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  1. I had a dream. In the Dream I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I checked my phone to see if I had a text from Adam. Bingo. I had a txt from Adam that said, This is not a joke, this is not a dream, this is not a drill. The Iraq Dinar has reset at 1-1. This was the pic that accompanied the Text.
  2. Seattle smashes CHOP: Police reclaim their precinct and at least 23 people are arrested after mayor FINALLY issues executive order and riot police vacate the zone which has seen two deadly shootings in three weeks and crime rise by 500% Mayor Jenny Durkan called the city's 'occupied' protest zone an 'unlawful assembly' in an order Wednesday Seattle police confirmed Wednesday they would be 'in the area this morning enforcing the Mayor's order' Officers in riot gear issued a dispersal order at 5am and used bicycles to herd the protesters Mayor Durkan said there has been a 525% spike in violent crimes, including rape and assault, in the area People had occupied several blocks around a park and the Seattle Police Department's East Precinct Police had abandoned the building following clashes with those calling for an end to police brutality Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said: 'The CHOP has become lawless and brutal' PUBLISHED: 09:07 EDT, 1 July 2020 | UPDATED: 12:10 EDT, 1 July 2020 Seattle police on Wednesday reclaimed their precinct in the city's 'occupied' protest zone after the mayor finally issued an early morning executive order to vacate the area. At least 23 people were arrested at the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone which has seen two deadly shootings and crime rise by more than 500 per cent in just over three weeks. People had occupied several blocks around a park and the Seattle Police Department's East Precinct after officers abandoned the building following clashes with protesters calling for an end to police brutality. Calling the gathering at the East Precinct and Cal Anderson Park an 'unlawful assembly' Mayor Jenny Durkan demanded all barriers be removed in an order issued in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Seattle police confirmed in a tweet early Wednesday that they would be 'in the area this morning enforcing the Mayor's order'. Officers in riot gear issued a dispersal order at 5am leading to the 23 arrests within just 30 minutes amid fears the protesters could now move to West Precinct. Police tweeted: 'Because suspects in recent shootings may still be in the area, and because numerous people in the area are in possession of firearms, Seattle Police officers involved in this morning's response will be equipped with additional protective gear.' Eyewitness Omari Salisbury said: 'The Seattle Police Department basically reclaimed the precinct in less than 30 minutes, five feet at a time with the bicycle officers out in front.' Speaking outside the precinct Wednesday morning police chief Carmen Best confirmed her officers had reclaimed the precinct, with the help of Bellevue police and the FBI, but could not offer a timeframe on when they would move back in. She said: 'Our job is to support peaceful demonstration but what has happened on these streets over the last two weeks is lawless and it's brutal and bottom line it is simply unacceptable.' President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the Seattle protest area, as well as city and state leaders. He tweeted Monday morning that the protesters 'have ZERO respect for Government.'
  3. Market is pounding higher on great news on CV vaccine, good ADP numbers Oil is roaring higher. Sold my nem nem Gold Stock.
  4. Thank you Adam!! I’m calm. Keep that good news flowing Iraq.
  5. Maybe not for you, but I want all the investment knowledge Pitcher is willing to divulge. This is, in fact, primarily an investment site. Its ok, My sentence was poorly written. I do own Dinars and Dongs. I was being a little flippant in my remark about them being a good investment yet. The jury is still out but I’m a believer in both and a few more.
  6. I forgot to add. Yet to that sentence above. 😂 😆
  7. Thugs, now I’m running an emotional roller coaster. Excited about a possible HCL and very afraid after seeing your post. 😂 😆 Ha, you got a confused emoji.
  8. Buying silver is never a bad idea. Dinars and Dongs I’m not so sure
  9. Nice try Shabbs. From now on just consider me as having zero credibility, zero fairness, zero open mindedness, zero anything Democrat and anyone that supports Democrats. Just put me on ignore because when I do take the time to state my opinions in the future they will be biased, slanted and divisive toward Liberals. There, you want me to pick a side, I just did and you and people like you put me there. You built that.
  10. Thanks for keeping us up to speed Thugs. I know the problem and I’m going to grab a flight to Iraq to get this deal done They can’t seem to figure out how to shake hands Hey guys, it’s not that hard. Just shake on it already. Even my dog knows how to do it.
  11. This is what Democrats allow to happen in all our major cities that they run. I will be willing to bet you don’t hear Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, or any Antifa/ BLM Terror Anarchist Groups denounce this despicable vandalism. How about it any of you Libs on this board, denounce this activity or we know where you stand. For the full effect click on the link below Rotting of the Big Apple: World famous monument of George Washington is defaced as NYC city slides billions into the red, its police face $1bn in cuts and de Blasio is accused of 'surrendering the city to lawlessness' The monument at Washington Square Park was defaced on Monday by vandals who threw red paint at it President Trump tweeted that it had been defaced by 'anarchists' who would be 'tracked down' Downtown, hundreds gathered outside City Hall for an #OccupyCityHall protest ahead of the budget vote They say they will not move until the city council strips at least $1billion from the NYPD budget They are calling for the NYPD to be defunded; the new budget, expected on Tuesday, strips it of $1billion The cut accounts for more than 16% of the force's $6billion annual budget but some say it's not enough NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea says it is 'punitive' and a reaction to the BLM protests around the world Unions say Mayor de Blasio is 'surrendering the city to lawlessness' and putting New Yorkers at risk Crime is spiking in New York City with shootings and burglaries on the rise
  12. I have no further need or desire to try to discuss anything with you. I will post my Opinions and Thoughts when I want.
  13. Yes Yendor but it works both ways. Yesterday the Market held the 50 EMA and now it’s heading back up to the 20 EMA. If we cross that then it’s steak and beer for everyone. 😂 😝 Currently the Market dodged a bullet yesterday and I’m seeing a consolidation forming or a sideways trading pattern. This is exactly what the Market needs. It’s telling us, Ok, the CV news is bad but it’s not terrifying. We will go sideways until we get more information of what we knew was probably going to happen with the CV and we will wait for earnings season to decide if we go higher or back down. We are also waiting for the word on the Iraqi Dinar going international”. 😆 😆 😝 I Day Traded NEM today and took a nice profit but left some shares (house money) behind for a Swing. In the coming days I will add or sell depending on what I’m seeing. Take a look at gold stocks. They had a good morning. I also took a quick hitter in NVDA.
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