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  1. Power ball numbers 02/25/28/30/33---08 jeepguy 31/38/47/54/60---04 poker player
  2. Mega millions number 05/09/18/26/70---07 poker player 25/49/50/51/55---22 Jeep guy
  3. power ball numbers 12/33/35/42/44---07 poker player 14/40/44/53/60---14 jeepguy----- > retirement time ! 😀
  4. Mega millions number 08/25/28/65/69---07 poker player 04/17/22/37/48---20 Jeep guy
  5. Hey guy ! This New app, is killing . Can't get any thing to post ( as in new lottery game
  6. Hahaha ! 😚 man can't believe 1 power Ball number! Well better luck next draw
  7. Rubbing Jax for luck Power Ball numbers! 01/41/49/55/66---22 poker player 05/16/37/43/64---10 Jeep guy
  8. Wow ! Good for you Jax ! Been awhile since this many have numbers hit.. Good job cmcd !
  9. Mega millions number 11/22/35/66/70---06 poker player 16/23/29/44/65---25 Jeep guy
  10. TERMS for Weekly Powerball Entries 1) Pool(s) is (are) open to identifiable/registered DV MEMBERS ONLY (Sorry, no extended family or friends... or Lopsters, as they are not allowed in the regular forums, and therefore cannot comply with the rules). 2) One SET of numbers per ENTRANT per POST per FAMILY (Multiple members in a family may participate under ONE ENTRANT ONLY). (Please select CASH OPTION when purchasing numbers/ticket). Annuity tickets will not be disqualified and will be factored accordingly if determined a winner, but our preferred intent is for the lump sum pa
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