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  1. Hammerknocker

    RV In China...Are We Next?

    I know a couple of people that Stank scammed have sent the form in, on him. I dont know if the form is legit but if it is, he better start hiding because he's neck deep in scams from about 06. They seem to think that he needs to pay for his "intel and contacts" lies that caused them to buy into his bulls*it. Back then, there were a smaller percentage of scammers. Stank showed his true colors when he started asking for donations, and got thrown off websites. I wonder if he's gonna start asking for help with his attorney's fees? Who's gonna lead the flock now ?
  2. Hammerknocker

    FBI forms Iraq dinar scam team

    Oh, this is gonna be GOOD
  3. He's been doing that from the jump !!
  4. Hammerknocker

    Where do they get this information? Do they make it up?????

    Mr. Stank is going to get exactly what is coming to him (in spades). He likes the spotlite, but he's not going to like it when the bill comes due !! ALL he does is repost info that has already been posted on another website, and tries to make himself look like he is (or has) some insider with some special connections. IMHO (as Stank likes to put it ), he nothing more than a Sh*t-hook.
  5. Sounds exactly like what Stank does.
  6. Hammerknocker

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    Gomer and Luanne went to the movies. Gomer asked Luanne "Luanne, can I put my finger in yer belly button)?. Gomer kept pestering her about it. Finally she said ok . All of a sudden Luanne said "Gomer, That is NOT my belly button", and Gomer said "Supprise Supprise Supprise , that aint my finger neither. Bbbwaaaaaaaaaaaa
  7. Hammerknocker

    Some Delta for you

  8. Hammerknocker

    Frankie says...

    Especially his own
  9. Hammerknocker

    Alaska - Bears - Hunting

    My son is working at one of the resorts at the base of dinali. He's having a blast.
  10. Hammerknocker

    RV...In Coming Days. Is This Our Week?

    Frank dont go away mad..... JUST GO AWAY You should have got out 12 years ago, when you thought you were THE BIG SHIITe. And please do NOT go to any dinar related parties after this is over. I dont think you will be held in awe by the majority of good folks. The ones who you conned and caused to lose funds due to your TEAM and INTEL, because they trusted you, might just beat the hell out of you. As you say again & again, JUST My Humble Opinion . Now go,and beg GOD for forgiveness. You are really gonna need it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hammerknocker

    Adam Montana Weekly (late) 19 April 2018

    Now THAT was COOL ! WAY COOL !!!!!
  12. Hammerknocker

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Yo Mama's so fat, she put a quarter between the cheeks of her ass and squeezed a booger out of George Washington's nose
  13. We used to go by that structure on the way up north from Anaconda.
  14. Hammerknocker

    ADMINBILL sees the light.

    Maybe we ought to give him a new moniker : Horseface
  15. Hammerknocker

    ADMINBILL sees the light.

    I wish Frank (STANK) would get the hint . WINK WINK STINK STINK

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