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  1. HAHA Ignorance is bliss. They put special concrete boxes for the tortoises to use as shelters. But the crows are too smart. They pick away at their young. Mankind can screw up a nocturnal emission
  2. I dg my own gold and its hard work. Crypto is stupid easy!!!!! I bought quite a bit of dogecoin a month ago at 6 cents. Its at 60 cents this morning, Better than IQD ? I think so
  3. Trading at .00038 last i looked today . I threw some money at this last week. Who knows ? Trans Global Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TGGI) in Focus as Rumors Swirl About Potential Chinese Merger Staff TechStockObserverPOSTED ON MARCH 19, 2021 0 5 0 SHARES Share On Facebook Tweet It Mar 18, 2021 (OTC PR WIRE via COMTEX) – Trans Global Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TGGI) shares have started to receive significant attention from market participants over the
  4. For years we were told ( and did ) to tread lightly when riding in the deserts of CA. Low and behold they have razed hundreds of square miles of desert for solar farms. The hypocrisy is mind boggling. What? no endangered tortoises in these areas.? Typical crud from the leftists. What a joke. And whos gonna pay for this infrastructure bill BTW you show your true colors when you say "THE ARABS know this" I guess you think all Middle Easterners are Arabs.
  5. Invest in Iraq’s Potential—or Pay for Its Neglect APRIL 27, 2021 — SAJAD JIYAD SAJAD JIYAD FELLOW WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW Iraq is currently teetering on the edge of collapse. Its economy is struggling, the victory against the Islamic State is incomp
  6. I always thought it was crazy for people to buy paper gold and silver. The bullion banks use fractional banking so they lend out quite a bit more gold and silver than they ever have
  7. Inflation is a tax on our savings. And Like LGD said "Its going to get a lot worse"
  8. I received 6 ballots for former tenants delivered to my rental units. How easy it would have been to fill them out and just mail them in.
  9. I agree DM but I also work for Amazon directly. They pay good and they pay fast. They don't shop my price...., all they ever ask is can i have it done on schedule?
  10. Inflation is never a good thing ....can’t convince me But we are in double digits It’s going down now . My materials prices have gone up 60% in a few weeks . Quotes from my suppliers were always good for thirty days . Now only good for 48 hours . I know a lot of contractors walking away from jobs . it was to be expected .. can’t oat people to sit home and produce zilch
  11. Hahaha And you said inflation is a good thing . Double digits!!!! It’s gonna get ugly Rock . Gear up
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