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  1. Thanks for the find, this guy makes me want to hurl every time I read his BS. ENOUGH, give this crook one last smoke, blindfold him and place one between his eyes!! Problem solved!! Just joking folks😁
  2. ALL of Washington is in complete disarray and NOTHING is getting done by Congress for the average American. JMHO.
  3. BA, there may be 1 or 2 Biden supporters on Cali, but he is WAY TOO MODERATE for his party's Cali voters!!
  4. Man did you see how fast that biased reporter (that's a joke) hustled to change the subject. These media people are either incredibly stupid or just blindly biased for the left. Either way totally inexcusable and unacceptable on their part!!
  5. Yep been propping up these socialist since WW2 and all the Presidents before Donald has allowed it to our detriment. Don't know about any of you, but I am tired of paying taxes for worthless money wasting liberal programs that helps no one, our citizens or the country as a whole.
  6. And the first Prez ever to accept the invitation to the Vet's Day Parade and celebration. Imagine that??
  7. BA, I thought that saying went, "You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your friend's nose!!
  8. I received this email from a friend who I have known since the late 70's. He is a very successful real estate guy in California and he has had enough. While we argue about our politicians, the rest of the world is moving forward with One World Government. I would prefer to die fighting these ass clowns than to live with them controlling my life. Enjoy the read. I know -- I send a lot of e-mails and, of course, many recipients click "delete" without reading. That's OK, at least I offer peeks at what I consider "of importance." It's becoming clearer each day that Wendy and I will leave CA relatively soon. We're getting serious about site selection for our next residency. But our challenge is insignificant compared to what is literally "around the corner" for everyone -- even those with their heads in the sand. Read the article at the link below and ask yourself: "How long will it be before USA Progressives make these oppressive taxes the law of our land?" As sure as I'm typing this note ... international wealth tax and worldwide income tax ARE COMING to America. Not sure when -- but it's inevitable. Article points out the ONLY two safe havens right now are USA and Thailand. Protect yourselves as best you can. jb
  9. Don't worry, Trump did it, so it won't be worth anything to us. Just ask the Lame Stream Media. Bunch of DemoRat water carrying ass clowns!!
  10. So what are you gonna do about it Secretary-General? Flap your jaws? Your organization needs to be disband and the building turned into a homeless shelter for battered women.
  11. Want to class up NY and NYC, get rid of Cuomo, De Blazio, Sharpton, AOC and Schumer. BOOM!! Instant class! But then where could they go cause no now wants them.
  12. caddieman, did you not watch the 2 videos in the off topics section today? This Agenda 21 by the UN is real and the elitist want this done. Of course removal of all guns is the first step. This has been in the planning stages for years and many blew it off as conspiracy. But the arrogant fools are now so cocky that they tell you their exact plan knowing full well many are too caught up with their noses buried in their phones to even see a car coming down the street, mush less their world changing around them until it is WAY too late.
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