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  1. Oil is not the problem, selling it at a profit and going international. Get your value UP....
  2. So does the USA need to RV? Or just STOP giving money away to other countries, STOP printing money out of thin air...... we are on top, of a pile of.....
  3. I guess my kids will get the benefit of my investment, If my wife doesn't insist that I sell.
  4. Oh good, so they are not just blocking westerners. Whew...... just everybody.
  5. sorta like mr. Smith goes to Washington.. wasn't that Jimmy Stewart? Ye, Ye, yeah, I think kk so.
  6. so, I don't get paid, I still work, and you don't want me to skim from the pile..
  7. When its over, gold coin and a BIG safe...and a gun or two.
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