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  1. I guess he finally got the point! We really should stop making him the butt of our jokes....NAH! Let's rock(et)!
  2. WOW @jeepguy! What did you do to tick somebody off ?! Gave you some greenies to offset a few of the rubies! Wish there was a way to delete some folks ability to use those buttons! Seems like they don't know how to act in a mature fashion and only use them as a childish, vengeful tactic whenever someone posts something they don't like. It's too bad actually. Instead of being what it was originally intended for, it's now become joke...a badge of honor even, in many cases! Oh well...HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. You know there are issues when people have begun to use celery as a point of disagreement.
  4. My most sincere condolences for your losses. Read my tab on HOPE. I also read something on FaceBook that was actually insightful...AMAZING, right?! On FB! You have survived exactly 100% of your "worst days ever"! You have an awesome track record! You are stronger than you realize!
  5. Just a thought from someone who's "been there" when he's doing everything he can and it still isn't working the way it should be.... We all have had those moments in life. We've all had times when we didn't handle something as well as what we could have. I'll go out on a limb and say we've all suffered some sort of significant loss. The one thing I have learned in my own life and watching others is that there is always someone who handles it better than me, no matter how hard I try. The few things I have learned is that my skin is thinner than I would like it to be, I could always be more gracious to those who are suffering hard times around me, there are always those who aren't handling it as well as I am, and my personal taught to me when I was in the habit of being too harsh in my opinions of others..."Who am I to judge another man's servant?" This is the one that always gets me...judging too harshly. I saw a movie once about a guy who was very self-centered, arrogant...we all know the type. He got arrested and was sentenced to community service in a church. He was a professional actor and had some fame. Long story short, his association with the church and the people he was working with began to have an impact on him. He was required to portray Jesus in the Easter pageant. After a series of incidents where he wounded others and caused a lot of issues he began to change when he saw that they always forgave him and never judged him harshly. Then the part came about the prostitute that was about to be stoned and he knelt down and started writing in the sand. The Bible never tells us what Jesus wrote, but the movie showed us what this man wrote. He wrote it with tears streaming down his face as he finally got it. He wrote one simple word....GRACE. There are a lot of different view points, political and religious opinions, life situations, personalities, etc on this site. And sometimes a good keyboard lashing might be the only response to someone attacking others unjustly...but maybe, sometimes, we just need to look below the surface and take a moment to decide if GRACE might be the better response. Just a thought....
  6. @bostonangler @umbertino @Karsten @ladyGrace'sDaddy and @ anybody else who seeks to make this thread a political exercise rather than a memorial. I WILL LOCK THIS THREAD AND HIDE EVERY SINGLE POST WHICH I FEEL DOES NOT REPRESENT THE TRUE MEANING OF WHY THIS THREAD WAS STARTED IF YOU ALL CAN'T GROW UP AND UTILIZE THE MANY OTHER THREADS TO EXPRESS YOUR POLITICAL OPINIONS AND CREATE A HEALTHY DEBATE OF VIEW POINTS! PROPER TIME AND PLACE PEOPLE! THIS IS THE ONLY WARNING! And just so that nobody can start pointing fingers, I edited my own previous post and removed comments that could easily be viewed as political commentary. I encourage others to follow the example!
  7. I was living in the Netherlands at the time. I was painting the house on the back side. My neighbor came out with a look of shock on his face and offered sincere condolences. I asked what for. He said I needed to turn on the news. I couldn't believe it! When I could finally get off my chair...after several hours of watching in amazed horror...I put out my American flag. At noon the next day, on the 12th. The radio stations ALL announced that there would be a 5 minute observation of sympathy for the victims. Anyone who wanted to and could was encouraged to stop and be silent. I was operating a tower crane 200 feet in the air. Cars stopped in the middle of a four lane road. The highways came to a dead stop as people stepped out, bowed their head, saluted or simply stood still. People in the park stopped what they were doing and waited as the church bells sounded out the 5 minutes. EVERYBODY on the job site came out. looked up at me and saluted or raised a hand to me. For that short time, I was a symbol of what the world had suffered. When I came home from work that day, the entire street had put out their Dutch flags at half mast with my American flag in the exact center of the row. I rounded the corner of my street and had to stop my car as I broke down. That evening, nearly ever neighbor and friend called or came by with flowers or condolences. I can't help but think how easy it would be for us to be envied above all nations once again if we simply got together and decided to do what was right for our citizens, regardless of color, origin, VISA status, life choice or anything that separates us from one another and concentrate on what unites us? WE ARE ALL AMERICANS...NOT JUST WHITE AMERICANS, OR AFRICAN AMERICANS, OR MEXICAN AMERICANS OR ISLAMIC AMERICANS OR JAPANESE AMERICANS...WHY CAN'T WE JUST ALL BE AMERICANS AND STOP LOOKING FOR WAYS TO BE SEPARATED BY THIS OR THAT TAG AND JUST BE PROUD TO BE WHO WE ARE...AMERICANS! Sorry for the rant folks, but I get real emotional whenever I remember that time. I miss the America that was more concerned about each other than what we have today. Ruby if you want. I don't really care. I hold this stuff back nearly always because of my MOD status, but not today!
  8. Good to see you posting again my favored friend! I truly enjoy your posts. I may not always agree with EVERY word, but I certainly always walk away with a reason to ponder why I believe what I think I believe! Sometimes I am more convinced that I need to trudge on with my belief. Sometimes, my belief is solid, but my reasoning needs evaluation. And sometimes, I may need to reevaluate what it is I believe AND the reasons for it! In short, for an open minded person who knows that life is a journey of growth, you provoke thought. Maybe that is what our society needs more of...? You and yours stay safe! Always remember you have a room ready in TX if you need it!
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