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  1. I'm in @ $8.315 on AMC But if you want to Speculate.. Check out the "Dog Killer" Crypto.. SHIB. SHIBA INU Price: $0.0000158 USD Huge max supply of SHIB coins. Maybe better to stick with more AMC?
  2. Voyager crypto app has about 60 different crypto coins for sale. Some pay 3-8.5% interest. Moving Fiat to Crypto, never had this much fun with the money in my bank account. Happy Shopping.
  3. This is why the Trump haters are so scared. Most are involved in the evil sickness somehow. Justice is Coming. If not we are screwed.
  4. It's interesting that he dated the E.O. September 12th.... Trump is always playing mind games with the deep state, which seldom gets anything right if challenged.
  5. It's like a Willie Nelson moment from 20 years ago... Someone asked Willie what he thought really happened a day or two after the twin towers fell. Willie simply said.. "how stupid do they think we are" ? Where is Willie now.? Who did Willie vote for?
  6. I was watching the many boats on the waters at the Trump parades, not the gorges... Didn't seem to add up to all that many voters in the boats though. No Water Marks on the fake ballots could add up to a huge number of voters. Enough to let people see what is really going on. The big eagle will be going in for the kill now.
  7. I don't know JD.. Thinking the marked ballots (if true and not pipe dream) we're only sent to areas thought to be important areas that might cheat. It's not every ballot. Think they were able to cheat me easy enough here with the old sharpie v ink pen trick?
  8. I love to watch Joe at the rally's.. incoherent, looks to be straining to see something while speaking. Refused to take a drug test or be checked for cheating devices before the debate, and still made a fool of himself, in my opinion. The voting is over, or is it? Let's see what happens.
  9. I don't have any inside info Shabs. Thinking Trump was able to drain the DHS. they were in charge w no leaks..? The vote cheating needs to stop, whoever is doing it. Biden draws 50 folks for a rally, Trump draws thousands 5 times in one day. But Joe is beating or tied with Don?
  10. The recounts probably won't be too tough. 12 areas were sent ballots with glow in the dark (blacklight?) watermark, blockchain etc. security. The deep state morons apparently printed many ballots (as usual). They walked into the trap again. Reminds me of catching mice. Bait 4 traps and line em up side by side. 4 dead mice in the traps the next morning. None of them realize the situation and stick their head in the trap.
  11. I was hearing the water and watching the water... Made sense about 3 pm yesterday when Steve P. broke the water over the head of the deep state. WaterMark.. We will see what happens. 😅😅
  12. Hard to say what's really gonna happen with this situation.. These folks may she'd some light on it in 6 days? I'm ready to cash in
  13. So the new CBI governor already had a meeting with the obama look-alike to discuss the plan.... Sweet...
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