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  1. Nothing to see here folks. It’s just Jeff throwing 💩💩 at us. Throw and go.
  2. Biden bombs Syria: US airstrike destroys multiple facilities Reuters The United States on Thursday carried out an airstrike in Syria against a structure belonging to what it said were Iran-backed militia, two officials told Reuters, an apparent response to rocket attacks against US targets in Iraq. While the strike could be the first retaliatory move by the United States following last week's attacks, the move appear
  3. Hey Pitcher, I flew in Monday from FL so all this nice weather you’re having right now is because I brought it with me lol Thank you. Even though I was born in the Midwest I am a Texan and I prefer heat over cold any day. We’ve been in the 70’s the last 3 days😎
  4. I’m just busting your chops. I’ve told you before I don’t mind a different point of view. What I do mind is propaganda and stretching of the truth to meet a political agenda. When you do that everyday you have got to expect push back or someone playing devils advocate. Present your point of view without all the Dem MSN MSCNBC CNN talking points and maybe we could have a reasonable exchange of ideas. BTW, every one of those so called news outlets got the Russia Collusion Story WRONG. Those outlets and a few Rep leaning ones are agenda propaganda rubbish. No one does real in
  5. It is kind of ironic. Shabbs gets 90& disapproval from this board much like Trump gets a 90% negative press coverage. Wait, Shabbs has over 25k posts and a little over 18k approval emojis. Thats a negative approval rating, worse than Trump. Ouch. With numbers like that I’m thinking you have a pretty good idea of how Trump feels. 😭😭
  6. When I first saw this yesterday afternoon that is exactly what I thought. The second thing I thought was, it’s happening. It’s showtime, get out the popcorn and enjoy the show. If you own Dinars, Gold, Silver, Cryptos, RE, you should be in good shape.
  7. Yes, that’s right. I want 3 hot dogs all the way. I’m at 180 Fido Bone. What? You don’t have Hot Dogs. This isn’t 1-800 Dogs to Go. 1-800- Hot Dogs to Go.
  8. I agree with what you wrote but compared to oil in the 20’s anything over 60 should work well for their Budgets. Oil over 100 bucks a barrel ignites every small oil company in Texas, the Bakkens, and offshore. This isn’t 1980 anymore. The world is awash with oil and Iraq needs to use this window to get their Country off the the ground.
  9. I just hate to see normal people get caught up in a McCarthy Era type of group think. The Dems and many Reps are all saying the same thing and that makes me nervous for our Country. Especially when Laws are broken and people like Pelosi say it’s ok. It’s never ok to to break Laws to obtain a desired result. You cannot justify a loss of the First Amendment Rights of an entire group of people because they supported or voted for Trump. Not when they gave BLM and Antifa a free ride. Dems imo are pushing us to a Civil or Race War. The Reps are complicit by not pushing back on the r
  10. We haven’t discussed them near as much as you have trashed Trump. We get it, you hate Trump and anyone who supported him. I don’t hate the CCC3, Biden or even you. I would just like to see the same scrutiny that they pushed on Trump placed on them. A Phony Russian Dossier and Spying on a President, why wasn’t that ever exposed in a Court of Law or Congress? I will I’ll tell you another thing, if you disappeared from this web site the board would probably rarely discuss Trump, Comey, Clapper or Hillarious, We just don’t get paid enough to belabor the point. We
  11. Sure why not. 😂 😆. I guess the last three years you haven’t discussed Trump at all. 😂 😆 😝
  12. I think any Republican that has broken the law should be held accountable. I have stated as much numerous times. Can you say the same thing? If your answer is yes let’s start discussing the CCC3 and all the ways they have broken the Law. And of course Biden too.
  13. WTI, 63.20. Plenty high enough to run the Iraqi Budget and get us paid. Lets go Iraq. Push the damn button. Do it, Do it!!!! Happy Birthday Thugs. We got the vid of you celebrating. Nice moves! 😝
  14. That is catchy and very funny. I would like to see those 3 hold up to the dissection that Trump has had to endure the last 5 years. If you truly believe that then start putting out some articles on Dems who need to be investigated. You can start with the CCC 3. There is enough criminal activity by those 3 to keep the DOJ busy for years. You can throw in Biden and Hunter too. Shabs, please post your taxes, we all want to really see the True Shabs! That is funny.
  15. This vid was posted by trident in the VIP section. I thought I would bring it over to this thread for the BTC traders.
  16. Thank you for your post CL. You hit on some very important points. Yes, I am a trader and an investor, but I also like to teach and share my trading experiences with those that truly want to learn. Trading is never easy and sometimes it is just plain ugly. Today’s Price action is a prime example. Millions where lost in the Crypto Markets today. Losing money (even if it’s paper profits) can be very emotional to a person who is gambling or has unrealistic profit expectations Most should just pick a few Cryptos and invest what they can afford. You are 100% correct about the e
  17. If we bust down through the 20 ma you could see BTC tag 40k. That’s when you look to get in if all the indicators line up. It also wouldn’t surprise me if BTC got to 100k sometime this summer. I did read or hear on a vid that a number of BTC whales sold some big blocks. Taking some profit is never a bad idea.
  18. I started a thread that’s non VIP called Crypto Currencies Start Learning. You can type that into the Search Tab and go to start reading. I have since moved most of my comments to VIP but that thread had some great input from some very knowledgeable people at DV. It’s not a bad place to start. i’ve been active in Cryptos for less than a year and it’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I invest in them and I trade a handful. It was a big chew learning how to navigate this new asset class but I did the work and I’m now reaping the rewards. My only suggestion to newbi
  19. Thank you for yours as well. I know Central Texas got hit pretty hard. I have a number of good friends who live in and around Austin. We got electricity late Wednesday but our water is still out. We have one one family member who was in a horrific car accident when a person ran a red light and couldn’t stop on the icy road. My niece is a ER nurse and was on her way to work. I am usually a calm and fairly steady person but this has me really shook up.
  20. If that happened at Minute Maid Ball Park in Houston Jose Altuve would get a bucket of balls and bring his Azz down. The rest of the team would take care of the rest. 😆 😆
  21. The first person I heard in the Blame Game was Beto O’Roake, followed by The Mayor of Houston. That got the Govenor blaming Ercot and then it’s been all about Ted Cruz the last few days. Today AOC is in town. Ya, everything is politized these days. There will be plenty of blame to go around but the bottom line is people were without Electricity and Water for days in the coldest temps in decades. People have died and for that there is NO excuse. While the natural gas freezing was a big big factor there were many other things that were overlooked and were not handle
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