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  1. Gotta love the metals. Been saving my scrap copper for almost a year now. Price is ripe for selling.
  2. Foreign currency exchange drops, Iraq’ central bank said EconomyCentral Bank 2021-03-04 01:12 A- A A+ Shafaq News / the Central Bank of Iraq on Thursday, announced decrease in the foreign currency exchange for the fourth day in a row. Shafaq News Agency correspondent said that the foreign currency auction of the Central Bank of Iraq recorded a 9.43% decrease to 106,016,000 dollars which the bank co
  4. And another Iraq's Inflation index has increased remarkably, official statistics 2021-03-03 03:17 Shafaq News/ The Ministry of Planning announced on Wednesday that the inflation index increased dramatically. The Central Statistical Organization mentioned in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency that the monthly inflation index rose by 0.9% last January compared to the previous month, along with the annual inflation index, which rose by
  5. The Fed is devaluing the US dollar every day. Hyperinflation is coming at some point soon enough. Every Fiat currency eventually fails including seashells.
  6. This China Virus has made quite a few people lazy as lazy can be. Cant imagine going back to work and being worth a darn after taking a year off taking unemployment welfare I have trouble after a three day weekend. LOL
  7. Nothing political about it. Some of us just choose how to take care of ourselves differently. Some of us choose to have healthcare and some choose not to. Some choose to smoke and drink and some choose not to. Some choose to exercise regularly and some choose not to. These choices are personal choices. When government gets involved in making our choices they usually screw things up. Hard to believe how easily people will give up their rights when government installs fear in their lives.
  8. Hey Umbertino, Hope all is well. The term Native American is misleading. Everyone migrated to North and South America at some point On a different topic have you got your vaccine shot yet?
  9. World Bank body dismisses Agility's claims against Iraq By Reuters Staff 4 MIN READ DUBAI (Reuters) - Kuwaiti logistics company Agility’s claim to recover more than $380 million it said it lost in Iraq has been rejected by an international tribunal, a document seen by Reuters showed. Agility, one of the largest Gulf logistics companies, was also ordered to pay Iraq more than $5 million for costs related to the case. The company filed for
  10. I would find it hard to part with any of my precious metals. Its just to much fun picking it up and playing with it.
  11. Have to chime in here. I dont' believe studies blindly. Plenty of corruption in every facet of our lives. Funding is a huge motivator to skew things. Science is great but still conducted by humans. Cant say i believe in the Big Bang Theory .
  12. She’s 26 and pretty sharp. She runs my office . Sadly she has a lot of anxiety problems these days . Like so many of us she doesn’t get out much. Just immerses herself in self edification. Still lives at home . Saves every nickel she makes . She has more wealth at 26 than I did at 35. Atta girl She bought at $18 . Talked me into buying a little over a week ago at 40ish. As you know I once had a wheel barrel full of dinar so I’m easily talked into going after that golden carrot. She’s gonna wait it out. I may throw some change into some cryptocurrency HaHaHa My son told me to
  13. I had to raise my rates almost 20% all the Covid safety protocol costs time and money . Had to outfit each individual with tools ) no sharing allowed ) add in desanitizing job sites etc.. and it got pricey. I’m fortunate that I do work for large online distributors like Amazon im no day trader but my daughter talked me into buying 100 shares when it was $40 sold at $428. She said not to. Said to hold the line LOL
  14. All as well as to be expected. Hope you and your family are well.
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