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  1. Adam will let us know his take with a SMS after he comes back from cashing out at the bank! 🤣 Seriously, we're all on pins and needles.....come on Adam....spit it out!
  2. Well, if this 'ain't' going International then nothing else applies! Thank you ButifIdrm
  3. In this episode of Spiderman.....the web is spun to capture the imaginations of the protesters....and to meet them in the middle with reforms that utilizes political dialogues (yes, that is correct Spidy readers- dialogues in plural form). This way we can launch a Comprehensive National Dialogue (singular form) in order to make the people believe we are getting somewhere. Where you may ask? Oh yes the proverbial current crisis. Seriously, I do believe we're closing in on the station for this ride. Let's just all have fun until it happens. Happy Friday Dinaritarians! Not to be confused with sagittarians which....okay you got me! 😁
  4. They Now have no choice but to acknowledge it. No more world-wide free Rides. Every bank has a limit to what they will do. The IMF, World Bank is no different. The pressure cooker is on High! Lol
  5. This is one of the first dominos to fall IMMHO. Doors will be shut or slammed shut until Iraq moves in the right direction to get their act together and not just talk about talks, discussions, committees,etc. Actually, it's more like the old 'squeeze play' in baseball. Time has run out for 'foot dragging'. I'm sure they have been told behind closed doors to get it together or beginning to lose ALL support. They can no longer hold out and hold on to corruption and must figure out new ways to continue post RV. Or maybe that is what the discussions and committees are doing. 😁
  6. I appreciate your comment Horsedsoldier. My father always told me I didnt know how to dress.... oh wait, the other style! It figures.....anyway, I still appreciate it . From one horse soldier to another......Scouts Out! Until RV that is
  7. So in other words we are going to discuss the discussion before the discussion of the discussions we held when we were only discussing holding discussions?
  8. Spartacus and Rhona, you need only to read this book which was printed long before Obama became POTUS. Then and only then can you understand his mindset. It was and still is far and away from what you think and believe. I challenge you to read it......then come back and try to sell me on the idea that he is Christian.
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