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  1. no worries PHman , don't get me wrong , iraq imo has many glaring issues for sure ( but so does almost every other country on the globe ) but for some reason countries around the world continue to help and prop iraq up like no other and for what reason 🤔 that keeps hope alive ... cheers
  2. I can't think of a better time to reinstate the iqd myself letsroll
  3. maybe if the ask real nice and send pallets of cash that might help a little .... pure craziness
  4. bout time Al- Kaabi , take control of all ur interest , btw i don't think you guys need that pesky american dollar anymore either 🤣 Thanks for always bringing it Yota .
  5. ur only option is to wait or sell , cant hedge or leverage the iqd till its international , the iqd that's left iraq is gone, their only concern is what's inside their borders .. just ride it out with the rest of the long shot speculators ...
  6. still just blows me away that maliki is relevant in anything , he did so much to hinder Iraqs progress .. i really dislike corrupt politicians cheers dv'ers we wait
  7. George Orwell described the process in his book Nineteen Eighty Four ... " Every record has been destroyed or falsified , every book rewritten , every picture repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed , every date has been altered. and the process is continuing day by day minute by minute , history has stopped , nothing exists except an endless present " all the best horsesoldier
  8. depends maybe from some countries but who knows really whats in the future , IQD was sold and bought legally thru usa banks
  9. xrp - ripple is facing a little bit of trouble but they do have money to go against the gov. crypto is incredibly volatile position sizing is key sorry to hijack a iqd thread further ....... all the best dv'ers letsroll rv / ri
  10. 3rd pic 1 RC cola =$2.00 1 cheese nachos = $4.00 V V 8,767.60 IQD V V Lets go CBI
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