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  1. So tell me again WHY we, the USA, still have the UN in NYC and are stilling the majority funder of these pussbags??? That building would make a GREAT homeless shelter for our homeless veterans. T least it would be put to some useful purpose!
  2. Probably get a clandestine visit from the HillDawg!!!
  3. Stop the suspence southbeach, give us the "down low"!!
  4. Hey confused face, here's a news flash. If you don't understand what I just said, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!! SAD
  5. I think I recognize her from the Seattle Chaz march!!!
  6. Communists are soulless, corrupt, immoral, murderous scum. And it DOES NOT matter whether they are in China, Russia Venzuela etc. Only equality it spreads is equality of misery and poverty for the masses as a handful of elites control EVERYTHING and live the good life. Never has worked NEVER can work, but have a group of brainwashed STUPID people in this country, who are willing to destroy the best nation the planet has EVER seen, believing that THIS TIME they can make it work. Yeah, right!!!
  7. Why, because the greatest country EVER on the planet is currently being destroyed by these evil fools. This country was founded on God given rights and if you read the communist manifesto or Rules for Radicals, you will find that one of the major tenets in the process is to remove God from anything to do with this country. God gives us all free will, but you WILL be punished if you use that will for nefarious purposes. God knows evil and he does not condone it. Perhaps you have a different interpretation jmartin.
  8. I hope they are done Leliu and I hope I am around to witness their downfall. What a GLORIOUS day that will be!!!
  9. Man, I am REALLy worried about the size of that crowd and what it says about Trump. I know most Americans can't wait to vote for "ole say it ain't so Joe", because they can't wait for the anarchy to come to a town near them.I know I look at San Fran, Seattle, Chicago and Minne and all the shiite and drug needles in the street and think, " WOW what a Utopia". Sign me up!!!
  10. Yes, KB, they were a 60's psychedelic rock group named after an old blues player named Blind Lemon Jefferson.
  11. This for you and Shabs caddieman. I'm sure you will consider it fake news! This will help you to explain to the uninformed why "positive" cases is a useless statistic. A family of four gets tested in June. The 12 year old had a "cold" in March that was actually a mild case of COVID 19. Now, all four in the family have anti bodies and BINGO, they are classified as "new" cases. Mark Twain famously said, "there are three kinds of lies; Lies, Damned lies and statistics." From an article in "Townhall". Remember, Florida's population is much older than any other state. But there's also some evidence that in Florida, the mismatch between spiking new cases and stable/manageable hospitalization rates is partially attributable to the fact that more young people are getting tested. Even as some of them are testing positive, their cases are mild or even asymptomatic, not requiring any hospitalization or serious treatment: Hospitalizations and hospital capacity are far more important indicators than total cases. Let's keep watching the data closely, but if it continues to be the case that cases are surging due to more testing among young, healthy people, while vulnerable populations are remaining well protected (with the hospital systems not approaching overload), that sounds like what a policy success would look like.
  12. All great ideas men, but if it were me I would first surround that 6 block area with the Guard or Hell Angels and say to the occupiers, "no one allowed in or out". Then let them have another week or two of no food, very little water and no sanitation. I'd block phone towers so they could not communicate with the outside world and then as they one by one decided to leave and go back to Mommy's basement, I would arrest them for a number of crimes against humanity. If that didn't work, well what was it Jefferson said about the Tree of Liberty??
  13. Help me out Kevin, define systemic racism for me please.
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