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  1. “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst”. The best minds on DV have been preaching this message for many years. Thank you for this vid Markinsa. It’s good to be reminded of how dangerous the situation in the US and it’s economy is in. The fellow in the vid asked a rhetorical question, “ is the current policy of the Fed intentional?“ I personally believe most of us realize the last 20 -25 years have been orchestrated by a group of people intent on destroying America in its present form to bring about a NWO. No one person or one Political Party could have made so many obvious blunders to bring down the World’s mightiest Economy and Nation. Both Political Parties, Major Banking Institutions, the National Media, the Major Corporations, the Wealthiest people in our Country and so many more all appear to be on board with the Great Reset, or the Redistribution of Wealth. The average American citizen haven’t been educated and are due to be the sacrificial victims of a most Diabolical Plan. Losing the Economy in a Dollar Crash May be only the beginning of a much more sinister plot. One only needs to look to recent History in Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, China or Nazi Germany to see what happens to a Country once the currency and it’s economy collapses. It’s not a pleasant picture. I pray for the people of this Country to be saved from the wickedness that is surely coming. I pray that there is a real solution to make things work out. I too am hoping for the best but continue to prepare for the worst.
  2. Great post CL. It makes perfect sense to shut down US oil and gas production so they have to buy from our enemies. It makes perfect sense to one Political Party who wants to drive up inflation, take away thousands of good paying jobs, and ruin the world’s recovering economies. Yes, Biden did this.
  3. Joe Biden is making Jimmy Carter look so good. You can't run a Country demonizing half the population or the companies that supply necessary items. The Dems are wrong on just about every major policy that makes life better in America. Please keep putting the out of touch, whispering, demented, old man on TV for all to see how brutally bad he has always been. If the Elections are not rigged Biden will be one and done like the second worst President, Jimmy Carter.
  4. Thank you for your post Shedagal. I needed to read that message. I too have been a little too sharp with my tongue. I've been having a tough time with some of my Family with the Vaccines and DNC agenda. I have worn out Matthew 5:9, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God" Also James, 3:17-18, Colossians 3:15, Hebrews, 12:14, Psalm, 34:14. We all need to practice being non judgmental and more caring. It's very tough when someone gets in your face and calls you a ******#&*#!!!! I too am an old warrior but trying so hard to turn the other cheek.. I very much appreciate your posts Shedagal. Thank you!!
  5. I would love to hear what he has to say about the failed Biden Administration.
  6. Yikes, Yellowstone is closed for the first time in 34 years.
  7. Every Democrat needs to be voted out of office for,,, the constant lies, allowing drugs and and illegals to enter our Country via Open Borders, hasn't contained or stopped CV like he said he would, Monkey Pox, a wrecked supply chain, making our country and our Allies dependent on Foreign Oil, not doing one thing to curb Inflation, giving up his Presidency to the radical ESG crowd agenda, allowing our Military and Police to become mocked and disrespected, gun violence, Asset Markets falling apart, Gary Gensler, the Ukrainian War (which would have never happened under Trump), North Korea and Iran developing Nukes, and just the mere fact that they installed a senile old man who has zero energy (who thinks it is 1978). This has all happened in less than a year and a half in office with the Media covering for every blunder he has made to date. If there are any Democrats who are proud of the job your guy has done please come and refute all of the things I listed above. Or, list the accomplishments that have made you so proud. I find it the height of intellectual honesty that I never see any of you Dems complain about the job Biden has so gracefully butchered. You are all a bunch of political hacks. And, don't even try to blame Trump on Biden's and the Dems incompetence. You have earned this criticism. I have tried to not say anything since the 2020 Elections, but I think that time is just about over. It's time for every citizen of this Country to Stand up and Voice their displeasure of the performance of the current President and his Political Party. Medical Compliance and Tyranny are not an option for people who love their Freedom and their Country!!!!!
  8. If Gensler follows through and does everything described in the article below it will be a start. He could also return the billions of dollars to the American People the Big Banks have stolen over the last 30 years. Then I would be slightly impressed.
  9. Dinarrock, I can give you support ranges and price targets but I can’t speculate on the short interest because I’m not educated on it enough. Whatever I say is just an opinion. From my experience it appears the Big Boys are trying to crush us with an endless shorting campaign. I tried to warn everyone last year that these guys are ruthless and will do anything to protect their sandbox. There is no doubt in my mind that rules have been broken to achieve this and it could go on until another big burst of buying chases them to cover. The problem is no one wants to buy a falling knife. I haven’t sold any of my shares but I’m not buying either. AMC has its own game going on and it’s also a part of a bigger Stock Market sell off. Inflation, a slowing economy, talk of a recession, supply chain issues, War in Europe, Monkey Pox,,,,it’s a bad time for all assets!!!! My advice is if you are holding there is no sense selling now unless you just need the money. I believe at some point the price will rise again but it could take months or even years. AMC as a company is beat up pretty good. I don’t see the big boys covering unless they are exposed to the point of getting slapped by the SEC. ( that’s not going to happen because Gensler is corrupt and part of the banking Cabal). If the Apes all bought 500 hundred shares that might get it going again but only for a short bump in price. If AMC’s revenue spikes that could get the Shorts to cover and go find another beat up company. I’ve seen these kind of shorts last for years. They are playing what they believe to be the market value of a company in trouble with revenue. The Daily Chart is still coming back to its real book value after the spike of last year. That spike is what is referred to as a Parabolic Pump. It was way out of the norm and those pumps can take 6 months to 1-3-4 years to get back to it’s real book value. We are dealing with the same thing in the Crypto Markets and even the Stock Markets. So much liquidity was pumped into the markets from QE and the Stimulus Checks that all the Asset Markets were in Bubble Territory. Now the Bubbles are getting popped. I can’t post any charts now. I’m away from my desk for a few weeks but I can give you rough support. 9.60 ish is a point of support if broken could see a run to 5.50-6 bucks. In my opinion that’s fair book value from what I read months ago, as in the 6-9 dollar range. Like I said earlier AMC has its own game of chicken going on. Charts are really not a see all end all imo. You are either all in for the fight or all out. It’s a tough game and the CROOKS have control of the cards for now. If AMC can mount a counter attack I would be a buyer ( filter in at first) over the 9 ma on the Weekly chart. What you are looking for is another pump or a squeeze play. Over the 20 on the Weekly and I’m buying more. One word of caution. Any rally should be considered a possible Bull Trap until that price gets over the 200 ma. If you buy now and it runs up to the 100 or 200 ma and rolls over you should probably be looking to book some profits. The Geo Political environment is just horrible. I hope this helps some. I am no Financial Guru, I’m just an Ape holding like the rest of you. I’m sharing some of my opinions but I imagine many of you are much better equipped to help Dinarrock out with your thoughts.
  10. I’m seeing the same thing in the Crypto Market as I did after the Tech bubble burst. The speculative run is over as the market matures. The Market is shaking out the weak hands and the inexperienced traders. (dumb money). The Crypto Market is moving from infancy to maturity, from wild speculation to utility, from rejection to adoption. Try to hold on as it’s probably going to be a tough time as all markets clean up the excess of too much liquidity. I remain confident in my commitment to the sector and will continue to DCA (dollar cost average) into my favorite ISO 20022 projects (XRP,XDC,XLM, ALGO, and two others that are FinCen compliant Hbar, and QNT). The herd has become extremely negative since the Luna sell off and the coming US Regulatory measures. To me it’s all part of the process. People will tell you to only invest what you can afford to lose. That’s good advice but also invest in quality utility driven projects. It’s very possible that 90% of the current Cryptos listed on Exchanges will not survive the coming Crypto Winter. Get your coins off those Exchanges and into a Cold Wallet!!!! Thank you for your thoughts Adam. I always enjoy reading what you have to say on investments.
  11. The Great Reset is coming and I’m expecting some big things in the next 3-4 months. You will know when it’s go time. Possible Cyber attack, possible nuclear attack, possible electrical outages, and maybe something like Tether being banned ( which will bring down BTC, Crypto, and the IMF, for a short period of time). I don’t know how or the exact dates but the rumor mills are working overtime and I think we are getting close. I believe that’s when the Dinar RV’s and our Stock Market crashes. That’s probably when AMC goes off. Don’t get greedy. Take your profits. If you own a bunch of Crypto thinking you will be sheltered from the coming Financial Crash you better own ISO 20022 and WEF FinCen compliant coins and you better have them on your cold wallets. If Tether goes down then BTC will go down fast probably taking most Cryptos down too. I’m not telling you to sell your coins but you better know that a day of reckoning is coming. Own the correct coins. ISO 20022 coins are, XRP, XLM, XDC, Algo, Iota, and a few others like ETH, Qnt. Hbar, Ada, Sol I’m not selling one coin because eventually the switch gets flipped on and these coins will be the backbone of the new Quantum Financial System. These ISO coins will be backed by Gold, Silver, and probably other hard assets like Oil, Minerals, Timber etc. They have been warning us for months that some tough times are coming. You still have time to purchase metals but understand they will go down too when this gets going. They will recover quickly as will the ISO coins. It’s almost time to brace yourselves for the coming change. It’s going to be epic. For those who have prepared you will probably be the new 1%’ers. We will all get through whatever is coming and hopefully we still have a free Country. Don’t take my word as gospel. Go to Twitter or You Tube and type in the Great Reset. Do a Google Search on ISO 20022, or visit the XRP thread in the VIP section. I’m not fearful. I will adapt and embrace the change and do well. Besides we have Super Man on our side. Click the arrow for the movie. Wait for it. It’s worth the 2 minutes. IMG_0552.MP4
  12. Diamond hands here.
  13. Thank you Markinsa. I agree, everyone should watch this.
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