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  1. I hope I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure I’ll be back at work early Monday morning time to make the donuts
  2. These vaccine mandates aren’t even law yet and far from it this administration is using scare tactics to enforce them and just dividing this country more and so far it’s working. Like CL said it will end up in court. Things are about to get real
  3. Your not alone, I mention Dinar to about 10 people only 1 bought some the rest laughed, some day I hope to rub it in there face with me on a tropical island while they are still working
  4. down the toilet he goes most the sheep still love him or they love that free money and the government controlling there life’s
  5. If you look at Lin Woods telegram he’s saying he never said that someone has a fake account spreading manure
  6. There’s a few who believe it they watch cnn they believe Biden got over 80 million votes and he won the election and they think America is a racist country
  7. Biden supporters don’t want election integrity cheating is the only way they win, same reason they call voter ID racist, The only thing they can go on is the race card and the victim card this is why we never heard a peep out of the crazy left about what’s going on at the Texas border with the horses and whipping innocent victims until they could blame it on someone else instead of blaming it on the people actually responsible for it which is the Biden administration
  8. Them Biden supporters are trying to take your attention away from the over the horizon drone attack that killed 10 innocent Afghans civilians and a few of them were children they rather talk about orange man bad hurt their feelings with mean twits
  9. For a preventative I take this stuff it’s supposed to keep the immune system all charged up. Just my 2 cents that’s all I can afford for now
  10. They start drinking early on Sundays watching football sitting on Frank’s couch
  11. Kinda like Biden getting over 80 million votes and being called the most popular president in history we see that going downhill as fast as a skier coming down a black diamond slope and going off a cliff
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