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  1. AMEN, I agree!! This Shiite would be a NONE EVENT if they had passed out ivermectin and HCQ, but then there is no $$ in that and it would have prevented shutting down the economy and getting rid of "Orange Man" and government control of the populace. CAN'T HAVE THAT!!!
  2. Ah the omicron variant. Another reason to tank the market (including crypto) and shut down the world again. Just pull those panties right on down around your ankles, bend over and grab your ankles, smile real big now because BOHICA!!! The world is INSANE!!!
  3. Perverts of a feather thumb their noses at the law together!!
  4. So are you saying the market will crash but AMC will moon??
  5. Yeah, Ole Pimpy is a inflamed pimple on the ass of progress!!
  6. jg1 you are correct. We will ALL be dead from natural causes before they stop with this variant . If the current crisis/ variant is fading then create another!!!
  7. Now there is a rumor that I would LOVE to be true!!!
  8. Always made an effort to donate to the Salvation Army , because almost ALL your donation goes to help prople in need (unlike Goodwill). But they just shiite in their mess kit with me. No more donations, zip, zero, nada, nunn!!
  9. Oh Yes the HCL, I forgot about that!!
  10. A intentional and satanic plan devised to take down the USA for good. That cesspool that is DC should be cleaned out, 90% of the beauracrats should be tried for treason and swung by the neck from a large Oak until they no longer breath the same air as true Americans.
  11. I hope he has the marbles to suit EVERYONE of these LSM lying scumbags into oblivion. We need responsible media , not Rat water carrying media that will tell lie after lie after lie and never bat an eye or correct/apoligize when caught in those lies. They have less than ZERO cred in my book and if they could be sued out of business, it would do the country and the world a huge favor. And while they are at it let's go after these corrupt tech companies.
  12. Your imagination does NOT extend far enough to know what I would do to this goat humping diaperhead if I could. What an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!! These radical islamists and their take on their religion/cult should be eliminated from the face of the earth.
  13. As Rodney King said, "can't we all just get alomg???
  14. Justice to the Rats means Just Us!!! And SCREW YOU!!
  15. I am in the middle of a move and most of my stuff is packed up and time is very limited, so where are you guys buying these funky coins?
  16. Well perhaps because this senile blabbering fool is NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer and does NOT give a Rat's Ass about the country or the people who elected her to represent them. She ONLY represents herself and the far left radical communist agenda!!
  17. The desire for control is a DANGEROUS thing. Especially when is sought by souless MORONS!!!
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