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  1. the test of a real man? actually I think that research has shown that real men eat their tofu extra firm, nor are they caught crying in or victimized by the falling rain
  2. only if it is a trump give away The best deal from the self proclaimed best deal maker!!!
  3. maybe we could segway that effort to keep california and new york immigrants out of texas.They want to change texas into the same life style that they fled in the first place
  5. oddly enough, when you say president, I have no idea who you are referring to, but say buffoon and there is no doubt
  6. WELL, LETS RACK UP ANOTHER accomplishment for the President. He Committed TO Draining the swamp and it looks like a number of the swamp rats have been identified
  7. It's a nice feeling when you get validared.we all new the white house was really a house of schmucks.And sure enough there it is. I heard that instead of hunting for easter eggs this year,it is going to e a hunt for anypreviously overlooked moral fiber for the presidsncy and his crew, I am saying prayers that they all find something of value that would make the worldand the country a better place. Maybe some hoesty and integrity, a little bit of loyalty to the country, there is a lot to choose from.
  8. sounds like the csyllabus for marketing 101. how to get other people's moneywithou having to provide a iviable . product or service
  9. no hatred here, i'm still watching to see if trump goes down in history as actually being relevent so far,he has managed to only rally the populace that either strongly agreewith his actions or p strongly disagree . for the others it is mostly oure wonderment tht he is actuall still in office.
  10. that is the benefit of being educated, you tend to be able to process information ibetter and don't fall for all the marketing ploys!
  11. an abundance of answers without the bensfit of a few good questions... Answers only support what they are trying to sell
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