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  1. The Price of AMC got above the 100 ma yesterday and today but retreated to get back in the BB’s. The Daily using Heiken Ashi Candlesticks does not show a break in the uptrend. I’m looking for a close above the 100 ma today and a resumption of this uptrend. All my indicators are still looking good and in the buy zone. If this were a regular security I wouldn’t be the least bit worried. I’m not so sure Technicals really matter but I’ll continue telling you what I see. My next scheduled buy will be once we get over the .618 Fib around 47. After that I have another buy planned over 70. Or the 1 Fib, which was the ATH. My next two buys will depend on the indicators (RSI, MACD, Williams A/D and Stochastics).
  2. I only made it to college ball but got to the Bigs by Scouting. I ran an amateur select ball team for years and a major League Team asked if I would help out. You didn’t have to ask me twice. It’s a thankless job but I enjoyed it for 7 years. That’s pretty cool that your brother made it to the Bigs, no doubt because of your catching. Can’t pitch without a good catcher.
  3. I’ve been watching this very carefully LGD. If I lived in an eastern coastal US area I would have a plan for evacuation ready to go. This thing could become very dangerous very quickly.
  4. i agree. 73-120 which is the 1.618 will happen quickly BTW, my 4.236 Fib extension is 295. It is way up there but I have seen stranger things happen. Sometimes when they can’t shake you by shorting they let it run. Most people will get nervous during a big pump and sell. Once you sell some and recoup your original seed money keep some back for THE MOON SHOT!!!
  5. Baseball cards and memorabilia is making a comeback.
  6. Good post Dinarrock. If and when the chart goes parabolic people need to plan to take some profit. I always say filter in and filter out. I’ll be around to give my 2 cents on what I’m seeing on the charts. It will happen very fast going straight up and just as fast coming back down. We are a ways from any of that action imo. When we get above the ATH off 73ish start paying close attention to the news and the charts.
  7. I entered with a conservative amount today on news and price getting over the 200 ma on the one hour chart. 41.28. We tagged the 200 ma on the 4 hour and backed off. Hopefully this rally will continue and get over the .618 Fib around 47. The volume has been good the last few days and we’ll see what happens. I plan on buying a lot more if we continue climbing.
  8. That is really my favorite area in northern Ga. I’ve been there a number of times.
  9. Nice. I believe you will have a great time. People in the Smokey Mts are very friendly.
  10. I have business dealings in Knoxville and family in Atl and Elijah. I was up that way this past summer. Got our business done and rented a log cabin near Blue Ridge. It’s a wonderful part of our country. I highly recommend anyone who’s reading this to go. Beautiful and for me it’s very relaxing.
  11. Love the Smokey Mts. I go to Northern Ga and Eastern Tenn every few years.
  12. Vital Brad said Oct 17th is the day. I’m on my way to the bank to cash in right now. Bringing the whole family so we don’t look suspicious or out of place. What! The Bank is closed on Sunday. What!!!! No RV. Oh well. It’s ok. I’ll make it a good day with the family. We will go to the beach and have a few bananas.
  13. Thanks Yota. Maybe the people in Iraq will do the same to their corrupt Bankers.
  14. It’s just not ships. Trucks enter the US every day. They could be in every major US city just waiting.
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