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  1. It’s really sad how many Americans are either not paying attention,brainwashed, dumb could be a word some may use and think everything’s actually ok because of listening to the non stop media campaign but in REALITY the great corrupt political wheel of the world is controlling this completely made up planedemic using covid and climate change for using all emergency orders to push all this crap through paid for by the American taxpayer and and this government is about to get us in WW III with Russia/China and no one is even mentioning it. You can have any opinion you want and you can tell me how bad the trump family is but I don’t remember any of this happening under orange man bad somI won’t believe your talking points because I actually have eyes ears and a smaller brain then most but even with my eyes closed I can see what’s going on so if you can’t see it you maybe one of those Americans
  2. Biden said last night on tv he plans on sending more of your hard earned tax overseas as much as it takes to get through this crisis. Meanwhile people in America are starving,some homeless some homeless living in nice hotels,drug epidemic taking place,crime taking over the streets but we care more about Ukraine then our own home country. All I can say is thank you Joe Biden and his administration for destroying this country and to all the sheep out there who voted for “ole Joe “ hopefully you’ll get over the mean orange man tweets and vote for someone who actually cares about this country and not about power and greed
  3. Just curious your theory with the Queen? I only ask because I see on the news this morning she’s not doing well
  4. From my point of view it is pretty ugly what’s going on in the world and especially the USA these days considering just 2 short years ago under bad bad orange man things were calm in the world most of us would say things were going good and now under the all mighty Joe Biden the world is in complete chaos including here in the USA which is not surprising because anyone with any knowledge could of told you all this was going to happen the strange thing is they blame all this chaos and inflation on the bad bad orange man and looking back orange man really wasn’t all that bad,i personally voted for him twice and unless the dems plan on indicting him before the 2024 election comes together I’ll be voting for him again
  5. It’s called the swamp for a reason,until the swamp creatures die or retire nothing will change,the whole government is corrupt it always has been and Biden’s only making things worse with the big government free money give away socialist agenda. When people stand up think about those Jan 6th supporters still in jail this is just what the want.You have to give the dems credit they stole an election and got away with it,they’ve divided the country with hatred, slowly taking food supply away, family budgets are or will be gone soon,trying to take your guns,this is all text book socialists agenda all you have to do is read about it. Will they steal another election only time will tell
  6. There’s a new video coming out about the truth of January 6th and the hearings how it’s all complete bs story the dems are pushing I think Tucker talked about it last night and people are surprised by the hatred in this country? The hatred is the dems stirring the pot on purpose. Take your blinders off people
  7. Sounds like it might cost us a little more they just ok’d another billion dollars for Ukraine aid. This government(both sides) sure loves throwing money away
  8. The good ole socialists agenda they want us to be like Venezuela if they cheat and steal another election we will be
  9. Watching Trumps rally last night I’d love to hear a truck load of those so called mean tweets and have him in office compared to the donkeys we having in this administration destroying our country
  10. Unfortunately your not wrong it’s not just in this country the Dutch farmers are getting shut down because their government are saying the cows are putting out to much co2, people are either brainwashed or just not smart enough to see this is all part of the global reset cutting the food supply off and taking or trying to take peoples guns away which Trudeao is doing in Canada so no one can fight back and you can see it all happening in this country unless of course your a sheep with blinders on thinking everything’s ok it’s time to wake up people. I think some of us on here are talking about more then anyone else seems to be
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