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  1. You sound like Juan Williams and Donna Brazile,are you related to them ?? 🤡
  2. Sounds like the demorats and the media got caught with there hands in the cookie jar 🍪
  3. What could possibly go wrong with all that corruption in the middle of a presidential election. Of course every news channel is still saying there’s not a shrewd of evidence of any fraud 🤔
  4. I was reading pelosi and her husband are share holders in dominion does anyone know if that’s true or just guru poo poo💩??
  5. Morning Chuck,you and the president think alike I’ve heard him say that a few times it would end November 4th
  6. I’m not watching that idiot I turn the channel every time I see Biden,Harris,Juan Williams,Donna Brazile and the rest of those clowns on tv
  7. Agreed,for all he’s done and sacrificed for this country I hate to see him go down like this and have those scum bag dems start eliminating all the positive things he’s accomplished even with all the push back over the last 4 years from the other side. We sure hope He’s got 4 aces up his sleeve because we know all the dems got to play is that race card every time
  8. How can Biden be winning in Pennsylvania when he plans on pulling the plug on the oil industry?? There’s only 2 answers to choose from A. There’s a lot of stupid people living in Pennsylvania or B. Ballot fraud
  9. Even people with half a brain like myself know the only way the dems can win is by cheating and we are watching it in full display
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