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  1. Iraq is waiting for you to dump your dinar......I dare ya! If it will hasten the rv.....why not do it? (Grin).
  2. In the running of the Dinar Derby......folks place your bets on Horsesoldier to Win, Show and Place! He's a Winner 🏆 I tell you!
  3. Thanks Mary....I guess it won't be too much longer after the Iraqi Dinar reevaluation that all of the Arab nations go to something like the Euro €. Just my most humble opinion.
  4. Good Morning and Happy New Year DV. I just read this article and thought to share it. I'm not sure which Topic it applies to Mods. So please move or remove it if you will. Unless you prefer to go through the many ads that are included in the link, the full text is included below. %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fww
  5. I saw this article this morning.....all I could thinknyo say was LOL. Another Junk Currency, the Iraqi Dinar, Bites the Dust By STEVE H. HANKE December 22, 2020 4:36 PM Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kadhimi delivers a speech during the vote on the new government at the parliament headquarters in Baghdad, May 7, 2020. (Iraqi Parliament Media Office/Handout via Reuters) On October 15, 2003, Iraq began to distribute new dinar bills, graced with the likeness of an ancient Babylonian ruler and a tenth-century mathematician. By January 15, 2004, new d
  6. Thank you as well Pokerplayer. Don't lose it all at the Table. If your name is any indication.....then you're most likely a winner anyways! I can see you now.....sizing up the dealers.....Lol
  7. When it finally does RV, its gonna be a very sad day....... Not for those who have waited for so long but for those who kept coming to this site telling everyone its not worth it, it's a scam, it will never happen and they themselves never invested. I liken those type to people who are not Christians but troll the Christian website and pages just for fun. I can hardly wait to see the look of some of those faces. Not to rub it in but to scrub it out..... With that being said, Yeah, I said it Thank you Adam(as well as your Staff Members) for everything and I
  8. @Carrello. I see you have a lot of questions there. Allow me please. First and foremost President Trump is am anti-globalist. He is against the New World Order. So it is only natural for those who are for it to do any and everything they can to actually fight him, make him look crazy, stupid, etc. In the 4 years he has been been president there have been many accusations against him. He's been taken to court....Russian collusion, you name it. Each and everytime there was news of his guilt. Now, I would ask you. Why is it that they could not produce the evidence to put him out of office?
  9. I do believe I wrote that it was my best guess.....if you really want to know you can probably ask to sit in on a parliamentary session when they bring up the Oil and Gas Bill. Otherwise it is just a thought of why and as I stated....I believe there is a set date for this to occur. We're all in this together and eventually they will move on the chessboard and call zzzzzzzzz. You have to keep in mind though they are in charge of certain things they Can Not go around the IMF and World Bank forever. Especially after the World Financial Tour their Prime Minister just made. It seems the closer we g
  10. I don't know but my best guess is....they keep the dinar low, pay in US dollars and wait to RV. That way they don't have to worry about a 1-1 exchange rate. Unless, I'm off in my way of thinking, they are trading oil for dollars. Besides, there is a certain date that all of this must occur. We do know it will be soon. We just don't know how soon. However, the RV train slowing down so that it can stop at the station on the appointed date and at the appointed time. Either way, I am Optimistic! Go RV
  11. Could it well be that the 2021 budget also includes the 2020 budget? Just typing out loud....
  12. I think that by devaluing the dinar more iraqi citizens would be running to the banks trading in their dinars for the dollar. That would be out of fear that their currency will ultimately fail and they would be stuck with nothing(even less). Just my most humble opinion.
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