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  1. Careful comparing him to "Clowns" Could be a little trouble here in Adamville, if you start messing with the clowns!
  2. Wow...do you get a diploma when you get out of jail? Congratulations Okie!!
  3. NWGUY

    2020 RV

    My prediction....Now to never, but I think much better odds than hitting a lottery!! Bring it on!!
  4. Waiting for the pinging on my phone from Adam....does he know about this???
  5. I would really like to float to the bank, with my Dinar!!!
  6. "Imminent"...not "Soon" ..... Much Much Better!!! Go RV!!!
  7. First these idiots need to raise the value of their currency, so they can collect some taxes. The citizens will have more money to live on, and still be ahead of the game, even if they get taxed a little more. Somebody get me some aspirin!! 😎
  8. It is funny, how they are always talking about getting rid of the corruption, but nobody ever gets prosecuted for it. If Maliki didn't get nailed, they just are looking the other way. I think their motto is, go ahead and steal, but don't be stupid about it! Let get this ride over!!
  9. Should I give notice, or should I just not come back to work next week? Oh my....what to do???
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