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  1. ..... shabbs started the auction as a tool for stability and it worked , it was never meant to continue forever , then when shabibi was out of the way the auction became a tool for corruption iran for a long time washed loads of counterfeit dinar to get the usd from the auction it was mainly done thru a few of the state banks rasheed , rafidain was 2 that comes to mind the note of choice was the 10K iqd , im sure maliki got a huge kick back too along with all the other fraudsters , the auction article skimmed right past that little tidbit factoid 🤣 .... Thanks poker player see ya at the
  2. thanks karsten ,the person i responded to typed if the iqd currency value moves to 1 iqd to 1 usd iraqis will run to exchange for dollars , not what every other countries citizens would do with the iqd they posses 👌 .... correct 1 iqd inside iraqs borders will always be 1 iqd no matter the exchange rate the iraq citizen will gain purchasing power , the exchange rate comes into play for the iraqi outside iraqs borders in commerce strong or weak , the same as 1 usd in america is simply 1 usd go down to mexico and the usd strength is enjoyed thanks for all u add to the topics i realize we know a
  3. if the iqd has more value than usd why would a iraqi exchange for something less valuable .... its all speculation till something happens to know how the cbi will handle it all ....
  4. kuwait reinstated the kwd after saddam looted the banks the kwd was made worthless so iraq could not profit they printed new kwd and simply xchanged the old for new at 1 to 1 ... there was no internet as we know it today , if there was a profit by some it was limited to someone in the area .... iraq is a completely different complex situation attempting a complete financial / country rebuild with the most corrupt individuals in the country pilfilering and destroying progress for their selfish gain .... hasn't this been fun
  5. u just gotta let it ride greedy u seem like a emotional person by ur post(s) , absolutely no one knows the date or rate no matter what hopium is being put on the shelf. ive learned to not get hyped or down , anyone holding iqd for any length of time has learned the lesson or bailed out everybody has been there its just the way it is , I know u know all this ... cheers dv'ers
  6. .... in the past probably still done but the foreign workers that have come to iraq to work whatever / however their wage is paid in , they go to banks and remittances are done ( money sent back home ) converted in the currency of the country of origin it is sent to , the company they work for usually has it all set up kinda like a direct deposit back home , imo as iqd speculators we need a internationally traded bankable iqd and im done with all this faster than it took me to type it .... I like the way u think Karsten ... all the best dv'ers
  7. compare iqd and fact check iraqs currency against these neighbors Financial expert Thamer Al-Azzawi ...... maybe the problem has been found the experts cant do simple arithmetic or they claim the usd as part of iraqs national currency , only neighboring country the iqd is ahead of is heavily sanctioned iran or "neighboring country" means something different than geographical location .... Turkey - nope iran -yup syria -nope jordan - nope saudi arabia - nope kuwait - nope
  8. Hit men in beemers ... sounds like a typical day to me cheers bigwave
  9. greedy i was blown away when isis rolled into iraq with toyota trucks and maliki gave the orders for the military to cut and run , isis proceed to destroy iraq if not for coalition forces fighting for a country not their own Baghdad would have fallen to the murderous deranged thugs , the brutal beheadings the slaughter of the young cadet men at speicher training camp all the while maliki thought he was a champion for the citizens instead of having his army fight to the death it was complete weakness on steroids on maliki's watch and that's being very polite and the man still feels he is releva
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