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  1. News out on Evergrande. China Govt to help restructure the company. Chinese markets open lower but only down about 2%. Us Futures are up on the news. It’s too early to say if this will be contained but it is a good thing for Apes. We’ll see.
  2. Makes perfect sense since they are letting thousands to cross illegally from the Southern Border. What pandemic??
  3. This is AMC on a Heiken Ashi candlestick chart. It’s the only chart for trend trading imo. So as you can see we are red and trending down. This is not the time to dip buy. Always look to buy off a bounce of support when the candlesticks are green. Today we bounced off the 50 ma. That is huge. Premarket will be very important to get a gauge of market sentiment. If the Market digests the news from China as a China only problem we may see a gap open tomorrow. If not then we will blast through the 50 and try the next support which is the pink line or the 100 MA. If we bust through that then the 200 comes into play. The moving averages are extremely important to traders and many of the Algos are pegged to them. At the top of my chart is the RSI which is diving. No bueno ideally you want that above 45-50 and rising. Below the chart you have the Stochastics going lower and the MACD going lower. No bueno. Keylime is 100% correct imo. When you get big sell offs guys on margin sell anything and everything to keep from getting a Margin Call. The Stock Market was very over bought. It needed an excuse to knock off 10-25% We’ll need to keep a close eye on how the markets view this China News. If it is nothing the game resumes. That’s when new money comes in and that’s were shorts can really get burned. I’m always a buyer on the dips but you HAVE to make Damn well sure the selling is over. Watch the RSI and MACD for an up movement. And watch those moving averages for a bounce up off of support.
  4. yes but eventually we will ware them out.
  5. “Hey Joe, you finally got out of the basement”. That’s funny and sad. This is what real opposition that can’t be Censored sounds like. This is what happens when you steal an election and try to censor the opposition on Twitter and You Tube. F JB and the Dems that elected him. You can take your CV, Higher Taxes, Inflation, Open Border, Poor Economic, and Foreign Policies and shove it.
  6. They are off and running alright. Right back into the same nothing going to happen wall. Or maybe this time they run through the wall. Hey Iraq, just go around the wall. It’s easier on the body.
  7. Your post is spot on Jim. Thank you for your detailed thoughts. I believe our Govt and the WEF knew exactly what would happen. We just don’t know the “why” they are allowing all this to take place. At least not all of the plan. Those of us on the VIP threads have a pretty good idea. Just follow the money and understand a new Financial System is coming.
  8. They were supposed to RV today but everyone was at the soccer game. G OOOOOAL !!!!!!!
  9. Thank you for the information. I have read about vit’s A, C, and Zinc but I have not heard of L-Lysine. Interesting!!!
  10. Thank you pp. I still own my AMC but you guys got this covered real good. I am all in with the Cryptos and got my hands full. I enjoy reading this thread and love the fact that the people posting are so knowledgeable.
  11. I’m not familiar with the new rules but I can give you first hand experience as a Day Trader what they are trying to do. Last year I was Day Trading and making a lot of trades every day. Everything was fine and I had zero problems with my Margin account. Then Covid hit and the lockdown turned the Stock Market into a big casino. Many people started Day Trading on Margin and lost. I mean they LOST real big and didn’t have the account to cover. It was a disaster for the exchanges. Day Trading is the hardest thing I have ever done. It’s very fast, very manipulated, and if you don’t know what your doing you can lose thousand in seconds. Many of the newbies who were gambling, I mean trading couldn’t cover their margin calls. We’re talking millions and millions of dollars unable to settle. That’s when they started flagging accounts. Once you are flagged it is almost impossible to win. My account got lumped into that mess even though I was an experienced trader with years of success and rarely lost. The slow execution times and even not executing trades was what got me out of the game. They control the spreads, the timing of execution, what you see on your computer, EVERYTHING. If you are flagged they basically are trying to run you out of the game. The excuses they give are ridiculous and not true. I truly believe they flagged me because I was kicking their ass. Every Day!!!! if you are a buy and hold or an occasional trader you probably have nothing to worry about. If you invest and trade on margin you better not get upside down or make a bunch of trades. That’s when you will get flagged and that’s when you will understand how rigged the game can be against a retail trader. The Exchanges have to do this imo to protect their finances. Multiply hundreds if not thousands of newbie traders who have little or no experience making 100k trades with no resources to cover their calls when they lose, and you can see what a disaster the Exchanges had. I heard of multiple people losing millions on margin trades with no way to cover. Ouch. Stay away from Day Trading.
  12. Thanks CL. Big Pharma, World Governments, and National Media, have gone all in on this disastrous pandemic that they have unleashed upon the World. I’m not sure if most of you caught the fact that Congress and their families are exempt from Biden’s Vaccine Mandate!!
  13. In that picture above Biden looks like the German SS Officer in Indiana Jones, right before his face melted.
  14. Not at all. Biden is giving us exactly what he campaigned on. New Green Deal, Open Borders, Higher Taxes, Medical Dictatorship, Socialism, a VP who is a laughing hyena, and of course dementia. He is the worst President ever imo.
  15. Finally!!!!! Ripple wallet that funds Jed McCaleb’s ‘Tacostand’ now has zero XRP remaining With no more escrow payments to be released to Jed McCaled, it's only a matter of time before the former Ripple exec dumps his entire XRP holdings onto the market. Related: XRP is the key to Ripple’s profitability; here’s why that could be a big issue The original Ripple address used to fund former Ripple exec’s ‘Tacostand’ wallet has zero XRP remaining. The entirety of Jed McCaleb‘s allocation of XRP has now been paid out, which means that it’s only a matter of days before the founder of Stellar sells the remaining XRP from his ‘TacoStand’ wallet, which he has been doing every day since May this year. Only 700 million XRP left to be sold from Jed McCaled’s Ripple-dumping wallet McCaleb, the co-founder and CTO of Stellar, co-founded Ripple in 2011 and left the company in 2014 over internal disagreements. Immediately after his departure, McCaleb tried to dump all of the XRP he received as part of Ripple’s founding team but was promptly stopped by the rest of the company’s management. According to David Schwartz, Ripple’s current CTO, the company initiated a series of lawsuits that prevented McCaleb from dumping his holdings all at once. Instead, he would receive his tokens in escrow payments throughout several years, a move that Ripple believed would preserve XRP’s market value. And while McCaleb’s XRP dumping has been rather controversial, it wasn’t until the escrow account that funds his XRP wallet went dry that the market really began reacting. According to crypto researcher Leo Hadjiloizou, the Ripple address used to fund McCaleb’s ‘Tacostand’ wallet has been emptied out. Last year, the address reportedly held over 4 billion XRP and has since transferred all of the funds to McCaleb. The final 174 million XRP was transferred to the wallet on September 1st. Data from XRPScan has shown that McCaleb’s ‘Tacostand’ wallet currently has just over 709 million XRP. If he was to continue selling at his current rate, he would empty out his account in just under 90 days. Many believe that once McCaleb sells the remainder of his XRP, the token wouldn’t see so much selling pressure and will jump in value. The Ripple community has reacted positively to the news, celebrating the fact that XRP will most likely see a significant reduction in sell pressure in the next couple of months.
  16. Thanks for all the posts bigwave. We lost a uncle who was a Houston Firefighter. He was search and rescue and developed lung cancer and died 6 years later after breathing that foul air for 3 weeks Great man and I will never forget!!
  17. Thanks NEPats. You’re the best. Sol was a big play for me. Out now. Waiting for a 20-30% pull back to re-enter. Qnt broke out today. Long term hold for me. HBar and Matic. Looking real good. For those of you that are not in VIP I highly encourage you to join and learn about Cryptos. You are going to have to in the coming years so it just makes sense to do it. I finally got over there last May and learned a lot from members like NEPats, CL, Chuck Finely, Thomas, Ziggy, Mark, Toes, and so many more. It was the best thing I’ve done in the investment world since the Tech Boom in the late 1990’s.
  18. I have been hanging out in the VIP in the XRP and other Crypto Threads. I’m all in and have decided to dedicate all my attention there. I’ve also been down at the Beach house chilling. I still own my AMC and bought some more last week when it crossed over the 9 ma on the Weekly at 39ish. It’s a long term hold for me. I’m still believing in what the Apes are doing. Keylime and all the other Apes got that one covered.
  19. Thank you for all the great posts today Yota. I don’t say that enough. I appreciate your work and dedication big guy. Also big thanks out to Ron and Laid Back for your years of solid posting. I read em all!!!!!
  20. Positive!! Enter the correct way. Then you don’t have to be looking over your shoulder for the law the rest of your life.
  21. A bunch of them are coming to Montgomery County North of Houston. The only thing I wish they would do is test them for CV. We have a lot of CV in the Houston area. A lot of it is definitely fueled by illegals trucked into Houston from the border who are CV positive.
  22. Thank you Adam. I hope all is well with you and your family.
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