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  1. Again, thank you EverCurious452. My God makes the Impossible......Possible. You shall see shortly.....RV is certainly in order and also falls in line with Biblical passages of events to come upon the Earth. Though you don't Believe, I will continually pray for you.
  2. I will address this part of your comment Evercurious452. No I don't leave and put my trust in every little scientific fact scientists come up with. Actually, what science has to say about religion doesnt interest me either. I didn't and don't trust what it says about man evolving from can I....when the only thing I've seen a monkey evolve into is surprisingly a monkey. I am not religious but you can despite that fact with someone else. I am Saved. That has to do with Salvation. Don't know what your science says about that and you're right. I'm not going to change my mind. Religion is Man's attempt to reach God, Salvation is God teaching out to man.....however, it is only to and for those who believe and have Faith in Jesus. God who created everything, can not be figured out via science. So the events that are occurring in today's world which the scientist are trying to figure out what is going on and how. Earthquakes, Volcanos, Storms, Fires, Lakes and Rivers drying up, the Sun singing, sinkholes, I could go on. Scientists don't have a clue. Sk they come up with ever changing theories. I can go with the Big Bang.....where did the Bang come from.....I guess they did figure out out of chaos comes order? I've seen enough Big Bangs in the Middle East to know that anything that comes after a Big Bang is either Death, Destruction or Both. And I'm to take it that scientist have those facts right? As a saying goes.....'they can miss me with that mess'. Mind you, I totally RESPECT and I mean that with ALL sincerity......No joke, no pun, or anything of the like. I just can not get on that scientific band wagon. Not when have literally seen miracles which No Scientist can figure out nor have explanations for..... or will they ever. I will close with this.....I can tell you my respect for you is love is as have shown Grace, Respect throughout this dialogue. Which make me appreciate you even more. May you and your Loved Ones Be Blessed.
  3. This shows how little he knows about science. So now you're a scientist as well EverCurious452? And what does it matter how many papers are written on either side. The Global Warming/Climate Change myth rides waves of falsehood. Let's put it this can believe how you want EverCurious452 and write a post using all the $15 words you want. That does not effect me one bit. Break down and disavow/disprove Matthew 24 (if you can). I can almost bet you will try and disavow the Word of God but you can't disprove it even with your so called science or any one point. For in it you will find a Global WARNING......Not a Global Warming........
  4. The hands of 97% of people who think your analysis is bonkers just went up. The other 3% we couldn't wake up from their drunken stupor which that theory put them into. Let's suppose there were no wind at all to obtain power, since we're supposing. Maybe there is also a 5% chance of the Sun never shining again. There goes solor energy down the drain. Why is it that America is being attacked with this 'The Sky is Falling' theory. By 2000, those same scientists told the UN that half the countries would be underwater. Here is it 2020 and what....okay, I'll give you Venice. Which by the way I have personally been to on vacation in the early 2000's and walked away from there with my suitcase over my head and water past my thighs because of flooding. So those reports are a blatant Lie. The floods are bad but not the worst ever. But you can believe what and how you want. That Global Warming is just another Tax like the Obama Care Bill on the path to globalization. We don't need or want it why are you here anyway, when most of the world's supply of oil is coming from the Middle East. Are you protesting over there with your scientific theory? I see that the same as people who complain about the Iraqi government and seeing what some people seeing the same type of people vote to keep Pelosi(oops that slipped) in office. She helped wreck her state yet people praise her. Okay, I have a theory.....Trump is going to Win by a Landslide because we don't want, need, or care about Climate Change. I suppose all in all these are Acts of God. Ever hear of the Bible EverCurious45? I'm pretty sure you will find your climate somewhere in Matthew 24.......Pick it up, if you are indeed curious.......
  5. I won't Neg you with a Red Ruby, Engine1. It just seems as if your engine broke down or never left the station. You are 100% wrong. By the way, you can Neg me.....I don't mind Rubies either. As a matter of fact, I might buy a couple of them post-RV. Or maybe a Ruby Red Slipper to drink champagne out of.....
  6. (KRG) Prime Minister Masrour Barzani wished the people of the Kurdistan Region a happy new year on Tuesday (December 31) and said that he hoped to fulfill the governments plans of achieving economic stability and prosperity. I hope that the New Year brings happiness and peace and ends despair and instability in the area, Barzani said in a statement. I hope the New Year brings prosperity so that the people can receive proper services, which is dependent on the stability of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, he added. Well ain't he all of a sudden Caring about Sharing?
  7. This is News???!!! Lol..... They didn't abide by the last agreement......LOL.... The sanctions can stay in place, until they come up with a better deal that Obama gave them to inspect their own facilities.....such dribble. I'm not talking basketball dribbling either. By the way Thanks Yota and Happy Holidays to you and yours! You've been a blessing bringing us these articles on a daily basis. You are very much appreciated.
  8. Adam will let us know his take with a SMS after he comes back from cashing out at the bank! 不 Seriously, we're all on pins and needles.....come on Adam....spit it out!
  9. Well, if this 'ain't' going International then nothing else applies! Thank you ButifIdrm
  10. In this episode of Spiderman.....the web is spun to capture the imaginations of the protesters....and to meet them in the middle with reforms that utilizes political dialogues (yes, that is correct Spidy readers- dialogues in plural form). This way we can launch a Comprehensive National Dialogue (singular form) in order to make the people believe we are getting somewhere. Where you may ask? Oh yes the proverbial current crisis. Seriously, I do believe we're closing in on the station for this ride. Let's just all have fun until it happens. Happy Friday Dinaritarians! Not to be confused with sagittarians which....okay you got me!
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