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  1. OCTOBER 10TH IS WHAT WE ARE WAITING FOR!🤑 The change in the rules for trading and hedge funds was supposed to change back in September but they pushed it back until October 10th. I forget exactly what those rules were, but I know that it's something in our favor if they stick to those rules.
  2. Thanks Markinusa, Just trying to understand this, that you take 5,000 mg of L-lysine along with 7,000 mg of vitamin C a Day? How about Arginine?
  3. Hehehehehehehe. You get the best intel, how could we not believe it. Cough, vomit.
  4. Bump! Bof A just bought $135 mil shaes of AMC!🦍
  5. Thanks Mark. To get me even more excited could you give us a link or somehow we can verify this.
  6. Just turned down a job here in Idaho that had a vaccine mandate. They said I had the job, paying $23.50, but one last thing you need to have the covid vaccine. I told them I had not, and I was willing to wear a double mask. They said, you would have to do that too. I said I was not going to get the experimental vaccine.
  7. This was perfectly planned out by Joe. Pulling out the troops the way he did he left behind all the people that had helped us, Christians mostly probably. The weapons and air base the Taliban gets to keep, which they probably will sell to China and the rest of our enemies. The unvetted rest of the Afghan citizens get to come to the United States and infiltrate us and cause disability in our country. While Joe makes a lot of money with more pay for play and at the same time pleasing obama and Hillarious and the rest of the rat pack.
  8. Some people actually did vote for the guy. Probably about a third of America actually wanted him for President and probably still stand behind him. Keep America - poor stupid and dependent! Thats Joe's motto.
  9. Thank you. I don't think they mind you showing links it's just promoting other "dinar sites" is the problem.
  10. Did you happen to hear how long the antibodies will last I've heard anywhere from one year to three months to your lifetime. Thank you in advance.
  11. Thanks yota and everyone else thats commented. I went to the front line doctors website and saw the recommendations. Hydroxychloroquine or/ and ivermectin and some other things you listed like vit D,C, and zink. I don't want to take the job so I want to be ready when the time comes. I know I've already had covid over a year ago in February but just in case. When I had covid before they didn't know what I had first they said that I had the flu even though I tested negative for it then they thought I had TB and felt like razor blades in my chest and I was coughing up blood they also said it could be irritation from coughing. I said absolutely not I've caughed three times today and show them the blood in my napkin. They went back and checked the chest x-rays and decided because one of my lungs was not feeling completely, they were going to pull out the big guns and gave me shot if antibiotics and a shot of steroids a puffer treatment and gave me a prescription of antibiotics. For my severe headache they said take 2,000 mg of Tylenol. I recovered about 3 days later.
  12. Z-pack or Ivermectin. which one is better to take for covid, or are they both about the same.
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