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  1. Man_Kind

    Boy, now that was a big mistake !!!

    Some people pay a lot of money for that type of loving and they got it for free !!! Reminds me of a movie I once watched with Bruce Willis , John Travolta, and Samuel L Jackson. That's a might tasty burger !
  2. Man_Kind

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome Biggico ! Strap ya self in tight my friend !
  3. Man_Kind


    lol.....badee, badee, badee........that's all folks !!!
  4. Pitcher, go with the wheelchair it comes with a built-in port-a-party and months supply of Depends............Just saying.
  5. Man_Kind

    Iraq RVed 1 To 1 on 12/30/2018.

    Easy now Thugs and never forget crack kills ........just looking out for ya bro !
  6. Man_Kind

    Denying just for the sake of denying

    Agree ! And remember germs can' t live in alcohol so stay germ free my friends !!! I just made that up
  7. Man_Kind

    Moose is Married!!!

    The Moose is not longer loose !!! Congratulations Moose !!!
  8. Man_Kind

    Vietnam Economy

    Need more dong !!! Thanks Pitcher !
  9. Man_Kind

    HCL Possibly In Gazette On Satuerday.

    Tramp ?? Luigi ??? Didn't Disney make a movie about him a while back ??? Kinda rings a bell.....
  10. Man_Kind

    Adam Montana Weekly 5 September 2018

    Looks more fun then riding shot gun.............just saying See whatcha started DT !
  11. Man_Kind

    Iraq Gov is in melt down

    YES ! A bottle of anything and a glazed doughnut !!!
  12. Man_Kind

    A Very Special Weekend.

    Dam, started to get the warm and fuzzies............until the end. Been Bamboozled !
  13. Man_Kind

    Incest Embraced by Liberals as "Sexual Diversity"

    Yea, sick disgusting Muddyfudders ! Put them all on an Island and use it for target practice.

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