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  1. no truer words have been stated about iraq ... so to fight corruption they need to jail themselves , thanks yota .. im sure they are all lining up for their new custom jewelry bracelets ...
  2. must be some kind of political games being played to appease someone , Iran among other things was and still may be washing counterfeit iqd thru the cbi to get USD for years now , maybe its been stopped but iraq always finds a work around when something is exposed to continue the corruption ... we wait
  3. after following along thru the years i got a feeling much more than the budgets have been illusionary just my opinion of course cheers dv'ers
  4. great news thanks for the articles 6ly410 .... hope that's a file photo or the man expresses joy on the inside .... cheers
  5. riding in on a unicorn ........ i just knew it was real but when they dubbed in the alien syfy music all bets off ............
  6. id be the guy who'd payed his balance off then a couple months later those that didnt get theirs forgiven ... hmm maybe ill stop paying my CC bills and the card co's will forgive my debt ... like thats gonna happen and chase is one of the banks american citizens paid billions to bail out , lets go baghdad time's a wastin
  7. U R exactly correct GregHi we don't know what we don't know i've read everything to a penny , 10 cent all the way to ridiculous guru garbage revalue numbers heck this could be a bust or a jackpot for speculators that hold currency outside iraq imo there will always be some iraqi's / people that will profit by any change made, most iraqis probably do not have millions and millions of iqd stashed in a secret hiding spot some do im sure and i really dont think all of iraq will pack up and leave the country if the dinar gains value its all guesses and conjecture now anyways , anytime certain articles come out it conjures up these discussions imo i feel some will profit in iraq for a time period if the value changes either from pricing or as u suggest black market currency dealers things will get exploited and id bet as long as this has been hanging around we are not the only ones looking at all the angles lol , cbi has sure had time to have some type of plan one would think to protect the currency which is a country's most valuable asset .... cheers
  8. yup only ones with any back bone is the Peshmerga army .... heck half of parliament and the iraqi army is rooted in Iran, isn't this a fun speculative investment, cheers dod
  9. i have no answer only speculations but sometimes payments were withheld from workers / citizens , those moving back when isis wrecked their way of life are getting much needed help and others more alert than myself may know .
  10. the same , one dinar is just one dinar to an iraqi inside iraq just like one dollar is just a dollar to a us citizen the exchange comes into play outside the country weather it be weak or strong if the currency value increases the citizen will gain purchasing power ... i know you know all this just a friendly reminder ... cheers all the best to us all
  11. GCC also threw around the plan for a super dinar so to speak among gcc members years back , long time news hounds would remember ..... tapping foot waiting , cheers dv'ers
  12. just put a bullseye on monkey ash back .... if true , cheers all
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