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  1. There is a growing list of officials that should be held accountable for inciting the lambs in their flocks to violence or any crimes against society. Waters, Greene, Trump. Lock them up or throw them out.
  3. You called that one right Mark. I've been desensitized since the Kraken debacle. All claims of big reveals are getting to be a joke. The so called expert testimony and tv special do not concern me right now. Everyone knows there has been corruption in our voting process for a long time with both republicans and democrats jockeying for voters, If anything, I am upset about the fact that trump knew about, maybe even benefitted from election manipulation it in 2016 and did a big fat nothing about it for 2020. He certainly broadcasted his suspicions well ahead of the elections. Rumored to have actually set traps to catch the culprits redhanded. What a great job he did!!!Hahaha!!
  4. My point is that voter fraud has been going on for a long time and yet it still exists. Even Trump was aware that it existed, but he mostly just whined and never got it handled. .....and yes, maybe it bit him in the end.
  5. My posts are not based on runors and inuendo. You may not comprehend what I'm saying, but I'm not try to enroll you into voting for my popularity.
  6. And you should be. All that fraud and yet the problem never gets resolved. Could it be that the people reporting are lacking decent communication skills and are just whining on platforms like CNN and YOUTUBE? No one listens to whiners. Nothing ever becomes actionable.
  7. I would be happy if we stopped giving platforms for people that abuse their first amendment rights and literraly SPEW BS
  8. I agree. Prosecute or STFU. Another hack reporter looking to stay relevant. these narratives do not need support if all you have is another opinion. they do not contribute to the country or to meaningful reform. jmo.
  9. i don't think that fear is a sign of respect, it is more a survival strategy when feeling that your life is in danger. And the next step is outrage and setting up a way to protect yourself. Which is much of what we saw as a country under Trump's rule. IT is also a way to CONTROL AND MANIPULATE PEOPLE. And I'm sure we all have some idea or experience on the results of being manipulated. Can you say MSM?
  10. Retirement is first and foremost, a state of mind. Change Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – GEORGE BERNARD SHAW Waiting for retirement is as productive as waiting for an RV in order to start your life.
  11. FAKE has become the new NORMAL and the GOTO STRATEGY if you are trying to rationalize your irrational claims. Immediately after claiming fake should be the phrase 'And I am stupid' 🤣
  12. Another concerted effort to undermine the rule of law and extinguish the possibility of accountability. It also adds another dimension of Powell's credibility . That she would make claims that a 'reasonable person' would not believe. Is she saying that she is not reasonable? or worse that she is an outright liar? Her flakiness was apparent from the beginning and I am enjoying the validation. Maybe too much? MAGA Made Accountability Go Away.
  13. Divide and conquer. There are the reasonable people and there are the un reasonable people. For all the reasonable people that believed the Sidney Powell rhetoric. At what point is there no longer any more room under the bus????? For the people that are unreasonable, you have your legacy secured. unreasonable ADJECTIVE not guided by or based on good sense.
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