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  1. lookin like its time to print up a new set of Iraq most wanted cards the 3 shown above plus sadr would fit nicely as the 4 ace cards to start things off ...... cheers
  2. it still blows me away the amount of propping up iraq has had since 2004 and not much farther along building the country im not sure they ever have had a complete goi maliki and the other PM's have ran the key / vital minitry's by proxy , raq squanders every hand out they receive the country's motto has got to be all aboard the corruption gravy train a fresh load of cash is heading down the track , zero accountability , i used to think someone knew something the average joe does not but it seems to many episodes have passed for that conjecture to be true i can think of many nations that are in need as bad or worse than iraq that are given little assistance, the only thing i can imagine is its the oil ... opine over pure insanity .... we wait
  3. Central Bank: The dollar's appreciation will end this week welp we now know the central banks Plan .... Fire up the auctions again , so predictable ......cheers dv'ers be well
  4. .... different moniker same wit and flair ... dont let it drive u up a wall mr.u , they have stated they will resume the auctions a few dayz ago so i'm prepared for that but hoping the cbi puts the iqd on the market and international and bankable ... cheers
  5. ... i musta hung around the wrong crowd Pitch , i mastered that skill set by 7th grade LOL .... awesome both parents have had such a lengthy life . we wait and stay well
  6. The way im kinda reading it is , 300,000 per family , 30,000 per individual that is not getting a gov. salary .. cheers 300,000 iqd = 252.10 usd 30,000 iqd = 25.21 usd
  7. george was one of my fav. beatles ... been thinking about u in Italy with the covid-19 and all .. b well
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