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  1. Trumps own lawyer Giuliani said they may have discussed testimony. Looks like you been listening to Trumps Fox fake news! Lol
  2. No Trump doesn’t lie.................It’s all just fake news.........that line makes me laugh every time.
  3. Well what you waiting for go down there and kill some illegals.........Let me know how that works out for you.
  4. No that doesn’t work for you. The women and children are illegal too. (Does “breaking the law” have a different meaning to you). No no you got to drop the women and children too. No exceptions illegal is illegal...........This place is getting down right scary now.
  5. So how would you shoot people exactly. A women carrying a child? Would that be fair game? Or would it be like hunting deer. Let the doe’s and fawns pass and try to get the stags..........Do you even realize what you just said. Good God!
  6. Lol passing out reds.........Just like you guys are doing
  7. What does rape have anything to do with talking about Trump?
  8. A wall will be just like the French maginot line. Worthless, they will go under or have a ladder one foot taller than the wall built. A wall will not keep out people, technology will. Trump is just trying to keep a campaign promise at the expense of government employees. Sad.
  9. You are right just like slick Willy. So see we agree Trump is just as bad.......and even worse than Bill Clinton. So what you have done is put Trump on the same level as Bill. Wonder if slick Willy ever grabed Miss Uiniverse by the P....... You know because you can do that. They don’t mind.
  10. Lol Dude I’m a republican. And you lemmings hang on every lie this dude tells. “Mexico is going to pay for the wall.” And here we go he is going to pay for it with disaster relief funds! That’s tax payers that is paying for the wall. “I will own shutting down the government” Now it’s the Democrats fault. I long for the day of John Kasick Ten times the man. Trump is a baffoon
  11. So how do you feel about Trumps treatment of women?.............we got time.......we will wait.
  12. That’s what I thought. You know who lies the most. And it’s not even close. Like most Trump supporters you can’t bring yourselves to just say it. And don’t even get me started about the way he treats women! “You know you can go up and grab them by the P........” Yes sir that’s our President! But hey you’re 401k’s up so who cares. Like I said embarrassed he is representing the USA to the world.
  13. Lol so who do you think lies the most?............And he just might not make it 2 more years......just sayen

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