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  1. nanab , who really knows right , rafidain bank was one that had a lot of corruption they had a lot of counterfeit money getting exchanged thru the bank and who knows what else , but to me over the years most in iraqs leadership only wanted to serve themselves and few put the interest of the country first, its like without them having a hardline dictator ruling them their freedom has been a license for the corrupt to gain all they can while the country burns down around them , have they made progress u bet are they where they should be with all thats been given for their success well thats open for opinion ... all the best to us all
  2. thanks bigwave, if one has kept ones money in this patiently for years then the $ugar rush better spike a mile high ....
  3. shabbs stopped maliki twice from taking central bank reserves guess maliki figured heck that money is just laying around someone outa steal it ... shabibi was out of iraq at a banking conference maliki put a bogus trumped up arrest warrant on him , he never returned , maliki then jailed many of shabibi bank staff . Turki was put in shabibi's place as proxy gov. to continue the heist that never happened either then alak was put in the chair and here we sit in hopes one day of a internationally traded & recognized iqd ... Peace dv
  4. guess we know why alak was sent to parliament to explain that away ,,, worst case scenario is 7 billion dinar outa circulation ( maybe all the banks need a good flooding of the money vaults ) ,, kinda suspect to me but typical iraqi fashion having 7 billion laying around to get water damaged at the bank wth ... we wait
  5. its probably not a big deal but i'm interested anything cbi ,,, cheers
  6. hopefully the discussion will be the notification of ending the currency auction ... cheers
  7. Cant get a louder announcement than this .......................... "This new indicator will enable all international financial institutions to open their doors and their relationship with our banking institutions in Iraq," he said
  8. O.T.whats the opinion / thought on the date of sanctions , these threads have many pages with different articles going at the same time i get confused easily
  9. U N security council first imposed economic sanctions on iraq for invading Kuwait on Aug. 6 1990 ....
  10. who knows the thousand may be one cbi keeps for large banking stuff .... cheers
  11. watch out where the huskies go dont you eat that yellow snow .... Moon Dweezil Ahmet Diva

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