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  1. I’m kind of surprised since today is MLK Day that we haven’t had more posts on him. After reading the story above I decided to look up MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech and listen to the words. This speech is without a doubt one of the best ever given imo. I remember my father made me watch it on TV. It was a very big deal for our country, especially during the Civil Rights era of the early 60’s. It also made a very big impact on me because my father wasn’t really known for his acceptance of Blacks being on par with Whites. ( I believe Racism and hatred are a learned behavior). I wouldn’t judge him as a bona fide Racist but what he said after the speech was kind of shocking to us. During the speech I was thinking he would say some bad things but he didn’t say a word. When the speech was over he clapped his hands and said one word, MAGNIFICENT, and he went to his room. I will never forget that moment as long as I live. The next day while driving me to school school he asked me what I thought of the speech. I believe I said something profound like, “ I don’t know.” He then said, “ son, you know that sometimes I’ve been very mean spirited towards negroes. I want you to know that speech has changed me dramatically. You will never hear me utter another mean thing again about the negroes unless it’s earned just like I would anyone else. Do you understand son? DO NOT FILL YOUR HEART WITH HATE TOWARDS ANOTHER PERSON because of skin color!!!!” I remember being shocked, afraid, and confused but I never forgot those words and I’ve tried to live my life according to them. With my own kids I have tried to instill what he said along with the basic, Golden Rule. Below is his speech. I know many of you are much younger than me but I hope you can understand how hard it has been for the Black people to enjoy many of the basic freedoms many of us take for granted. I can remember colored boys restrooms and water fountains. When I went to college there was actually a sign on one of the popular restaurants that said, “ No N****** Allowed!!! I’m glad things are changing and I hope that all Americans can fill their hearts with love and not hatred towards other human beings.
  2. Positive for the President!!! Negative for the Dems!
  3. Congratulations to him and his family for his bravery and service to his Country. Its an honor many service men and woman probably deserve but it’s kind of nice to see someone besides a President or a State honored with this tribute.
  4. Poking the Bear again. I guess they didn’t get the message when Soleimani was eliminated. Thanks for being on top of thi news Butifldrm
  5. Do you believe Allawi is going to move the country any closer to the rebuilding of Iraq and giving their money a real value. I believe he is a moderate but I remain very skeptical. Let’s see what the protestors do with this announcement.
  6. Ya, that last post made me puke too. My apologies to the board. I’m leaving now before I get in trouble.
  7. King, this makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Why do we encourage stuff like this. The poor dude will be doing this one day to get attention.
  8. What, there’s a secret contract rate of 31.50.? I just wanted a buck!!
  9. Umbertino, I’m very open minded and I’m willing to try almost anything once. What the left doesnt understand about people people like me is this, I don’t really give a hoot what the Left does as long as they don’t try to take away my rights or mess with my freedom. From my point of view the left are destroying our country by allowing open borders, sanctuary cities, allowing illegals the right to vote and bankrupting our country by giving them free housing, free medical, free food, free education and signing them up for Social Security. I also do not agree with the New World Order that translates into shipping our manufacturing and our jobs overseas. I could go on but I’ve given this rant before.
  10. I have read the Huffington Post, the Guardian, and watched CNN, and MSNBC. They made me throw up. Maybe a better alternative is to not listen to or watch anyone with an agenda. Im going to make my soul happy by going out to enjoy MLK day.
  11. There never should be a need to have a gun rally. The Dems need to understand Americans WILL defend their 2nd Ammendment Rights.
  12. Heavily armed protesters in bullet proof vests descend on Richmond gun rally as Virginia governor declares a state of emergency and hundreds line up with their weapons to stand against Democrats' proposed reform The rally is expected to draw tens of thousands to Virginia's Capitol when it kicks off at 11am Monday Hundreds had already started lining up hours before the scheduled start, some with their weapons They will not be allowed to bring guns into the actual event and everyone will be screened Militia bosses fear the protest could still turn violent despite the enormous police and security presence Six alleged neo-Nazis were arrested in the run-up to it and the FBI is still combing through threats Ralph Northam, Virginia's Governor, declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the event PUBLISHED: 09:04 EST, 20 January 2020 | UPDATED: 11:02 EST, 20 January 2020 Heavily armed pro-guns protesters descended on the town of Richmond, Virginia, on Monday for a Second Amendment rally sparked by fears over Democrats plans to imposes stricter gun laws in the state. Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend the rally in Richmond which began as an act of retaliation for recent law changes in the state which will tighten gun laws. In the last week, six people with alleged links to neo-Nazi, white supremacist groups have been arrested in connection with it and the FBI is fervently sniffing out any threats of violence. There are fears it could descend into a violent event like the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville which claimed the life of a counter-protester. Read more on the link below
  13. These Iraqi leaders don’t get it. Their time of stealing and turning the country over to Iran is over. Killing protestors is only going to create more chaos and an unnecessary loss of life. Read a history book, murderous despots always get toppled. One day the truth will emerge as to WHY the US toppled Saddam Hussein only to let Iran take over. What a terrible blunder and terrible tragedy for our soldiers and their families.
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