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  1. I would think the reason this Perry Stone got involved in this, is because he probably is a disgruntled investor. I am not completely sure that there are a ton of people who really know about this investment, or there are people who have been out there with negative opinions of this investment. Either way I don't pay attention to them. I have invested what I am comfortable with, and it is just sitting waiting for something to happen...good or bad. No Problem!!
  2. I am feeling real positive lately. Everything is looking good right now....
  3. Got to say it is a little less now....hopefully going lower and lower until they stop! Thank you Ron for all your work!
  4. Great attitude & perspective! Thank you for your service, and hoping that when this goes down, that you will have the peace and prosperity you deserve!
  5. Thank's coorslite21...much appreciated. Well, hopefully they will keep trying, and fighting to find the right combination of leaders to improve Iraq. They are slowly getting there, but just haven't been able to get over the hump! Maybe Sadr's block will do it. He is actually the most loyal to the Iraqi's, but I don't much like his choices. All we can do is sit back and watch....
  6. While I am very optimistic about this coming to an end, I would rather hear it from someone other than Frank. Maybe like Adam...
  7. It is sure a good thing that we don't have a birthday for all our prophet's in the Dinar world. We would never have to work!
  8. Yeah .... he is grounded, not able to circle the airport anymore, and he doesn't talk to the ships at sea either! Which is really not a bad thing! Things seem to be improving for him!!
  9. Okie is a legend in the Dinar community!!! Does that mean Okie is the "GOAT" ?
  10. I am really getting excited...maybe should run out and buy another million or two!!!!
  11. I like the optimistic opinions! It all sounds reasonable, and I hope this starts soon. Not their soon, but our soon!
  12. Well.....opening more business' is good. Means the economy and security is a lot better now, or they couldn't be opening. Slowly but slowly they are returning to normal. Have to be patient a little longer it looks like.
  13. I also sent Thugs a message, and asked about him in VIP...nothing either. Definitely worried about him. Hope all is well.
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