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  1. Hopefully, Humanity will survive in spite of medical science. Time will tell
  2. At the least, what are the special instructions? Put some meat on your opinion!! C'mon Ray!!!
  3. unless it doesn't, I have found my Apple products to be completely satisfactory when used as target practice for just about any caliper weapon . Remember the good old days when a phone would still function as a phone? Confirmed . works fine today with no upgrades or modifications from my side of things. running WIN10 and EDGE AS MAGICALLY AS IT APPEARED, IT ALSO MAGICALL STARTED WORKING.
  4. And to add to some of Kaperoni's own perspective from a previous opinion piece....... 7-28-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni ...IRAQ HAS BEEN CLEARED OF RESTRICTIONS UNDER ARTICLE XIV for some time, but still has one restriction under Article VIII they must overcome before they can officially accept Article VIII. It would seem the ball is in Iraq''s court and they can announce an RV whenever their stars are aligned.The single restriction is summarized in the IMF PRESS RELEASE WITHOUT benefit of any clear objectives, rather an eye toward more financial accountibility and
  5. Other factors that are relevent are that swedish population is a much happier population, living with less stress, less polution, and better food. That is my opinion and couldn't be easily prove,, because those qualities of life are not part of the American `dream'.
  6. In my personal experience, I have never acctually encountered an 'insane 'mailbox. Abused? yes!and maybe that was triggered by some some irratic household pet behavior, most times it turned out to be an over zealous dog that was trying to get treats.😂
  7. If only the 'facts' had unbiased origins If you you change the premises of the science, you change the outcome. But in this case, it is hard to refute the instincts of the `My Pillow' guy.🤣
  8. That puts some additional pressure on the 'keep your eye' on the ball coaching advice
  9. All things considered, I could easily live with nothing less than a rate of $3.50 per dinar. Thanks RON have a great rest of your weekend!!!!
  10. More good signs ---------found this listing on ebay...For sale at $210 per 100K dinar.or aka $2,100 per million dinar. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MINT-IRAQ-4-x-25000-100000-NEW-DINARS-IRAQI-IQD-CERTIFIED/143652346500?hash=item217258da84:g:1WAAAOSwsxNe3img
  11. Hi Chuck, I think you meant resignation, either way congratulations and best wishes in your next endeavor. I had a dream and was shown a job title that I liked. `Beach Bum.... moving with the whims of the wind and tides , without a schedule, fishing for my dinner and watching the world go round and round.
  12. rand New Winnebago's In Stock - Winnebago RVs For Sale‎ Ad·www.rvlandtx.com/winnebago/rv‎ ‎ (512) 234-6978 RV Land Carries A Wide Range of Winnebago Products. Visit Us Today For Your Next R
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