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  1. They had to of known that this was going to happen. Come on now really don’t pass the oil and gas law and you get to keep all the proceedings of the sales. Why would they ever pass it. And why would they ever stop the dollar sales. It’s not in their best interest of the politicians . But here we wait and me along with you. What’s the penalty?
  2. Pretty sure you have studied this one enough and its time to turn the flame higher And bring it to a full boil. You’ve lowered the exchange rate and you caused inflation and you’ve said in the past raising the exchange rate would cause inflation. What do I believe? Well what you’ve already tried lowering the exchange rate on the DINAR and it has not helped, there’s only one other option to try. so I hit the damn easy button.
  3. @caddieman Fist of all, I dont believe poles anymore, President Trump winning last time with “The polls” saying Trump would loose is a big indicator what to believe. Then there is you, the media and the rest of the brainwashed. No thanks, i will stick with my not so common, common sense.
  4. Our government has become too big and have found out that its a big cash cow, that was going to taken to slaughter by our President D J Trump.. They dont want that to ever happen so they have weaponized against us. The covid 19 virus was not a natural virus and the the vaccine was not made to help us, the lockdowns were not to protect us, yada yada yada. Im beginning to think 🤔 our government is our enemy.Smaller government is the answer. No longer for the people by the people. Its them and us! I think they are trying to limit and postpone the population explosion. I remember before all this COVID-19 hit people are talking about when the population gets to a certain point that it would explode. I think we were getting to that point and vaccines and everything else was part of what we’re supposed to help prevent or slow down that inevitable.That’s right slow it down by killing your children and your family. If they really believe in this, they should be standing at the front of the line showing us how it’s done. Just like the front line doctor said all those people that are for the vaccine are taking hydroxychloriquin, And if you checked their blood you would see that’s what they’re doing. They’re not taking the vaccine. So whatever the government tells me I will do the opposite now. I hope they don’t find out my strategy and start telling me not to take the vaccine so I will take it. congratulations to all those who are still standing. Redlight. Bam bam 💥 splat. Green light.
  5. Its all ok as long as they can continue to steal from the people with No gas law? No deal!
  6. Unless they are loaded with the low denoms. Just thinking positive.
  7. Thank you again for sharing. And I would read your sources information anytime over what Luigi and the goat post.Thank you again for sharing. And I would read your sources information anytime over what Luigi and the goat post.
  8. Thank you for sharing along as it was from a “reliable source” and not just wigi, or a goat or someone at sea ot the toad or, you get the picture. Sorry couldnt resist. I hope your guy nails it this time. Thanks again.
  9. Most of us probably already knew who. Ty
  10. Start the movie clip at the 1:02 mark.
  11. VAC Family Night with Steve Kirsch amazing breakdown of COVID-19 vaccine data. Do you want proof here is proof. Now if they don’t do anything they’re complicit in the genocide of the world populations.
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