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  1. Mississippi Queen, I know what you mean ! 😋 One of my favorites growing up.
  2. Did he say WTO or WTF ???. Kinda lost the smell and taste after fourteen years but, still holding on loosely but not letting go, If you cling to tightly your gona loose control. Yea I know, that was lame. Good song though !😋
  3. I tested five different people from work and nope, no sticky !!! Oh wait, what ever you do don't try it on anyone with a pace maker, it'll make them do the Irish Jig ! 😛
  4. WTFudge Nut Blast ! I'm going to test this on family and friends and if true, there is no way in HE double hockey sticks I will be getting this shot. Thanks Markinsa !
  5. Lol ! Yes, way too tight but I guess I would be miserable bastard too if I had to wear a perpetual Dutch oven day in and day out. Imagine what that must smell like after a night of beef and bean burritos. 🤪 Just saying.
  6. Edith, Hugs and Prayers for Jimmy and your family. Man_Kind
  7. Wasn't Champ the one who was being chase down the hallway by naked creepy joe. That's how he twisted his ankle ? I'd be biting everyone too after that episode. Rut Roe !!!
  8. I don't see slow moe joe remaining in office much longer anyways. He's shot ! What's really going to suck is camel face harris taking over. She can't wait for joey to kick the bucket.
  9. Thugs, you crack me up !!!
  10. Holy guacamole Obi wan earlobi ! Take a laser to them both !
  11. Sounds like Weegie overdosed on some horny goat weed. Keep it low to the ground everyone !
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