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  1. President Donald Trump on Saturday branded former ally Ann Coulter a “Wacky Nut Job” — less than a month after insisting he did not follow the conservative commentator and blamed journalists for exaggerating her influence over White House decision-making. Well there is one thing I agree with him on!🥰🥰🥰
  2. The section “Do I Need a California State ID to Vote? in the article below clearly explains what kind of identification is valid and when it is required. It is clearly stated in the first paragraph that “You must be an American citizen and registered to vote” prior to the election. (California does not have same day registration.) if if you are an illegal alien you can’t vote period.
  3. Like I said you can’t stand it. Who said anything about little people. Or about bowing down. That is just in your head. The thing that is so funny is I have never voted for a Democrat. Like I said earlier, you guys just neg the poster and not the post. You can’t have a discussion with someone who totally dismiss facts.
  4. Just tell it like it is and people can’t stand it!
  5. I feel ya Boston. I posted in a Government Waste thread about Trump playing golf as a joke. I got 7 negs and counting. Then I post facts about how much golf he is playing and get negs for that. Then I post on this thread that this girl is looney and get negs for that. Lol. Just proves that people neg the poster and not the content.
  6. Negs for showing facts. Lol. Trump supporters have a hard times with facts I have found out........Let me guess....Fake Facts!!.....Is that even possible........oh I forgot. In Trump world every thing is possible. Like believing Mexico is going to pay for the wall!.......Wake up people.
  7. Look up how many times Obama played golf vs Trump. I dare ya! Then look up how much it cost Melania and her son to live in NY for the first 5 months. Never mind I will do it for ya. First lady Melania Trump's flights during a three-month period in early 2017 cost more $676,000 dollars. These flights took place while Melania lived with her son Barron at Trump Tower in New York City before moving into the White House in June. The cost of these flights, which were conducted by the Air Force, cost about twice as much as former first lady Michelle Obama's annual private travel costs. On top of these flight expenses, Melania's security detail at Trump Tower cost between $127,000 and $146,000 a day.
  8. Trump going to play golf every weekend!
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