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  1. Nobody in my family is brainwashed by the radical right lies. So I highly doubt it. But thanks for your concern!
  2. Well you’re dead azz wrong! And I laugh at the outlandish comments reference. I’m boring compared to most here!😂👌
  3. The hypocrisy stinks to high heaven with the Trumpkins. Anyone who watched that those four police officers testify and blows it off as nothing happened is just delusional. It’s funny, I noticed on this forum the more red rubies you get the more you know the givers know you’re right.
  4. I hope everyone is watching the insurrection hearing happening on capital hill right now. You will see the true patriots speaking the truth!
  5. Me 2 Shabs. Voted for both Bush’s and John McCain as well. But I’m demonic…………go figure!😂
  6. You think YOU watched animation. You’re saying the 1000s of people that were there to witness the launch are all lying. That’s just ludicrous, no other way to put it.
  7. Don’t need a heat shield they are not entering the atmosphere at over 20,000 as vehicles have to do if they are in orbit. They are only entering at Mach 3. And the first part of that video is shot by a drone. That’s what 4K video looks like from a drone. I got one. I’ve shot some video myself with mine.
  8. A 25 year old boy calling the most preeminent immunologist a Punk. You can’t make this crap up. I will say the kid knows how to play to the Trump LEMMINGS!
  9. COVID-19 is spreading more quickly in those who have received only one dose of vaccines, as can be seen in the graph below from ZOE's data: Rate of positive COVID-19 tests in the UK by vaccination status among Zoe COVID Symptom Study participants. Zoe COVID Symptom Study/Insider That’s what I say
  10. Congress idiots! An optometrist thinking he is an expert immunologist.
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