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  1. I would take it and run. you sure he did not get 0.84 usd for a 25k note of dinar. If that's the case I'll give him $40.00 for 40 of the 25k notes
  2. Good choice Adam. There are a few good organizations out there. Salvation Army is one of the best doing the most good with your donations. Your bigger org. UW, RC and goodwill very little of your donation goes to the cause.
  3. I received Test 1 did not receive Test 2. Does that mean when it RV's I will get the text or do I need to receive test 2?
  4. Exactly, I was at the COCI for DFW area at the same time. I thought that could have been me sitting in jail.
  5. thanks Stealth, Lies were being told on another post
  6. TXCOCINEWS.ORG AND TEXASBIKERRADIO.ORG Learn the truth about what happened in Waco before you judge.
  7. Cops shot the bikers, not the bikers shot each other. Search for the truth before going along with what you hear. My mom told me to believe none of what I hear and only half of what I see. There may have been a fight, but the cops shot the bikers. 170 arrested with many of them innocent bystanders, but held on million dollar bail because they were there. I was at a COC&I meeting same day in dfw. Check out the or for our side. I am not a 1% MC, but I do wear a 2 piece MM patch and minister to many 1%er's. I am thankful that you are not God. I a
  8. There was not a 1000 weapons, there was 300, 100 were guns, 100 knives the others were things like them saying because you have a big ring or a chain on your wallet it is considered a weapon. Many innocent bystanders are being held on a million dollar bail, most bail bondsman's in Waco want even do a bail that large. This is what the government wants you to believe.
  9. Your right Easy, I have been a biker all my life. There is lots of untruth in the news and what many of uninformed people are saying. I am a 2 piece patch holder BFC MM. I minister to many patch holder 1% and other MC's. Most of your big MC's which are mentioned here are apart of the COC&I (Collation Of Clubs and Independents) and are for legislation. Go to or and please hear our side. There are 170 people being held on a million dollar bail that are innocent bystanders. There lives are being ruined because of a few, our government and the news.
  10. Here is the truth, not what we hear from news. Although Fox 4 told some truth today. For truth check out or
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