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  1. As I've said before. Never store your Ghost guns with your registered firearms.
  2. EXCLUSIVE: Iran tells Iraq factions ‘no attacks on US targets until Trump is gone’ Quds force leader Ismail Qaani dispatched to Baghdad as Tehran fears Trump could start new war in Middle East Commander of the Quds Force Ismail Qaani, left, alongside Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Chief Commander Hossein Salami (AFP) By Suadad al-Salhy Published date: 24 November 2020 12:43 UTC | Last update: 9 hours 39 mins ago
  3. Great thing about this website is that you are allowed to post articles without censorship. This article is just conjecture. Unlike the big Tech giants like Google, Facebook, yahoo etc... that censor people opinions. It happens every day and I'm sure you will admit this is true. You really should thank Adam Montana for allowing you to post articles like this.
  4. I'll stick with precious metals. Metals will always have real value. And metals can withstand a major solar flare LOL.
  5. Iraq seeks $2 billion upfront for oil supply contract as its economy falters By JAVIER BLAS AND LAURA HURST on 11/24/2020 (Bloomberg) --Iraq is seeking an upfront payment of about $2 billion in exchange for a long-term crude-supply contract, the latest sign of Baghdad’s growing desperation for cash as its economy unravels. The Middle Eastern country is grappling with a crisis brought to a head by low oil prices and OPEC+ output cuts. As state coffers dwindle and school teachers go unpaid, the country risks a repeat of upheaval last ye
  6. ACA cost me that and President Obamas other policies cost my businesses much more than that. And i agree the tweets of President Trump were hard to swallow. But my businesses thrived under his administration which trickled down to all of my employees and their families. I had to cut healthcare to my employees under President Obama President Obama was hard to like also. I get it. He talked down to us. Pandered to his party Im a lifelong Republican but I had no problem with President Clinton. He spoke to all Americans the same. I didnt care about a getting Hummer
  7. To many people think the POTUS is the most important person on this planet. I don't believe that at all.
  8. I will always respect the office of President and Vice President. I may not like the man or the woman. Political dissension is not racism as so many on the left like to spew out .
  9. We were created equal.. Nothing more. I worked as a union electrician for many years. The union saw us as equals. HAHA not even close. There are those that strive to succeed and those that played the union card. Same goes with all Americans. Tell me what those that succeed in the inner cities do? Do they support their communities or do they move out? They move out and that's a fact And we all have the right to pursue happiness. Nothing more. If happiness comes in a 24 ounce bottle let them be happy... just don't expect others to support them and that includes healthcare and welfare.
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