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  1. Thanks Ron...needed a little encouragement today! I know Iraq moves really slow, and I really believe someday "soon" this is going to happen, but it is nice to read some positive posts once in a while. Keep it up, and go RV or RI!!!
  2. 9:50 AM PST in Oregon, and no notification from Adam on the disappointed!!! After 12 years, and countless predictions by Okie, and his brothers....I am still waiting!!
  3. Yeah...Kinda made me blush a little!! 😱 😁
  4. My bag's are packed...I am ready to go. I am standing here...outside your door. I'm leaving on a jet plane... don't know when I'll be back again!! About time it happened!!! Hahhhaaa...if only it was real!!
  5. I have been here a long time also....Iraq can wear you down with all their "soon" "postponed" "in coming weeks, months, years" on & on, but there are so many different things lining up it is really feeling different. I am a glass half full guy, and I think we are close!
  6. Thanks Carrello! Totally Agree! When Carrello speaks...members listen!!
  7. If this isn't covered by the Clown @ Clown News, it ain't happening!
  8. Is Pimpy right about the time? Seems a lot longer than that!! I have been in this since 2009, and it seems forever. The up's and down's, bumps in the road, and the word "soon" has really sucked. Finally got to the safe space. No expectations! Just would like to see this in my lifetime!!! Go RV or RI Soon!
  9. So confused.....all along I thought Okie was the head guru...not Tony. Looks like Okie got demoted, and has Tony vetting his information now. Got into this when I was a lot younger. Memory not as good as it used to be. This has definitely not been one of those overnight surprise payoff's!!! Go RV or RI Soon!!!
  10. Thanks Ron....nice to see these morons are not in a hurry to do anything. But, on the bright side they seem happy to stay poor! Go RV or RI Soon!
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