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  1. Uh, hello is this the right Chase Bank to cash in my Dinar. Um, I believe I’m Tier 4b and would like an appointment. Weewe said to call you and the rate is now over 55.67. Uh, what??, No, I don’t know who Madam Wu is and no I don’t know the secret password. So Waaaazzzzuuuuup!!!!
  2. Goat and his kids. Scary Goat always riding the wrong horse. Be gone worthless guru
  3. I believe the goat and weewe got their signals crossed These guys are always wrong. You just can’t fix stupid!!!
  4. I came at you pretty hard a year ago before I got where you where coming from. You say you served in the military so that got my instant respect. I’ve also apologized for my snarky, disrespectful posts towards you. I don’t agree with your politics and I will continue to voice my opposition to your posts which really irritate me (everyday). I will just try to be more respectful to you as long as you do likewise. Which for the most part you do.
  5. It is telling that none of them are VIP. They are here to further an agenda. 10 dollar an hour retired RS’ers
  6. “Bro says he’s pumped and I’m here to get you Pumped”. Let’s go Iraq.
  7. New digs for the Bros. Congratulations Bros, it’s a good franchise!!!! My dog Ralph loves it!!! He’s all excited. “8 did you just say the Bros Brothers are on 8 Hot diggity dog” “Did you say you need a hot dog” o
  8. Agree LGD Agree Karsten, we have open carry but I always carry concealed. If I go downtown I carry a backup too.
  9. Of course they did and they have a few of them on this site. I know how they operate because I was once a Dem., I’ve seen the playbook.
  10. Many people in the US are frustrated with their jobs being sent overseas, they are resentful of immigrants who get free housing, free medical, free food and then tell them how to run our country. If I came to your home and you gave me shelter and food for an extended period and instead of being grateful I was disrespectful, didn’t follow your rules, took advantage of your kindness you would be upset with me, right. It’s kind of the same thing with many immigrants. Lets take the Muslims. They come here from 3rd world countries, they get free housing, medical, transportation, food and more then they want to use their Sharia Law. They then elect 2 Congress people who disparage Our Jewish population and call our President a Mo’foer. Maybe, just maybe you can be a little understanding why many US people use terms like you just stated.
  11. I can do it and if I get out of control, ( name calling, arrogant I’m always right, disrespectful or low blows) just call me on it. I seriously like to hear all sides of a problem and then make up my own mind. I don’t need CNN, or Fox, or anyone telling me what to think or how to think. We all have different upbringings, societal standings, Education, and life experiences. I believe the country is better if a politician or Political Party can come to an agreement or a compromise as to what is best for the majority of the country vs “it’s my way or the highway”
  12. Ok, there you go on your quote. I’m a problem solver Shabbs.. I’m not into *** for tat. My time is too valuable to do this all day with you. I read your posts with LGD and others and it’s the same stuff everyday. Occasionally it gets heated to the point of low blows and name calling. I’m not into that. I would rather hear your solutions to some of the country’s major problems like, Out of control of Government spending Border Security, illegals voting, Sanctuary Cities Gun Control and Gun rights DACA Socialism Healthcare and Drug Prices. ETC, ETC i would rather talk about these and other problems of our country without the Fox or CNN talking points. Also, without the name calling and snarky I know it all answers. Yes, we are all guilty of this but I would bet we are closer than most would believe on many of these topics. Maybe we should stop acting like little school children trading idiotic barbs at each other and get into a more intellectual, honest discussion.
  13. I think I’m going to take a pass. If I say it’s rainning outside you would blame Trump. There’s no give and take, no honesty, it’s just bash Trump everyday. You say you are a Christian. Maybe you should let go of your hate for Trump.
  14. Bumper won’t have to show up because I’m not going to throw those low blows. We should be able to debate without disparaging remarks about ones personal beliefs, especially when it comes to the Bible.
  15. I was referring to Obama’s disparaging reference and you took that and threw it in my face. It’s a typical response from a lefty. If you are going to debate with me you will have to not mock God, his Word, or my Beliefs. Just like I don’t knock your Military Service. Do you understand. We can play nice or be mean spirited and throw low blows. Your choice.
  16. Never said I liked his character and you know that from reading my posts. I also don’t appreciate you using the Bible to make a point. That’s not appropriate imo, especially when your statement was false.
  17. To answer your question who started the great divide of America. Imho it was Obama. Did you think people who didn’t agree with his policies were going to lay down and take it. No, they found a candidate that would fight for all us flyover people and deplorables, who like our Bibles and guns. We we know how much you hate Trump’s everything, you tell us every damn day.
  18. Funny BA. Only you could see that. No negs from me. Yes it is a typo. I make thousands of them because I’m still trading and don’t reread them. Haha.
  19. I don’t think so. Bolton is a Hawk, Trump is’nt. Difference of opinion, nothing kookie about that imo.
  20. Not one good thing will come from these meetings, imo.
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