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  1. When a person is tested more than once and comes up positive more than once all tests are counted as a new case. When a person dies of heart disease but is found to have covid the death is ruled as covid. Can we trust any of the numbers?.
  2. One more thing forgot to mention. NEVER buy anything called Nickel or German silver. Its not silver at all Nickel silver Description Description Nickel silver, Maillechort, German silver, Argentan, new silver, nickel brass, albata, alpacca, is a copper alloy with nickel and often zinc. The usual formulation is 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zinc. Nickel silver is named due to its silvery appearance, but it contains no elemental silver unless plated.
  3. Sorry to hear that Umbertino, Many here are in need too. I just happen to do work for large online retailers who are busy as expected during this thing. A big problem we have is the Feds are giving away quite a bit of money on unemployment insurance. People making more money sitting at home than working. Gonna be a hard to get back in the groove of working for those sitting at home. My company got quite a bit of money ( PPP loan ) and i could put them all back to work but many dont want to. When their unemployment runs out that wont be working for me again. Stay safe and stay strong. This virus is not going away but i know the death numbers here are fake. More like death with Covid than death by covid.
  4. Thanks Yota, Iraq Seeks IMF Loan, Saudi Investments to Boost Oil-Battered Economy Khalid Al-Ansary, Bloomberg News BC-Iraq-Seeks-IMF-Loan-Saudi-Investments-to-Boost-Oil-Battered-Economy , Khalid Al-Ansary (Bloomberg) -- Iraq is in talks with the International Monetary Fund for a loan and is seeking Saudi investments in its natural-gas fields, as Baghdad tries to bolster its battered economy in the face of the coronavirus and low energy prices. The IMF and Iraq are in “intensive” negotiations about a loan that would probably be a maximum of $5 billion, Ali Allawi, the OPEC member’s finance and deputy prime minister, said in an interview in Baghdad on Tuesday night. He didn’t specify if Iraq wanted a rapid credit facility, which would come with few strings attached, a conditional line or both. “There is no formal proposal from the Iraqi government and there is no formal response from the IMF, but we are moving in that direction,” he said. Saudi Arabia has expressed interest in Iraqi gas projects, Allawi said. Iraq’s government has proposed that the Saudis put money into the gas field of Akkas in the west or Mansuriya in the east. They could also invest in capturing gas from the southern oil deposit of Ratawi, according to Allawi. “Saudi Arabia has a high readiness to back our energy projects,” he said. “At the end of the day, they will pick one field. They are also interested in solar energy.” Allawi, who traveled to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in late May, ruled out getting budgetary support from either country. Iraq still owes Kuwait about $2 billion in reparations for invading it during the Gulf War of 1990-91, and has sought debt relief in the past. The IMF and Saudi talks come as Iraq tries to shore up its finances. The economy will probably contract 7% to 9% in 2020, Allawi said. That’s more than the IMF’s forecast of 4.7%. Riyadh is pressing Iraq to cut oil production sharply to meet its OPEC+ quota, adding more pressure on Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, who came to power in May. Baghdad initially refused to curb output as much as other OPEC+ members, but relented after intense lobbying from Saudi Arabia and Russia. Iraq exported about 3.32 million barrels a day of crude last month, down 7% from May, according to Bloomberg tanker tracking. Still, that would have left only 275,000 barrels daily for domestic refineries if it was to meet its overall production cap for June of 3.59 million barrels. Last month, Iraq kept 600,000 barrels a day for its local market. The production quota was agreed between the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and their partners in April. Iraq’s monthly oil revenue is around $2.7 billion, Allawi said. That’s down from $7 billion in 2019. The budget deficit will hit 22% of gross domestic product this year, higher than anywhere else in the Middle East and North Africa, according to the IMF. The government will not issue new Eurobonds to fund the gap because it would be too expensive, according to Allawi. Yields on the nation’s $1 billion of notes maturing in March 2023 dropped almost 60 basis points on Wednesday after the news of the potential IMF loan. But at 9.54% they’re still the highest of any Eurobond issuer in the Middle East aside from Lebanon, which is in default. “We’re not ready to pay 10%,” Allawi said.
  5. If you want the shiney shiney you gotta work for it! Prospecting is quite the game .I'll stick to the Placer with the occasional Nugget.. Almost every person except one that i have taken out prospecting never go a second time. Its tough whether you are in a river sniping , Breaking rock or jack hammering caliche. But well worth the hunt! As for the price of gold.... I see $2,000 by October Note: Lots of Rattlesnake and plenty Mojave Greens this year. Watch your step
  6. Its scary as Sheet Thug. ! Occasionally you will have a crucible shatter and blow up. Wife hates it! Smart woman
  7. What kind of ore are you working with? What metals are you trying to extract? I have a really nice furnace but cant get up to temperature for melting most ore. I can get up to about 2400 degrees F ( 1315 C ) but truthfully that's pushing it. My propane tanks always ice up and i have to either put tank in a large container of water or just switch them Huge volumes of propane. A larger tank would help but a pain getting it filled. I do have a rock crusher that pulverizes most gold down to 100-150 Mesh. Makes for a hard cleanup without any mercury
  8. Non government issued silver and gold. Just like bars but they are coin shaped . They do stack nicely in tubular containers, No collectable value that government issued coins can have. Just the value of the metal. Gotta really know what you are doing when you buy coins. Like everyone is saying .. Stick with bars or rounds.
  9. Nixon was a fool giving our government a blank check in 74. I like your optimism with those prices. Wouldn't that be nice
  10. I've never been a day trader but i could resist during the sell off panic in March But i've made some pretty good money during This Covid Joke Sounds insane bought bought a lot of Carnival Stock at $8.50 and sold at $24.00 Also picked up quite a bit of Exxon at $32 and sold at $52 Southwest was a good buy at $25.00 and sold at $38.00 keeping an eye out for the next crash.
  11. Silver is a tough buy these days. I used to pay 50 cents over spot Some now want $5.00 over spot. If you spend a grand here in CA you pay no tax on metals. Not worth buying if you pay tax on it. And shipping costs will hurt you too. I would look for a local dealer.
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