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  1. Home video after the Packers made the playoffs?
  2. Thanks KritiD. Great tip and it does make a lot of sense, all tax men are not created equal and it is good to bring these types of perspectives to the table.
  3. That says it all. Words to live by🤣 Thanks Adam for the great update!!!
  4. when in the last three years has the country not been in one crisis or another?? Seems we are more divided than ever and that is not a good thing from my perspective
  5. Thanks Ron. I've not seen Breitling come across so confident before. Hope he has his finger on the RV pulse and we are jut marking time for a short while more.
  6. i have found this to be good advice reardless of the diagnosis.
  7. Thanks for posting thi LGD. i WAS considering Trying one Paul Harvey would have a long career keeping us informed on the clever ruses perpetated through marketing. Misleading the public and all perfectly legal. Well hopefully you did not grow boobs!😂
  8. Thanks Yota!! Its encouraging that they aren't using an 800 number to get their money Could be legitimate 😂
  9. Sorry you had the injury. I had a stroke and know first hand the impact of what brain damage can do.Best wishes for a full recovery. You can get it all back,just never give up.
  10. For myself, the value of this service is that I can focus on other things without being concerned I will miss the big event.I appreciate all the hours that Adam and his team devote to sorting through the unfolding drama of Iraq. My Time and attention that I would prefer to put elsewhere If I don't gt the text, I have confidence that it didn't happen yet. I'm buying a lot of piece of mind. Text service -$10, piece of mind - priceless.
  11. So much is looking good on this venture, Thanks for an incredible update Adam.So much good news. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  12. That is where it all began. One interpretation is that the kingdom of heaven was carried in your heart and the apple from the tree of knowledge opened the doorway to thinking..Love does not come from your head only fear, anger and hatred.....the staples of our our democracy. We don't meed more thinking and understanding, we need more feeling. If you can feel the atrocities we create, you will stop doing it, if you can't feel, you justify it in the name of heaven and you can justify it in the end.
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