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  1. i left this site years ago DoD, i was on another site a person said yota is breaking down a parliament session line by line i thought my kinda newshound , think its time for me to bid farewell once again ... all the best dinarians
  2. belgium company contracted to build more generators for oil refineries
  3. U got to keep it light its a marathon .... cheers greedy
  5. same iraq ive always known unstable in all its ways W / no security , might as well be renamed east iran , but hey many major us cities are riddled with rampant violence and crime too ... broken world .... meanwhile back at the ranch
  6. correctamundo , like ur thinkin lincoln ... china's only goal - imo world domination
  7. u can click the link i posted above and in the 73' - 78' series of currency that exact 1 iqd note is displayed is all i know
  8. not to keep dredging this up but those pics are old iqd notes from the series 1973-1978 , there is no way in heck current LD's are in anyone's hands anywhere all my opinion of course ... cheers check out & study the past bank notes especially section 61-66
  9. thanks greedy something isnt right about the note ( to me ) no security features shown at all if it is in fact legal tender, unless its a isis fighter showing it from the stolen currency from all the banks they looted this would be huge news everywhere ... anything is possible i guess .... heres hoping we can exit this yo yo , cheers
  10. 🤣 im looking for LD's from 2003 forward not 1973 notes that only have collectable value but idk they might be more valuable than the current currency ..... cheers greedy
  11. clap clap clap.... super job CBI , U must be so proud of ur fine example of integrity / leadership im sure that'll draw in all the iqd outside the system that you so desperately have been begging and conniving to get at .. this speculative investment flat out rocks , sad part is im not sure im delusional , greedy or the biggest dipstick ever still riding the train though.
  12. not so fast psdon , i've been told the the barrel making has been outsourced to sweatshop labor factories and those children really don't understand the value of money yet ..... of course , all the best
  13. welp the taliban sure knew about it , they've done filled the void and took all the hardware that was left behind
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