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  1. imo its usd ........iqd still lacks international acceptance and usage
  2. yup and that was another decision that flew off the rails and fast for USA, i'm sure it was planned much different remember the "Future of Iraq Project " there was definitely a plan but the level of corruption in that country was / is insane even one of the best financial minds in Iraq had to flee .... cheers
  3. thanks pitcher i dont know whats wrong with that man's mind but he's got a severe case of psychosis ,, funny part is he was the defense minister among all his other dictator controlling duties when isis rolled into iraq he gave the order to cut and run not fight to protect the country even if all would perish trying , what's worse i can't believe i wasted the effort typing about the man ... All the best pitcher & all dv'ers
  4. exactly linda bower,not being negative ,but i never jump to assume something is done or complete in iraq they have a strong history not doing what one thinks they may be doing sadly with them its hope for the best prepare for the long haul ... cheers dv
  5. 3n1

    Iraqi Law Gazette Website

    .... or a good afternoon thunderstorm lol
  6. yup musta been spy photos the dude holding the page down wasnt a pencil pusher ( smashed fingernail ) and the shadow of the person taking the pics , wonder what it all means
  7. if iraq is importing on a large scale now what currency is being used to purchase those goods .. if it even matters... letsroll
  8. yup i have read off and on throughout the years the paris club forgave much of the debt and that kuwait worked a deal for the remainder of owed to them and ect. with other countries in articles most just want a piece of the reconstruction action that is still yet to begin in a large scale way the trouble with all this we never really know anything until its past tense one just cant get bogged down with any of it i simply watch and follow along and live life ... cheers dv
  9. thanks yota with all thats been talked about lately looks like a "All at once" on many things since most need the others for it to happen ... cheers we wait
  10. lets hope with the oil minister being "very optimistic" that a oil deal has been hammered and nailed down this time ....
  11. 3n1

    CBI News 02/11/2019

    in the early years of oil , electricity and transportation in america there were major corruption power grabs & so on by highly esteemed families , iraq will never make all wrongs right that has occured, at some point you take the hit and move the country forward .. made that sound simple huh ... cheers dv
  12. i understand its complex with major divisions in most provinces and iraq has huge leadership issues, they will have to open the country to a market economy besides oil or they will continue to struggle everyone knows this imo they are waiting on something or way ahead of whats being released there is no way with nations around the world helping they dont know whats going on ... thanks yota

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