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  1. thanks yota ,i like seeing / reading anything banking progress here is some of the arab region currency values , iraq needs to kick it up a notch or two now 🤣 Bahraini Dinar (BHD) :1 BHD = 2.6 USD. Kuwait - Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) : 1 KWD = 3.3 USD. Oman - Omani Rial (OMR) : 1 OMR = 2.6 USD. Qatar - Qatar Rial (QAR) : 1 QAR = 0.27 USD. Saudi Arabia - Saudi Riyal (SAR) : 1 SAR = 0.27 USD.
  2. Thanks thugs , Here we / they go again ,not a fan of anything good coming out of the Badr organization... Iraq Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji Was Twice Detained by U.S. all they gotta do is make their currency international and bankable and im off this train wreck .... cheers
  3. sorry Pitch us tier 1 people already got our #'s but WE had to agree to a secret NDA before they were activated ... its a go , all bank back screens flashing , P.S. the rate is well , lets just say some man named okie was legit and flying all tier 1 to the offshore xchange locations , in flight hot dogs were served ... catch me if u can 🤣✌️
  4. especially when the guy looks over with the expression ... what the heck man ...🤣
  5. back when the 50 iqd was withdrawn they were fetching 4 cents each , most probably didnt even mess with it 20 iqd has a value of .017 ..... c'mon iraq u can do better today 25,000 iqd = 21 usd 10,000 iqd = 8.40 usd 500 iqd = 42 cents 250 iqd = 21 cents Im tired .................... cheers
  6. who knows really who the author is rvmydinar , just my speculations but as long as the iqd is not an internationally traded currency they can play these games with the iqd but if it was in the world market the cbi imo would never forcast any currency move of significance in any direction its on another level , at that point of course i would probably not be holding physical iqd if the currency is traded electronically and bankable world wide .... all the best
  7. Im ready for a radical agreement along with them , i'd bet article 140 and a binding national oil and gas law might help a little cheers dv'ers .......thanks Yota
  8. that was exactly what shabibi planned, the dinar was to enter the market at a fixed / managed rate pegged to a basket of currencies only to fluctuate + or - a small percentage every 90 days best i remember , think i had about 4 hard drive crashes since, lost everything i saved of course i never backed anything up and just tap around on a chromebook now lol ... we wait letsroll
  9. Yup Hillstone , joe's brother james was vice president of hillstone who was awarded a contract to build 100 thousand homes in iraq , just my opinion but thats how politicians get rich they will buffer / distance themselves from the actual crime but because of who they are they reap the financial gains from the scam , iraq and the investors got fleeced / swindled im sure , its just the way it is ...
  10. one would think its definitely a part of economic reform to stop them , shabibi began them (auctions as a tool for controlling inflation ) imo not as a non ending program maliki ran him off then used the auctions for corruption , the cbi does generate a few bucks off of every dollar sold then as we all have seen years ago counterfeit dinar was allowed to be exchanged to gain USD and on and on .... shabbs never got to finish the Plan and now iraq sits wondering why they r in the situation they find itself in , still begging for assistance with some of the most plentiful useful natural resources in the world to be had , go figure we wait
  11. thanks yota , hey now there's a new revelation , better 15 years late than never 🤣 they will always have corruption every country does but iraq is in the top ten in the world, as long as they do nothing to fix it nothing will be different ... all the best dv'ers
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