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  1. Nothing to fear! I'm also in that demographic except for the DC part. And I'm here to report that the capitalistic backbone of the US is alive and well. Just this morning I received two unsolicited phone calls. One selling life insurance and the other selling insurance to cover burial expenses so my demise would not be too much of a burden on .my family The bottom feeders walk among us.
  2. Not sure why this would invoke a confusion emoji.I posted this because it focuses on our own influence in our health, rather than the group consensus and thinking for victimization. Whatever your choices are I wish you good health and many years to enjoy the fruits of this investment.
  3. Don’t Just Avoid the Virus — Defeat It by Strengthening Your Immunity Simple, science-based steps to boost your immunity can help prevent or moderate infection — including challenging the conventional wisdom about Vitamin C
  4. Thanks Synopsis iy appears that a road trip (cheap gas) with a cooler full of coronas is the way to go.It's a brave new world.
  5. Hi Adam, first, thank you, for all the your time and effort that you share with us. Second, with all the financial conversation about the dinar and how it is needed on a global basis, Have you heard of any rumblings about the US currency and how it may be part of the global reset opportunity? It would seem that the OSI strategy would be the perfect move to safe guard large amounts of cash assets In case an answer takes you away from more pressing concerns, .I don't meed an answer to this question, but it occurred to me that I hadn't really thought about it in those terms.
  6. Thanks Ron, always appreciate your daily updates. Looking forward to the day the opinions mature to tangible action items.E.G. I'm heading to the bank!! Hope you are doing well, Sending grateful thoughts your way.
  7. Could be the start of a downward spiral. Antibiotics are normally prescribed for pneumonia, which will affect the strength of the immune system, increasing the odds for getting sicker. Probiotics are absolutely necessary after a round of antibiotics., i would also take along with the antibiotics as a safer route, my doctor gave me this advice last time I had to go that route. Prayer also helps
  8. Umbertino, I hope you and your family are doing well. What is the consensus from your perspective on the developments in Italy? how are you doing? it isn't the virus that concerns me as much as the wide spread panic which can dictate how we will stay healthy. Forced quarantines and manditory drug and vaccines which may or may not be in each person's best interest. i
  9. Not to mention that a false positive may put you in quarantine for a couple weeks.
  10. If the right AND the left didn't post lies, there would be no posts at all!!!!! The facts are the facts, it is the interpretations of the facts that throws the news off. I think we all lose when we only get the interpretations.
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