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  1. What an ABSOLUTE crock of ! These corrupt fools are mentally ill.
  2. The political blockage is hindering the formation of the government The Only blockage is the government colon and it is clogged with shiite!!!
  3. Maybe we could loan them "Ole Mealy Mouth Milley" to help get their military into the combat "Wokeness" Stage!
  4. Comrade Confused Shabs, thanks for the down vote. Can ALWAYS count on you. Enjoying those high gas prices and inflation are you?? Good because there is more coming and your boy Brandon built that!!
  5. I don't give a DAMN about QAnon, but I do care about this country, but right now we have 2 choices and they are diametrically opposing choices. I will choose individual freedoms, rule of law and punishment of the corrupt fools (regardless of party), adherence to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, shutting down our borders and getting rid of illegal immigration all together,drilling for more oil and natural gas to get us back to energy independence, which then helps reduce inflation and stop spending money paying off the corrupt elitists and heads of corporate America while driving up our debt to the point of economic collapse. That's my side and I proudly stand by that. And of course we ALL know where you stand there cman!!!
  6. Yes caddieman, I trust the faces you showed much more than the fools you follow. Because it has been proven over and over again that the lying fools you tout are the liars and it has been proven many times. You can't say the same about our side. Your side tries to make them liars but as more info comes out the more it is revealed to the American public who the true liars really are. And it does not bode well for your side or your position. But you keep clicking those ruby slippers together and chanting, "there no place like CNN, PMSNBC, NBC, ABC, SeeBS and the major communist newspapers". And you know who they are!! Follow them over the communist cliff Big Guy!
  7. Thanks for you last post Pitcher. I ran across this definition this AM and thought it was worth posting. You are dead on about the ISO compliant coins we need to own. Many here may not be able to own all of them, but IF I HAD to pick three to own (NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE) I think they would be XRP, XLM and ALGO. I would be good with that. JMHO. ISO 20022 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search Not to be confused with ISO 2022. ISO 20022 is an ISO standard for electronic data interchange between financial institutions. It describes a metadata repository containing descriptions of messages and business processes, and a maintenance process for the repository content. The standard covers financial information transferred between financial institutions that includes payment transactions, securities trading and settlement information, credit and debit card transactions and other financial information. The repository contains a huge amount of financial services metadata that has been shared and standardized across the industry. The metadata is stored in UML models with a special ISO 20022 UML Profile. Underlying all of this is the ISO 20022 metamodel - a model of the models. The UML profile is the metamodel transformed into UML. The metadata is transformed into the syntax of messages used in financial networks. The first syntax supported for messages was XML Schema. ISO 20022 is widely used in financial services. Organizations participating in ISO 20022 include: SWIFT, Ripple, Algorand, Ravencoin, and Visa. ISO 20022 is the successor to ISO 15022; originally ISO 20022 was called ISO 15022 2nd Edition. ISO 15022 was the successor of ISO 7775.
  8. Oh INDEED it does wildeman, but these radical communist ass clowns never let a little piece of paper like the Constitution get in the way of their end goal. They keep pushing and pushing to see if any of us will pushback, otherwise they just get more and more nutty, illogical and extreme. And not believing in GOD, they don't care about your religious beliefs one iota.
  9. Scum, one and ALL!!! Greedy CORRUPT THIEVING BASTARDS!!!
  10. What a ride! Thought the rocket had ignited and was about to lift off, but false alarm, only a rocket fart!!! Damn!
  11. WOW, caddieman, another "Q" lie I suppose. Follow the science Big Guy!!
  12. And what about the thousands who have died from the shot, or lost babies from being pregnant and taking the shot? Science runs in many direstions, many times there is more than one solution to a problem. You believe the shots save lives, but I bet you would have a hard time convincing the loved ones of the dead that took those shots, had adverse reactions and died, especially when something as effective and safe was available from the git go. All of those people would be alive today, but poiltics rammed it's ugly head into the fray and viola many died that did not need to because of thier desire for population control at ANY cost. By the way I know more people who have had the shots and caught covid, than prople who have had the shots and NOT caught covid. Just saying.
  13. A vaccine prevents one from catching the disease they were vaccinated for. This experimental mRNA DOES NOT do any of this. caddieman you remind me of my Brother-in-Law. He drinks ALL that liberal koolaide, still doesn't believe any of the alternative treatments (like imervectin) work even though his sister (my wife) had 2 shots and still caught the virus. It was kicking her ass until I got imvermectin for her. Did what the shots didn't. She began to feel better within 1 day. Like my B-I-L I bet you have had your 4th shot also.
  14. Thanks Ron. You are a special guy. I know where you get these opinions, as I have used that site before, but I don't go there much anymore, because I get the hiccups from laughing so hard at the clowns and their pontification of something they basically know nothing about. Now you keep me from having to read all of their post, just the ones you bring over. I appreciate that.
  15. So, you still believe in the coup theory huh ametad, when as the 14,000 hours of tape is slowly unraveled, it shows involvement by the FBI and possibly other Gov entities. You know kind of like the Governor Whitmer kidnapping saga, blamed on right wing extremists only to find out the majority of the perps were stage government hacks from our stellar FBI and 2 of the 4 "bad guys" were acquitted already. You may think you are moderate, but you sure come down on the side of the mentally ill left quite often. Would be wise to remember, if you lay with dogs you're gonna get fleas. But I still enjoy and appreciate your opinions.
  16. You know, I was thinking (that's trouble) that if Trump were to ever become POTUS again, the left would lose their minds, but then I forgot, in order to lose your mind, one must assume that you had one in the first place. And the Rats have proven time and time again that is certainly not the case!
  17. So then you like inflation at it's highest levels in recent memory and continuous rising of gasoline prices and weak foreign policy which let's EVERY bad actor give us the finger? I will submit that perhaps you are the one that does not know you arm from your arse, or maybe your head is buried so far up your arse you can't think logically. But calm yourself, the mean tweets are gone!!!
  18. Here's my opinion of the Oscars and the slap. WGAS!!! They can never distract me from the political crap that is going down daily to try and destroy our great nation. To me it is by far the most important thing (not counting your faith & family) that is going on in the world. Many many more people not to pay attention to this instead of caring what some two bit Hollyweird actor/actress says or does.
  19. Yep, this is what we "supposedly" elected to run the greatest country on the planet. What a DISGRACE! Now wonder the world is laughing at us. It would be funny if it were not so dangerous. But HEY, we don't have to put up with those offensive mean tweets, Phew, what a relief. Thanks to all the mentally ill Rats who voted for this fool. Must Really LOVE your country!!
  20. Thanks caddie man! Voted for Ole Brandon the second time hey?? Should be proud, because you help foster this pill of on our country.
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