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  1. I hope you are right. Historically speaking, If people are involved, it is unlikely that even going digital will stop the corruption. Like you said, it has been ingrained over a long time. If you look at the example of the US, going digital just makes it less obvious that corruption is occurring....and more laws don't make it any better. People are clever and without a strong moral foundation (a bit of honesty, integrity, loyalty, goodness, etc) there are few impediments to use their creativeness to hack any system that is in place. Just my $.02
  2. I think any economic downside is relative to your perspective. Whether you have (your) skin in the game or not. 😂
  3. No, not saying the US IS a 3rd world country, only substantiating your post with another perspective. Just agreeing that as good as it is here, there is a lot of room for improvement.
  4. Thanks B/A...profits over people. Who would have guessed? Excuse me...I have to turn up the volume on the radio......cause `Proud to be an American' is playing right now and if I listen to it long and hard I won't have to confront the reality that is overtaking the nation.
  5. Its fairly common knowledge that you can't correct an issue until you acknowledge that it exists. With the proliferation of chest thumping, credit mongering and reporting of biased achievements based on skewed data, it is difficult to think that there is anything but a rosy picture of success that is embracing all of us that live in this great nation.
  6. The party never ends. Perhaps more and more people are realizing that the deep state is really a deep state of frustration and misery that is permeating our country. Just when you think it can't get any more prolific, you have the US threatening other nations over their endorsement of a breastfeeding resolution. Maybe someone can explain why that is a good idea and what the current admin hopes to gain by continuing to confront most of the developed world on issues that provide benefit to not only our nation but the world in general.
  7. To be fair, there is also a madness that is griping the right. The opposite of raging resistance has to be an equal portion of blinded loyalty. The two sides are playing out on social media for everyone to watch. Reality TV with all of it's manufactured drama and baiting is keeping a lot of people entertained and employed. Much of the country waits with baited breath for the next shoe to drop. One side ready to cheer and the other side wondering how they are going to clean up the mess. Passions are running high and there are only a few of the many people that are in the show that are getting the headlines. What I am starting to look at is the silence that is starting to grow as more and more people are realizing the folly of voicing their displeasure with the direction that the country is being led. I find it extremely difficult to voice any kind of opinion about a specific topic, as there are so many levels of truth and untruth. The best I can do is look at the wake behind us and see that the waters are very troubled. They will settle down, but I don't think anyone can predict how they will settle.
  8. Yota...Indian motorcycles are also looking at moving production out of the US. Polaris motorcycles may follow Harley-Davidson out of U.S. to beat tariffs
  9. adhoc10

    Interesting planet alignment

    Thanks for posting B/A. Always revealing to see some of the bigger events that may be shaping our human experience.
  10. adhoc10


    Word on the street and the research is that it is less harmful than smoking. But like all health related research, it doesn't take into account the entire picture of what may or may not affect your health. Not everyone is affected equally. Like the saying says, you roll the dice and you take your chances.
  11. adhoc10

    Positive or Negative?

    Well said. Our quality of life standards are amazingly low for all that we could be. When you look at the positive vs negative state for the country, it reminds me of this quote, ` It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.' ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
  12. The party never ends. Recall the many times that `God' was the official excuse for bad behavior? 😂 Whatever happened to personal accountability? Oh yeah! We morphed that into the blame game. Does it matter who outside yourself is to blame? I always liked the interpretation for blame as there are always the rest of your fingers pointing right back at ya!
  13. It's a slippery slope...and a big discussion better served with ample beer and or umbrella drinks and a story reminiscing our long wait for the RV while watching a sunset on a tropical beach . 😂
  14. Great post KristiD. It is always interesting looking back at the events and decisions that have shaped our country as we see it today. You are right about the fact that we have all been duped, probably in ways we haven't even come to realize yet. I remember reading about Freud's nephew and the impact his ideas had in morphing the nation from being one that bought what they needed to live, into a `shop till you drop' , consumer oriented economy. It laid a basic framework for how to motivate people through selective dissemination of information (subconsciously planting beliefs and perspectives that are made up), to get them to behave in a prescribed way. Once people adopt beliefs that aren't really true, it is easy to manipulate the heck out of them. We have been on that path for a long time and it is easy to see why we have so much consumer debt and so little depth in our conversations and political dialogue. Send out a clever jingle, or a catch phrase or some meaningless patriotic slogan and you can increase your sales or even become the president. Easiest way to see if you are sheeple or not is if you have a strong ideology (belief) that you are right and someone else is wrong. Works no matter what your political, religious or other demographic you come from.
  15. I guess they don't realize that that ship has left the harbor a long time ago! 😂

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