such as Mr Trump (not Mr President) when did you stop beating your wife? The guy is not a serious reporter, he is a water carrying liberal PUSBAG!!! Didn't see any of those "tough" questions asked by him of the "great one". Just saying
  9. md11fr8dawg


    Thanks JG, let's hope this holds for Tuesday as well. The DemoRats need another good ass kicking. Media heads will explode BIG TIME!!!
  10. md11fr8dawg

    FBI forms Iraq dinar scam team

    Maybe the Feds are trying to get dinar holders to fess up and then they know who has it. Let going to confession except via FBI form.
  11. md11fr8dawg

    Iraq war map: Who controls what

    Time to crush ISIL like the cockroaches they are. ELIMINATE them in mass!!
  12. md11fr8dawg

    SNL Translate Pets Mind - MAGA

    Shabby, I do believe you can now claim the title of Ruby Master!!!! Congratulations!🤣
  13. md11fr8dawg

    Slip of the tongue is no fault to the mind

    And there you have it sports fans!!! Exposed!!
  14. BA, I agree. Keep his name etc out of the news. Only report the event and nothing to do with the individual involve. But at the same time I want to know what it was that motivated him. We all need to find that out. In the near future AI will probably be able to scan social media websites and pick out many of these nut jobs (regardless of party affiliation) so they can be investigated and stopped if they pose a threat to society. Two sides of the sword (safety vs privacy) when it appears.
  15. I agree call out all whack jobs wherever they may reside, but also find out where they reside while removing them from society, Because the phrase "October Surprise" didn't come from the right throwing dung against the wall to see what would stick with the American voters. And it wasn't Repubs who infiltrated the opposition campaign with intent on fixing an election. Just saying!

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