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  1. Living in Texas I have a different view of the Biden Administration. In my opinion allowing People with Covid to enter our Country and then bus them all over the US is Criminal. It has been reported that 1 in 4 illegals have Covid. Biden’s open border policy is one of the main reasons the Delta Variant and the rise of Covid is exploding all over America. Why is this happening? To keep us ill and fearful? Maybe to use the illness to rig another election?
  2. No worries Adam! Stuff happens in the computer world all the time. Thank you for the post and for getting the site back on. I’m really thrilled I didn’t get bounced back to newbie status this time. 😂
  3. I agree. Common sense would have told you there wasn’t an once of enthusiasm for Biden and his higher taxes and open border polices. His rallies inspired 10’s of people to show up and hear him fumble thru his hate Trump speeches. Where were you with this post 4 years ago. Oh ya you and your Dem buddies were spewing fantastical election fraud conspiracy theories. 😂 😆
  4. Spot on CL. Who was behind Nixon’s move to get rid of the Gold Standard? The same guy that helped open up China, Henry Kissinger, who was associated with the Rothchilds. Who was Kissinger’s protege? That would be Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, whose mother was a Rothschild. Klaus is the one pushing the NWO, and gives the World Elites and Politicians their marching orders every year at the Davos meetings in Jan.
  5. Good morning ButifIdrm. Thank you for the posts. Good to see you back!!
  6. Ut oh, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Thank you for voicing your opinion even if we could care less what you think. BTW, I know who you are and I don’t care if this is how you voice your opinion. Why don’t you speak your mind and educate us on why you think Biden is not demented and very ill.
  7. I agree Sage. I’m surprised it took this long to report Biden’s Dementia. So we get Harris who was Obama’s choice in Oct 2019. She is demented as well imo.
  9. As well to you and your family keylime. I’m very sorry to hear you are going through this as well.
  10. Thank you keylime. It’s been a nutty month. 3 of our family members have tested positive for CV. All have had the vaccine but 2 are health care workers and come into contact with a lot of ill people. I picked up another form of virus a few months ago and I’ve had to redo my entire System. My IT guy thinks it is from Iran. How’s that for BS.
  11. Haha pp. Thanks. I’m cautious. This chart is at one of those points where it could literally go either way. Today we retested the 9 ma and have held the 20 ma on the 4 hour chart. Both good signs. We need to hold the 9 ma on the Daily chart or it could be. Quick roll over back to the low 30’s. Yes I want to buy more but I’m being patient to make sure the current rise isn’t a bull trap.
  12. Good morning Apes. I haven’t been posting much because I’ve had some security issues and I’m really trying to stay focused on Cryptos. I still own my AMC shares and I plan on buying more once I see the Price get above the 20 simple moving average. This is a Daily Chart of AMC using the Heiken Ashi patterns. Nothing has changed my thinking with this Stock. My targets haven’t changed to to the upside or down side. The Chart had to do some cooling off after the big rise, which I expected. We had a nasty sell off once the price crossed the 20 ma. If I was a trader I would have sold all on the cross below the 20 ma and wait for another entry. Since I’m long I’m just looking to add above the 20 ma which I circled above. We have the 20 ma, the Parabolic Sar, the 0.618 Fib line and the upper Bollinger Band all converging. I’m looking for an entry around 47-48ish depending on the indicators. You have to be a little careful and not rush in because we could see a rollover at the 50 ma and a rejection of a break above that 0.618 Fub Line and the 20 ma. When I’m Long I’m very patient. If and when we get above the yellow line at 72.59 I’ll be looking for a RUN to over 100. We’ll see. Watch your indicators. The RSI at the top is looking like it wants to roll over as does the Williams and Stochastics The MACD at the bottom. (circled) could go lower but I’m looking for it to turn up and get over the White Line. Good luck Apes. 😆
  13. Thank you for all the help Texas Granny. Also thanks to Markinsa and Julie for helping me get reconnected. These are just a few of the dedicated people who keep things running smoothly on this site. I am grateful to Adam and all the staff who allow us to share our thoughts and ideas. Go RV!!! 😃
  14. “ I gotta have more cowbell baby”. I
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