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  1. You got it climber7, but each time I put a link down, if it's not from an "official source" then it gets deleted, especially if it's from another dinar site, which is strange because people want the truth, but not the source. Then they give me negs because they think I'm attacking them, well, here, look at this screenshot, tell me if you see it in the English version that was posted earlier, I bet you don't. Nobody has this because the CBI didn't want it put out. See the attached picture, let me know what you think, and please at least give me some credit, thanks.
  2. I really don't get you guys here, it's as if, you want the truth, but you don't want the source.
  3. It's missing about 10 pages compared to the Arabic version. I'd drop the link to the full version but people don't seem to want me to do that.
  4. Explain when in history has a currency that has been demonetized ever been re-monetized? Exactly, it's never happened. Zimbabwe is not a currency, nor is it a bond, it is a collectible, so sell them now while you still can.
  5. Just found out this doesn't work: This error is all I see: Sorry! Having some issues… elite team of ninja squirrels currently attacking the issue. Come back soon!
  6. I'm still wary to invest my money overseas, plenty of ways for something to go wrong.
  7. I had noticed that the internal links don't work anymore. Nothing is working for me but the home page.
  8. This one:
  9. It's pretty easy, just go to Google. Type "[enter dinar site here]" Anything you type after would show you the pages with the links. For example, click this:"****************.com"&num=100&safe=off&espv=2&filter=0&biw=1745&bih=819 As you can see, you have many links to another dinar site still active. It's pretty easy, which was how I was able to find all those links above.
  10. I was just looking at how many links to external sites were still on DV as well as how many mentions of other sites there were. Oh well.
  11. Actually, here are some examples where other sites are mentioned:
  12. Wanna have fun? Do a Google search for dr clarke dinar, look at the related searches at the bottom
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