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  1. With the BOGUS "witch-hunt" finally out of the way, the POTUS is now free to go on the offensive against the corrupt Deep State Dems without being falsely and endlessly accused of "obstruction". Without Mueller to 'block' for their corrupt 'players', they now know that their days are numbered! #MAGA
  2. The Deplorables Network FREE SPEECH LIVES HERE!
  3. There is no Nothingness in the Universe. Except inside the skull of the Dems.
  4. Adam, Please tell us will this coloured paper ever RV? Keep asking same question every year for 14 years...😠 Regards HUFFY
  5. Since 2005 when I bought my Dinars till today i think it won't be worthless. Not selling ..yet!
  6. Who is this guy? President Trump?
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