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  1. 8,914 km Distance from Fiji to California 8,188 km Distance from Fiji to Aleutian Islands That flat map gets ya every time!
  2. Joe Rogan, Spotify CALLED OUT By Medical Experts & MDs For "False And Societally Harmful Assertions"
  3. Respect everything you just said. That is your belief and you are entitled to it. I think you are wrong, just like you think I am wrong. I just believe the vaccine can save lives. That’s why I speak up. Just like you do in the other direction. If we can make one person stop and try to be realistic about getting the vaccine or not, it is a well worth wild discussion! Stay safe.
  4. Yes they are changing the message. Just like you said a regular flu virus has different variants. Just like the covid virus has variants. You have to change. And I agree it should be your choice. Get the vaccine don’t get the vaccine. But on the flip side if the owner of a restaurant etc decides you have to be vaccinated to enter his establishment, the unvaccinated have to not fly off the handle. He or she has that right.
  5. Hey it’s not a problem. The borderline sick commit was not directed at you or anyone who believes as you do. It was directed at the articles and the people creating the articles. To say a person died do to the fact they had a covid shot with absolutely no evidence is at the very least absolutely misleading and on the other end sick. This is where people get confused and start believing things that are IMO just wrong! I have said this before. It’s just like me saying hey this guy ate a hamburger a week before he died. That hamburger killed him. That’s the exact same thing some of these articles and websites are doing. I can say the vaccine has saved many lives because it’s in the numbers. Numbers don’t lie. Yes not all people exposed to the covid virus get sick that includes vaccinated and unvaccinated. The vast majority of people that get covid have very mild symptoms or none at all. That also includes the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Now this is where I can say and believe the vaccine saves and is saving lives Of the few that have a bad outcome and have to be hospitalized over 75% of these people are unvaccinated. Of the people admitted to the ICU with covid over 90% are unvaccinated. And of the people that are dying from covid over 95% are unvaccinated. It’s just a fact. With these numbers just think if nobody was vaccinated. All these numbers, in hospitals, in ICU, and deaths. would be much much higher. So I think I am very safe to say the vaccine has and is saving many many lives. I think it’s a matter of focus. You are focusing on unvaccinated people who have a good outcome. And your right they, luckily didn’t need the vaccine. While I am focusing on people who have a bad outcome and have to be hospitalized. Numbers tell us that out of the 95% of people that are dying, if they were all vaccinated only 5% of that number would have died. And that’s why I say the vaccine is saving lives.
  6. I’m not the one that said that all these people died of the covid shot. These websites have however and they try to pass it off as truth. Here what was said………..There are whole websites dedicated to those who have died, or been deeply affected by the unproven, untested vaccine programs……….. And your right it’s only speculation. But don’t try and pass it off as the truth and fact. That’s how many people become confused and start to believe things that aren’t based in fact. One other thing why are you so angry all the time? If you want to have a conversation we will have one. But if you want to jump on people all the time, that’s a little different.
  7. I find it sad that just because someone dies…………….weeks or months after taking the covid vaccine, it’s sold as it all because of the covid vaccine! With ZERO proof, or any kind of explanation! Just fear mongering by the anti Vaxers who put the articles together to get clicks and promote a massively inaccurate interpretation of someone’s death. Borderline sick! Are there people who have died because of an adverse reaction? I’m sure there is. Just like every vaccine that have ever been produced. There are people who die every year who get a simple flu vaccines. But the numbers are almost nonexistent. Is one to many? yes. But the vaccine has saved many many many many more life’s.
  8. So why did the studies say from the get go that they were just 90% effective BEFORE it was released to the public? That’s just a fact.
  9. You are kind of stretching it here. They never said it would prevent you from getting covid. Hence the studies said that the vaccine was 90% effective. If it prevented you from getting covid it would be 100% effective. New cases are off the charts because there is a new variation that is much more contagious. And the booster does help keep you out of the hospital…..and/or dying. The numbers unequivocally prove that. Things are fluid…..things change….narratives have to change. As to your last you are entitled to your opinion. Are you right or wrong I don’t know. As to the vaccine working for her, if she stays out of the hospital. I might have to say it worked. Stay safe!
  10. So it comes down to that…….oh well! I let the “you don’t know science” barb slide but I see where your heads at. I’ll move on.
  11. When you have time you need to watch the video I posted on the previous page. Disregard the jerk that made the video. He is very condescending. But he explains everything to a T. Math, science, it’s all in there why the earth is round.
  12. Lol now I love this one! You ever see a water droplet on a leaf? Sure does looks like water curves to me! Water droplets are spherical……….round! Water curves!
  13. I read it and even the article says hospitalization is on the rise. Of the covid patients BEING admitted to the hospitals 70% are unvaccinated and of the patients in the ICU for covid 90% are unvaccinated. Proof positive the vaccine greatly improves your chance of just having a mild case if you get it. And aides in keeping you out of the hospital. That’s just the facts. That’s the real numbers.As much as you hate it, vaccines are helping people. I will drink that koolaid all day.
  14. Not ridiculing you at all. Just seeing if you had an explanation for the question I had. You don’t and that’s fine. But I definitely will eat some popcorn! Good stuff.
  15. So why is it dark on the east cost at 7:00pm but at the same time it’s sunny on the west coast. This I got to hear! Get your popcorn ready!🍿🍿🍿
  16. Its at 120,000 feet🥱 If I had the money I’d send Ya just to see your face! This image released by World View on June 23, 2014, offers a glimpse of the view the company's "Voyagers" will be treated to during flights to 120,000 feet
  17. All you have to say is I don’t work in a hospital. But instead you call me infantile. Ok!
  18. Nice deflection. Again I ask how many covid patients are in your ICU are unvaccinated? If you don’t want to answer I get it.
  19. Do face masks work? Here are 49 scientific studies that explain why they do
  20. Sorry I stopped reading right there. If you want to be insulting(which you will get away with) you can do it by yourself!
  21. First I never said that the majority of patients in the hospital were covid. I said of the covid patients in the ICU are 90 % unvaccinated. He didn’t ask anything I said to.
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