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  1. Another ponzi scheme that didn't work. Discusting! Im signing out for a while. Thanks all for your interesting stories and for the blocked lefties, President Trump, 4 more years!!!! Yaaaaa baby. lol.
  2. Iraq is DOomed! Borrowed 200 billion dinars from the Central Bank! Into the pockets of the polititions and thier friends pockets.🇦🇱,💥🔥👎🚨🛑🚓🖤🚷☣️ What ever happened to the investigations into corruption. I think it got pushed under the carpet. And the rest of the demands of the protestors?👎
  3. Ummmmm, I think some people on this site has multiple user names. Thus, multiple dislikes. I called out one person before for this and the posts immediately stopped.
  4. I know it's frustrating. If I was you I would stick to the news section for a while. I've gotten frustrated like you before and it got me on mod review. People think its funny that certain people post guru trash and you will be the one that people come down on. Take care.
  5. I say why live in a place that is so terrible, that was created and made by such terrible people. If I was them I would go back to where they came All a bunch of sh*~×% holes.
  6. "Then the other side can see Nothing Great about America". I think they want to live in America, except they don't want anything to do with what made America! They want to make it what they are running from. Go figure. They want the same flavor but want to change the recipe.
  7. U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have reached a deal to suspend a Turkish military offensive in northern Syria within 120 hours. The deal is designed to allow Kurdish forces to withdraw from a designated safe zone on the northern border. "All military operations under Operation Peace Spring will be paused, and Operation Peace Spring will be halted entirely on completion of the withdrawal," Pence told reporters in Turkey. Pence met Erdogan earlier on Thursday as part of a U.S. mission to persuade Turkey to halt an offensive against Kurdish
  8. jg1

    Go Iraq Part 8

    Bump. Please can we go lower notes. 250 dinar note equals about 25 cents. Looking for the 1,5,10 and increase value. Thanks
  9. Thats President Trump!!!!!!!!😄 I just love saying it and watching the leftys kring.
  10. Important! Bumping this so it stays above luigis posts. lol
  11. Why a 5 cent note. How much did this cost to print?😯
  12. But the ship left to sea without you and Tony blew up with the TNT. Now you know what being left behind on the dock feels like but at least your standing there with the DV'rs.
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