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  1. I'm right between Umberto and jeepguy and probably been in here as long as you
  2. Thanks Adam, I've got to think that this has to play out for the best sooner than later. I've taken time off from posting, but something has to break for Iraq, and us...
  3. Thank you Sir, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family ...
  4. Just received test 2, just need the text now *S*
  5. Received test 1, Thanks for all you do Adam, much appreciated
  6. Happy Happy Birthday Yota, Enjoy your day
  7. Good one Moose, Everything's bigger in TEXAS .. So they say
  8. but I strongly feel like we're almost at the point where it could really be "any day". Luv that statement Adam ... Thanks, and Thanks to ALL the Mods
  9. My Prayers are with you Sir, and your Son.. May God Bless and Hold you both Strong ...
  10. seks

    I'm Back

    Hey Machine , welcome back
  11. Where are you located bohica ? That's 2.5 mil per pack ... Have you any doc's with the currency ?
  12. Lets get er DONE soldiers ... my Prayers are with each and everyone of you ....
  13. After 9 long years, I too became an Elder ...LOL, How many times have we read this .............
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