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  1. Keep the news coming from so close to the source. TOTALLY appreciate you being there.
  2. They certainly want our money and people easily into there country now. Just not our men ( and women) in uniform..... just thinkin. Maybe they really do like us.
  3. Oh, I had a meeting, I'll be right there, hold everything up til I get there......
  4. Always seemed stupid to me, (what do I know) why burn off the natural gas. Bottle it and sell it. Help me understand..
  5. 162.67 billion a year funneled into his pocket. Nice job. #*#hole... And are they going to hang him or just remove him from office? Maybe just tell the folks of Ninevah where he goes to dinner and see if he makes it home. 😠
  6. I am so done with this.. But it is the only hope I have. Crap for retirement and hate to waste the ammo. The strange things one thinks of at any given time......
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