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  1. I agree with most of what you said. However, there are companies currently taking digital tokens/coins as payment for goods and services. Elon Musk stated that he will soon be accepting BTC as payment for Tesla's. Ford Motor Co. has stated they are considering following suit. There was one other Auto Co., but I can't remember which one. Electroneum (ETN) is based entirely on providing cell service to 3rd world societies and using ETN as payment (Condensed version). I believe those who use their service can also buy goods using ETN. That's just one example.
  2. It rarely happens. Only when there's a special reason for it. Otherwise, just check in to see it. Getting that email notification for the update has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with whether or not you're getting the email when the "time has come" for the most significant email of all! NO WORRIES!
  3. This is something I've been contemplating writing for some time, but a recent article in The Morning Brew just kind of convinced me that it's time to put in "on paper". I haven't listed the links, but all of the information I reference is available on Google. I apologize if that offends some, but...oh well! I'm reading an article in a publication called "Morning Brew". I can send you the link if you're interested. This is an article from this morning: Israel is furthest along Powered by the fastest vaccination campaign in the world, Israel’s cabinet
  4. Estonia report: Russia bets on COVID-19 weakening the West By JARI TANNER, Associated Press 16 hrs ago HELSINKI (AP) — Estonia’s foreign intelligence agency said Wednesday that Russia is counting on the COVID-19 pandemic to weaken unity in the West which would help Moscow gain a more prominent role in international affairs and lead to “declining Western influence on the global sta
  5. Frighteningly accurate!
  6. I just don't understand how we keep electing people to public office who do nothing to show their loyalty to us, the people they have to count on to be able to get rich from! Granted, most of us do our best to make informed decisions, but there are enough people voting it seems, who are more interested in what their candidate is going to give them "for free" than they are about who's going to do the best job of keeping our country safe, secure and prosperous for ALL peoples who live here! To be honest, I'm less concerned about which side of the aisle you're on than I am about how
  7. Will the cancelling of the Keystone XL increase demand for IRAQI oil and thereby the PPB? Could this be a Precursor to an RV?
  8. Don't beat yourself up too much over it dude! I first heard about it from Adam here on this site when it was about $5. I could have easily missed a few hundred $$$ at the time and at the current price would have also been a multi-multi millionaire. But I was scared of losing my measly investment and what my family and friends would say if they had found out what an "idiot" I was for doing something sooooo stupid! But yeah...better late than never STILL applies to BTC, IQD, VIP and OSI! IMO! LOL!
  9. I also saw this elsewhere. I haven't had the time to research it for myself.
  10. I know everyone is saying that Iraq changed their rate to 14,xxx.xx'ish. However, this is what I see this morning on I haven't seen it over 1188.xx'ish in days. It's always been pretty true to form on reporting the IQD rate. Why is it different?
  11. IMO, when the USD finally tanks, which isn't that far away, hard currencies, precious metals and cryptos will become even more valuable. Just as an aside, for those who believe in End Times Prophecy, what do you see in the possibility of Digital Currencies being the "One World Currency"? Just a light conversation starter for the New Year!
  12. It has been stated that the NEW IQD is one of the most advanced and hardest to counterfeit currencies in the world. IMO, that just gives credence to it's future value. Why would anyone invest that kind of capital in a physical currency that's worth less than a role of TP?!
  13. That's the issue with buying from diverse individuals. I try to get mine only from verifiable dealers or businesses with good reputation and Ebay protection. Without a De Larue to run them through, there's no 100% guarantee.
  14. Hi KristiD, Good morning. A lot of people read what you post. I doubt there are a lot of people who read EVERYTHING anyone posts, but there may be a few. I, for one, read many of the things you post, as well as others, but simply don't leave a response every time I read something. Adam has the equivalent of 2 full time jobs PLUS this site. That's why he has us to help out with the moderation. For example, did you read my post from a few days ago to NAKS and one other member about MODS and our jobs? No? I guess not everybody reads my posts either...Oh well!
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