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  1. Thank you for your post CL We have a number of health care workers in our family. All are considering quitting or retiring. The entire mandate thing, the lack of supplies, the daily exposure to CV, and the understaffing is putting these workers in an impossible situation. Everything about CV is troubling, especially the cover up. It’s the biggest criminal activity in my lifetime.
  2. Now all they have to do is spend the next 20 years writing something on those white papers.
  3. How far did the fellow fly after the girl fell off. I’m thinking nothing less than 10 feet. Lol.
  4. But I believe we're ALL gonna be tap dancing to the bank soon... yes I just said that word. 😉 Be careful doing the happy dance. We’ve already had dozens injured celebrating too early the past 15 years.
  5. I don’t care if you hate Trump or not. That response is spot on. Take any metric you want to measure life in America, and compare the difference between Trump’s America vs Biden’s I im Amerika!!! It’s not even close, Freedom Wins over Censorship. Let’s go Brandon!!!! Wake up America if you don’t make the right choice in the next 2 elections you will have NO Freedom to choose. You only get to vote for Socialism/Communism 1 time!!! Thank you for the post CL!!
  6. Commander in Creep. What a sicko. His facial expressions with the girl is telling imo. Why is he standing that close to her. If that was my daughter I would tell him to back off.
  7. I’m still around holding my bag of AMC. When I went long I went long. I’m not selling. I’m getting my ass handed to me but I don’t give a rats ass. I will hold to zero if I have to. These hedge funds are crooks no too ways about it in my mind. The charts are irrelevant so I don’t really have much to add except being a cheerleader. Good luck to us all.
  8. VIP= solid good people sharing ideas I have benefited greatly and I say Thank you to Adam , the staff, and all who contribute. It’s been a great ride. if some of you haven’t been to the Silly Smiles Thread run as fast as you can to check it out. 🤣 😆 😝. Do not stop for the cake at 2nd base.
  9. In less than a year the contrast between the Trump Administration and the Biden Administration is plain to see if you will open your eyes. This is what the Biden Administration has give us, 1. Illegals Entering our unsecured Borders at an all time high. 50-100k a month. 2. Closed the Trans Continental Pipeline which has doubled our gas prices at the pump. 3. Made us dependent on Foreign Oil once again. 4. Out of control Inflation, the highest in 39 years. 5. People sitting at home making more on Government Welfare than they can at a job. 6. Insane Unconstitutional mask mandates. A wishy washy Pandemic policy full of lies and lockdowns. Selling Fear. 7. A withdrawal from Afghanistan which was incredibly inept, stranded 100’s of Americans, cost American soldiers their lives, and it returned Afghanistan to a barbaric Country with no freedom for women. It was a withdrawal that made the USA a laughingstock across the globe. 8. Crime, especially murder rates are up in most of the Dem held cities. 9. The lack of transparency and leadership is the worst I’ve ever seen in my 70 years of life. 10. The passage of a 1.1 trillion spending bill and a promised 3.5 build back better bill is nothing but wealth redistribution Pork Fest. It is causing higher inflation and moving us closer to a Socialistic Government. The Capital gains tax going to 28% is not going to help grow our economic pie either. 11. Weak on China and Russia. Both are ready to invade sovereign allies of the USA. 12. More Americans since the Civil War believe our country is headed for another Civil War or a Race War. I thought Joe was going to bring us all together, sing Kumbaya and roast marshmallows.
  10. The old goat going back to the wishing well.
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