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  1. Yes , Death wish series.............Classics
  2. My fist guess.........Charles Bronson ? With rented tuxedo breath....ew
  3. Lol ! No worries, my truck has a thick inner rubber door trim to absorb the impact. But thanks for the "soft" and caring words buon amico.
  4. Too expensive, just do what I do, run out and shut it in the car door a few times. Works for me !........just saying.
  5. Sorry, Moon occupied ! Try Uranus !
  6. Oh I get it Thugs................A BACK HO, ynuck, ynuck, ynuck !
  7. That's awesome nstoolman1 I seen a nice area in your back yard that would be perfect for a koi pond . 😊 I have one !
  8. I say, I say, those two boys are about as sharp as a bowling ball.
  9. And another classic to add............That's not going to grow back !
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