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  1. Always time for a shameless plug for a platinum VIP discount
  2. What what point does it take to realize that this RV is never going to happen? Nobody knows what it take for the currency to revalue, all guesses and speculations. When a situation or event happens unexpectedly and the great minds say well when this is cleared up we should have a window of an RV. Ive been in this 7 years now and I'm quite embarrassed that I mentioned this to my family and friends. Paid near 3k for 3 million dinar and if I were to sell it back to the exchange I'd get about 1500-1600 back.
  3. Whats the definition of insanity? Sorry I've lost faith in this ride. Too much turmoil in the middle east propagated by US government involvement. Were selling arms to any country over there with out a care where they go to. Its by design.
  4. Why is there a hold up on passing the HCL? This is getting old.
  5. Ron Paul was right....again! " nothing is going to change, expect more of the same". More illegal wars, debt, bigger government, lies, mistrust worldwide...it goes on
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