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  1. I have also read it for a couple of years. Loving it.
  2. Thanks bigwave Just bought it again couple of weeks ago. You have to start slow or the detox will be too much on the body. Tried it in 2008 but the protocol was different back then. It was Jim Humble's protocol.
  3. Thanks LTL. Shelves here are starting to get empty again. Pray your right about the currency reset.
  4. So you have not heard of ultra violet irradiation? What President Trump said is exactly what it does. I had it done in the year 2000.
  5. Thanks keylime, Looks like another crazy ride but hey I am not normal so what the heck. Will let you know when I join ape nation.
  6. Thanks Mark I thought it was fairly easy to do.
  7. Thanks pp Glad to be a part of this.
  8. Could someone please tell me how to start to get in on this? I have not been on this thread for a while but now I am ready. Need to know all the steps. Thank you.
  9. That video said The Global Reset not the currency reset. I f I am wrong please let me know. I pray I am wrong.
  10. I have pictures of a rally in San Diego with many different ethnicities and races. Also his rallies started out with prayers from different religions. Try one sometime. Everyone inside was having a great time while outside the commies were rioting and tring to get in to hurt us.
  11. He said looks like a scam not IS a scam.
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