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  1. I understand, It gets pretty deep in the 2nd Amendment forum. There are two sides to every story and I really don’t mind hearing both sides. It is a biological fact that the liberal mind is wired differently from a conservative mind. That’s why some folks are artists and others are business people. Where I get bent is when people can’t look at some of our country’s basic problems from a common sense point of view. Take Border Security, without it you won’t have a country. By allowing open borders you will flood every piece of our society until it is unable to function. Just the price of putting illegals on food stamps, free medical, free housing, free education while not paying income taxes is unsustainable. We don’t even have to get into the pain and cost of murders, drugs, robberies, overcrowding our schools, hospitals, and highways. That’s an entire subject the Dems never want to discuss honestly. Common Sense would dictate that the policies of the left are self serving and wrong for our country. The fact that the Dems won’t even consider negotiating with the Reps is childish and wrong. Get Trump and Resistance is their strategy and it worked last Nov. if Republicans and Moderate Democrats don’t stop the Democratic Socialism tide America will be lost forever. Just my opinion, I’m sure the artists and hysterical Dems have another view. I will close by saying this. If the Democrats truly want open Borders then why don’t they campaign on tearing down all the current walls. Thank you you again Karsten for your informative vids and posts.
  2. Sounds about right. To bad this video isn’t reported on the National Media. The Democrats think they are winning the PR game and hurting Trump but they are mistaken. The party of NO, the treasonous unlawful party that wants open borders. Thanks for sharing this Karsten.
  3. Drain the swamp. That will save us a lot of money and get rid of the leakers. There goes the Resistance!!! Thanks Karsten
  4. I like it. She needs to stay in DC and negotiate a deal that works. Too many junkets from politicians claiming to give a hoot about the furloughed Federal workers. Last week it was a paid vacation by Lobbyists and now a trip to Europe and the ME. Talk about tone deaf Dems.
  5. A catastrophe: Iran plans to control Iraq through reconstruction offers Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (L) and Iraqi counterpart Mohamed al-Hakim Iranian firms should have a key role in rebuildingIraq after the fight against the ISIS, Tehran's foreign minister said Wednesday in a rare meeting with Iraqi paramilitary units. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke in Iraq's holy city of Karbala to commanders of the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS). "The world has realized the truth - that the US wasn't the one who defeated ISIS. You were, and that's why they exerted pressure on you and on us," he told gathered commanders in Farsi. After ISIS overran nearly a third of Iraq in 2014,IMIS units partnered with Iraqi forces for three years to fight the jihadists - some of them have been blacklisted by the US, which also reimposed tough sanctions on Iran last year after pulling out of an international deal on Tehran's nuclear program. Now, as Iraq is eager for funds and investments in reconstructing its devastated infra structure, Zarif said Iranian firms should be favored because of his country's support and the complex logistics of partnering with Western companies. "If a European or American company comes toIraq to do rebuilding activities, the costs of protecting their workers and staff in Iraq exceeds its contract for reconstruction," he told commanders. But an Iranian company could help rebuild at "low cost" and without security concerns, after having "stood alongside the Hashed - in reference to IMIS." ISIS and the battle to defeat it ravaged swathes of Iraq and shattered its economy. Last year, Baghdad said its 10-year reconstruction plan will cost an estimated $88.2 billion. One IMIS commander said his units were grateful to Iran. "The main reason Iraq could persevere in the face of terrorism is the fact that Iran stood by its side. Everyone rejects America's entry into Iraq," said Abu Ammar Al-Jubury. Zarif spoke to the commanders on his fourth day in Iraq, where he has met top officials in Baghdad and the Kurdish city of Arbil, and attended a trade summit. Besides canned food and cars, Baghdad buys 1,300 megawatts of electricity and 28 million cubic meters of natural gas daily from Iran to feed power plants. As tensions between the US and Iran escalate,Iraq has played a careful balancing act to maintain ties to both.
  6. Theseus, that is funny. Their was a demand for those a few years ago. Remember the Geico commercial. Hahahahaha. I haven’t seen this word in 30 years. 😂 Too funny
  7. No problem. Happy to oblige. Hope this helps you.
  8. War with China may happen before war with Iran. Check out my Oil Thread on this matter.
  9. I doubt it. There will always be jihadists but their days of taking over a country are over, unless you get another Administration that calls them the JV and let’s them.
  10. I shorted the crap out of it starting in Nov. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole now, at least until you see a real uptrend. There are better options available to trade or invest imo.
  11. Chinese Power Play Could Threaten Taiwan’s Energy Industry Jan 17, 2019, 12:00 PM CST Join Our Community Ever since Tsai Ing-wen was elected as Taiwan’s president in 2016 as head of the pro-independence ruling party, tensions between China and Taiwan have escalated to multi-decade extremes. Before her election, relations between the two sides had reached a new era of conciliation or, as Beijing would like to call it, reconciliation during the administration of President MaYing-jeou, a Beijing-leaning bureaucratic that seemed prepared to allow the merging of the two sides through economic cooperation. Now that Tsai has been in office nearly three years, cross-strait relations can arguably be called the worst since 1979 when China stopped firing artillery barrages across the strait at Taiwanese outlaying islands. However, Beijing hasn’t been satisfied with just a war of words lately but it is backing up its oft-saber rattling by conducting naval war games close to the Taiwanese coast as well as sending bomber sorties near or even into Taiwanese air space. This stepped-up tactic of using the stick instead of the carrot fits all too well with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s more muscular approach in the Asia-Pacific region. Soon after becoming president in 2012, Xi pledged to not militarize the numerous islands, reefs and formations that it occupied, or in the case of Scarborough Shoal in the Philippines’ own UN-mandated 200 natural mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), it seized after a tense standoff between Chinese naval and maritime vessels and a less equipped Philippine navy. But in the ensuing years, Beijing has not only broken Xi’s promise, it has upped the ante to a dangerous level, by enforcing its ill-founded claim to around 90 percent of the South China Sea, based on historical claims, something that other rival claimants can also promulgate, particularly Vietnam which reportedly has ancient maps and documents backing its overlapping South China Sea claims. Coming full circle Now, Taiwan is stating that it will not bow to Chinese pressure for international support against what it calls Beijing’s “out-of-control actions”, a Taiwanese presidential spokesman said on Thursday, after Beijing urged companies to change the way they refer to the self-ruled island. Alex Huang, the spokesman for the Taiwanese president told reporters in Taipei that as for China’s related out-of-control actions, we need to remind the international community to face this squarely and to unite efforts to reduce and contain these actions. The power of words The Chinese state-run Legal Daily reported on Wednesday, citing a report released by Chinese government think tanks, that U.S. companies including tech heavyweights Apple and Google had erred and wrongly labeled Taiwan and should take immediate action to correct their mistake. This is not the first time that Beijing has lashed out at Western companies over how they refer to Taiwan. Last year, Beijing put considerable pressure on U.S. airlines on how they refer to Taiwan, asking them, actually forcing them, to refer to Taiwan as “China Taiwan.” Related: Oil May Never Return To The Triple-Digits According to a Washington Post article in July, American Airlines wiped Taiwan from its website, and United Airlines said it was working to meet China’s requirements. The kowtow by the American-based airlines came three months after Beijing ordered dozens of foreign airlines to refer to the island (Taiwan) as a Chinese territory or face consequences in the world’s second-largest aviation market. The same week, the Post report added, Chinese users could no longer see the name “Taiwan” on a map of Asia on the American Airlines website, while China, Japan and the Koreas remained.
  12. Thank you for the luck but luck is mostly just years of hard work and experience. We don’t break anything unless we lose, which doesn’t happen too often.
  13. Oh I do have 4 and yes we are similar and we write similar arguements.
  14. I want to apologize for getting you all upset. I’m going to leave you both to your activities and agenda on this site. I have to get back to my trading desk. Killing it today.
  15. That’s not what I asked and you know it. You can stop being so indignant. I was just curious.

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