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  1. Are there any other good things he’s doing for this country? If it wasn’t for the guy living in your head there would be no vaccine 💉. This list of bad things seems a little bigger then your good list. If you don’t think the demorats are dividing this country it’s the same reason you didn’t see any voter fraud and the same reason you think they were all trump supporters who stormed the capital. The blinders you have on seem to be working
  2. You called Joe Biden a good leader and you also called him awesome the other day,if possible can you share with us some good things he’s doing for this country. It’s really good you and 80 million voters look up to such an outstanding person
  3. Having watched trumps speech he’s like a 2021 corvette and Biden’s a 1975 pinto with 4 flat tires and a blown motor but there’s a hand full on here that rather be driving that beat up pinto
  4. Can you show us any videos of Biden’s 80 million voters supporting him on Presidents’ Day,there must be something out there even illegal immigrants waving a Biden flag,even 1 video,I haven’t found anything but as great as a president all his supporters are saying he is I’m sure you’ll come up with a few. Thanks in advance
  5. With 80 million so called supporters one would think there would be lots of celebrations going on for him and yet nothing, it’s kinda odd. Let’s see what these TDS patients have to say about it
  6. How come the clown in the White House didn’t get anyone to come out and celebrate him on Presidents’ Day like DJT did?? Those of you with TDS can explain this I’m sure it will be good ??
  7. We’ll leave the light on for you 💡
  8. I almost chocked on my sandwich you should never use the name Biden and focused in the same sentence the dems got there little sheep brainwashed into believing everything they see on cnn
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