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  1. Truth is McConnell is a rhino which i am sure you love.
  2. Carrello do you really believe McConnell is on the up and up? Not a chance.
  3. Hi keylime yes with God all things are possible. President Trump has pulled off the best trump card ever. Wikileaks just dumped so much about all the evil the left has done. Stay safe out there. I hear this week will be crazy.
  4. Hcr yes they are trying to sensor people. Dan Bongino put out a Facebook messenger post yesterday telling people to call their representatives and tell them what is going on.
  5. Thanks to longtimelurker and dinarrock for the info. My cousin texted me at 2 am before i had a chance to research on my own. Fyi i am not one of the slow demonrat commies. Go Trump go rv. God will win.
  6. President Trump has now conceded. Can someone please tell me how something can change for the better now?
  7. No error showing now. It is at 1460. Darn i was hoping this was something.
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