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  1. Once again, Adam did tell us that before any RV/RI that there would will be much disinformation. Why would this man (or anyone else)tell us that it is going to RV/RI to jeopardize his life and that of his family. The fact that he is even talking about is great in itself. He knows something for sure and I'll bet it's more positive than negative news.
  2. Because, I am Spartakus! I always wanted to say that!
  3. If he did, every Yahoo in the world would jump on the Iraqi Dinar like it was Gorilla Glue......that would more than likely bring down the rate of which is now planned. I'll wait.....okay, pun intended.....I have no choice but to wait.... Suddenly
  4. I tried to copy the text but couldn't. Sorry.....
  5. Iraq is waiting for you to dump your dinar......I dare ya! If it will hasten the rv.....why not do it? (Grin).
  6. In the running of the Dinar Derby......folks place your bets on Horsesoldier to Win, Show and Place! He's a Winner 🏆 I tell you!
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