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  1. You’re so deep in the rabbit hole I actually feel sorry for you! But you keep up with the name calling!👍
  2. No MSM. Pictures are worth a 1000 words for a reason. They were radical right Trump supporters. Are the proud boys Trump supporters? Yes. Are white nationalist Trump supporters? Yes! Are white Supremacist Trump supporters? Yes. Pretending like they were ANTIFA by the far right media is just a flat out lie. Just like Trump won by a landslide............fade to wool covering the 👀
  3. Those were all pro trump people thousands and thousands of pictures. 100s and 100s of videos say you’re dead wrong!
  4. Can The Forces Unleashed By Trump's Big Election Lie Be Undone? January 16, 20215:00 AM ET Last Wednesday, just before a mob of pro-Trump extremists stormed the U.S. Capitol in an insurrection that left five dead, the president stood before a huge crowd gathered in front of the White House for a so-called "Save America" rally. Trump whipped up his supporters, repeating a false claim that he has made over and over in the weeks since Nov. 3: "We won this election, and we won it by a landslide," he insisted. "This was not a close election!" "They say we lost," the
  5. 25,000 soldiers in the nation’s capital. More than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. To due what? To protect the government facilities from AMERICANS! Think about that 💩 for a second! And they call themselves patriots...........yeah right!
  6. 51 billion is just a blip to FB. For example it went back up 12 billion just today.
  7. FB back up 3% today as I type. Stocks go up stocks go down. Just a blip on the radar!
  8. Me too covid is to dangerous to put people in a position of spreading the virus to others. This inauguration will be for TV only.......or at least it should be.
  9. It’s good to fast every once in a while. Fasting for years that could be a problem for him! Because that’s how long he will be there!
  10. New York Dave User level:Level 1 (4 points) Jan 11, 2021 3:21 AM in response to Kathrynm9 Parler was removed from Apple and Google app stores for TOS violations. Additionally, Amazon and Twilio terminated Parler's backend systems for same. There is no truth that Apple is disabling Emergency/Public Safety Alerts. This rumor was circulated by QAnon conspiracists on alt-right platforms like Parler and Gab, reason unknown. But they also said the Pope was arrested a few days ago...
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