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  1. the 50 iqd before it was removed on April 2015 had a value of 4 cents ,, i had some to go to a airport exchange , for some walking around money post whatever the iqd value returns to , welp that didn't work out either 🤣
  2. U been holding out engine 1 , did u write u have iqd denominations from the new series of notes below the 50 dinar
  3. not that anything makes to much sense so far with iraq but the skytrain plan might be to get a few cars and drive em around on flatbed trailers in hopes of one day having a rail to run them and cant forget to throw in a few thousand ghost employees to haul em around .... 🤣 joking of course but agree it seems like that project should be a little further down the progress road , but seriously there was articles of the skytrains years ago being built before maliki and all the other corruptors wrecked the country's future ..... cheers
  4. ... thanks thugs this should be interesting how the banks issue the cards and get the money outside the system back into it ... time limits ?
  5. ummm are u joking or serious for me its hard to tell from typed words unless heavy sarcasm is used ? u sure this is a just came out fresh article the white paper articles have been out at least a week now each with slightly different words but all the same message , could u explain what the new revelation is ... no offense intended , we wait
  6. thats funny greedy , my iqd been on life support in a dark sheltered envelope for a long time .. happy shopping
  7. One must not forget that ever so loving ISIS and the caring nation of Iran... just levity all the best dinarham
  8. the people might be but imo governments don't like individuals by- passing the banking system , so until they get their hooks dug into digital currency to gain control , full adoption in governments will not happen imo and that kinda defeats in a way using the decentralized currency platform , USA just now allowing brokerages to offer their clients the option to invest in bitcoin and some alt-coins btw i'm not against the crypto space its just still emerging towards full adoption . still hopeful iraq can turn its currency on internationally with a increased value while i hold their paper
  9. Hmmm... Taxation without representation , heres hoping positive change is about to occur . taxation without representation describes a populace that is required to pay taxes to a government authority without having any say in that government's policies.
  10. I've been told when soap operas want to change characters they just write them out of the show / storyline.... im thinking the complete show will have to be removed from the telecast / canceled to rid Maliki from the cast
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