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  1. Luigi if you can't get the new white paper, maybe try some preowned. Maybe keep it in a safe place with the dinar!!!
  2. Old and new members for the Guru's "Wall of Shame" Hope they have a bigger wall!!!
  3. You will be okay, if you don't start your post "To all the ships at sea". 😄
  4. Easy come, Easy go for poor old Maliki!! If they are serious about corruption...He is a great start!!
  5. If they do reduce the value of the dinar, maybe a great time to buy more for a lot less! Buy low, and sell higher....everything is good in the world!!!
  6. It is Maliki's time for punishment! Find him, confine him, try him, and hang him!!! Half your corruption is gone!! Go get them Al-Kadhimi!!!!
  7. There is always a bit of truth, even in rumors. Even when the guru's talk about this happening everyday, or every weekend, the fact is it will actually happen at some point. If they predict it everyday, eventually they will be right! Staying positive, even after all these years, is a struggle, but I still believe it will happen!! Go RV or RI soon!!!
  8. Thank you Thugster!!! Wasn't sure if he was Shite or Sunni. Hope he is the "One"!!! Keep up the great work my friend!! You got the best clown show in town!!!
  9. Only $10???? I gotta get more after all these years!! Like Kenny Rogers used to sing....Know when to hold them...Know when to fold them! $15 or bust!!! Go RV or RI
  10. Another piece of the puzzle....Check!! Now, if they can focus....increase their wealth!!! Go RV or RI!!!
  11. Wish I had a vote...Go GOI!!!! For the post election celebration....Maliki...lock him up!!! Go RV or RI!!!
  12. These guys are not CLOWNING around!! They might actually do this!!! No offense to our local clown!!! Get it done!! Go RV!!
  13. That's funny walked into my bank, and nobody asked me anything about Dinar's, and there were no Dinar Exchange Signs, with 1-800's on it. Must bank at the wrong banks!!
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