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  1. Thank you Floridian and everyone else with all your assistance! Truth be told Im a Jersey Girl!
  2. Floridian, I absolutely know you can lead me to this article. Im VTW call me Vicky. Believe me, I have been here every step of the way for the last nine years. Im the quiet where does it US10,000/IQD100,000. Please correct me if Im wrong. That would hopefully start us at .10 cent float. Or am I completely lost?
  3. vtw

    CBI rates look funny

    Mass are so right. Can't imagine what the citizens of Iraq are dealing with, gotta be crazy. Don't get me wrong, I want the RV for some selfish lifestyle changes. But my heart goes out to every person affected by the negatives endured. On a smaller scale, I live in an area where every other house is in foreclosure. Something has gotta give! Thanks for your kindness!
  4. vtw

    CBI rates look funny

    LGD. Sent you a plus! Some people are just angry negative people. The ones there's no hope for(can't bring us down). Thanks for all your post you share. Vicky
  5. vtw


    I have been around couple years. Don't post much but read site often. So many have touched my heart like a close friend.. Yes, I always looked for Sand Flys 'Thank you'. So, stop back in Sand Fly..u give acknowlegement(to me you let others know what they say matters). So many great people in one place. I look forward to eventually be able to connect a face to the name!. The ones who don't always have the best social skills...hope life brings more sunshine in your life(some there's just no
  6. Ron, I thank you for saying what I have wanted to say! Your known on the site, I'm a
  7. Go RV. Hey, just a thought. Less low blows at others and there probably be less negs going around! :-)
  8. vtw

    Prayer request for my grandson

    My family and myself have you and your family in our prayers. Be well. VTW..Vicky from NJ
  9. vtw

    Blaino we has a Float

    Everyone needs to remember, ALL POST are the believes of others. Guru or not!!!! We all have the right to make our own decision what to believe or not. We have all the information available to us. CHOICES>>>be diligent to find your truth or sit back n wait for information you may call a lie anyway. Blaino, thank you for your thoughts. Wrong or right they are your thoughts n opinions. Its up to each individual to be ok with yourself and your believes. Go RV!!!!
  10. Yota691 Thank you for all the time and incredible information you give to us all! Do you ever sleep? With sincere thanks. VTW

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