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  1. I recently bought another 200,000 off of 2 different sellers on Ebay. Prices vary from "that's hurts a little" to "You're out of your ever-lovin' mind!!!" It's all more than the normal we were used to seeing at the beginning of the year where 1 million was around the $1000 price range. I wound up getting 100K in 10K notes for $150 on a "Buy it now" and 100K in 25K notes for $141 in an auction. This was about a month ago.
  2. @NAKS @PrehistoricMan Good morning! I trust everyone had a great Thanksgiving in spite of any unconstitutional violation of guaranteed rights of US citizens! (Sorry. Getting of track already!) This is actually for everyone, but I wanted to address you both specifically as the question here originated with one of you and concerned the other. I will first admit that we MODS can occasionally pull the reigns a little tight sometimes when we issue warnings for what we perceive as violations of forum rules. It's our job to monitor the site as closely as w
  3. It's a sad day when the best thing for an American is to flee America! I pray it doesn't come to that, but it certainly seems to be going in that direction! I read somewhere, many years ago, that a democracy historically only lasts around 300 years. The politicians will eventually vote themselves more and more benefits and further separate themselves in class from the people they are sworn to represent. The people support more and more laws and regulations which have the appearance of freedom and unity, but actually only promote deep divide, dissension and enslavement.
  4. I've used some Ebay dealers. Everything turned out fine...assuming they aren't counterfeit anyway! LOL!
  5. I've only been able to pick up some for a moderate (and I use the term loosely!) price on Ebay. Got 100K for $141 w/ shipping in an auction and 100K for $150 Buy It Now w/ shipping included. But most prices have doubled, or more, over what they were at the beginning of the year.
  6. Boss, I think you've been reading Iraqi articles for far too long. Now you're starting to talk like them!
  7. Best update EVER!!!!!!!! Rockin' on!
  8. To your points: 1.) CAPS- these were for emphasis more than anything else. I understand that ALL CAPS is often misunderstood as shouting or anger. I apologize. I should have noted the difference in parentheses. (CAPS for emphasis only). 2.) Trump's "Common man" identity- I agree with you. Precious few who have lived in opulence their entire life can possibly understand what it means to have to struggle for one's daily necessities of food, utilities, rent, child care, etc. Trump has been a businessman all of his life. He DOES (Emphasis only) understand the inner
  9. NO ONE is Lily white! Pelosi is the most disrespectful person in politics today. To not respect the person who holds the office of POTUS is one thing, but she carries it on to disrespecting the Office itself! Pelosi claims to know her constituents and their needs. That's a crock of .... if ever there was one. ANY CAREER POLITICIAN CAN NOT POSSIBLY HAVE THE SLIGHTEST IDEA OF WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE THE COMMON PERSON! I DON'T CARE WHICH SIDE OF THE ISLE YOU'RE ON!! (#termlimits) They enacted OBAMA Care which they touted as the know all end all for American health care. I was in he
  10. I've noticed all of my post topics in "SUPPORT" stay emboldened even after I've read them. A minor issue, I know. Just an update. Thanks, TJ
  11. Once again proving that it's better to be pissed off...than pissed on. Can I say the "P" word in the open forums @paperboy? LOL!
  12. I believe there's a special toothpaste for that now!
  13. Not to change the subject and just as an FYI, a passport is ALWAYS a good document to have. It can be very useful in unforeseen circumstances! For example: I lost my Driver License several years ago. Do you have any idea how many times you actually have to pull out your DL to verify your identity? Neither did I until I didn't have it! I carried my passport for several days until I got my replacement DL. Nobody every questioned my use of it. That's just a very simple example. It's also not quick to get! DON'T DELAY! START TODAY! Even if you don't have plans t
  14. I would like to get another 250,000. I can pay by Zelle once I have confirmation of shipping. How much do you want for that amount amount?
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