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  1. DUH!!!!!!!! In our lifetimes Washington DC has never been overrun by an angry MOB where a constitutional ceremony was interupted and threatened. Simple Observation will tell you that Trump appears to have MOB backing, but Biden has the backing of the constitution. Unless prophesies,corruption and treason override our constitution, Biden will be inaugurated in two days.
  2. Thanks LTL, I'm willing to admit when I am wrong. It's obvious I didn't recognize the method to his madness, but in the end he actually did it!!! He cost the Republicans the Presidency, the Senate,and the House, he Dismantled the very foundation of the Swamp and it will never be the same. In so many ways, he actually made America Great Again.
  3. I wish I had a simple answer for you, but I tend to take questions seriously and give them some consideration. Simple answer is catch them breaking the law and use our judicial system to restrain their participation in society. The foundation for the US is the constitution which attempts to recognize and lay the foundation for equality and right actions. Not so dissimilar to the Bible. The swamp develops from the mostly good intentions of leaders that do not always bring an A game to their roles and think that they know what actions are best for others to follow. Then they write laws and rule
  4. When have the facts ever gotten in the way of a good brag??
  5. Many are painting Trump as a victim which is far from the truth. He knows the game and he knows how to win. So if he gets impeached or worse, logically speaking if you follow his narrative, He set us all up on election fraud and the hard choices given to the country about his former allies (the swamp people). Yes a Brilliant example of crowd control, although a bit frightening by what he has unleased,
  6. Who better to identify what is happening in the swamp than the people that make their living there????
  7. I noticed while reading the posts that express views from the varied perspectives, The under lying arguments are not always substantiated and require a leap of faith in some cases, Showing a gun does not mean murder, just as showing a suitcase does not mean fraud. There is a bit of implied guilt by spin and storyline that is going on. I do believe that many of the issues being brought to light are part of GOD'S plan and I like to try and make sense of them. One of the developing silver linings is how the plan is working to change Trumps image from chronic fabricator of over the top accompli
  8. Sorry ... that is the writing on the wall that is there for anyone to see if you pay attention to what is going on and have the aptitude to add two plus two!.....where you been hiding out for the last week???
  9. Because he is considered dangerous and and unstable and he has the ability and temperament to use the presidency for damage to the country,
  10. I watched the Lin Wood video last night and sure enough, when I woke up this morning it all made much more sense. The big upset about the election is that the democrats out couped the Donald and his handlers. The con became the Mark. All actions are now being redirected toward our constitutional foundations. It seems that we, as a country will have to, pay more attention to who we support and vote for. Although, if there was ever a better time to drain the swamp, it is now all those that were complicit in the coup attempt have shown their hand and will ultimately be grateful that w
  11. I was only trying to see YOUR perspective... I seem to be the one still asking questions, while you seem to be the one who is content to keep chewing on the misinformation you have been fed without questioning any of it. I suggest we see how it plays out.
  12. very sorry that MY POST made you sooooo uncomfortable. I only posed a question. Your beliefs must be pretty superficial that you get defensive and have to lash out. Don't fret, I forgive you!!!! If you say so, it must be true. ROFL!!!!🤣 Possibly, I have different standards than you do??
  13. Have you ever really considered that statement? God fearing??? Now that just doesn't make sense unless your God is vindictive, cruel, manipulative, lying, unforgiving, vengeful, threatening and dangerous. That is absolutely NOT the relationship that I have with GOD and feel sorry for anyone that does... Now more appropriate would be a Trump fearing man!!!!🤣
  14. You are not alone....... Arnold Schwarzenegger Compares Capitol Riot to Rise of Nazi Germany My message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this week's attack on the Capitol. 6:45 AM · Jan 10, 2021
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