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  1. You're in the rumor section and saying this site is becoming a joke? I guess the joke is on you.....take the good with the bad news, rumors or fiction don't have a thing to do with the validity of this site.....nonetheless you have your opinion. Hmmmm....wait, was your comment a joke or an opinion? 😁
  2. Actually, my Parade is still going strong! Whether Adam comes on to Post or Not, whether the News is more negative than positive or not, and whether you stay at this site to incite or rile people up like a band of criminals burning down or defend the police or whatever you believe it is you're trying to do......It ain't Working (LOL). Fact of the matter is, leading the charge of my parade is Jesus,ahead of the Red, White and Blue, all American 'Old Glory'. Like it or lump it. My parade has American High School bands, Drum and Bugle Corps, Boy and Girl Scouts, Military units, and a few Clowns....which I suspect you snuck in as one. However, once again it is proven One Monkey.....don't stop no show....(or clown). No one promised you an RV or RI......if you want to leave feel free....this is're free to leave. If you chose to stick around and spread poison. Just remember....the Bible does teach that if we drink any deadly thing, it shall not Harm us. You may drink your own poison if you like. Jim Jones kool-aid has no effect here. Consider yourself.....dismissed! Before you begin, I do love my neighbor as myself, love to and for you is extended but an open rebuke is better than Secret Love.
  3. That depends on what your definition of done is......I'm still trying to figure out what Bill Clinton's definition of is, is! 😁
  4. Good one Boosterbglee! I'm also more than sure more than 40 plus one will be caught with their hand still in the cookie jar! I can hardly wait!
  5. I think our Adam could be posing as a secret Superhero.......He is smiling, so I believe when he speaks to us, it will be Good News! 😁
  6. My overall feeling is this.....As long as Adam, his Family, Friends and Associates are all doing well and in good health, I'm good and he can write when he has something for us. Whether Good, Not so(Bad) and Not too (Ugly). That is my prayer. Money, investment opportunities and the like come and go but when you have people like some of the ones here that came together due to Adam's hard work....that is a very hard replacement in our lives. Many of us have gained lifelong friends through this site and also hang on every word Adam puts before us. That is good but please for the sake of God.....if you Believe, don't overlook the fact that most of us here have grown together as a community and should have each others support. As for the negative nay-sayers. We have some in every family......however, you're still family.....that we can't run away from, so, I also include you all in my prayers.
  7. I think he'll be back Ramadan type suddenly.....
  8. Goliath in deed had 4 brothers. With that being said, God leads His people by His hand. On each hand is a thumb and four fingers(if you will) or five fingers. Each stone also represented the 5 ministries of the 5-fold ministry in which God uses to guide and instruct His people. They are Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers for the Perfection of the Saints. If one part is missing there is no perfection(or rather being complete) of God's people. He is coming back for a Perfect or rather (again) a Perfect Church. Even though David used only One stone, the others were carried in support and they represented being one of 5.....The Hand of God!
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