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  1. Thanks Ron. Huge numbers....not sure it means much. No auction or high auction...No difference at all in the exchange rate. Iraqi auctions are greek to me!
  2. I don't believe that they will ever use their dinars for paying anything until they revalue. Why would they pay with dinars, and then make them for valuable after the fact. Makes no sense to me.... Hey, but what do I know??? I am not a corrupt politician!
  3. *** Petra International markets are ready... Well I have been ready for over 12 years....Still ready!
  4. Thank you Ron for all your work! I really do appreciate all you do for us, as do a lot of others here. Keep up the great job!
  5. Extraordinary process??? What are they working on Pet Park Beautification? Maybe Bagdad Bike Paths?? These guys are really a waste of time!
  6. I am going to be happy to get anything, and then anything above that!!
  7. Anything over a $1.00 is great. Just getting them to do it! Just read an article that said there was no political will to do it. I think they better do it, or the citizens will be overthrowing the government thieves, and maybe then something will happen. I don't think that bunch over there are playing with a full deck!
  8. Crazy!!! No political will to transform their country from third world to a financial power? Can't even think of a nice word for these people! I guess our country is somewhat similar....most of the money is in the hands of our politicians, and their friends!
  9. Can't seem to find my battle gear .... anyone got some extra battle gear you can loan me???
  10. Hey...what the heck! I have a couple weeks to burn waiting for the new exchange rate & small notes! That is nothing compared to the 12 years waiting already. Let's do it this time!
  11. I can't wait for them to complete their monetary reform, and raise the value. Then, after they do their monetary reform, I can do my personal monetary reform!
  12. You can do the same thing the 48 continental states or you can go to an American bank and exchange your currency. The difference is that the American bank will send it to the Untied States treasury...your choice. I don't care where they send the dinars when I cash them in....Just pay me & I am out!
  13. I wish I had got a dinar for every time someone said the the rate will be in the budget. Over the 12 years I have been in this adventure, that would add up to a tidy little sum! Awww....Friday predictions...gotta love them! Have a great weekend all!!
  14. I really don't think these guru's are a Adam Montana or Breitling, but I do think that we are nearing the end of this adventure, and while I don't really trust what they say, I do know things are happening. The end of this is coming, so I guess they really are not wrong. Even a broken clock is right at least twice a day!
  15. Feeling very hopeful this year! Iraq is settling down, oil prices are up, debt to Kuwait is pretty much done, the Kurds seem to be happy with Bagdad right now, at least it seems like that, so I am really feeling it this year! Go RV or RI ....
  16. 5th place in the world is great! Oil prices are way up right now, so the only thing slowing us down now is those politicians! Let's get this done "now", not "soon"
  17. Maybe they will let us average our profit's over all the years we have been waiting....That would be awesome?
  18. Hey you think you could get the guys name? I would sell mine for a lot less than $15! 😁 But, I guess those people that follow Frank probably are that gullible!
  19. I don't mind that they manipulate their currency, as long as they make it somewhat reasonable. Let's say they come in at 1:1, but their real value is 3.22, good for them. I will be running to bank!
  20. Thank you Ron! Same old thing. They are the biggest procrastinators in the world! Time is running out, and we will be in the money!!
  21. Maybe they will make it quick today, and I can go home early from work! Awww...Iraqi's never do anything quick!! Guess I will have to finish my shift! On the bright side .... If they get it done this weekend, and hit the button, I will take Monday off to do my international banking!! Go RV or RI
  22. Thanks Ron...I know they are really working on going into the market economy, and they are so close they can see the light. I just wish they would finally push the button. They would be richest county in the world. Not to mention we would benefit also!
  23. I am available to go to the redemption Center, and even a bank on whatever day they finally change the value! I might even take a day off work to do it!
  24. Talk ... Talk ... Talk...that is all they ever do. Time to get busy and make it happen Iraq!
  25. Yeah that is what I was thinking also. Politicians don't quit typically. Hope he stays there and finishes the job!
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