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  1. Thanks for the history lesson. Love your posts. I just got my cage rattled when heard of another devaluation.
  2. Too much longer and the Iraq citizens may just have to do a reverse sudam get together where the officials name is called and they approach the stage and disappear behind the curtains never to be seen again. Or maybe a Colonel Gaddafi style ride down the street, ride with a rope attached to the neck.
  3. I have a sure way to RV tomorrow! All I would have to do is, sell my dinar and bam it would RV immediately. Maybe if I just say I sold them but really didn't, maybe that would work. Naaaaaa.
  4. Bla bla bla, all I heard was we stold your money and its gone. 1 time only, BS. Thats what they said last time. Burn the bich down.
  5. I would think, all those people that lost loved one's would be furious about this. He better not show his face in public again and go to his safe place.
  6. This part looks good. My 14 year old just sent this to me. Share Count will be complete by June 9th. 359,928 Call options ITM... expire June 4th.
  7. How about this. AMC Files to Sell More Stock After Sharp Rally Divya Balji and Drew Singer Thu, June 3, 2021, 5:32 AM·2 min read AMC
  8. Doesn't matter what you have, you and a peach would still test positive for covid. z Fauci is responsible for many many deaths for saying hydrochloroquine wouldn't help or hurt you in regards to covid. He should be in prison for this. Mark Western @CoachWestern $88 at 10:10 central time tomorrow. $285
  9. To Whats going on, you sick? Got a bad cold or covid? What are you taking for it?
  10. I heard a co-worker talking about AMC, he aaid he had sold it at $40 and made a few bucks. Let that be a lesson for all of us. LETS HOLD THE LINE APES!!!!! By the way I told him to buy back in as its going to the mooooooooooooon 🚀.
  11. I have a feeling, biden is going to tell us, we better let china take over or else we will have a big scary war with nukes so we need to all burn our flags and stick a star on our shirts. Sheez.
  12. Remember right before the virus was unleashed there were massive protests in chiiina. It seemed like to me that they even were starting to loose their grip on the protesters. What a perfect way to tap down all the protests. Win for China and a win for biden. As if they agreed to release the virus to mutually benifit.
  13. I complained to a democrat co-worker and his solution was to get a government job.
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