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  1. Well I guess you are old enough 😎 B/A
  2. Donald Trump should just televise this Bill Clinton speech from 1995 and then simply state "I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message." Oh, please, please let this go viral. Not one word of commentary needs to be added. Very short video - about 84 seconds. https://www.c-spanorg/video/? c4351026/c
  3. Thanks Kev... This is how it should be. I've always heard don't talk politics and religion, but it was never a violent outcome, just friends and family ending up to agree to disagree... Today people are just to angry... Every one just needs to smoke a doobie and the world would mellow out... B/A
  4. You are a wise man Pitcher... And I agree we are all being dragged down by their ugly game... I personally am going to try harder not to play starting today... Thank you B/A
  5. I know I learned there is nothing wrong with 20 or 30 percent profit... You won't get that from a bank... I'm done with trying to score the moon shot return that I used to think was the way to go... You know one good hit is worth 10 bad buys? I don't think that any more. B/A
  6. I agree we all have hot buttons and most of us can converse... There are only a very few who go straight for the ruby... I tried to give you greenie, but I'm out... I owe you one. B/A
  7. Defending Donald Trump’s repeated racist taunts at Democratic congresswomen of color, Fox News host Pete Hegseth told correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera on Friday morning that it would be perfectly fine for him to utilize the president’s “go back to where you came from” message on him. A day after Trump sorta disavowed the racist “send her back!” chant his rally crowd launched at Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rivera appeared on Fox & Friends and said he was “glad the president has said” he didn’t like the chants. At the same time, Rivera noted that the president’s original tweets targeting the “Squad” tapped into an “old racist trope,” something the longtime Trump pal had criticized the president for days earlier. “Geraldo, but you, like many, have accused him of racism,” Hegseth replied. “But if you go back and look at that tweet, he’s not talking about race, he’s talking about whether or not you love this country and appreciate it. And if you don’t appreciate it and don’t love it, and don’t want to work to make it better, then maybe you could consider going somewhere else. There’s plenty of countries on Earth.” Rivera, who is of Puerto Rican heritage, shot back at his colleague, yelling “what the hell” before pointing out that all four congresswomen—Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) and Omar—are citizens of the United States. Hegseth, meanwhile, said he would have no problem if someone personally told him he could love it or leave it. “Intolerable—you cannot say that,” Rivera responded. “You could totally say it,” Hegseth, an informal adviser to Trump, asserted. “You can’t say it to me,” Rivera fired back. “Well, I could say it to you,” the Fox & Friends host countered. Rivera went on to recount the number of “street fights” he had in his younger years because he’s Puerto Rican, claiming he routinely heard people telling him to go back to where he came from even though he was born in New York. Hegseth brushed that off while continuing to insist that Trump is not referencing race but instead the lawmakers’ “principles” and “lack of gratitude.” “A lot of people aren’t grateful to be here,” Rivera declared. “Gratitude is not a requirement of citizenship.” Well Geraldo, that's what you get for being an American... B/A
  8. Or get greedy and think their stock will go up forever... I had a bio that I paid about .80 for one time and the word on the street was approval. It went to $4 and everyone said it would be $8... I held and it didn't get approved... It went to about .08 in a short time and I learned about greed. B/A
  9. No doubt, but they aren't going away... They are the Illuminati or the Bilderberg's or whatever the glitzy word is this week. B/A
  10. Nope... I just posted a chart that shows hate crimes on the rise over the past two or three years... I don't know who committed them... But you have to admit if you read the news, our country is more violent everyday regardless of being right or left. B/A
  11. Yes I posted story of their earning in the tariff thread... I think got negged for it..... LOL Good trade on your part! I can agree with that!!! But I don't believe anyone other than the CBI pulling the trigger. And I'm sure none of our presidents have any pull. If so "W" would have done it to show how Iraq paid for the war/ After all it was his people that came up with the new money. And there is no doubt Obama would have done it to make him look like a hero. Surely he is connected, he is a Muslim right? So seeing how neither of those guys had the influence to get it done, I don't think Trump will either... After all, he has turned our back on the globalists... You did see the IMF lady brush off Trump's daughter. Those people don't consider the Trumps part of their crowd. Kind of like if we wanted to hang out at Mar A Lago, I doubt they would let us in the bar... LOL.... B/A
  12. That's me laughing... McCain went through a lot more that our current president ever had to endure. I'm sorry if being called out be the media is tough, but does that compare to living in a prisoner of war camp? Maybe if you include Trump's bone spurs... B/A
  13. Isn't our president an Elitist? I mean he is a billionaire, or at least he says he is. Personally I doubt it. Don't elitist live in gated communities? Think they are better than everyone else? Want to get people out of their elitist world? Don't they want cheap labor to support lavish lifestyles, mow their grass and clean their homes? Yes I believe our president and his billionaire cabinet may be elitist... B/A
  14. Well so far, but 31 of his people have been indicted, so there is something bad in the soup. I think they created the middle class with workers right and unions during the gilded age. And may have invested in education. My views aren't Fascist. I was applying your definition to the president's followers. Wasn't it Trump followers who were beating people up at rallies and running them over with cars? B/A
  15. Nope... that's being civilized and understanding that everyone has a right to freedom of speech. This lady who is so hated came to America as an innocent child. Worked hard to gain her citizenship. Gained the support of her neighbors and was elected to the U.S. Congress. If that's not achieving the American dream I don't know what is... Now we (including me) may not agree with her, but no one has the right to ask her to leave her country. I believe you are a Catholic. I know of a few Bapstist folks who would want you out of here because you don't live by their rules... See how it works? First we get rid of the Muslims, then the Catholics, and so on and so on... I really don't think that is what most Americans want... I could be wrong, but I think it is the minority who holds this tainted view. BA
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