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  1. Get out of the way. Iraq is ready to change. ALL ABOARD NOTHING CAN STOP THIS RUNAWAY RV TRAIN. NOTHING. Well, this is Iraq we’re talking about so,................
  2. Let’s just say I had a conversation with a very wise and caring mod.
  3. Do you remember that I asked you to stop with the politics? Do you remember that I said there would be another time to discuss blame and politics. Do you remember that I said people were dying and to give it a rest? Were you a decent human being and did you give it a rest. Imo, Noooooooooo!!!!!
  4. How do you know I didn’t have a warning or any consequences. Do you have access to my private messages that I have with the mods?
  5. Stop playing the victim Shabbs. Rhetoric and words have consequences. Lets put the words I called you into context of our conversation. A few weeks ago we were in the middle of one of the worst weather situations our State has ever suffered through. I asked you twice to give the politics a rest but you kept on needling and egging the situation to meet your twisted Dem political logic. You were in attack mode imo, and I called you a piece of trash Shabbs. At that point I was more that frustrated with you for exploiting the sufferings of our State.
  6. Iran flexing its muscles again. They have something on Biden or sense weakness. What a shame. Trump had ME Peace at hand. What a waste.
  7. I don’t need to go crying to the mods. I’ll go toe to toe with you and if I get out of bounds then I’m sure I will be warned. Bring it. Get it off your mind. You’ve been dancing around the subject for years. Speak your mind boy.
  8. I don’t know one thing about Q. All I know is the one sided articles written by left leaning authors that you post. I believe BLM and Antifa are just as dangerous to the country as is any extremist hate filled group. Much like what the Democratic Party is becoming.
  9. Is that all you got. Come on man. As a Biden Enabler you have to do better than that.
  10. I’ve got 15 minutes before I have to leave. Would you like to talk about our current President. The one who is destroying America one EO at a time. The Dictator in Chief
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