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  1. Thanks Ron....nice to see these morons are not in a hurry to do anything. But, on the bright side they seem happy to stay poor! Go RV or RI Soon!
  2. Thanks Ron...still looking like we are in a holding pattern. Kind of like building a fire. Put the paper down, wood down, and pour gas on it, and get ready to light the match. We are getting ready to light the match!!!
  3. Thanks Brother Ron!! Where there is smoke, there is fire! Right now it is starting to look like a 5 alarm fire! Better start looking for that darn safety deposit key....
  4. Thanks Ron....Keep hearing they have to do this on a holiday. In my humble opinion, they can do it any day they want. Would they have to do it when they change it from $1 to $2 dollars? I doubt it, so why would they have to have a holiday to change it from $1460 to whatever they change it to? They do have technology. I would say it is imminent, or as our Iraqi people say .... Soon!!!
  5. This is great...way better than their normal bills of break time requirements of the government employee, or the urgent approval of portable toilet usage....
  6. I agree! I think some really good news is that they are talking about cancelling the auctions. Now how are those sticky fingered Iraqi politicians going to get their money from the slush fund??? Maybe RV?? Maybe light a fire under their butt's!!
  7. Thank you Ron....I am no Financial Genius, but I think this is a good thing. Maybe they will discontinue the auctions completely, and increase their value in their own currency. After all the years of huge auctions, this may be a sign of good things coming!!
  8. Still like it....better than 180,000,0000 or more. Maybe the auction will end soooon!
  9. I am willing to help get those larger notes off of the streets! If they just RV their notes, mine are gone!
  10. While I hope he is right, Iraq has a way of avoiding doing anything they have to do. Iraq is kind of like my kids used to be. They find hundreds of new ways to avoid whatever it is that they are supposed to do. One of these times, they will actually do what they need to do....maybe now! Go RV or RI Soon.....
  11. Things are starting to come together finally. We have our favorite clown newsman back to report on it!!!
  12. Making up poster boards?? At least in the past they said they had big screen tv's set up for the citizens to watch, and get educated. Now we have poster boards? I thought technology goes forward not backwards?? I think Walkingstick & Frank26 is going backwards!!! Go RV or RI Soon...
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