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  1. Bon Scott before AC/DC .....
  2. Bon Scott before AC/DC .....
  3. correct ... vietnam has struggled with high inflation forever it seems here is a chart starting in 1960 the closest the vietnam currency got to the usd was about 100 to 1 usd .. cheers Year USD Exchange rate 1960 97 1970 410 1980 2,050 1990 6,500 2000 14,428 2010 19,495 2020 23,173
  4. can't forget the entire time dealing with bogus charges and an ignorant impeachment trial wasting huge amounts of taxpayer money and slowing progress for the american citizens ,, what a wacked out mess its been so maybe if those who hated trump get their political swamp creatures back in washington absolutely nothing that helps america for 4 years will be accomplished again , if 4 years was spent trying to remove trump , biden should be a cakewalk for pelosi , schiff and nadler with his china corruption baggage in tow , shouldn't waste near as much taxpayer money .
  5. Scorpions - No One Like You
  6. Bon Scott with the bag pipe! Dude was on another level! R.I.P
  7. welp at least we're ( I'm ) not the only one(s) that know the iqd doesn't have its real value .. letsroll
  8. I've heard that if its a in country only iqd exchange Okie is booking / chartering flights for all dinar holders , only catch is his plane never lands but parachutes will be provided upon request for a nominal fee .................. levity ... cheers dv'ers
  9. the bottom fell out of the iqd value around 1990 / 1991 when iraq invaded kuwait and the gulf war began ( or that was the reason used at the time to devalue ) , lets just say for simple math that was 30 years ago the article stated above the kurds been bypassing baghdad with oil for 50 years , there is a 20 year gap of a strong iqd value even with saddam's , kurds and every other joker in iraq stealing money from the country , my conjecture is iraq loves corruption and it may not have any bearing imo of a iqd value change because of what the kurds do or don't do in submission to baghdad ..
  10. i have 2 million for sale 25k notes uncirculated paid $ 1,000 per million would like to get that amount or very close to it . i accept payment only thru PayPal Goods and Services and require you to pay the associated fees ...
  11. and heres one from 2015 with some interesting info ,, plenty to read if u research ...... (small coins) A member of the parliamentary economy is expected to work the project raise zeros from the currency early in 2015 Sunday, 22 December 2013 07:30 [Baghdad – where] Expect a member of the Committee on the economy and investment parliamentary Aziz Sharif Mayahi work project raise zeros from the local currency in early 2015. It is said that the CBI has been teaching for more than two years, the issue of lifting the zeros from the Iraqi currency, but so far has not
  12. nothing new to see here, here's an article from april 2011, that's basically word for word with very similar or same meaning in fact its Selah saying it back then , same Saleh that's been in recent articles lately it was called delete the zero's project back then so yeah those that think they have seen it before you have , and it use to be the same talking points understandably that are being raised now some think lop some think a windfall , about ten years have passed iraq just been moving from crisis to crises ....nothing is guaranteed all speculation ......... cheers 14th
  13. im think'in it'll have to be a sweetheart of a deal to get the 70% iqd from homes to bank system , u never know what's being cooked up though , parliaments track record has been a real den of thieves so far 🤣 lets go Kaz , i did like the opinion of turn in the out of system iqd for more powerful iqd but 1st u need a bank account , ( Borrow from the citizens theory ) , then my pessimistic side thinks iraq can really control the people if they control the money electronically , if one has ever been locked out of access by one keypad stroke then u know the feeling all the best , L
  14. not sure the " one method " is what some may think it could be ( if one thinks its iqd rv / ri ) , the CBI sets the monetary policies in iraq not parliament but hey maybe it will be so tamper proof or no way for anyone to speculate against the currency that it will be discussed in parliament .... thanks for bringing it Yota
  15. now thats a adjective noun not used to describe iraq much .. all i know is , im ready for a brilliant end at the bank myself enjoy all ur post greghi ..... cheers
  16. Mazhar Muhammad Salih.... if there ever was a rv / ri Plan in place at the cbi during shabibi tenure this man im sure would know about it , he was shab's mouthpiece to the citizens and right hand man to shabibi , Maliki threw him in jail along with others at the CBI when shabibi never returned to Iraq ... On the other hand i bet none of that home bound iqd gets brought back to the system unless forced especially since they are being told up front their money will be used to finance the 2021 budget those keeping the iqd outside the banks are not ignorant ... cheers dv'ers
  17. thanks for the articles and contributions pitcher ....... there is a article posted above in this thread that displayed a opinion piece by some guy named Rauch .... slamming Trump the opinion is more of the Fake russian hoax bull mess that the dems have played for four years all started by sour puss clinton to hijack a election and continued on for 4 years all the while trump was getting more done for the american people than past Presidents have in decades , the power and control some political people think they must have to control the masses is i agree with you extremely disturbing .... im
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