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  1. thanks Artitech / horsesoldier for just keep'in it real , many times i question my sanity thru all this ... cheers
  2. true that horsesoldier , article above states they dropped a bomb or whatever the translation meant on Sadr residence he was supposedly a champion for all the average citizens of iraq and with a vengeance he was always complaining the american occupiers ( his description ) are Iraq's biggest problem and the man spends a lot of time in Iran just saying , but hey i dont care who the liberator for freedom and shutting / slowing down all the corruption so the country can move forward is as long as it can happen .... all my opinion of course. cheers , all the best
  3. ... not trying to make something bigger than it is but yes to me artitech its unstable once again or still however one views it , Madhi never formed a complete goi now he got the ax , protests in the streets , definitely a recipe for heating up and spiraling .... cheers
  4. hope ur interpretation is correct steveflex , i really do , the kurds have had the 250k barrel deal to baghdad before baghdad stopped sending the kurds their percentage of the budget 15-17% whatever it was , that they supposedly hammered out between them baghdad claiming the oil wasnt being sent thru SOMO and the train wreck piled up once again , im seeing these articles stating the kurds saying we worked this out before Mahdi got the ax and im guessing its baghdad saying they have a caretaker gov. now we cant move on anything .. so to recap i have no idea where this is all at now maybe someone can break it all down and shine a light on it all for me to know / understand but as usual we wait ....... cheers
  5. come on KB , you know u cant get excited about iraqi progress it will turn around and smack u in the face quicker than a agitated parent on a long car trip full of irritating kids
  6. at the beginning of Ms. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert report i could have swore she was reading the compiled news articles from Yota and butifldrm just joking of'course hoping for something good to develop for iraq .................... and fast ✌️
  7. exactly been sitting in my chair for years watching this plain sight thievery go on , after shabibi was run out of the cbi / iraq , maliki kicked it in high gear allowing iran to xchange counterfeit iqd for usd im sure they used all the larger notes but the 10,000 iqd note was the most popular with the yes sir boys in the cbi chair never saying a word .. go figure .. one has to consider there own sanity thru all this
  8. pretty sure the syria pound is traded electronically on Forex symbol SYP just in case anyone felt they need to hold it in physical paper form , u could buy/sell instantly on forex .... disregard if its a known fact ....... cheers all
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