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  1. hey synopsis ,like your analysis , you are welcome anytime ! i`ll get my dog team and meet you at the border !
  2. i believe the iraq elections are next year in sept. possible kurd referendum next week .
  3. shawnee

    Contacting others here

    Thanks for the info ! julie confirms that i am listed under members , as well as Platinum VIP . So how do i get the platinum to show in my profile ? Thank you !
  4. shawnee

    Contacting others here

    i am already platinum .
  5. shawnee

    Contacting others here

    what , or where is the PM system ??
  6. shawnee

    Referring to Age...

    sounds good to this young fella!
  7. shawnee

    Picture of an Oil Rig...

    not cal gary , been here 50 years, no tornado yet ! Try Admonchuck
  8. shawnee

    Picture of an Oil Rig...

    Good thing the pipe was in the hole !
  9. shawnee

    VIP MEMBERS - bypass picture instructions here.

    Would love a badge , thank you . Shawnee
  10. shawnee

    Adam Montana Weekly 8 March 2017

    15 out of 15, such happy memories !!
  11. Dont come to Canada , we have to many lefties now !!!
  12. seems to me that the Palestinian Authority mentioned in the announcement should be dealing with the israeli - palestine problem , not iraq .

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