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  1. I've reread this a couple of times and for the life of me, I Can't fathom the point that Brad is trying to make.Is this one of those ';keep moving, nothing to see here' drive bys?
  2. Hey Ron, do you think his is in anticipation of the auctions shutting down and a last ditch effort to take profits while they can????
  3. Thanks for this post Ron!!. This truth and guidance for community prosperity is also captured in the saying, 'A;ll ships rise with the tide'. hope our ships arrive soon.
  4. That would inspire a whole new book of revelations. Obviously, the American public is not well versed in hearing the truth. But it is a nice aspiration to imagine that one day they will. I find it ironic that your avatar (santa) may have been the original deception for our nations children.
  5. So much for taking any of this seriously. The clown show delivered straight to your inbox. Hope it doesn't interfere with important stuff like the traffic report, the weather update and weekend football. Finallly!!Some words of wisdom from MSM!!
  6. I can only do a very short conversation on the integrity of the current administration.I have nothing factual to substantiate it. The best ,most recent polling, was at the nationals 5th game to the chant of 'lock him up'.
  7. Trying to keep up on who is telling the latest lies is hardly worth the effort when the story changes daily. The White House Official Who Listened To Trump’s Ukraine Call Said The Transcript Was Edited The top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council told impeachment investigators that the public transcript failed to include key details from Trump's conversation.
  8. That is a big word, are you sure you are a truck driver? 😂 Eschatology is a bit too dark for me . I prefer the light.
  9. John Oliver is one of the better investigative journalists that asks his questions to highlight the absurdity of a situation .going on in our It is not funny if you don't acknowledge the absurdity of what is going on in the world.
  10. Despite the track record that Trump has for choosing qualified and competent candidates, I am still hoping for the best possible outcome for the IRAQI PEOPLE and an RI /RV.
  11. Well said Jim, when not hiding you have to resort to real words and take some responsibility for how and what you communicate A perfect storm for when `real dialogue matters and it shows up.!!👍
  12. I would like to see the source for this statement if it is true and the context from which it comes. Thanks Ron I always look forward to your posts.
  13. I'm all in for sensible approaches.They seem to be few and far between nowadays. I've participated in the legislative process in Austin and despite the political power grabs and greed based agendas, there are some sensible legislation that gets approved. Unfortunately, I've also watched `clever' politicians subvert the entire legislative process to further their personal agenda.
  14. Maybe there are solutions available that have been working without undermining the capatalistic ideology. Endowments & Philanthropy The Permanent University Fund (PUF) was established in 1876 by the Texas Constitution to provide resources to the university. The PUF is funded by the sale of oil, gas, sulfur and water royalties and rentals on mineral and grazing leases.
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