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  1. Hi Nanna, by the looks of my bank account I need some good news for a change, we’ve lost power 3 times in the last several months so I just got a backup generator for the house, if I had money it would of been done years ago, hopefully we are on the home stretch with the train about to pull into the station 💰
  2. I normally enjoy a couple eggs on my pancakes, over easy will be fine thanks. That email definitely brightens my day 💰
  3. Thank you Adam and happy holidays to everyone 💰
  4. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 9

    Hopefully you guys will be exchanging man hugs in the close future. I maybe mia on some tropical island but don’t wait up for me 💰😀
  5. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 9

    Thanks @6ly410 this sounds like some good news I’m surprised it’s not getting more attention from our members. How much longer before the champagne gets popped?? You guys must own a ice machine keeping it chilled this long 😀💰 Happy Friday people of course I’ll be at 4 am tomorrow for work 🥺
  6. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Evening Chuck I see you’ve been busy, I gave u a few trophy’s. How much longer you figure we have before it’s go time? That train seems to be full speed ahead 💰
  7. They want the Chinese to do it because they get work done, didn’t that Chinese firm just rebuild the city of bismayer? We saw the video on here
  8. nanna there’s 3 reasons these state bridges and most municipality projects are so expensive in this state but I don’t think I’ll get into the politics of Massachusetts on Adams tread but the big problem is corruption but then the union company’s doing the jobs take so long but why it actually cost so much to build a bridge in Massachusetts it’s called prevailing wage, we have prevailing wage for everyone one working on these projects and your labor cost double the cost of the bridge doubles, I’ve worked on these projects I’ve been around this stuff forever and unfortunately my body is paying for it, yes the money is great we make twice as much or more when working on a private construction project, I have friends who bid on these jobs. The problem is most the bridges and roads in this state needs to be done so it’s going to cost us taxpayers a fortune. I’m just hoping someday soon we can all move on to greener pastures 💰
  9. Massachusetts must be like Chicago, we have the toll road and bridges but the money must be going else where because the bridges are crumbling and the roads are a disaster and we as tax payers have to drive our cars and trucks on these so called highways. One word. Corruption. Drain the swamp starting in 2020. Adam thanks for everything you and the team do. 💰 boys get that champagne on Ice 💴
  10. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 7

    Hopefully we can stick a fork in this thing pretty soon and it will be done. Just when u start getting ahead those bills start rolling in again
  11. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 7

    Works for me chuck,pretty sad when the Iraq government is getting more done then those crazy dems
  12. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 7

    I was thinking the same thing Chuck, when can we finally pop that bottle of champagne 🥂
  13. I’m surprised the champagne isn’t flowing yet with the boys, did they have a rough night 📲? 😀 The train is definitely gaining momentum 💰💰
  14. Morning Chuck and pp and everyone,sounds like there getting ready for the big dance and getting all there ducks 🦆 🦆 🦆 in a row. It’s a beautiful day here in New England and a beautiful day here @dinarvets 💰😀
  15. "Fred"

    Go Iraq Part 4

    You got room for 1 more on this party train 🚊?? I bring my party supplies with me 😀
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