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  1. I love that guy. Speaking what many of us are thinking.
  2. It's the shakeout phase. Exposing all the scams, and phony projects. Cleanup on Isle 5. Stick with the ISO 20022 Projects and be patient. We are in the 2nd inning of a 9 inning ballgame. By 2025 you will see what I'm saying. Have a long term mindset and don't buy more than you can afford to lose. It's still extremely risky and will be until we get Regulations and proper designations from the Governments.
  3. I watched several videos on this and went to Amazon and bought a few. They come in all prices and sizes/shapes. You are correct nstoolman1. Anyone who has a cell phone, a laptop, a cold wallet for your Crypto, and even electronic car keys (any electronic device), should have one. I have a box that I throw my phone and keys in when I'm not using them. I also have bags for my cold wallets, and my laptop. They aren't that expensive and will definitely be worth it in an EMP attack.
  4. CPI and Inflation numbers came out last week. What a joke. 8.2 Inflation rate, but that doesn't count, Energy, Food, or Housing. The real rate is more like 16%. It's 1979 part 2, but staring the same HORRIBLE POLICIAL PARTY who was in power from 1976-1980.
  5. It will all be ok, just give me an ice cream cone like Joe.. 😥
  6. This is a spoof website but it’s probably true.
  7. Thank you for sharing Markinsa. It's a disturbing vid to watch. Diabolical. I'm saying a prayer for all those who were duped into taking the jab to repent.
  8. I believe you are correct about the Internet. Like you said though, "it's all scripted". What the NWO Elitists really want is to bring in 5G Everywhere. They have the means it's just a matter of doing it. There is a lot of pushback. Look up StarLink. They are ready to go. Once they install 5G and Digital Money there will be no escaping their grasp. Everything will be under their control.
  9. I evened that out for you CL, just like I will do with my one vote come election time.
  10. Thank you for all you do Ron. You are definitely a Legend for posting Everyday!! I always appreciate the IQD Rate Updates. I don't read the Rumors much anymore but if I need a good laugh I'll give it a spin. My favorite is Judy Lyington!!! Perfect name. 😃😃
  11. Additionally, Ghalib stressed that the CBI has no intention to change the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar. #USD 12:40 AM · Sep 28, 2022· Sometimes when they make statements like this the next day or shortly after they change the rates. Probably not in this case but the statement piqued my interest. I'm on high alert with what's going on in the Markets and the time of year. (Markets traditionally go through rough times in late Sept. to Oct). I'm expecting something big to happen in the coming weeks if not days. You can bet your last dollar that the Iraq Dinar will be part of the Great Reset. When will that be. IDK, but sooner than many believe. We've all been waiting 20-15-10 years for an RV, what's another few weeks or even 2 years. I'm not going anywhere. 😃 Thank you Yota and 6ly410 for all the posts. You and many others are Legend for hanging in there and providing us with news, Everyday!!!! I truly appreciate all that you do to keep us informed.
  12. I found this on Twitter on the XRP board. This poster is a little out there but thought some of you might like to see it. He has never once posted anything about The Iraq Dinar so it piqued my interest. Treat as a rumor.
  13. FullSizeRender.MOV We’ll need to watch this very carefully. If Russia and the Brics consortium get control of the Gold Exchanges that would send shock waves through our Banks that are running a Ponzi scheme with paper Gold Derivatives. They are so out of balance I could see a possibility of the US Government declaring a National Emergency and ordering the confiscation of all public Gold. If you own any paper gold you might consider dumping it before you are told you own worthless paper. I’m not a Financial Advisor so please consult yours. I’m good, I gave all my gold away to the Immigrates and homeless shelters.
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