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  1. I enjoy the Rumors section....pick and choose what you believe!
  2. Frankie is the Mother of all
  3. I know this is the rumors section, but normally there is a bit of truth in all stories. Things are getting interesting for sure!
  4. Seems like some things are lining up. February may be very interesting!
  5. Breitling is very excited about our position in this adventure, which makes me very excited. I am really hoping this is coming to an end. Like a lot of you, I have been waiting a long long time!
  6. Iraq definitely has the resources to back the increase of the Dinar, especially if they can keep the politican's hands out of the cookie jar. That would be Maliki & Friends!
  7. Hmmmm...correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Frankie used to talk about baskets of currencies that would be revalued. I could be wrong, but I think Frankie was on that bus talking about it. Back then, it was back screens, baskets, and NDA's of top level intel. Now, it seem like he is copying middle of the road guru's. Maybe he is right? We will see....
  8. You can trust me on this for sure! I would really really like $3.22, but I don't know if that was internationally recognized or not. I think they should be equal to other middle eastern countries though, and some of them are pretty darn good rates, so here to matching rates in the middle east!
  9. I am sure that Iraq will come out with a low rate, and float it from there. Then it will be up to us to decide when to cash in. Like the old Kenny Rogers song The Gambler. You got to know when to hold them, and when to fold them! Who knows, they may come out with the rate, and a window to cash them in. Either way, I think I will be going bye bye with whatever loot I can get!
  10. While I agree with them moving back to the glory days, I do not think it will be anywhere near $3.22. It would be outstanding, but not happening ... IMHO. Anything $1 or more is a awesome dream!
  11. I know this is the rumor section, but we all need a little positivity from time to time. I am sure of our investment, but who knows when or how much. These guys could be right, and I would give them all the credit, no matter which guru that nails it. Just needed a little pick me up today! All good now!
  12. I think they have a few more laws to get settled before anything happens, like the HCL. If they can get the HCL done, and the government settled, we may finally be able get off this train ride! Unfortunately, I have to use the "if" word again.
  13. Yeah...Adam is years ahead of these guys. I am ready and waiting!
  14. Anything is possible at this point. Maybe we can get it done finally!
  15. Kazemi seems like a good guy, but the rv won't be in the budget IMHO. I think when they do it, it will be a completely separate event, so they can make it look spectacular for the country, government, and citizens.
  16. Sorry for Okie's loss. Now Mark on the other hand is definitely fair game!! Mr. Z needs to find another source that doesn't require NDA's! In fact, he needs all new sources! Maybe some boots on the ground...oh that is Frankie, but maybe Frankie will share? Maybe Marko could find Channel 1 that Frankie watches, and get some real intel. Either way, not much old Marko says, that I listen to.
  17. Frankie must be on the same channel with the GOI, watching the credit recovery channel!
  18. It is going to happen with or without Kap! The only thing we don't know is when or how much!
  19. Unfortunately Iraq doesn't feel any pressure using the USD, and I only think their motivation to switch back to the Dinar is their pride. They can definitely afford to revalue for considerably more the $1.00, but that will be good enough for me!
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