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  1. Thanks Jeepguy. Now I st least know few people appreciate my dry Carnation Milk in a box humor...😁
  2. Question: How does Milk rate a Barrel? I thought it was only Oil, Pickles, Fun. Laughs, Monkeys and Whiskey came in Barrels...😁
  3. These three A.K.A. in no particular order 1. Hear all Evil 2. See all Evil 3. Speak all Evil For which is also written: MĒ'NĖ MĒ'NĖ, TĒ'KEL, U-PHÄR'-SIN Their days are numbered.......
  4. I sense 7 and a trillion dinar worth of smoke and mirrors. If this finance minister is serious......I don't think the World Bank would be willing to keep pumping money into Iraq's economy/government like that. At some point and time, that 'Mommy, may I have another cookie before dinner?' ,mentality has to be put to a halt. Let's face it.....Iraq is a filthy rich nation, with filthy rich politicians and the World Bank (mommy in this case) has more hooks in the Iraq than a few. Iraq did the Forgive our Debts World Tour to many nations. They flew through the setting up of their government just recently at neck break speed (some believed impossible) in all actuality, it was Suddenly. Just because they have the 'Borrowing Law' and plan to use it doesnt mean the World Bank is going to Lend. They just might be sent packing with their tails between their legs to the CBI. It's not that they don't have a 2020 budget, they just refuse to budge off of borrowing like a junkie on crack. The roller coaster ride is coming to a complete halt keep your arms and legs inside your cart and hands on the bars. If I'm wrong the World Bank will correct me. I just felt like venting 😁. P.S. I sincerely Love you peeps here on DV. I personally only know a few but from the way most of you write comments, assist and support one another it's incredible. I wouldn't mind getting to know more of you. Have a Blessed Week everyone. Flamtap......(Scouts) Out
  5. Ziggy, thank you for the correction. I know full well how that scripture reads and it was in my thinking though it didn't translate in my writing. I so appreciate you for not only thinking to but actually making the correction. It is not my intent that any man(kind) be misled. Be ye Blessed.....
  6. I'm thinking they will but this thing is wrapped in so much secrecy that they don't want the world to see it. Until everything is set and the curtains are drawn back to reveal what has already been done, I stay grounded. I am in the frame of also thinking that it may also be tied to the timing of the CV-19 virus. The whole thing is centered around money (it is the root of all evil). It's killing the middle classes of many countries and also making larger corporations wealthier. It could also be that post RV, governments start to devise ways to take a major portion of what is made off of this investment from the regular masses. That being the case, Adam has always put forth the opportunity to join V.I.P. -------No, I don't work for Adam and don't know him from (the other Adam). You bible scholars know who I'm referring to. But anyway, before I ramble on too much. Greetings to all, stay safe and be Blessed. Hold your Horses, Horsesoldier. And pretty soon you'll be able to ride them all the way to the bank. 😁
  7. Now, that's what I call....good ol' horsesense humor 🤣
  8. Nope! It's that world famous.....Pull my finger joke! 😁
  9. If they asked for assistance from me,I would just ignore the email. It was just a request and you can never tell where the email came from in the first place. As a matter of fact I would just delete it altogether. That is just my most humble opinion.
  10. Thank you Adam it is and will continue to be a pleasure being in such wonderful company as yourself. As with many carnival rides you wish they would last a lot longer than they actually do. I can not say the same for this particular roller coaster (and I love roller coasters) ride I'm pretty sure the majority here would agree......some of us have been on it way too long. If nothing else I'm sure most here would agree. We have had some great company with us. Too many to mention, that have kept up informed and on many occasions entertained. We await your email and/or text message. Bless You and your Family as well. Keep Safe All...... GO RV (and go away Covid-19) I
  11. Trading Al Sharpton is not a good deal Keylime..... You know that over there they love to haggle in deals. So we sweeten the pot. Let me see....Now, how can we do that. Oh Yes, I got it....we will hold on until they want an addition to Al Sharpton. We can throw in Messy Jackson....and the deal should be complete.....Soon or Suddenly. 🤑
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