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  1. md11fr8dawg

    Savings with New Tax Code

    Being retired I won't know until I file my 2018 taxes and then I will let you know.
  2. Sorry Shabs, I believe our King could only save 2 terms and as of 1/2017 has left the building!!! Thank God! Unfortunately he has not left the scene. Still running around shooting off his narcissistic mouth still telling everyone how great he was and is. Sad.
  3. Thanks CL, you Da Man!!!
  4. md11fr8dawg

    Denying just for the sake of denying

    What a SCUMBAG!! ALL of late night entertainment on the 3 major networks is not fit to watch anymore. Not even close to being funny. They will be screwed when Trump leaves office, unless another Republican replaces him. They are not comedians in the mold of Hope, Carson, Leno etc. They are sad political Hacks!! Quit watching long ago after about 1-2 shows.
  5. Yep, that's what these goat hummers said about their military and security forces when Saddam was in power. How'd that work out for you guys, hmmmm??? Might be time to take that guy to the woodshed!!
  6. Well, blow the horn BA and let's get this train rolling. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!!!
  7. md11fr8dawg

    Baseball Playoffs

    Thanks for the memories CL. I was a Braves fan when they were in Milwaukee. I use to be able to name the staring lineup along with their best pitchers. You brought up a bunch of names we haven't heard in a long time. Spahn and Burdette were Awesome. Spahn was one of the best lefties (in my opinion ) to play the game.
  8. it is a search engine and one that does not track your surfing.
  9. Been using it for years and have never had any problems. Won't use yahoo, google etc that like to follow your every move and will hand your data over to the highest bidder or our "Big Brother"!!
  10. md11fr8dawg

    Democrat Therapy Session

    OUTSTANDING BW and so appropriate and true!!!
  11. I don't use google. I use IX Quick. Does not track your surfing and much more privacy than that communist loving google.
  12. md11fr8dawg

    Baseball Playoffs

    Got it, yeah they are hot right now for sure.

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