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  1. Speaking to Iraq and not you 10 yrs, Its like, do they want us in Iraq or not. You cant just pick out the parts they like. We saved you, now do a solid for us. We gave lives for you now do the same for us while helping yourselves at the same time. Or is your governments one of the same now which means its too late.
  2. Bump. The Central Bank launches the Islamic Finance Program
  3. jg1

    Go Iraq

    Next means, This!
  4. jg1

    Go Iraq Here it is !!!😀😀😀😀😀😂
  5. jg1

    Go Iraq

    Thank you again, I will look for it. Cheers. Hope you havent drank all your champagne. I am okay. It's been a struggle lately but starting a new job on Thursday. Last photo it's a very challenging job and hope I can handle it.
  6. But yet they are still free. I think I posted this one a few months ago too. Now what?
  7. jg1

    Go Iraq

    Navira, thanks. Looking for a date. Do you have a link for this.
  8. They will have a lot of ground to cover. How about. Get out and stay out of Iraq , stop blowing up cargo ships and pay for those destroyed, new nuclear agreement, stop the retoric of blowing up the US and Isreal for starts and start kissing some azzz pronto.
  9. Then think of Hillarious, obamma and biteme there instead of our prez. Trump. reducing the military. No wall, millions of Islamic refugee's pouring in and taking over our cities, extreamists muslims in our government, calling our military and police other than the heros they are, paying off our enemies, negotiating with terrorists, a trator bodog/ for high ranking terrorists to name a few. Filling their pockets and leaving our country vulnerable. Go figure, biteme winning in the poles if you want to believe that.
  10. Sounds like, hurry up and do something important after a crisis? 🤔🤤 So they dont slip back down into the abyss.
  11. Trump calls 2016 campaign spying ‘treason,’ warns of ‘long jail sentences’ l Video Is the media dismissing the Trump campaign spying scandal? Reaction and analysis from The Hill media reporter Joe Concha and Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe on 'Hannity.' President Trump issued a grave warning Friday to those who allegedly "spied" on his 2016 campaign, calling their actions "treason" and saying “long jail sentences” are in order.
  12. So funny, thats exactly the part I picked to paste, and here you've done it. "Iraq is about to move to a new stage in overcoming the stage of the financial and economic crisisto a new stage of the post-urgent".
  13. Blowing up of oil tankers and ships is not a threat? How about the threats that were intercepted that Iran was going to attack US and our interests in the middle east.
  14. Im sure all the liberal anti gun people will be running to your house breaking down your door for your protection.
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