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  1. What a nail biter All this time between now and the seventh to seat. With all the bad actors there is too much time for mischief! Go Iraq! Go RV! Beat the Scedule and out fox them all!
  2. Once their exposed and punished. (Hopefully Malaki falls in that group) so justice is served quickly. Part of their punishment , if not a rope , should be life in Iraq without electricity for the rest of their lives for payback to the mass suffering they have caused. Go Iraq Go!
  3. Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with our Iranian friend Qaani being in country as he’s just there for angelic negotiations for the betterment of the people.Que up the the drone. Remove another bad apple from the deck of Iranian cards.
  4. I think it’s time for a new deck of cards similar to the Sadaam era only this time Iranian…….mic noise shhhhclick Reaper One cleared to engage shhhclick Roger BOOM….
  5. The signs are present everywhere! Barrage of rockets showing their willingness to intimidate and their displeasure with political movement. Chess moves by Maliki and others along with physical presence of this Quds force commander. They are desperate pulling every trick they can. They are consistently and terminally power hungry control freaks! Go Sadr!
  6. I’m super ready for ole Potato Head to see justice, the bomb, the rope, the removal of his loot etc, etc.
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