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  1. every cent of maliki's stolen money from iraq should be confiscated and used in part for the rehabbing of iraq and its people much of the horror the iraqi's endured was a by product of his lack of leadership when terrorist overran the country , you got to be kidding about 1,500 bucks many of the yezidis had their children ripped away husbands murdered in cold blood the women enslaved and thats putting it nicely i could go on but trying to enjoy this Good Friday to much to have an article like this wreck the day , so sad ... praying they look to the one who can truly set them free ... cheers dv
  2. man from the title , i thought u were checking out and signing off ... all the best pitcher ,, cheers
  3. way to funny 10yl 🤣 ,,,, sadly so true im sure shabibi has informed them of it all also .... im thinking they like the jacked up no compliant mess they got happening to continue the thievery not sure where its all headed for iraq but have to agree its really bad when other countries call u out on the world stage .... bet iraq doesnt change a thing any time soon ... " no brag just fact "... will sonnett
  4. i realize everyone knows this that when the cbi auction began shabibi used it as a tool in his tool box so to speak to maintain inflation and stability when shabbs would not allow maliki to get at the reserve money he made sure shabbs would be gone that is when the cbi went to the thieves even with so called imf oversight money was washed thru the bank for others gain , most central banks use interest rate hikes and such to control inflation , until lately a large percentage of iraq was unbanked with no real economy or taxation so the auction was kept in place imo but like most everything that starts out for good it can and does become corrupt if and when a real economy gets rolling in iraq the auctions could stop and the central bank begin to manage the economy in other ways away from the auctions and iraqis use the currency of iraq only no usd .. heres hoping , enjoy all the different opinions ... Peace
  5. inside iraq one dinar will always just be one dinar same as the currency you use in the country you reside in a strong currency value or lack thereof will give purchasing power inside iraq but one dinar will always just be a dinar sometimes people believe iraqis will become wealthy if the currency value raises ... outside iraq's borders is where the exchange rate / value of the iqd will come into play if the currency value rises ,, I'd say the bank has done pretty good if they have drawn that much into the banking system which was a goal forever now from past news articles , i still have hopes the iqd will become internationally traded accepted all my opinion of course .... we wait cheers dv,
  6. man not sure you could hit those miles in the 3 year warranty period even if the vehicle was never shut off 🤣🤣. ......... cheers dv Kilometers to Miles Converter Kilometers Miles = Note: you can edit any of the two fields above. 100000000 kilometers is equal to 62137119.223733395 miles
  7. hmm coming week eh , hope its not like the sign in the restaurant stating " free food tomorrow " sure hope they get the best person possible it will be a compromise for all involved or it will continue on unfilled ... thanks for the articles 6ly410
  8. right on bkeiller .1st thought i had too when i read what abadi said , hoping somehow it got misconstrued in translating and not " lets all simmer down & keep it under wraps to not expose anything " ..... ty 6ly410
  9. exactly .... and not to go down the never ending iqd exchange rabbit hole , but thats what gets to me when people state ( " how will iraq pay for a currency exchange " ) it's all just digits on a computer screen very little will ever transpire in physical hard currency.. we wait
  10. pretty much everything is done in US dollars .. cheers In January 2011, Iraq signed a contract worth $3 billion for 18 F-16C/D Block 52 fighters — 12 single-seat F-16Cs and six two-seat F-16Ds — for delivery between 2014 and 2015. excerpt from ...
  11. "Alleluia, Christ Is Coming" Lyrics [edit] by DeGarmo & Key | from the album Communication Like a thief in the night Just like lightning in the sky When Jesus comes to take His Church away With a wave of His hand We'll be in the promised land And the people of the Lord will sing His praise Alleluia, Christ is coming With angels at His side Alleluia, Christ is coming Coming for His bride Days are dark, hearts are cold Yet there's a reason still to hope When we rest upon the promises He made From the clouds, from on high He will part the eastern sky And myriads of angels will proclaim Alleluia, Christ is coming With angels at His side Alleluia, Christ is coming Coming for His bride No more sorrow, no more death Only blessed happiness When Jesus comes to take His bride away
  12. no worries pitch, you just have to keep your expectations bar set on the bottom rung at all times following this fiasco , imo their election was janked up from the start i never really " got it " .... sadr won but couldn't be PM but tried to steer the process then he just kind of fell off the radar then all the recounts , burning of ballots and whatever else one wants to add to rig it they tried its as if the main positions are not filled by iranian sympathisers no positions will be filled its lunacy x100 but like i suggest keep the expectations on rock bottom and it sorta becomes bearable 🤣 🤣🤣 All the best
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