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  1. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 7

    Hopefully we can stick a fork in this thing pretty soon and it will be done. Just when u start getting ahead those bills start rolling in again
  2. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 7

    Works for me chuck,pretty sad when the Iraq government is getting more done then those crazy dems
  3. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 7

    I was thinking the same thing Chuck, when can we finally pop that bottle of champagne 🥂
  4. I’m surprised the champagne isn’t flowing yet with the boys, did they have a rough night 📲? 😀 The train is definitely gaining momentum 💰💰
  5. Morning Chuck and pp and everyone,sounds like there getting ready for the big dance and getting all there ducks 🦆 🦆 🦆 in a row. It’s a beautiful day here in New England and a beautiful day here @dinarvets 💰😀
  6. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 4

    You got room for 1 more on this party train 🚊?? I bring my party supplies with me 😀
  7. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Lol right now my life doesn’t change much working 70 hours a week then taking care of the family and house and waiting for Adams text 💰
  8. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 2

    I’m surprised you guys haven’t popped that bottle of champagne, now you boys go easy tonight 🍾💰😀
  9. I’d be happy with a plane jane Tesla 🙂
  10. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Do you mind if I hang out with you guys? You seem pretty cool and I always was the one that had no friends in school and everyone would make fun of me and look at me funny because I looked funny kinda short and round 😀
  11. After working all day and coming home and reading this all I can say is thank you @Adam Montana 💰
  12. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Count me in. It’s legal in this state
  13. Thank you my friend, some people do have short fuses around here but I’ve got bigger issues in life then to worry about the little things like online knife throwing but thanks again you always seem to have everybody’s back 👍
  14. Thanks thuggy , for the record I do wear my mega hat to work everyday so I’m kinda use to hearing it from both sides, like they say hatters are gona hate and I don’t loose sleep over anyone’s comments 😀
  15. Maybe Donald Trump, the greatest president ever,called him trying to get the inside scoop on our dinar😀
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