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  1. Thank you for all the moral support and much Dinar Luv from All of us to you, Yota 🙂
  2. Good one Boosterbglee! I'm also more than sure more than 40 plus one will be caught with their hand still in the cookie jar! I can hardly wait!
  3. I think our Adam could be posing as a secret Superhero.......He is smiling, so I believe when he speaks to us, it will be Good News! 😁
  4. My overall feeling is this.....As long as Adam, his Family, Friends and Associates are all doing well and in good health, I'm good and he can write when he has something for us. Whether Good, Not so(Bad) and Not too (Ugly). That is my prayer. Money, investment opportunities and the like come and go but when you have people like some of the ones here that came together due to Adam's hard work....that is a very hard replacement in our lives. Many of us have gained lifelong friends through this site and also hang on every word Adam puts before us. That is good but please for the sake of God.....
  5. I think he'll be back Ramadan type suddenly.....
  6. Goliath in deed had 4 brothers. With that being said, God leads His people by His hand. On each hand is a thumb and four fingers(if you will) or five fingers. Each stone also represented the 5 ministries of the 5-fold ministry in which God uses to guide and instruct His people. They are Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers for the Perfection of the Saints. If one part is missing there is no perfection(or rather being complete) of God's people. He is coming back for a Perfect or rather (again) a Perfect Church. Even though David used only One stone, the others were carried in s
  7. That's a Beautiful picture of the Document and Article as well! 😁
  8. I may be wrong but the restart of the Auctions has to have a purpose anyway. I am thinking that if when you fish somewhere and you catch fish, you go back to that same fishing hole to see if you can catch more. Some thieves can't help themselves and they keep going back to the well......while at the same time lead down the trail they and others used. They will be caught up in their own mess. Meanwhile back at the ranch, it is Ramadan now and I suspect that this ride may pull into the station at the final destination RV/RI-Land shortly before or immediately after Ramadan observances are complet
  9. How many dinars in 60 Billion dollars? 😁. Thanks Yota. Have a Blessed Day and Week as well.
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