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  1. Uhh oh. Kick US troops out and ignore US sanctions and get cozy with Iran big mistake.
  2. Lol. The day of reckoning when President TRUMP gets his second term and cant wait to see the crybaby demwits with their mouths wide open after all the data shows once again your favorite dem is going to be president and they all fall flat on their faces. Another demwit for the block list💔👅💋👀🤹
  3. Thanks, "Trump did not write NAFTA" 😌, Woops, meant renegotiated NAFTA.
  4. Highly speculative, for crazys only or after will be fine too investment.
  5. Are you saying, blah blah bla bla .. blah, heard this before, blah blah show me the money!
  6. Ahhh, but the book is coming and now I am curious! Maybe part of the ploy for higher book sales, going to extream? Anything for an extra buck and higher book sales, even if its commiting suicide with a gunshot to the back of the head. Sheez.
  7. Wow, only have a 10 min break synops, I mean Kevin so will have to finish reading this later! So, if you are elected president you would build a big beautiful wall. Thanks.
  8. Yep! The new nafta deal along with the great deals the Prez has made for us has paid for the wall more than once. Thanks Rhona. Go safety for Americans, stop the drugs and terrorists and criminals. Go RV.
  9. Pretty sure that would mean Iraq could not sell oil period. Ouch.
  10. I think that by his prior record,😔, we already knew that. 😒, But thanks and good morning, birds chirping.🐤🐥🐦
  11. jg1

    Go Iraq

    Im thinking putting malarki behind bars should be their top priority, then the rest of the criminals which will leave no polititions left.
  12. How about MIT too. Millionaire in training, haven't seen her in a long while.
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