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  1. The Ministry of Electricity announced, on Sunday, achieving an increase in the volume of production estimated at 6 times more than it was in 2003 They are still way behind by 18 years...
  2. I thought it was a given that it was ALWAYS about this. My gosh, another vote and study..........
  3. Someday they ALL will have so much money, nobody will have to work. Jetsons.......
  4. And we can't feed our homeless.... help my attitude...
  5. He pointed out that "Brazil was the largest buyer of gold during the month, with a quantity of 8.5 tons Wow, And I'm happy grabbing an ounce once in awhile.
  6. Have I missed or not seen a chat from Adam? Please direct me. Tks.
  7. Well Warka is near the bottom of ratings, hope it moved up some.
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