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  1. Yes sir, you go vote your conscious and I will vote mine. We each get one vote apiece.
  2. I want everyone to know I wrote my last post not as a supporter of Trump but as a supporter of the Truth and as a supporter of our Constitution. If Trump is Impeachable then bring forth real Impeachable offenses and take your vote in the House. It will never happen because that’s not their intention. This circus of an Impeachment Inquiry is not good for our Country and future Presidents. If you cannot see this for what it really is, a partisan political witch-hunt, ah, screw it I don’t have time for this. I will not be voting Dem next election and that’s not because I like Trump. It’s because I abhor the Democratic Party and EVERYTHING they stand for!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks for the real news on the Impeachment BS. Karsten. Keep em coming!!!! This process Reminds me of the Kavanaugh hearings. This is what happens when a party is rewarded by bogus public hearings. The Dems know they didn’t have anything on Kavanaugh just like they know they have no Impeachable offense now. All they want to do is embarrass, indict in public without due process, and fire up their base to vote out Trump. It worked in the last election. If people keep electing these Socialist Dem fools you will not have to worry about voting in the future. This entire Resistance Rubbish is nothing short of a Kangaroo Court, a Banana Republic Revolution, a Colossal waste of time and Taxpayer money. Its a total abuse of power and a cover up for the real quid pro quo orchestrated by the Bidens and the real Unlawful campaign abuse orchestrated by the Barry Administration and the HRC Campaign. If I was President Trump I would DEMAND NATIONAL TV time to rebut the claims by these Hearings and then spend the next 30 minutes describing the accomplishments of his Administration and let the country know he got zero help from the obstructionist Socialist Dem Party.
  4. To all who wore an uniform for the United States of America, I say a very heartfelt Thank You for your service and for defending our Country. For me it is a somber day as I remember brothers who didn’t make it home but also a Proud Day to celebrate their bravery and their sacrifice.
  5. Thank you for the article Yota, very interesting. Thank you to those who have shared their thoughts. Tend to agree with you LB NEPats, you are in the right place to yell out Hallelujah!!!!!!!!
  6. The Impeachment is a Kangaroo Court. The President has been give zero Due Process. The Dems are going to be roasted over the Coup attempt. The truth will come out and it will be out around Thanksgiving from what I’m reading.
  7. Thanks Indy,. What she is talking about could apply to both political parties to some degree. Our politicians ( in general) have turned their backs on the American people and used our Government to enrich themselves. From peddling influence to under the table payouts, our politicians aren’t doing the work that needs to be done for our country.
  8. Magnificent!!!! Now that is an ingenious way to sell the sizzle Thugs. Thank you for all your posts.
  9. Appreciate you sharing this Karsten. It’s an old scam but it’s good to be reminded there are still evil people doing it. Never leave home without my Glock 30, 45 cal.
  10. Thanks Adam. My head is up and I’m kee on smiling. Kee an eye on the China/US trade deal. When that gets resolved I think you will see some movement on a lot of fronts, including the Dinar finally going international. It’s almost time imo.
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