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  1. @Adam Montana did you seriously just use the "S" word?! You really are in training to be the next Iraqi PM!
  2. Interesting theory, but not entirely true. I was serving during the time of the first Gulf War. I didn't personally have the opportunity to go to the Gulf, but I had many friends who did. Many years afterwards I talked to others who had been there or had family who had been there. I heard their stories and saw the photographic evidence of a highly oppressed people. Anyone who even dared to suggest anything negative about Sadam, his family, his tactics, his government, etc. were met with prison, TORTURE, death, etc. There were prisons full of children who were being held as hostages in order to keep their parents in line. These are only a few of the things that happened as a result of Sadam's regime. They didn't make the news, but it's still true. Makes one wonder why this sort of thing didn't make the big headlines...
  3. Go to your profile page and change it. Let me know if you have any problems.
  4. This would also mean that Maliki is out of any power position!
  5. You do know that all you have to do to refill your bladder is to drink a couple of bottles of water, right? No real need to punish yourself....just sayin'
  6. My guess would be that this is standard business practice, much like laws and bills which are pending at the time of elections here. Each has sponsors and if the guard changes then new sponsors have to be brought in and the re-draft is simply a re-read for the new sponsor and his/her signature. I seriously doubt there will be a complete re-write of what already exists.
  7. Caye98, if I could have chosen a (much) older brother, you'd be him! I always love your honest and straight forward comments!
  8. Some days maybe a little further south?
  9. Did you really just use THAT WORD?! Have you succumbed to the hype? OHHHH the shame of it all!
  10. That status only has to do with the number of posts you've made. Keep posting and you'll see the status change.
  11. I think you may be in the wrong section. Or else that was a subtle joke connected to the IQD and still no RV! LOL!
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