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  1. … and all he had to do was run a fair statewide election throughout Florida. That’s it, folks. End of story. Oh, now you wanna know the back story. The back story is the same as the front story. Because Gov. Ron DeSantis took some very serious and substantive measures across the Sunshine State to prevent the Democrat Party from perpetrating their biennial election fraud, he exposed what the Democrats routinely do (and are now doing) in the other 49 states. END OF STORY! Oh, and now you want hard evidence … indisputable proof of the election thefts being carried out across the USA as you read this. The irrefutable statistical proof is being accumulated as we write … but that’s not the least bit important right now. Why, pray tell? Because the very same RED WAVE that just rolled over the state of Florida also rolled over the other 49 states—THAT’S WHY!!! Therefore, the unparalleled Democrat electoral bloodbath that just transpired in Florida should have occurred — to varying degrees, of course — in all the other 49 states. But it didn’t because of so much Democrat-conducted vote fraud and election theft. In point of MSM-documented fact, many of the voters in Democrat-run states were more infuriated at the Democrat Party’s totally perverted and depraved platform than Floridians were. After all, their governor is Ron DeSantis…. and the statehouse in Tallahassee has been ruled by Republicans for many years. Democrats, on the other hand, have been terrorized by the likes of California’s Newsom and tyrannized by New York’s Hochul. Which points to the great likelihood that the RED WAVES would have been even larger than Florida’s in many of the other states … but they weren’t. And that highly inconvenient truth poses BIG problems for the Democrat election thieves. What’s the real point here? Do we need to say it again? Because Ron DeSantis did things like this (see the articles posted below), he guaranteed that the Democrats would not even attempt the slightest fraud lest they be held up high in the middle of the public square on a sunny Florida day. That’s really why it’s called the Sunshine State, by the way. Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill to Strengthen Florida’s Election Integrity Florida governor signs bill creating election police unit Governor DeSantis Announces the Arrest of 20 Elections Criminals Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Blocks AG Garland’s Election Monitors From Entering Polling Locations Arizona & Pennsylvania have ongoing cyber and election security support from activated National Guard units, Florida does not. BOTTOM LINE: Ron DeSantis deigned to show the American people how electoral fraud is really perpetrated each and every every election cycle by the Democrat Party. And, all he had to do was run a fair election in Florida to conclusively prove it. SOURCE: Conclusion This is for the naysayers who will soon be out screaming “SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE!” Given the OPEN-AND-SHUT CASE already presented to the American court of public opinion by the courageous actions of Governor Ron DeSantis, it’s been proven that the Democrats have already stolen, as they are in the process of stealing, countless midterm elections across the USA. In point of legal fact, the prima facie evidence presented above is so strong that all of the irrefutable statistical proof of vote fraud currently being acquired by the super sleuths will pale in comparison.
  2. WEATHER CONTROL BLACKMAIL "Comply or We Will Turn Off Your Rain" News Paradigm Published October 16, 2022 498 Views Catherine Austin Fitts explores methods where the NWO cabal can blackmail presidents and governors to comply by threatening to negatively manipulate their weather, rainfall, flooding or drought of Hurricanes. In this context an immediate reference is made by Catherine and Gregg Hunter to Dane Wigington and Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says what is coming for the economy is pain–and lots of it. CAF explains, “We are either in a major correction or we are going to go into a bear (market), and a lot of it depends on many different politics. If you look at the money being pumped out . . . on climate change, on green energy, environment and all theses and all these different new sort of scams, it depends on how they inject money. It’s either a major correction or it could turn into a bear (market). There is no way to tell because it is purely political.” Various Fed presidents are repeatedly saying the central bank is going to continue raising interest rates. Why? CAF says, “I think they are going to keep raising interest rates. If you are Federal Reserve, you are playing a global game, and what you have to do is protect the reserve currency status. It looks like to me they have decided that all the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) members need to be in the dollar channel. They are doing everything they can to collapse the market share of the euro and then move that into the dollar syndicate. I think they have to keep driving the dollar up. The U.S dollar index is up to 113, and at one point it was at 114. One analyst said it was going to 120. They have the entire frontier market and the emerging markets in a bear trap, and that is very significant power. If you are going to go into the woods and shoot the bear, you can’t wound the bear, you have to kill the bear. So, I think the Fed is going to keep doing this for some time now. They don’t mind, as you learned from the pandemic, collapsing the small business side of the economy or collapsing the middle-class. . . . They are implementing the ‘Going Direct Reset.’ They are doing a currency reset. What you are looking at is a fundamental reengineering of the governance system on planet Earth. Most of the benefits in the dollar system come from the benefits of having the reserve currency and being able to swap money you print out of thin air for real labor and real commodities worldwide. That’s an enormous benefit, and they are going to protect that benefit. If they don’t protect that benefit, they run the risk of everybody moving out of the channel. This is what the Chinese and Russians are trying to do. They are trying to move out of the dollar channel and trying to create economic resiliency and trade outside the channel. What the Fed is trying to do and the dollar syndicate is trying to do is protect that channel. . . . It’s global government reengineering. It’s 100% power politics, and it’s a war.”
  3. Over 700 people have been arrested in connection with the events of Jan. 6, 2021. This website provides current information about each one, including relevant news articles, an arrest map, and list of those currently incarcerated. We also provide ways for you to contact those in prison, and to help cover their legal and living expenses. If you would like to provide corrections, updates, or requests, please please contact us.
  4. Trump’s Response to the Nazi Democrats MUST READ Paul Craig Roberts Here is Donald Trump’s response to the Nazi scum that comprises The Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol. The dumbshit, insouciant Americans who elected these Nazis on this committee are America’s worst enemies. Donald Trump reveals himself in his response as a very great and brave leader of the American people, who have suffered a coup similar to the one Washington imposed on Ukraine and to Hitler’s seizure of power in 1933 by eliminating opposition parties. There is no doubt whatsoever that Trump is unacceptable to the ruling elite in the United States. When Trump surprised the elite by winning the presidency, the elite ordered the CIA and FBI to immediately go to work to discredit the president chosen by the people instead of by them. Russiagate was an orchestrated lie arranged by the CIA, DOJ, and FBI. It failed. The next attempt was Impeachment I. It failed. Then Impeachment 2. It failed. Then an orchestrated “January 6 Insurrection.” The “insurrection” consisted of a few unarmed people allowed into the Capitol by police who opened the doors, as numerous videos show, and who wandered around for awhile before leaving, with one taking selfies of himself sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair. Only for dumbshit Democrats and their ***** media could this constitute an “insurrection.” This is the same ***** media that told you the clot-shot was safe, that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction,” that “Assad used chemical weapons against his own people,” etc. and so on. There is no end to the lies of the American “media,” a professional lie institution. The incident of violence at the “insurrection” was the black cop who shot and murdered a white female US military veteran for no cause except his order to create the image of dangerous insurrectionists and violence. The cop’s killing by gunfire of a woman who in no way threatened him or anyone else is a thousand times more egregious than Officer Chauvin’s alleged murder of George Floyd who actually died from fentanyl overdose. The Democrats sentenced Chauvin to years in prison for a non-crime, but the officer who murdered a US veteran was not even investigated. How could he be? If he were arraigned, he would blow the whistle and reveal his kill order. The fake narrative of “insurrection” continues, and added to it is the fifth FBI orchestrated charge against Trump, a charge that the ***** media and the former FBI official Peter Strzok presents as Trump’s theft of national security documents so that they could fall into Russian hands. “Documentgate” is the fifth effort by the US Criminal Justice (sic) system to indict the former President of the United States as a Russian operative. This is the most absurd event in human history. The only reason even insouciant dumbshit Americans can fall for it is all the anti-Trump propaganda previously released against him: “Grab them by the *****” which turned all feminists against Trump Porn Star Stormy Daniels sex charges against Trump. This accusation was so off the wall that even CNN, a ***** media organization with zero integrity, had to report that the porn star who earned her living by engaging in sexual intercourse for videos that are marketed lost the case. The Ukraine scandal — Democrats falsely allege it was Trump, not Biden, who influenced Ukraine with US taxpayers money–see, for example, However, the truth is the opposite and emerges from Biden’s own words: The Ukrainian prosecutor that Biden demanded be fired before he would release the billion dollar American aid was the prosecutor investigating the fraudulent operations of a Ukrainian company that was paying Biden’s son, Hunter, $50,000 a month in protection money as a director. This is a long list. Here you can see some of the scandals the ***** media created against Trump: Except for Trump supporters, Americans are too insouciant and too stupid to remain a free people. They are stupid enough to read the New York Times, The Washington Post, to listen to NPR, to sit and watch CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the ***** media and be indoctrinated. The ***** media serves the cause of the destruction of America, of its morals and history, and glorifies sexual perversity, practices prohibition against free speech and other “offensive” Constitutional protections of human freedom. The ***** media censors more strongly and more completely than the Soviet and Nazi controlled media suffered. The proof that America is lost is the percentage of the population that relies on the US media and votes Democrat. A population lied to continually hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, decade by decade has no valid information with which to understand reality. This is the fate of the entire Western world today.
  5. World Hal Turner 15 October 2022 Hits: 41885 For the very first time since Russia began its "Special Military Operation" in Ukraine on February 24, the China Foreign Ministry has issued an URGENT Bulletin to all Chinese anywhere in Ukraine, to EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY. *** UPDATE 11:13 AM EDT SUNDAY - SEE BOTTOM This action by China is no doubt based upon information they derived from Russia thanks to the close relationship between those two countries. It also bodes ominously for Ukraine. What does China NOW KNOW about the immediate future of Ukraine, that they are choosing to URGENTLY tell their citizens to evacuate immediately? "POSTPONE" Mid-Term Elections??? There has been very much speculation inside the USA that the Democrat Party knows it is going to be walloped in the upcoming Midterm elections in November. Today being October 15, it seems to many Americans that whatever the Democrats plan to do, they HAVE to do before that date, if their goal is to somehow postpone the election. Trouble is, the elections are not run by the federal government; they're run by each of the fifty states. Congress has zero authority to postpone elections. Moreover, there is no provision within the US Constitution, permitting Congress to somehow EXTEND their term of office. They cannot remain in power after January of 2023 no matter what law they pass. Many believe firmly, however, the law and the Constitution won't stop the Democrats from trying to cling to power by any means necessary. If they start World War 3 next week, and the nukes fly, many suspect they would try to exploit that to their advantage. Bear in mind, this nation held a Presidential Election during the Civil War. Even an actual war, on our own soil, did not stop an election. Keep that in mind. UPDATE 8:30 PM EDT -- Kazakhstan announced it is closing its Ukrainian Embassy immediately and all of its citizens should leave Ukraine at once. Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Serbia have told citizens to leave Ukraine as well . . . UPDATE SUNDAY, OCT. 16 @ 11:13 AM EDT -- China has EXPANDED it's urgent advisory to Chinese citizens. Now, they are telling their people to evacuate Ukraine "and surrounding areas" immediately ! ! ! !
  6. By Michael Baxter - October 13, 2022 Since the start of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine, the public has been inundated with images and video of alleged Russian atrocities: photos of a heroic Volodymyr Zelenskyy standing alongside Ukrainian troops and kneeling beside fallen, shrapnel-ridden soldiers with their guts torn out; video of Russian bombs shredding civilian apartment buildings; Russian tanks and artillery blown to bits; and, yes, disturbing images of what Zelenskyy has called mass graves brimming with butchered bodies of valiant Ukrainian freedom fighters. But these presentations are technological illusions created with green screens, CGI, and Deep Fake technology, at least according to a Russian Federal Service Bureau Agent named Alek Melnikoff who claims Hollywood has helped Zelenskyy perpetuate the biggest fraud humanity has ever seen. Real Raw News wants to be clear: we have yet to fully authenticate Melnikoff’s assertions. We have verified his credentials—he is who he says he is and is employed by the FSB, a successor agency to the KGB that specializes in counterintelligence, internal and border security, counterterrorism, and surveillance as well as investigating some other types of serious crimes and federal law violations. We acknowledge he could be a disinformation agent and are publishing this piece because some of his testimony aligns with content published earlier this year about Putin’s motives for entering Ukraine. First, Melnikoff admits civilians have perished in the conflict; collateral casualties are unavoidable, especially when a “madman” who harbors pedophiles and allows foreign bioweapon laboratories on his soil refuses conditional overtures of peace. “Reasonable” conditions, he said, include signing an armistice agreement by which Zelensky would be allowed to retain power if he renounces the Biden regime and pledges to keep Ukraine free of child traffickers and foreign “contaminants.” Zelenskyy, he added, has chosen to risk the lives of innocents rather than consenting to reason, so much so that he has manufactured a “fake war” using Hollywoodized studios he erected in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Vladimir Putin wants to destroy the stages, but Zelenskyy has hidden them well. “President Putin knows they exist. He tries to find them. What you see on Western Television is fake. Fake graves. Fake bodies of Russian soldiers. Fake bombs going off. Fake babies being killed. This is all done with technology to get sympathy for the pig Zelenskyy. And, yes, your President Biden, he knows the truth! He is party to it,” Melnikoff told Real Raw News. Besides implicating the illegitimate administration, he implicated the Hollywood elite, saying Vladimir Putin has surveillance video of “Hollywood producers and special effects guys” crossing the Poland-Ukraine border near the city of Zosin – Ustyluh with “truckloads” of gear. Melnikoff would not name names, specifically, but said, “Don’t you be surprised if people like [Stephen] Spielberg and [Christopher] Nolan are involved.” “The level of deception is amazing,” Melnikoff said. “Even Putin was impressed at the production. It is pulling the wool, as you say, over the eyes. If a person doesn’t know better, how they can tell the difference between a real war and fake. Many American dollars made this possible.” In closing, we want to reiterate that we need more proof. It’s entirely possible that a Russian agent could have read the articles we published in February, March, and April, and parroted some of that back to us. We will supply additional information when we have it.
  7. "Horrible"... "Brutal"..."A Disaster For Democrats": A Shocked Wall Street Reacts To Today's CPI Nuclear Bomb BY TYLER DURDEN THURSDAY, OCT 13, 2022 - 01:11 PM For all the talk of the world being on the verge of nuclear war courtesy of the dementia patient in the White House, a real life financial nuke just went off at 8:30am when the BLS reported a shocking CPI print so unexpectedly hot ( a 2.9-sigma upside surprise to consensus), that even the bears were shocked. The result was... well, an absolute disaster doesn't even begin to cut it. And as one would expect, alongside the shock and awe there was a barrage of delightful soundbite to go along with Wall Street's reaction. Below we have summarized some of them: Andrew Brenner, head of international fixed-income at NatAlliance Securities. “Horrible CPI number... what will the Fed to do on interest rates: Will they go 100 basis?” Jim Caron. Morgan Stanley Investment Management. "It is brutal... I do think that prices will start to moderate -- I thought that this would already be happening at this point,” he tells Bloomberg TV. The issue now is that inflation has moved from the goods sector and has permeated into the services sector." Chris Antsey, Bloomberg senior editor "For Democrats, this is a disaster. Today’s is the final CPI report ahead of the Nov. 8 midterm election. You can bet that Republicans will be hitting this hard -- worst inflation in four decades." Nick Timraous, Fed mouthpiece at the WSJ For the Fed, the September CPI report seals the case for a fourth consecutive 75-basis-point hike. It calls into question the modal outlook from three weeks ago—that the Fed might be able to stop raising rates after 50 bps in December and 25 in February Dennis DeBusschere, founder of 22V Research, "This was clearly a bad number. It’s just broad-based inflation. Is what it is.... Need much more goods disinflation to offset the high sticky parts of core.” Seth Carpenter, chief global economist at Morgan Stanley, "That this was clearly a shock for markets. If ever there’s a time for people who do economic forecasting to be humbled, this is it.” Steve Chiavarone, senior portfolio manager at Federated Hermes: “This report raises the risk that we may see a new cycle high in headline inflation before the end of the year. With energy prices moving back up, a mid-90s oil price in December could see us surpass the 9.1% headline peak from June... Looking at the components, what is most worrying is the big jump in services. Service inflation is the most sticky. This is where both shelter prices and wages reign supreme.” Mona Mahajan, senior investment strategist at Edward Jones: "This print not only poses a challenge for the Fed but also the broader economy. Inflation was supposed to be moderating but instead we got a print that moved in the wrong direction." Michael Pearce, senior US economist at Capital Economics: “There are still clear signs of disinflation everywhere else we look. The drop in used auto prices should continue to feed through, the survey evidence points to weakening price pressures, and the private sector measures of new rents point to an eventual sharp moderation in shelter inflation too – although that wont feed through in earnest until H1 2023.” Angelo Manolatos, US and Canada interest rate strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence, calls today’s report “clearly a core-services story:” “But it’s not just rent. Core services excluding rents is growing at over 6.5% year-over-year. With no rent relief on the horizon, core services price gains will continue to underpin core inflation.” Ira Jersey, chief rates strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence: “It’s difficult to see the 10-year yield not break 4% today on this CPI report. The yield curve may continue to flatten and retest recent lows as the market will likely price for an even more aggressive Fed terminal interest rate.” Anna Wong, Chief US Economist for Bloomberg Economics, says: “The September CPI print is not good -- and even so, the subdued monthly headline rate likely marks the best inflation news we’ll get for a while. With gasoline prices rising again since OPEC+ announced cuts, and core services inflation still robust, the upside surprise in today’s print -- plus the unfavorable prints expected in coming months -- will make it difficult for the Fed to communicate a downshift in the pace of rate hikes in December, as policy makers indicated in the latest dot plot.” Mohamed El-Erian "Once again, hotter than expected US inflation numbers for both the core and headline measures… and, therefore, bad news for the Federal Reserve and markets and, more importantly, the economy and especially the most vulnerable segments of society." Priya Misra, global head of rates strategy at TD Securities: “Stronger report on headline and core so the market move makes sense. The market pricing for the terminal rate was 4.66% before the report, now at 4.7% and this can keep nudging higher. We are looking for 5% terminal (effective of 4.83%). Oscar Munoz, US Macro strategist at TD Securities: “I do not think this changes much for the Fed, just that it lowers the idea of a Fed pivot. They’re likely to continue hiking at large 75bp clip in November, and increases the risk of another 75bp for December. Though we’re of the view that they will do 50bp. As they get further into restrictive policy territory, they will become less hawkish in terms of the pace of rate increases given they have hiked so much this past year and rising concerns about financial stability.” And now we sit back and wait for something to break.
  8. World Hal Turner 13 October 2022 Hits: 11501 Dates on records are funny things; you can't get around actual dates. The dates on records prove facts, and the facts are as follows: The world first started to hear about a novel coronavirus in Wuhan China in early January 2020. Yet it wasn't until February 11 that the records of the World Health Organization prove that new virus was named "COVID-19." So with the official records proving this, why does United States Government data show that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) awarded a contract on November 12, 2019 to Labyrinth Global Health INC. for ‘COVID-19 Research?’ November 12 . . . at least one month before the emergence of the virus, and three months before it was officially named Covid-19? The findings do not end there. The government contract awarded on November 12, 2019 for ‘COVID-19 Research’ stipulated it was to take place in . . . Ukraine . . . as part of a much larger contract for a ‘Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine’. Maybe that's one of the reasons the US is so interested in "defending Ukraine" from what Russia is now doing . . . because, it seems to me, this information shows the US funded the actual creation of the COVID-19 virus, which killed millions worldwide, and paved the way for their far deadlier "vaccine"- from which millions more are now dying, and the US needs to make certain nobody finds out. Read the rest of the story HERE
  9. World Hal Turner 13 October 2022 Hits: 9086 Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes (AOC) got an utterly relentless verbal beat down at a town hall meeting last night, and given that the Hal Turner Radio Show is the ONLY media outlet in the world linking Congressional votes --> Ukraine --> nuclear World War 3, one wonders if this guy is a listener, or reader of this site? Video below: The guy seems to have nailed it; and the crowd joined him in what he said! It is noteworthy that the Hal Turner Radio Show has, repeatedly, pointed the finger directly at "your local members of the US House of Representatives and your Senators" as having funded the forcible, violent overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovich of Ukraine in the year 2014. It continued to point the finger directly at Congress for having funded the puppet regime that is now in power in Ukraine. It pointed the finger relentlessly at Congress for turning a willful blind eye to Ukraine massing troops, firing artillery and mortars at Luhansk and Donetsk from 2014 thru 2022, which killed about 14,000 civilians in those two places in Ukraine. It was the Hal Turner Radio Show that repeatedly told the public "Congress is going to get YOU and YOUR FAMILY killed, in a nuclear World War 3, over what they're funding and doing in Ukraine . . . . and now, someone from the general public has put that information to direct use in confronting a member of Congress! No other media outlet anywhere in the world put those pieces together and presented them in a way that so vividly shows Congress is to blame. Who knows, maybe the show __is__ having some positive effect on our lives by broadcasting the unvarnished truth?
  10. World Hal Turner halturnerradioshow 08 October 2022 CITIZEN FURY The citizens of Russia are so utterly furious with the actions of the United States (and our NATO Vassals) in Ukraine, they took to the streets of Moscow today chanting "Nuke Washington." Carrying the Ribbon of St. George flags, and lead by a mock ICBM, the crowd protested the actions of the United States which is arming Ukraine, giving money to Ukraine, and providing intelligence data to kill Russian soldiers, that they gathered and marched through Moscow to the U.S. Embassy. The St. George Ribbon is of special meaning and importance in Russia. The ribbon of Saint George is a Russian military symbol consisting of a black and orange bicolor pattern, with three black and two orange stripes. It appears as a component of many high military decorations awarded by the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the current Russian Federation. In the early 21st century, the ribbon of Saint George came to be used as an awareness ribbon for commemorating the veterans of the Eastern Front of the Second World War (known in post-Soviet countries as the Great Patriotic War). It is the primary symbol used associated with Victory Day. It enjoys wide popularity in Russia as a patriotic symbol, as well as a way to show public support to the Russian government. This type of citizen action - openly calling for a nuclear attack by Russia against the United States -- has never been seen before in history. Russian elected officials see this public support and it may very well factor into their decision about what the future may require. That became explicitly evident this evening in Moscow when . . . RUSSIA DRIVES NUCLEAR MISSILES PAST U.S. EMBASSY In the evening of October 8, in the wake of the Crimea Bridge attacks, the Russian government sent TWO fully operational NUCLEAR MISSILE LAUNCHER TRUCKS to drive directly in front of the United States Embassy in Moscow. The Transporter / Erector / Launcher Trucks were carrying the "YARS" Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile which is armed with at least one 800 kiloton nuclear warhead. The missile can carry at least four warheads, and if they are smaller, 100 kt versions they can carry ten of those instead. Each warhead is a "MIRV" -- Multiple Independent Re-Entry Vehicle. Each warhead can be programmed to attack a different target! One missile can mean up to TEN American cities hit at the same time. Never before in the recorded history of this world, has any nation paraded live nuclear missiles on launcher trucks, against another nation's official Embassy. To many observers, this is the single most explicit warning of nuclear war ever given. Here is the video of those nuclear missiles passing in front of the US Embassy in Moscow, which is the white building with gold trim Here's actual video of the nuclear missile trucks -- and a slew of Tanks -- passing the US Embassy in Moscow HAL TURNER COMMENTARY Russia sending LIVE NUCLEAR MISSILES on launcher trucks to pass in front of the US Embassy in Moscow is the single most unprecedented nuclear threat in the history of the world. Yet the American people remain blissfully unaware that their federal government is causing so much trouble overseas, we are now at actual risk of being hit with a nuclear attack. The American people are not being told by their mass media that things between the US and Russia have spiraled so terribly in the past few months. In fact, the entire US mass media, including ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, CNBS, FOX News, newspapers like the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, the Boston Globe, the Miami Herald, the Dallas Morning News and all the rest, have kept reporting about this matter to a bare minimum. To my knowledge, NOT ONE of them have outlined how close we actually are to World War 3 and a nuclear holocaust. The same goes for all the big name wire services, Associated Press (AP), United Press International (UPI), Thompson-Reuters news service; limited coverage at best. Want to know why the US Mass-Media is keeping this all low-profile? Because they're really not "journalists" or even "Reporters" anymore; they're partisans. They're completely political. They don't do "news" anymore; it's more "propaganda." The media know their fellow liberal Democrats are in real trouble as the mid-term elections approach. They don't want to report anything that will make the Democrats look bad. And, of course, the Democrat majorities in the House and Senate, along with the Democrat President, causing so much trouble that we might get nuked, would definitely not make their fellow liberals look good. So the liberal media . . . keeps it all very quiet. It was only this past week, when dementia-addled Joe Biden told a Fund-Raiser in New York City that we've never been closer to Armageddon since the Cuban Missile crisis. The media reported that remark, but did nothing to outline how we got here, what WE did to cause this trouble, and that we are now at actual risk of being hit with a nuclear first strike, by the only country on earth capable of defeating us. Yes, Russia CAN defeat us. You see, THEY have hypersonic missiles and we don't. THEY have nuclear bomb shelters for their population, and we don't. THEY have food, water, medicine, electric generators and machine tools in all of their nuclear shelters, and we don't. The long and short of this is . . . . THEY survive . . . . we don't. You see, this is not about Russia using nukes against Ukraine; Russia doesn't need to do that. Ukraine is nothing and the Russian Army would ordinarily make quick work of them. But Ukraine is being supplied by the USA and its NATO vassal puppets on a string. That's what NATO countries are: Puppets dancing on a U.S. string. Russia knows this, and Russia, it seems to me, is growing tired of the relentless meddling by the US/NATO that is costing the lives of thousands of Russian soldiers. Russia has warned the United States over, and over, and over again, to stop interfering in Ukraine as it is none of our business. Ukraine is NOT a member of NATO. Ukraine has no Treaties for defense with the U.S. The U.S. has no economic or national security interest in Ukraine, yet we are sending tens of billions of dollars in weapons, ammunition, and cash money to Ukraine. In addition, we are using our spy satellites and military spy planes to gather real-time intelligence on Russian troop movements, and then providing TARGETING COORDINATES to Ukraine, to kill those Russia troops. Russia is rapidly coming to the conclusion that all their troubles can be stopped by hitting the United States with a nuclear strike, and hitting us FIRST. They know that the moment a nuke detonates on US Soil, NATO will fall apart. Sure, the UK will fire a return nuke strike, but the UK is tiny and can be wiped out by Russia's new "SARMAT" missile in two-hundred and two SECONDS. Yes, you read that right, 202 SECONDS from launch to impact . . . and the UK is gone. France may also fire a nuke or two, but the French know those Russian SARMET missiles can launch and hit Paris in 180 Seconds. France . . . will likely buckle rather than be nuked. The way I see it, all the little NATO member countries would fold like a cheap camera the moment big brother USA gets hit. Because all the little NATO countries know they don't stand a chance if the US isn't around to back them up. So, as you read this, Russia has made the most explicit DEMONSTRATION of coming nuclear war, that any country has ever done with any other country. They have publicly and repeatedly warned us to stop interfering. Our federal government won't stop. Sooner or later, Russia is going to have to decide whether or not to PUT A STOP to them. And when that fateful decision is made, YOU, ME, and all our family and friends, will begin to see bright, white, flashes before we get burned to death in nuclear blasts and fires. WHO IS TO BLAME? You know who is doing this to us? No, not just that dementia-addled Commander-in-Thief, Joe Biden, whose Democrat Party stole the 2020 Presidential Election with rampant voter fraud. The people TRULY responsible for this . . . are YOUR local members of the US Congress. You know, all those political phonies that glad-hand, back-slap, smile, and lie to your face, when they come home from Washington. Yea. Them. THEY have voted to approve every cent of money used to forcibly overthrow the Government of Ukraine in 2014. The money they approved went to support a new government (read Puppet regime) favorable to the west. THEY approved the money to train and equip Ukraine's army. THEY winked and nodded when Ukraine started attacking Russian-speaking citizens in Luhansk and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. THEY (and their dementia-addled POTUS, flatly refused Russia's Diplomatic efforts for a Treaty to have iron clad, legally enforceable, security guarantees for Russia, as NATO continued its expansion all around Russia's borders. Russia proposed that in December of last year. The US and NATO laughed at it as they threw the proposal in the trash can. When you and your family get slaughtered by Russian nuclear missiles, you can thank your local member of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. They are personally to blame for what is going on and they are personally responsible for creating this situation with Russia. And when they crawl out of their cushy, safe, nuclear bunkers, while the rest of us who might survive are suffering from the nuclear war they caused, remember it was THEM who did this to all of us. They are to blame. They are guilty. I'm not certain there's any way to avoid what I see coming - nuclear war. But maybe, just maybe, if enough of you get off your butts, start calling and going into Congressional offices and telling them in no uncertain terms they better knock this **** off, maybe we can avoid Armageddon. If you do nothing, don't be surprised as your skin burns off your body when the Russian nukes hit us.
  11. World War III has already begun, but the truth is being withheld from the public until the very last moment Friday, September 23, 2022 by: Mike Adams World War III has already begun. You simply aren’t being told this because your government and dishonest media outlets are dedicated to keeping you in the dark. After all, they want to use the remaining time to stockpile food, ammunition, medical supplies and precious metals for themselves, and this can only be accomplished by withholding the truth about the situation for as long as possible. The Prime Minister of Serbia may be an exception to this, as he is now publicly warning that the world is about to experience a “great world conflict” that will likely begin in the next two months. Aleksandar Vucic made the alarming comments during the first day of the UN General Assembly session in New York,” reports Paul Joseph Watson at The full quote from Vucic is: I assume that we’re leaving the phase of the special military operation and approaching a major armed conflict, and now the question becomes where is the line, and whether after a certain time – maybe a month or two, even – we will enter a great world conflict not seen since the Second World War. NATO is already at war with Russia, and Putin is gearing up for a continental battle What’s happening is that psychopathic western nations have — the real aggressors in this war — have unleashed not just “suicide sanctions” against Russia, but are also running Ukraine’s military operations against Russia. This means NATO is already in the war, even if NATO won’t admit it yet. Worse yet, NATO leaders are openly demanding the complete destruction of Russia and the occupation / exploitation of Russia’s natural resources, which is of course the entire model of global exploitation and pillaging typically carried out by the west. (Disrupt, pillage, control. That’s the CIA model that has been unleashed against other nations for decades…) Brighteon.TV Conditions are already long past the point of negotiation or de-escalation between Russia and the west. The psychopathic leaders of the west (Victoria Nuland comes to mind) are russo-phobic Russia haters who are determined to carry out genocide against the Russian people, even if it means destroying their own economies and agricultural supply chains in the process. These psychopaths, Putin has come to realize, can’t be reasoned with or trusted to abide by any agreements whatsoever. Russia realizes it must fight or die. That’s where we are right now. Unfortunately, the insanity of western nations has escalated this conflict to a condition where whoever launches nukes first has the advantage. This is a very dangerous dynamic, obviously, and it stems from the fact that the west has repeatedly signaled it will not allow the existence of Russia in its “New World Order” vision of planet Earth. With friends like Victoria Nuland calling the shots, who needs enemies? Russia has a 30+ year advantage over the west in terms of nuclear weapons and anti-air defenses An important realization in all this is that NATO’s nuclear arsenal is ancient — mostly running on designed originally engineered in the 1970s — while Russia’s nuclear capabilities are at least two generations ahead, modernized with hyperglide reentry vehicles, evasive maneuver capabilities for ICBMs, hypersonic cruise missiles which are nuclear capable, and highly advanced anti-air defense systems that can even intercept and take down incoming ICBMs. In addition, Russia possesses secret “doomsday” weapons — far beyond their thermobaric bombs — that the world hasn’t even seen yet. On the current trajectory, those weapons are going to be introduced to the west without any warning whatsoever, resulting in the complete annihilation of Western European governments, currencies and industry. I have no doubt whatsoever that Russia has already designated the targets of its first strike, and that those targets include London, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, US naval fleets and virtually all military bases across Western Europe. We are now just one launch away from a civilization-ending event. The USA and NATO have deluded themselves into thinking they can win a nuclear exchange with Russia, but this is just as delusional as thinking “men can get pregnant” or that money printing doesn’t cause inflation (notably, the brain dead Biden regime insists that both of these absurdities are absolutely true). Over the past two decades — and more recently led by the insanity of wokeism — the west has become fully invested in delusional thinking and fairy tale narratives that have no connection with reality. While the west has been waging a propaganda narrative war, Russia has been engineering the world’s most advanced nuclear weapons. Once the nuclear exchange begins, there’s no question whatsoever about its outcome. Russia will lose a few million people — far less than what they lost in World War II — but they will annihilate Germany, Poland, France and the United Kingdom. Western Europe will be plunged into a generation of despair and darkness, while the U.S. suffers a cascading financial collapse due to exposure to European banks, currencies and debt markets. Western journalists and kleptocrats are incapable of seeing this reality, and they are similarly incapable of acting to stop it. They are caught in their own delusional world of self-inflicted brainwashing and propaganda, believing (somehow) that they can bully Russia into capitulating to the west’s insane demands. But Russia is no Third World nation. Russia can’t be economically dismantled with western sanctions, and Russia has its own domestic supply chain for literally everything it needs to feed its people, build more weapons and earn a fortune in exports of energy and commodities to willing trade partners like India, China, Turkey and Iran. Finally, Putin will not back down, and Putin is far more intelligent than any of the cognitively-challenged lunatics running the USA, UK or NATO countries. In a chess match between Putin and Biden, you’d probably see Joe Biden augmented with remote controlled vibrating diapers to send him chess move signals through his rectum, and he still wouldn’t understand the meaning of chess notations anyway. The leaders of western nations are so utterly incompetent that they don’t even qualify as “clowns,” since good clowns are actually intelligent, capable communicators who can make people laugh. Biden, Blinken, and Nuland just make us all want to puke. The West has already grossly miscalculated with “suicide sanctions” but still won’t admit to their catastrophic errors As proof of the incompetence of western nations, consider the fact that their “suicide sanctions” against Russia — originally implemented to try to force Russia into a currency collapse — has had the opposite effect. The sanctions are destroying the Euro, not the Ruble, and now all of Western Europe faces a winter of darkness, famine and freezing to death. That’s on top of the “permanent deindustrialization” of European industry that is already well under way, with about 70% of metals smelting and ammonia production already offline. Fertilizer production has ground to a halt, the Nord Stream 1 pipeline has been halted, and to add insult to injury, Belgium is proudly announcing the shutting down of a nuclear power plant, right as Belgium faces an energy scarcity catastrophe. Germany, meanwhile, is putting another $8 billion into bailing out Uniper, a major natural gas provider, and that’s on top of $15 billion already spent trying to prevent Uniper’s collapse. Germany’s industrial base is being wiped out at astonishing speed, and nobody in the German government is telling the German people they won’t have jobs as industry collapses. Putin must be astonished at the speed of which Western Europe — and Germany in particular — is destroying itself. Recall that Germany destroyed Western Europe twice already: World War I and World War II. Now, Germany (still largely run by Nazis) is leading the way to the total destruction of Europe yet again. At one level, Putin need not launch any nukes at all… he merely needs to wait for winter to kick in and for the laws of thermodynamics and economics to do the rest. The greens must be proud: Entire forests are being clear cut for firewood Yesterday I spoke with war correspondent Michael Yon who had just traveled through Germany (my interview with him will post tomorrow on He told me the forests were being clear-cut everywhere across Germany (at least that he could see) in a desperate effort by the people to stockpile firewood for the coming winter. This is the new “green” agenda on parade: Clear-cutting forests that will take decades to grow back. Will the greenies celebrate all the dead forests because at least Germany didn’t burn fossil fuels? Does anybody realize that a 19th century economy can’t support a 21st century population? Famine is a mathematical certainty. To stop this crisis, all Germany has to do is apologize to Russia, drop the economic sanctions and beg Gazprom to turn the gas back on, but no, they won’t dare do that, even if hundreds of thousands of German citizens starve to death and die of exposure. In exactly the same way Adolf Hitler threw starving, freezing German soldiers into Russia’s defensive lines at Stalingrad in 1943, today’s German leaders are sacrificing the lives of their own citizens in a desperate bid to try to economically harm Russia … and it isn’t even accomplishing that! In the Battle of Stalingrad, the Soviet Union surrounded and defeated Germany’s Sixth Army, which surrendered more than 330,000 soldiers to the Russians. Today, Germany is willing to sacrifice millions of its own citizens if necessary, proving that Nazi-style suicide maneuvers remain alive and well in Berlin, even generations after the catastrophic outcome of World War II. You can beat the Nazis out of Russia, but you can’t beat the Nazi tendencies out of the German political leaders. Russia, meanwhile, is sitting on massive quantities of low-cost energy, minerals, steel manufacturing, fertilizer production, successful food crops, electronics manufacturing and everything else needed to keep civilization on its feet. Yet to this very day, there isn’t one Western European politician who will admit the truth of where things stand. Too bad propaganda can’t heat homes, or the western media would be the ultimate renewable energy source for the entire planet. The upshot of all this? Anyone living in Western Europe should prepare for economic collapse, famine and nuclear war. Those living in North America should prepare for economic collapse and worldwide nuclear fallout that will disrupt crops for years to come. Those who don’t store food will end up eating radioactive food, if they can find any at all. Prepare accordingly.
  13. Sitting President....??? Nothing you see (here) is real as MyLadiesDaddy wrote on 21 February 2021.
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