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  1. I think its really cold up there. I live near LAX and remeber as a kid we used to have heavy fog all the time. It was very common. Thick fog. But since planes emissions have cleaned up in the last forty years we hardly ever have fog. Less particulates for the water particles to collect on
  2. These two jets are at different altitudes. Small altitude changes could cut contrail impact of flights by up to 59 per cent by Caroline Brogan12 February 2020 view large Altering the altitudes of less than two per cent of flights could reduce contrail-linked climate change by 59 per cent, says a new Imperial study. Aircraft contrails – the white streaks aircraft leave in the sky – could be as bad for the climate as their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Now, Imperial College London-led research has found that flight altitude changes of just 2,000 feet could lessen their effect. This, the researchers say, combined with using cleaner aircraft engines, could reduce contrail-caused harm to the climate by up to 90 per cent. Lead author Dr Marc Stettler, of Imperial’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, said: “According to our study, changing the altitude of a small number of flights could significantly reduce the climate effects of aviation contrails. This new method could very quickly reduce the overall climate impact of the aviation industry.” The research is published in Environmental Science & Technology. Contrail conundrum When hot exhaust gases from aircraft meet the cold, low-pressure air of the atmosphere, they produce white streaks in the sky called 'condensation trails', or contrails. The contrail fumes include black carbon particles, which provide surfaces on which moisture condenses to form ice particles. We see this condensation as fluffy white streaks. Most contrails last only a few minutes, but some spread and mix with other contrails and cirrus clouds, forming ‘contrail cirrus’ that linger for up to eighteen hours. Contrails and the clouds they help form might be just as bad for the environment as CO2 emissions Previous research suggests that contrails and the clouds they help form have as much of a warming impact on the climate as aviation’s cumulative CO2 emissions, because of an effect known as ‘radiative forcing’. This is where the balance is disrupted between radiation coming to earth from the sun and heat emitted from the surface of the earth going out to space, forcing a change in the climate. The key difference between CO2 and contrails, however, is that while CO­2 will have an impact in the atmosphere for hundreds of years, the impact of contrails is short-lived and could therefore quickly be reduced. Now, Dr Stettler and colleagues have used computer simulations to predict how altering aircraft altitudes might reduce the number of contrails and how long they linger, which would reduce their warming impact. This is because contrails only form and persist in thin layers of the atmosphere that have very high humidity. Because these layers are thin, small changes to flight altitudes would mean that aircraft could avoid these regions, leading to fewer contrails forming. Using data from Japan’s airspace, they found that just two per cent of flights were responsible for 80 per cent of radiation forcing within the airspace. Dr Stettler said: “A really small proportion of flights are responsible for the vast majority of contrail climate impact, meaning we can focus our attention on them.” Taking into account the congestion in the airspace above Japan, the team simulated these planes to fly either 2,000 feet higher or lower than their actual flight paths and found that the contrail climate forcing could be cut by 59 per cent by altering the altitudes of 1.7 per cent of flights. The diversion in flight paths caused less than a tenth of a per cent increase in fuel consumption - but, the researchers say, the reduced contrail formation more than offset the CO2 released by the extra fuel. Dr Stettler suggests that their method of targeting only the few flights that cause the most climate forcing is the best way to avoid hikes in CO2 emissions. He said: “We’re conscious that any additional CO2 released into the atmosphere will have a climate impact stretching centuries into the future, so we’ve also calculated that if we only target flights that wouldn’t emit extra CO­2, we can still achieve a 20 per cent reduction in contrail forcing.” The study’s first author, Roger Teoh, also of Imperial’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, said: “Our simulation shows that targeting the few flights that cause the most harmful contrails, as well as making only small altitude changes, could significantly reduce the effect of contrails on global warming.” Industry impact The researchers say aircraft engines themselves also play a part in how harmful contrails are. Black carbon particles are produced by incomplete fuel combustion, so new, more efficient engine combustion technology could help to reduce them by around 70 per cent. This, combined with small altitude changes, could help reduce overall contrail harm by around 90 per cent. Next, the researchers will refine their simulations to more accurately predict the characteristics and impact of contrails, and to evaluate the wider effects and practicalities of contrail mitigation strategies such as altering flight paths.
  3. Great Jeep Im looking for something similar. My RZR doesnt have AC haha
  4. Just bought a 5 acre ranch 4 miles from this area of Johnson Valley
  5. Iraq records highest economic growth rate in history Amr Salem October 13, 2022 189 2 min The Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Photo: Shutterstock Baghdad ( – The financial advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, explained the reasons behind Iraq’s highest growth rate among Arab countries in 2022. Salih explained that Iraq’s growth rate exceeded nine percent, according to a report issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), describing this percentage as the highest in the history of Iraq. “The growth rate reached 9.4 percent in one year because Iraq’s oil exports increased by about one million barrels compared to the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, oil prices increased by 40 percent, and several large reconstruction projects are taking place in cities liberated from ISIS,” Salih said. Additionally, the activity of the communications sector and the initiative of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) that reached 19 trillion dinars (more than 13 billion USD) to provide housing loans contributed to the country’s rising growth rate, according to Salih. Regarding how to maintain this high growth rate, Salih explained that the funds represented the CBI’s cash reserves support economic stability, and should be invested in a budget legislation for the next year. Salih added that the budget will include an investment aspect that supports the development sector in the country and maintains high growth rates.
  6. This is an article from yesterday. Haven't seen it posted and sorry Mods if it has Iraq Stock Exchange achieves gains through cooperation with CBI Amr Salem October 9, 2022 Iraq Stock Exchange. Photo: The Tontine Coffee-House Baghdad ( – Director of Iraq Stock Exchange, Taha Ahmad Al-Rubaie, confirmed on Saturday that the cooperation between Iraq Stock Exchange, the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) and the Iraqi Securities Commission achieved significant gains, according to the Iraqi news Agency (INA). Al-Rubaie explained that the cooperation of Iraq Stock Exchange with these two parties obliged brokerage offices owned by banks to convert to brokerage companies starting from 2008-2009, to be financially independent in accordance with the Iraqi Companies Law and to comply with the rules of the Iraqi Securities Commission. Al-Rubaie elaborated that the cooperation between the three entities resulted in obligating currency exchange companies and money transfer companies to be included in Iraq Stock Exchange based on the decision of the Ministerial Economic Committee in 2013, and to meet the standards of the Iraqi Securities Commission for listing. Al-Rubaie added that this decision made the banking sector the largest sector listed in Iraq Stock Exchange. The regular meetings held between committees from the three parties would develop the securities sector on an ongoing basis, Al-Rubaie mentioned.
  7. Hired a new CPA and In short the answer is no. I cant expense a purchase. Just trading one asset for another. So better buying a fixer upper for cheap and pay the taxes ( 50% ) on that money but we can write off 100% of the improvements and when we sell pay capitol gains. Most likely put in a trust and then the kids will get when i take a dirt nap with no taxes until they sell it and then only the amount it has appreciated.
  8. Just trying to figure out a few things before meeting with a new CPA My electrical contracting business is having a banner year. Actually the best year ever in my career. Done over $2 Million this year to date at year at over 50% profit.. My wife daughter and I are on payroll and have given ourselves raises as high as we dare to go to stay under stupid high tax rates. I've actually stopped billing customers at this point and holding off till next year to defer payments. Cant hold checks because everyone uses ACH these days. Jobs are primarily done and customers are using these electrical systems but leaving a few loose ends so i don't have to invoice legally. My POs state that jobs must be 100% complete to invoice. Bought all new trucks and lots of new equipment. Might start stocking my shelves and expensing to jobs but these are all commodities and not sure what copper and steel are going to do in the next few months My plans are to buy a property cash before years end. I started a new LLC and will distribute funds to it and then rent back to my contracting business. I know i can expense out all improvements but my question is can i expense out the property purchase itself. If I cant Ill buy one on the cheap and then upgrade myself but prefer to do as little work as possible if i can expense out a higher valued property. Anyone know the tax codes for an S corp and if this is allowed. Some tax codes changed in 2020 but have yet to get a confirmed answer from what my accountant has told me. Gonna pay a CPA to get some advise and trying to see how to spend this money in the next 3 months Thanks in advance
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