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  1. More good signs ---------found this listing on ebay...For sale at $210 per 100K dinar.or aka $2,100 per million dinar.
  2. Hi Chuck, I think you meant resignation, either way congratulations and best wishes in your next endeavor. I had a dream and was shown a job title that I liked. `Beach Bum.... moving with the whims of the wind and tides , without a schedule, fishing for my dinner and watching the world go round and round.
  3. rand New Winnebago's In Stock - Winnebago RVs For Sale‎ Ad·‎ ‎ (512) 234-6978 RV Land Carries A Wide Range of Winnebago Products. Visit Us Today For Your Next R
  4. the million dollar question.
  5. I could fix all my problems for slightly less.... just sayin!!!! thanks Ron, all good news today, and almost alarming that the gurus are mostly on the same playbook. Have a great 4th
  6. orange IS THE NEW BLACK, 70 IS THE NEW 60 and 'closer than we gave ever been', is the new suddenly!!! Thanks Adam, I'm on the edge of my seat, in a balanced way, waiting for what each new day brings. Much appreciation for all you and your team brims to the members. Have a great 4th
  7. Probably mot ANTIFA supporters, just on THE short list for the 2020 Darwin Awards. Darwin Awards: Evolution In Action The Darwin Awards commemorate the (remains of) individuals who contribute to the improvement of our gene ... Enter this portal for stories from the Darwin Awards. ... His attitude was, "What, Me Worry?"... 2019 · Pilot Patrick's In-Flight Shower ‎Darwin Awards · ‎2018 · ‎2019 · ‎Two Texans Die Trying People also ask
  8. Thanks Ron, that is encouraging, I can only add the famous Harry Callahan quote'Make my day!!
  9. Why take a chance? Get the flu vaccine and see what you are really made of!!🤣 I think you get a little sticker that says something like 'I'm ready!! Bring it on !!
  10. Thanks Nstoolman1, .I have heard the same reports But they say it is for the greater good. What would happen to crowd control if they told the truth and didn't try to frighten everyone in to mob mentality????And how effective would 'operation pandemic', Phase 2 implementation be for convincing everyone that a vaccine is the only prudent choice if the numbers were weak????
  11. My point is that I have yet to meet anyone that does, It puts debating in perspective that it is a fairly foolish activity to pursue.
  12. definition of debate are two or more individual with incomplete information defending their position to be right. Conversely a conversation or an exchange of ideas are both more productive.
  13. Hey Ron, something to be grateful for is to that you only have one opinion!!! 🤣Have a good weekend and thanks for sharing these opinions with us.
  14. I have to say, ilovesushi, this may be in the wrong thread. It is not a conspiracy, if it is true!!!!! The back ground for all things health related is that it is a for profit industry and using the government puppets to fatten the bottom line is business as usual. Our health is a commodity to be exploited. Some people will die, but it is a price the industry is willing to make,.
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