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  1. Pitcher - 3 years ago my wife and I went to Maui and stayed at the Ritz-Carlton, it was fantastic! There is a restaurant called the Gazebo not to far that we went to and had an amazing breakfast. It's at Napili Shores. The Road to Hana was great, we went to the bamboo forest. 2 years ago we went to Honolulu and tried an air b-n-b, it was nice but we felt like we were missing out on something. The thing I liked about that Island was North Shore, the Polynesian Cultural Center, Dole Plantation and Pearl Harbor. ( I have always been a war history buff) This year we went to Kauai and stayed at the Grand Hyatt, it too was amazing. It's more laidback on this Island with plenty to do. We went on a zipline for our first time and let me just say this, WOW!!! Of the 3 Islands we have been to, Maui is our favorite right now. Have fun! And GO RVVVVV!!!!
  2. One big difference from this one and the one shown at the front of this thread that I noticed is the clock is not on this one, so that gives me some hope!!!
  3. Well, In US $ right now, that's only around $135,000. Still, not bad for a pile of rubble.
  4. Thanks Adam!!! That is the kind of news I like to start my day!!!
  5. It's no wonder the people are confused. They tell the CBI to wait, then demand the zero's be deleted after exit from Chapter VII.
  6. U.S. International Reserve Position 9/16/2011The Treasury Department today released U.S. reserve assets data for the latest week. As indicated in this table, U.S. reserve assets totaled $147,902 million as of the end of that week, compared to $147,507 million as of the end of the prior week.I. Official reserve assets and other foreign currency assets (approximate market value, in US millions) September 16, 2011A. Official reserve assets (in US millions unless otherwise specified) 1 147,902(1) Foreign currency reserves (in convertible foreign currencies)EuroYenTotal(a) Securities9,89616,00225,898of which: issuer headquartered in reporting country but located abroad 0( total currency and deposits with: (i) other national central banks, BIS and IMF14,6488,17922,828ii) banks headquartered in the reporting country 0of which: located abroad 0(iii) banks headquartered outside the reporting country 0of which: located in the reporting country 0 (2) IMF reserve position 226,559 (3) SDRs 256,442 (4) gold (including gold deposits and, if appropriate, gold swapped) 311,041--volume in millions of fine troy ounces261.499 (5) other reserve assets (specify)5,133--financial derivatives --loans to nonbank nonresidents --other (foreign currency assets invested through reverse repurchase agreements)5,133B. Other foreign currency assets (specify) --securities not included in official reserve assets --deposits not included in official reserve assets --loans not included in official reserve assets --financial derivatives not included in official reserve assets --gold not included in official reserve assets --other Just because it is not listed doesn't mean its not there. They only list traidable currency, it could be part of the 133B other foreign currency.
  7. Hmmmmmm i think 4325, don't know why, just sounded good.
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