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  1. So Frank, how much more dinar are you buying since they are ready to go ? Lets all see you put your money where your ^&*## mouth is !
  2. It's for a gram. too pricy for my blood !
  3. April 20, I'll be in this 15 years. I'm in it, to win it, but it's the same old smack year after year, and until some necks start getting stretched over in Iraq, it's going to continue to be the same old smack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I know a couple of people that Stank scammed have sent the form in, on him. I dont know if the form is legit but if it is, he better start hiding because he's neck deep in scams from about 06. They seem to think that he needs to pay for his "intel and contacts" lies that caused them to buy into his bulls*it. Back then, there were a smaller percentage of scammers. Stank showed his true colors when he started asking for donations, and got thrown off websites. I wonder if he's gonna start asking for help with his attorney's fees? Who's gonna lead the flock now ?
  5. Mr. Stank is going to get exactly what is coming to him (in spades). He likes the spotlite, but he's not going to like it when the bill comes due !! ALL he does is repost info that has already been posted on another website, and tries to make himself look like he is (or has) some insider with some special connections. IMHO (as Stank likes to put it ), he nothing more than a Sh*t-hook.
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