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  1. The rate needs to change regardless of signatures. From looking at several other articles of "figuring it out", The dinar should be at at least .05 cents per $1 right now. 120 thousand dinar per $100 dollar is better than what it is currently at though, and the people would get some small relief at least.
  2. Iraq would be fairing so much better with the climate if their water flow wasn’t being massively obstructed by two well known countries. UN should be handling this but isn’t.
  3. Hey, while he’s being so bloody smart, why doesn’t he go ahead and throw in the implementation of all the paragraphs in the constitution! Wouldn’t that be something!
  4. So while Bagdad never follows the constitution on what they pay the Kurdistan region, why not just take that oil that belongs to all of the people(including the Barzani family), and sell it for profit. Jerks for jerks. None of them are following the constitution. They need the HCL. But now that I'm saying this, what makes me think they will follow the HCL once legislated.
  5. There's probably a lot of people that would like to impeach Biden, but the alternatives could be worse. Not sure what is worse than the gas prices though. Only a year and a half to go until his term is done, right?
  6. What a complete joke this guy is. The US needs to start extracting oil again. Things have changed since Biden made the decision to stop. Nobody gives a hoot if the US needs more oil supply. Exchange between countries is great for economics, but this is a crisis, not a trade game anymore. This is likely obvious to everyone, I'm just venting. Heck, even the UN is going to crank up the coal for heat for a short time until this thing blows over with their natural gas supply.
  7. It sounds like the Kurds may be using their "votes" card to get an HCL legislated. But I'm no expert. You decide.
  8. Week. Isn’t Iraq, as a country, selling their oil under an old Federal system that should have been gone when the new constitution ( that UN helped them develop) went into effect? And isn’t this the same old Federal system they are trying to use to threaten the Kurdistan region and their international oil company buyers? It seems to me that Iraq could stand to loose most if not all of their oil business if the don’t get their act together. But I’m no expert. You decide.
  9. So why has the International Law of the Sea been called upon sooner than now?? Iraq has been suffering for a few years now or more.
  10. I believe the further we see legal struggles with this issue, the closer to an HCL we are. Congrats to the Kurdistan Region for protecting themselves against the disorganized country that they are in. (But hey I'm no expert... you decide)
  11. I look forward to Sunday then! Barzani himself said that the issues with the region wouldn't exist if Bagdad had an HCL!
  12. Does the non oil sector not have enough financial utilities available to buy into some solar back-up? They have a mass abundance of sunlight to make it work, right?
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