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  1. Well, as negative as some of the pooru's are, I take it as good news. I have heard for years, that there would be a lot of bad news to try and get the investors to get out. I think good things are about to start happening! I will personally be ready!
  2. Yeah Kap was on the revalue program forever, and now he flip flopped to the new and improved Kap, if you want to call him that! Oh well, this is for entertainment purposes only! He is just trying to be relevant I guess!
  3. Maliki is a cancer! He needs to be kicked out of government, then arrested for treason, theft, and a bunch of other things! He and Saadam are pretty much the same person. Maybe their ending will be the same??
  4. I think Mnt Goat will be "on the lamb" after a statement like that!
  5. Thanks Ron....I have an issue with the destroying 000 notes. I don't think they can do that until they actually increase their value. Probably the picture of destroying the 000 notes is getting rid of the old used ones. Just my opinion!
  6. Oil is going to help with the value of the revalue, but putting together the HCL is the key to the kingdom!
  7. Oil is really getting up there right now. If it was all about the price of oil, it would be changed right now, but it is about the much the percentage is for all the Iraqi's. That has not been decided yet, and until then, we are on hold...JMHO.
  8. Man, these people are all over the page. Maybe they need to take a "focus" class or something. They are talking a lot about the rate change, but nothing about the HCL. According to Adam, nothing is going to happen until that is done, and I don't think it is done yet, so nothing is going to happen! We wait!
  9. I think they are over thinking this....just raise the stinking rate, and figure it out!
  10. I think I will buy that new pair of shoes, so I can dance right down to the bank!
  11. Not sure protesting is going to work on this bunch of criminals in the GOI. Only thing that will straighten them out is a rope!
  12. Getting out of Chapter 7 is a really big deal! A major step forward!
  13. There is so much talk right now about the exchange rate, that you got to think that something is really happening. For a very long time, it has been mostly the investors that have been talking about it, but now it is the government, CBI, and media all discussing it. Like they say....where there is smoke, there is fire!
  14. Damn...I didn't know about that...I have been camped out at the pay day loan place just down the street. They told me to hang on until they saw it on the back screen!
  15. You mean I have been rich for a year now? I better run down to the bank, and get my money!
  16. Good Point, but Iraq is so undervalued, that even if they manipulate it to keep it low, it should move up quite a bit. Plus, they want to get the dollar off the street, so they would have to value it at a little over a $1.00. At least it seems reasonable to me.
  17. ** RVAlready Well, tomorrow the UN should release Iraq from chapter 7. That should have a positive effect. Tomorrow? I don't even have time to get a haircut! Whoohoo!!
  18. I think they set the budget up for $60 a barrel, and now it is $95 a barrel, so that will pay the politicians $35 a barrel to split among themselves for bonus' for all their long hard hours of work!
  19. I think $3.22 is a very good idea! But, I think 1 to 1 is the real thing.
  20. I have questions about the rate change. What are they doing with all that extra money they are getting over their price they are using in the budget. Is that padding the pockets of the politicians, or are they using it somewhere else? People want to know!
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