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  1. I had a Prius for 7 years,besides regular maintenance it went to the shop once for an ac issue,for personal reasons I had to get a larger vehicle which in 1 1/2 years it’s been to the shop 4 times,one thing I’ve learned,it’s just my personal opinion,I’ll never buy another ford and I look forward to the day I get my next Prius
  2. Thanks Adam you are the man. It kinda sounds like the Trump train once it gets rolling there’s no stopping it. We know all the snowflakes feelings are going to be hurt reading this but get use to it haters r gona hate Joe Biden being president, this is the cream of the crop 😄 the best they can come up with,unfortunately it shows how many stupid people there are out there, good luck ❄️ Trump 2020
  3. Morning Chuck, nothing against you Jersey boys but I’ll go the long way around through Pennsylvania before I drive through Conn, the GW bridge and the Jersey turnpike, seems to be lifetime road construction projects down there that never end. Happy Sunday people
  4. I faintly remember seeing Ozzie a few times in the early 80s they would put on a great show or it was just the drugs we were on 😐
  5. Me and my bank account hope your right. Least we are definitely headed in the right direction 💰 💴 💵
  6. Thank you,your point #3 I was thinking the same thing,we had many news articles on here about them overhauling there banking system ,training people and they got there iban numbers or whatever but I agree with you 🤛
  7. Morning Chuck,I’m with you on June and it doesn’t sound much different for our government,if what some news people are saying is true it sounds like the democrats ship is sinking with all the lies and everything else and to top it off they have Bernie and Pete leading the pack. It will be interesting to see whole charade around the world plays out. Trump 2020
  8. Unfortunately I’ll be at work till it rvs. What is it your smoking, I wasn’t sure if u ment smokin tires to the bank or smoking something better?? let’s hope this ends soon 💰💰
  9. Evening Chuck, is this going to be our year as far as the dinar? Trump 2020
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