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  1. looks like an iranian counterfeit hope they ran that thru the de la rue before framing ....... thanks yota, cheers all
  2. i have seen over the years when something absolutely has to be done it somehow does , not sure why it has to be like that but that's how it is from my observations .... cheers & heres hoping
  3. I'll take a stab at it ...... as long as our demands , rights and our interpretations are not altered in any way .... we ready 🤣
  4. best way to stop the corruption is to prosecute the guilty, iraq / imf and many others know exactly who has allowed it and participated in the theft , committees and think tanks are ok i guess but without individual accountability or consequence it will continue heck who knows maybe everyone is in on the money heist ... cheers dv'ers
  5. i know what ur saying as many probably do thats been holding iqd for years im not being negative or sarcastic but that is still a card on the table that it may not be in our favor i pray we prosper and the country of iraq succeeds moving forward . all the best to us all
  6. One can only hope this has a world wide internationally traded , accepted and bankable IQD in Tow ...
  7. same circus ( art.140 )..... just a different tent ( performers ) .... thanks 6ly410 ... We Wait
  8. dinarrock , ive asked greg these same questions his reply to me was erbil / Kurdistan is more secure than any other part of iraq , his friend was very successful in business 300 mill not a issue , and most in iraq feel a powerful iqd is a pipe dream , his iraqi friend spends time outside iraq now and he hardly speaks with him much now .... i asked greg if his friend could tell how change is made in iraq since the smallest currency is a 250 note was curious if they just round up or down to get change close to correct never got a reply .... maybe greg will see ur post and have a update ...
  9. maybe the free toaster with every new account opened was't enough incentive , i'm thinking the citizens might be reading the same articles about bank corruption and the trust factor is sub par .... we wait
  10. ..... and 90 thousand imaginary projects, no wonder maliki wanted shabibi out of the way ..... not sure how that jacked up mess ever gets redeemed ..... cheers
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