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  1. Worked for Sony a couple times. After 5 1/2 years got laid off due to NAFTA, work was going down to Mexico. Then, again about a 1 1/2 yes ago due to teriffs. Now, the company Im working at now if feeling the pinch as most of the products made in China. Lol. Build it here in the USA. Winning.
  2. jg1

    Go Iraq Part 2

    I find that if you put the root beer in the freezer with a cracked lid for a couple hours it makes the root beer float even better. If you don't crack the lid so the air can be released if it accidentally freezes you don't have a big mess like I did.
  3. Makes sence to me. If you feel threatened and want to plead asylum, why do it 500-1000 miles away. lol.
  4. By Editorial Board July 15, 2019 at 7:36 PM EDT It may not come as a surprise that President Trump is prepared to take extraordinary steps to send actual foreign asylum seekers packing. Still, the administration caught most of the world by surprise with its sudden announcement Monday that it would shift decades of established procedure by barring protections for most people who cross the southern border. The new rule, unveiled jointly by the Justice and Homeland Security departments to take effect Tuesday, aims directly at people fleeing the three countries — Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras — that are the source of most asylum seekers who have crossed into the United States in recent months. That spike in migration, and the burden it has imposed on U.S. Border Patrol officers and other agencies, was the main justification for the rule change cited by Attorney General William P. Barr. It was telling that Mr. Barr made no serious attempt to provide legal justification for the new policy; it seems likely that no persuasive one exists. U.S. and international law are clear that refugees who enter the United States are entitled to apply for asylum here, regardless of their odds of success (which lately are less than 20 percent). The American Civil Liberties Union said it would file suit immediately to block the change. Already, courts have struck down the administration’s attempt to prohibit migrants from applying for asylum unless they cross the border at official ports of entry. In Mr. Trump’s perfect world, asylum seekers and refugees would have no place in the United States, with the possible exception of Norwegians. That thinking explains why the administration has tried desperately to finalize agreements with Mexico and Guatemala that would force Salvadorans or Hondurans to apply for asylum in Guatemala, and Guatemalans to seek protections in Mexico. Both countries would thus function as protective screens for their vastly bigger and more powerful neighbor to the north; never mind that neither is plausibly very safe for migrants, nor that neither has the administrative or economic wherewithal to absorb a significant influx. As it happens, a court in Guatemala last weekend blocked President Jimmy Morales from signing such a “safe third-country agreement” with the United States, days after word leaked there that he planned to do so this week in Washington. Undeterred, the Trump administration unveiled its policy a day later, effectively shunting the U.S. burden southward. (The decree makes exceptions for asylum seekers whose applications had been denied by a country through which they had traveled, as well as some trafficking victims.) Rather than slamming the door, the United States would be wise to add processing capacity by hiring more immigration judges to swiftly adjudicate asylum claims; wait timescurrently are two years or more. But the administration cannot wish away this country’s long-standing commitment under law and tradition to provide shelter to those with legitimate fear of persecution in their home countries.
  5. Ahhhh, it feels so nice to be appreciated. But then again, Im sure we have learned to just do it and not expect recognition and enjoy the stability and improved world economy.
  6. Ya, ok. Just feel sorry for the loss of all that income for the Iraq citizens and for us of course. Who knows what that extra cash could have done for everyone, but hey they knew who they were voting into office and they got the results.
  7. Sixth: we will attempt to solve issues around oil and gas in accordance with articles 111 and 112 in the Iraqi federal constitution. We will develop an oil and gas law through the Iraqi parliament. There should have been a clause in their constitution that stated, a deadline to accomplish all of this and make all monies lost because of the inept/impotent moron gov officials retroactive. lol morons!
  8. Ya, I know. Its just I hate to see people get so worked up over the rediculous cr@p the libs post. I guess I cant give up either trying to save people like you and others. lol. You Keep trying to save them, and I will try to save you. Maybe we can make a congo line and play some music to it. 👭👫👬👫👯👭👫👬👫🤰
  9. Yep, and the rest that welcome lawbreakers/illegal aliens perks to come and remain in our country. The list is too long and shameful to list. Lawbreakers stick together.
  10. Thank you for reminding me. Its easy to forget and take things for granted. But once reminded, we should realize how fortunate we are and kiss the ground we are so lucky to be a part of. The ones that aren't so lucky, So often, instead of creating it themselves, Either want to take ours or distroy it.
  11. jg1

    Go Iraq Part 2

    Ohhh man. A hangover aaaand no RV.
  12. It sounded like Lucas was a slave himself! All those years of working on the plantation and being whipped has made a effect on him and probably his children, and great grand children and great great grand childrens children. But, when does it stop!
  13. Easy fix, sell at a loss to me. !😀 Then when it RV's I will give you your cut.😀. Or just let me hold it for you, that way it removes the Jynx. Lol.
  14. Anti-ICE protesters pull down American flag, raise Mexico flag, vandalize 'Blue Lives Matter' flag. This is what they really want, "MAKE AMERICA MEXICO AGAIN" Another broken law!
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