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  1. I agree! I previously thought that they would have to come out low and float up or just RI to $3 plus, but after studying this for the last year or so, I now understand that they must come out to at least $1 plus in order to get Iraqis to turn in dollars for dinar. I would prefer an RI, but don't think that will happen. I know that many times the things they do don't make sense, so who knows! Where they are only on the hook for the dinar in Iraq, it could be possible to RI, especially with the article that stated they could cover it at 2.5 to 1.
  2. Go Maine! And I make four! Near Moosehead Lake! 3 hours north of Rockland.
  3. I agree. Here's something that may help some people understand this whole thing better. http://www.another
  4. Looks like this is proof that the value will not decrease with the removal of the zeros. I like that! Make it so!
  5. This doesn't sound like what we want to see...unless it happens after the RV!
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