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  1. that is not a basic question, that is the million dollar question
  2. Courage is not what feeds his actions, he just likes the attention that he gets from being himself and if it helps the country, it is a double win.
  3. the pharmaceutical industry and complete lack of accountability, working with the best government that money can buy.
  4. mass shootings are a product of our society. Hatred, Racism, Inequality, lack of a sense of safety and security,our education system. label it as you want. Mass shootins may not be promoteded, just as weeds in your yard may not be promoted, but if weeds flourish in your yard, you know that you are setting the environment for them to flourish even though you may be actively advocating against them Labels encourage 'lip service' Lots of talk and no meaning ful action..
  5. It reminds me how utterly stupid labels are. Is the take away that all socialism inspires wind surfing? What is the inspiration in the US that promotes mass shootings and mindless violence?. What is the better option? Wind surfing? or shooting your neighbor?
  6. Meditation is a powerful step in the right direction. It does take significant dedication to achieve the results that are possible. Ultimately you want it to calm your body down so it can restore it's own natural rhythms.What I mean by that is your body has to resolve it's fight or flight conditioning. There are many types and practices of meditation. You can compare your progress by you ability to handle more of the challenges that life brings your way without going into a reaction mode. I have been studying the neurological affects of traumatic events for going on 26 years now and can say that most of our nations citizens are living in a constant state of fight or flight, Sleep and meditation are two of the ways that disengage our awareness from the multitude of thoughts that get expressed at a physiological level,. I have discovered a few hacks that can accelerate the unwinding process, I can pass them on to you if you are interested, just send me a personal note.
  7. Thanks Ron, I look forward to your guru recaps and you got the day and date right today I give you two thumbs up on todays post.
  8. just because you figured out how to manipulate people and circumstances, doesn't mean you should. Too bad he missed the part - 'with great power comes great responsibility'. Manipulation is the lowest form of leadership.
  9. if the evidence is given more credibility than the so called 'facts'. It is much easier to see that indeed, we ha can replace the famouse NASA line of' Houston , we have a problem, wth America, we have a problem. I don't have to listen to the stories to form my personal opinions about the potus with the motus Is it proper political decorum to capitalize words that reference POTUS? sHOULD THE 'a' IN a$$HAT BE CAPITALIZED OR DOES IT DEMONSTRATE DISRESPECT FOR THE office if you use lower case??
  10. i would venture to say that you would need at least three years to detune your nervous system to get into a healthy ramge of physiological function. it is a journey of rediscovering what a normal experience of life really feels like. Gettimg a nervous system reset will add years to you life and is far outside the purview of western medicine. you can more easily facilitate your journey utilizing alernative health prpfessionals that focus on health optimization rther than symptom chasing.
  11. I know there are no guarantees on a rate change value, but I have invested enough time in this venture that I feel I can speculate on any scenario that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
  12. that is a great song that has now morphed into a movie that highlights many of bruce Springsteen's songs, At theatres now. it is getting a 92 audience rating on rotten tomatoes.
  13. It's beginning to feel like we are finally at the cut and dried stage and it is timely!!!
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