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  1. Typical democrat. Lie, deny, deflect, repeat. Votes party lines, and will never learn that free stuff is not free and eventually it will end up like every other comunist country. Just look at all the currently held citys and states held by democraps. Full of waste and corruption.
  2. The next president! A black woman, or I would say a proud American. I loved her.
  3. Bump. In Japan, I believe muslims can not become citizens. Take that.
  4. Cant wait to hear him get caught with a hot mic, taking about the lady's. lol. Im sure I would fall off my stool. 😲😳😱. My boss's name is dong do. Whatever dong says to do I do.
  5. I had plenty of hope, the only good change was a few coins in my pocket!😕
  6. Im thinkin that everyone has an opinion, even the negative ones that think Luigi's post are less than a rumor. More like, humor to most and trash to others to either read and be pissed or blocked and pass.
  7. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump I have just instructed the Secretary of the Treasury to substantially increase Sanctions on the country of Iran! Guys, time to put that rial away for a few years.
  8. Well if there is war, ya know it probably wont just be Iran and Saudi. Russia, china, Israel, USA, yada yada yada. I dont know how war would help anyone, except that I believe it helps the economy.lots of buying and selling and tradeing going on.
  9. No more free rides! Can anyone think of the old saying a hippy would say, when someone wanted a free ride?
  10. Im sure if they want help from us, President Trump will send them a hefty bill. Hopefully!
  11. I showed my middle eastern. Co-worker the news about Iran and the attack. He said they wanted war. They probably want it and then blame it on the USA.
  12. Reconstruction needs of $ 88 billion. ""Terrorism/Maliki!😕has led to the displacement of millions of people
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