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  1. Try not to cry reading this post. Try to read the replies and this thread to see the magnitude of grief from families who have had their loved ones murdered. This is what happens when we do not speak out and let our leaders allow its citizens to become human guinea pigs.
  2. No changes? What? What? Why? I want to quit but “I’m never going to give you ( Dinar) up”
  3. That’s very ambitious. Let’s get above this 200 ma first and hold it. It’s hard to see from this weekly chart but the 50, 300, and 200 ma are all right where they need to be for an explosive move up. I don’t like to make predictions. That’s a fools game. Go Long and forget about it for years or trade what you see. I’m in as an investor and casual observer. I joined the Apes because I can’t stand the Evil Banksters. I hope they all fry. I suspect most of the shorts are out and they may pop it just to start the process all over again.
  4. The ones who can't find their stash or got rid of them after 15 years of waiting. I couldn't find mine for years and got so mad I would have gotten rid of them if I could have found them. I'm in the process of moving and found the damn things just recently. It wasn't my whole stash just a portion of it. So bring it on Iraq, I'm now 100% ready.😀
  5. Keep an eye on AMC. The Weekly Chart is starting to look very similar to the last time it took off in May 2021. We need to get above that 200ma for any kind of a real run. That is around 8.88. (not a coincidence) Many times it goes to the 200 ma and rejects and pulls back and sometimes it goes above for awhile and retests the 200 ma. If you have a reliable chart just notice after a 2 year drop all the major moving averages are juxtaposed (all close together) and that is a good good thing imo. That's what we are getting with a lot of the Cryptos, the retest. It stinks that we have to wait so long but when we get a huge pump like many of the Cryptos and AMC it takes time to reset the charts. Learn the game. Pump em up short em down. If you can be patience and learn some very basic TA you can make a very nice living.
  6. Good thought keylime. We have heard that many times in the past 15 years. This would work too 😀
  7. If we don't have to turn it all in I will gladly sell some at .10 and continue the wait for a bit higher with the rest. I bought more years ago just incase something like this happens. If we get an RV to 1.35 and are forced to turn it all in I would be ecstatic!!!! Something else to consider. What if the Dinar comes in at .135 and everyone sells. Then it goes to 1.35 or whatever at the Great Reset and the USD is revalued lower. Could happen imo..
  8. 😛 I deleted this post. I put it in the wrong thread. My bad. Carry on.
  9. I always thought they would float and start at .10. So .135 sounds about right but I really don’t have a clue.
  10. Political Corruption in Arizona Exposed The truth always comes out. Listen to this Revealing testimony at the Arizona Oversight Hearings on Elections. It’s is EXPLOSIVE 🧨!!! Be sure to read the comments below.
  11. NWO not NEW... Got distracted and typo.. Sorry, I try to be clear but I'm got more stuff going on than a 3 ring circus leader. It's 7:13 and I'm still at my desk since 6:30 this morning. On March 1st I'm moving out to the Country and then I'll be like Adam and Thugs.
  12. That is a correct statement from what we read, see, and hear. I'm not so sure our leaders are as dumb as everyone believes. I think they are beholden to and selling us out to the WEF which are in bed with the Chinese from what I've read. I've also read that many in the USA think the moving everything to China is a huge mistake. Wow, it's all so hard to wrap our head around but Carl Marx said that the Capitalist would sell his own mother to make a buck. I guess he was right.
  13. Anything I say is pure speculation so I'm not even going to speculate. There are 100's of Vids and Twitter know it all types that will give you plenty of speculation but it will be probably be wrong. Judge Torres will deliver her verdict in the following days, weeks or months. There could be a Settlement before then which could send it to an Appeals Court and maybe then the Supreme Court. If I think this is as big as it needs to be then we are probably looking at a Supreme Court date sometime in the future. I know from my readings that the final argument written by Ripple's lead Attorney wrote it with the idea that it would be judged by the SC.
  14. The founders of PayPal which Elon Musk is one had always envisioned a more Cryptic form of Payment System but the Technology just wasn't available in the late 1990's-early 2000's. The founder of Quant, Gilbert Verdian has been working on this for over 25 years. He is also working with MIT and Algorand founder, Silvio Micali. Who also came out of MIT, SBF and Gary Gensler. There is no doubt SBF's father who teaches at MIT and Gary Gensler tried to capture this new technology and hand it over to the Banking Cartels, ie, WEF, NEW, Creeps. I hope the WEF, NWO, WEF is crushed and scattered to Hell where they belong.
  15. Yes, I know they do but they are powered by software code produced by Ripple, R3, Corda, and others. XRP, XLM, and XDC will be the instrument to move the currencies of the world powers. It may not be as big as I believe and one day those Brics Countries may produce their own Systems but they are working with the Companies I wrote about above. I've read too many articles and seen too many graphs to believe otherwise. Brics aren't going to disassociate from Banking with the West. There has to be some accepted form of payments and most of these Blockchain Technologies were developed in the West/USA. That is changing very quickly as our Congress dithers away at coming up with Regulations and our innovators are leaving for overseas opportunities. One last thing. Ripple's XRP is already in use and has been for over 2 years moving Billions cross border and that's the testing phase. When the switch is flipped Trillions will be moved.
  16. How are they going to do those payments? Gold is too cumbersome to transport as a payment for Oil. SPFS, the Brics version of Swift payment system is powered by Ripple (and a few others) and many Countries in Brics will be using XDC and XLM. Who are the 3 Leading Crypto Cross Border Payment Currencies? XRP, XLM, XDC In other words the world's money will be moved by US Companies and will get a cut of that action. The US will not be quite as powerful but will still be very instrumental when it comes to MONEY!! Do any of you know how much Oil, Nat Gas the US has in known reserves?? Hundreds of years worth!!! The world is going clean energy, ESG, and Oil will be phased out in the next 20-30-50 years as a way to provide power for cars and electricity for power plants. I've been to the MIT labs and I've seen first hand what is coming. Trust me the USA will LEAD when it comes to innovation and ENERGY!!!!! Fiat Currency will be replaced with a blockchain/ledger digital currency (a Fed Coin type of token for USA, a World CBDC or Private Ledger for Central Banks, Cryptos, etc ??). We still don't even have Regulations and Clarity for Crypto Currencies so we'll have to wait to see what Stablecoin is deemed acceptable if at all. We might even run both Fiat and CBDC/Stablecoins/Cryptos at the same time for awhile. (We are basically already doing this) It's a confusing time for money. All National Currencies will be valued by a basket of Commodities, Metals, Oil, Nat Gas, Grain, etc. The USA has more Gold on record than any other Country (we also have a lot of Oil, Minerals, and the ability to produce more grain than most Countries). There is no doubt that the USA will lose its role as the main World Reserve Currency and the only one allowed to be in charge of an Oil Dollar and Swift Payment Banking System. The World is moving to a more level playing field whether we like it or not. The USD, UK Pound, Euro, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, and all the other Fiat Currencies of the West have run their course just like all other previous Fiat Currencies. Even though they are currently all over leveraged Currencies don't expect this group to wither away. They are still a very powerful block of Countries and will still command a major role in World Leadership for years to come. This event has been planned for decades. Let's not get all wrapped up in people's opinions and Fear. It will probably be a messy transition, especially for the West, but we will come through it and prosper again. None of what you just read is 100% fact, totally correct, or just my opinion. It's a compilation of years of reading, talking to numerous business leaders, and trying to cobble together what this Great Reset is, means, and how it will be implemented. There is a plan and that plan has been changed numerous times. I'm no Guru, know it all, trying to manipulate or have an agenda. I'm sharing what I think I know learned from what others think they know. So, pure speculation with a grain of truth. We are living in exciting times and anyone who says they know exactly when and how this all shakes out is probably wrong.
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