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  1. If u can’t see the difference in what the Biden agenda is doing to this country compared what trump did for this country take your blinders off. You enjoy the government controlling your life that was your choice when you voted biden,joke is anyone who voted for biden but you love those government hand outs just keep cashing those checks,if u didn’t vote then your part of the problem but just keep doing what joe and the government tells there sheep to do. I don’t get into the back n forth just make sure you get your vaccine like a good sheep 🤡
  2. There’s a few on here that actually think Biden got 80 million votes and he’s doing good for this country and us citizens. The dems definitely have there sheep brainwashed
  3. Could be a last ditch effort to get everyone to turn in their Dinar before the big show,in the meantime I’ll be back at work early Monday morning 🙁
  4. There’s a few on here who voted for Biden so that shows you how smart they are they enjoy high taxes ,the government controlling their life’s cause they can’t do it on their own ,they love open borders and voter fraud because it’s the only way they could ever win an election,they hate everything America,everyone’s a racist if you don’t agree with them,they look up to people like Biden Harris and they all have orange man bad still living in their heads
  5. Thanks Adam you sure know how to put a smile on my face 💰👍
  6. We know trumps still living in your head but will you be posting anything about the Washington posts screw up misquoting trump at the Georgia elections or you gona look the other way again?? Seems like your on a one way street orange man bad
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