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  1. Wow, what a life. Three square meals a day and all the loving you can handle. WTFudge ! Reminds me of a song, like to hear it ? Here I go ! Little diddy 'bout Jack & Diane........Two convicted felons one taking it in the can....Just saying. 😜
  2. And if he dose become pregnant, serves him right playing leapfrog with a unicorn. 😋
  3. Markinsa, Started listening to Stew December 21 and haven't missed an episode since. He has exposed so much. Listening to Friday's show right now. Be safe, Thanks, Man_Kind
  4. Dam !!! It must be a sign. I just paid $4.81 for a gallon of gas. 🚘
  5. 😂🤣😂Dam rvmydinar, I just messed myself !!!
  6. Does that come with a side order of fromunderball cheese ? Just wondering.😋
  7. Wow ! Look at the Rabbit ears on that sucker ! Let's start the count down. 😋 Thanks yota !!!
  8. I have one but want another one for my collection.
  9. Good Morning yota ! Everyone wants a piece of that dinar pie ! And there's plenty to go around. Go Dinar Go Retirement Then it's off to the promise land !
  10. Thanks for the drive by Adam ! Much appreciated.
  11. Yellow dragon, maybe he's talking about Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon. Don't forget Bruce was waring a yellow jump suit when fought Kareem abdul-jabbar. That's the best I can do. Hope this helps. 😜
  12. Mississippi Queen, I know what you mean ! 😋 One of my favorites growing up.
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