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  1. Spartacus and Rhona, you need only to read this book which was printed long before Obama became POTUS. Then and only then can you understand his mindset. It was and still is far and away from what you think and believe. I challenge you to read it......then come back and try to sell me on the idea that he is Christian.
  2. Greetings from Gemany Adam. I have a question pertaining to President Trump pulling our troops from Syria. Could it possibly be a pressure (cooker) move to make the Iraqi government move with a bit more quickness not only to make them step up their own security but RV as well? I am thinking it will make their own forces attractive to their own people, who will be will to fight for and defend Iraq, give the Iraqis what they are demanding and also introduce theirselves as a member in the world financial market.
  3. Thanks 6ly410. I certainly hope this is the last hurdle to clear between these two countries......No more crying. Time to start celebrating.
  4. I got more a total of more Negatives in one day than my existence here at DV. All I can say is that I'm grinning from ear-to-ear,......laughing Snaggle Puss says...... Getting Red Rubies when you're the ones seeing Red. Lol. No, I will NOT take a Knee.....okay, maybe a Bow but a Knee......Never
  5. I am talking about U.S. citizens Poker Player. Not Canadians......go back and read what I wrote......where where you when many Democrats were talking about moving to Canada if Trump won the presidency? That is my inference.... I won't address this point any further. I did not write anything to offend Canadians.....nor would I. Besides, I actually love visiting your country especially on Canada Day.
  6. Poker Player if you moved to Canada due to the fact that Me. Trump became President of the United States that is your business/affairs. If you gave me a ruby while in Canada after you crossed the border then the shoe would fit. I have absolutely No problems with Canadians or Canada. As a matter of fact I love visiting that country...... With that being said, if you didnt 'Neg' me then there was no reference personally directed to you.
  7. I do hope and pray I'm in the area when you two do finally meet face to face.... That would be Prime! Scouts Out
  8. Thank you kindly for your patriotic support Synopsis.....I'm not positive but I believe those rubies are falling from above.....(Canada).....where supposedly many people moved after Mr. Trump became Mr. President and started to help Make America Great Again. I don't care that people don't like the fact that I didn't vote for Obama once because his skin color matches my own. I don't care if I lost friends because I laughed out loud when Bhillarious lost her bid. I can be 'Negged' from now until Jesus splits the skies. It won't affect me one way or the other.... And I'll proudly stand up next to you and defend her still today......I'm proud to be an American........God Bless the U.S.A.
  9. Someone send a message to Kuwait and tell them to get in the back of the line.....all of us have been waiting just as long! Sorry, ai had to get that off of my chest. It's been a while since I posted anything. Thanks Yota and greeting to all my DV brothers and sisters.
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