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  1. Dude you are so far out there it’s damn scary. The far radical right will turn off many would be Trump voters. For that Synopsis I thank you far more than you can imagine! Keep on keeping on brother! 😷
  2. 30-year-old man dies after attending ‘COVID party’ thinking virus was a ‘hoax’ I think I made a mistake. I thought this was a hoax, but it’s not.” Those were the final words of a 30-year-old patient who died at a San Antonio, Texas, hospital this week after attending a so-called “COVID party,” according to the hospital’s chief medical officer.
  3. Ok these two things you said are absolutely FALSE!!!! And covid is no big deal? Are you really that callous! Tell that to over 130,000(and growing) families who have lost love ones! Just unbelievable how the crazy ridiculous that statement is. It’s beyond words. Hope covid never happens in your family.
  4. You guys always post from radical right wing outlets. You do know fake news goes both ways! Detailed Report Reasoning: Extreme Right, Propaganda, Conspiracy, Some Fake News Country: USA World Press Freedom Rank: USA 45/180 History Founded in 2017, NewsWars is a news and opinion website by Infowars publisher and far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, where he claims to be bringing “truth back to the media.” He’s infamously made false claims concerning the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, and federal investigators said he inspired a gunman to open fire inside a Washington, D.C., pizzeria by touting unfounded allegations on his shows and websites about its supposed ties to former Democratic candidate Hillarious Clinton and human trafficking. This is a conspiracy website, period.
  5. Jim Jordan is a piece of 💩 Referee says he told Rep. Jim Jordan that Ohio State doctor performed sex act in shower The referee said the response of Jordan and another former coach was, "Yeah, yeah, we know."
  6. Please post where Covid is completely curable with inhaled/nebulized Budesonide. When you do you should sent it to the White House. So you and all of the world can go about their lives! That would help. Thanks Synopsis!👍
  7. Oh make no mistake about it, if I ever get covid I will definitely try it. But for you to say it cures covid because one DR. is stupid. I don’t care what his Integrity is. The only trial done says it doesn’t. With more testing it might. Let’s pray it does. Don’t you think if this was the silver bullet Trump would be tweeting 24/7 he found the cure. Nobody else as President could have found the cure but him!😉
  8. Slow ur roll big boy!😁 Inhaled corticosteroids: A rapid review of the evidence for treatment or prevention of COVID-19 CONCLUSIONS A single in vitro study that investigated the antiviral potential of budesonide observed no reduction in viral replication in cells treated with budesonide and no reduction in inflammatory cytokine release. Additional data is required both in vitro and in vivo to help consider whether inhaled corticosteroids may be used for the treatment of COVID-19 pneumonia; at the time of writing there is one study underway investigating the safety and efficacy of inhaled ciclesonide for the treatment of COVID-19 in the US and three further studies due to start recruiting (one each in Sweden, Canada and South Korea).9
  9. And here is our fearless leader! If you don’t like facts don’t watch!
  10. And this is for all snowflakes and buttercups that totally disregard FACTS from the scientists! Back at ya!
  11. No problem md11 I believe the range they were quoting was a range of years but just in case here is a range from the cdc. Figure 1: Estimated Range of Annual Burden of Flu in the U.S. since 2010 CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010. Hope that helps with the data.
  12. This if for the people who think covid is just another flu! By the numbers: Everything you need to know about the flu shot, flu virus, and staying healthy during flu season Flu statistics The reason you hear so much about the flu each year is because it’s incredibly common: Each year, 5% to 20% of the U.S. population will get the flu on average. A new study found that adults get the flu twice per decade on average, but children are infected once every other year on average. There have been 9.3 to 49 million cases of the flu 2010 according to the CDC. And the effects are serious. An average of 200,000 Americans are hospitalized each year because of complications from the illness. And as for flu death statistics, 3,000 to 49,000 people die each year from flu-related causes in the U.S.
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