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  2. I know, right? I had to reread it a couple of times before I saw it. Had me totally confused! LOL!
  3. I find this conversation incredibly interesting! The main reason being is that a different viewpoint on a Biblical matter is a catalyst, for those who really care, to dive further into the Word and come out with either: 1) A deeper understanding of what they believe, 2) A modified belief based on new evidence, or 3) An entirely new belief. I believe that it's very possible to believe the right thing, but for the wrong reasons and vice versa. This conversation has given me the direction for my next course of study. While you have not changed my belief, you have certainly given me cause to dig deep into the Word, possibly using more versions of it, to gain a better understanding of why I believe what I believe! I will endeavor to relate what I find when I am done, or when I feel it's time. Should I have questions for you in the mean time, I'll come back to this thread. In the mean time, let's call it an agree-to-disagree topic. It may stay that way, or it may not. Only He knows! Have a great weekend!
  4. I've been reading the exchanges here and it seems to be getting really heated. If I may interject a thought, I believe that the basis for this is the Bible. If you believe that the Bible is the true Word of God, then the Bible states that Jesus is God incarnate. He was born of woman in order to be human, but the seed which was planted was planted by the Spirit of God so that He would not be subject to the sin nature that had "stained" humanity. Therefor, He was both human and God. The Bible states that Jesus is the Living Word of God and that all things were created by the Word of God. I apologize that I don't have time right now to look up and reference the scriptures to support my statements, but I can at a later time if you find necessary. Also, this exchange seems to be trying to argue spiritual things from human logic. Paul tells us this is not wise and that the human mind cannot understand some spiritual things. Some things require faith and not logic, visual confirmation or physical facts that we can go touch. For example, I take it on faith that George Washington was actually the "Founding Father" of this country. I've read the history books, but nobody alive today can actually prove that he ever existed! In short, if one believes that the Bible is true and it's your foundation for belief, then you HAVE to believe that Jesus is God and 1/3 of a Holy Trinity. You HAVE to accept it by Faith, because there is historical evidence that Jesus walked the earth and did many of things that the Bible tells about...same as George Washington. But if one does not believe that the Bible is true, in all of its writings, then there will never be a resolution to this discussion. Either the Bible, the written Word of God, is true-all of it-or it's not. Thanks for reading!
  5. I've been a member since 2013 and just got my 1 year badge!
  6. So it appears you brought over articles from a GURU site which is not allowed. It doesn't matter if show the link or not. If it's something you believe is extremely relevant, ask first. It will be a little tougher for you since you aren't VIP and don't have the messaging privileges. Don't worry. 2 Points is the normal minimum for something like this. Usually it takes 10 points to get banned. As long as you don't repeat the infraction you're fine and shouldn't incur any kind of MODERATOR actions.
  7. Who issued the warning? I'll see if I can contact them and ask them to contact you.
  8. Good morning. I'm simply replying as a MOD here. I'm not involving myself any deeper. I would suggest that you address your concerns directly to the STAFF member who issued the warning. Only that person can address what the issue is. Posting this in an open forum is not really the proper method of addressing something like this. Just a FYI to help you out.
  9. RIGHT! Just like "All Americans are rich and life is easy!" It's a lie immigrants have been told for decades. Some parties use this propaganda to buy votes. In 2016 the lady that worked my front desk at the business I managed had a husband (Still does. He's a great guy, hard working, salt-of-the-earth, family man!) who was going through the process of becoming a legal immigrant. He was brought here by his uncle from Mexico as a young pre-teen. For years he worked hard and stayed out of trouble. They got married and eventually decided that he needed to get his green card in order to build a life together and a future for their kids. It's a long story with a lot of twists. I wrote letters supporting them. Etc., Etc., As the election drew near, his and others' paperwork they knew in the process, were put on hold by the left in order to put resources near the border crossings to process paperwork to expedite immigration there. I got this information from their immigration attorney, not them. So I have to wonder, how safe are our borders? Who's footing the bill? Is the safety of our country and principles a paramount priority to our ELECTED officials? And a whole host of other questions. Saturating an already overtaxed welfare system, security force and labor force by opening up the borders to anyone and everyone doesn't really seem to be in the best interests of our country. Yet it seems as though the USA is more highly criticized for any measures we take to put our own country first and protect our citizens than any other country in the world! I lived in Europe for several years, and I witnessed how other countries protected themselves by approving limits on immigration. It was considered prudent and good management. But the world, AND EVEN MANY IN OUR OWN COUNTRY, have a completely different view for the United States of America!
  10. Just this headline and pic. Haven't read the article yet. The thing that bothers me about this is, WHO PAID FOR THE T-SHIRTS and WHY IS EVERYONE HANGING THEIR HEADS TO HIDE THEIR FACES?! If these folks are so poor that they have to risk leaving everything behind, who is paying for the t-shirts for them to pose for the pictures? What are they being promised to get them to wear the t-shirts? ETC!
  11. This article states that "a majority" of Americans support restricting the rights of American Citizens who have NOT been vaccinated! They polled 1,005 people! The US population is something like 330,000,000+ ! If I'm figuring it right, that's around 0.0000030455% of the population! Really?! Think about how many people will be mislead by the headline and not even bother to read the article to see how ludicrous this is! But still, the bigger issue is that this could go bad in soooo many ways. Think about Nazi Germany, the Civil War, China restricting rights, Communism... Just think about how far this kind of thinking and selective journalism can go! Americans support restricting unvaccinated people from offices, travel: Reuters poll
  12. Interesting! I didn't think I was the only one seeing digital currency as the "One World Currency"!
  13. Hmmmm. I never thought about the distribution method!
  14. While the blockchain may not be hackable, the only way to utilize the info stored is in a type of wallet with an address. In order to allow others the necessary information, that wallet address must be shared. It has to be made accessible in some way. Then there's the whole, "I lost my wallet info!", which means that the info is now unrecoverable...assuming it works the same as tokens. Granted, it's better, safer and less trackable and hackable than what we currently have!
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