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  1. So it appears you brought over articles from a GURU site which is not allowed. It doesn't matter if show the link or not. If it's something you believe is extremely relevant, ask first. It will be a little tougher for you since you aren't VIP and don't have the messaging privileges. Don't worry. 2 Points is the normal minimum for something like this. Usually it takes 10 points to get banned. As long as you don't repeat the infraction you're fine and shouldn't incur any kind of MODERATOR actions.
  2. Who issued the warning? I'll see if I can contact them and ask them to contact you.
  3. Good morning. I'm simply replying as a MOD here. I'm not involving myself any deeper. I would suggest that you address your concerns directly to the STAFF member who issued the warning. Only that person can address what the issue is. Posting this in an open forum is not really the proper method of addressing something like this. Just a FYI to help you out.
  4. RIGHT! Just like "All Americans are rich and life is easy!" It's a lie immigrants have been told for decades. Some parties use this propaganda to buy votes. In 2016 the lady that worked my front desk at the business I managed had a husband (Still does. He's a great guy, hard working, salt-of-the-earth, family man!) who was going through the process of becoming a legal immigrant. He was brought here by his uncle from Mexico as a young pre-teen. For years he worked hard and stayed out of trouble. They got married and eventually decided that he needed to get his green card in
  5. Just this headline and pic. Haven't read the article yet. The thing that bothers me about this is, WHO PAID FOR THE T-SHIRTS and WHY IS EVERYONE HANGING THEIR HEADS TO HIDE THEIR FACES?! If these folks are so poor that they have to risk leaving everything behind, who is paying for the t-shirts for them to pose for the pictures? What are they being promised to get them to wear the t-shirts? ETC!
  6. This article states that "a majority" of Americans support restricting the rights of American Citizens who have NOT been vaccinated! They polled 1,005 people! The US population is something like 330,000,000+ ! If I'm figuring it right, that's around 0.0000030455% of the population! Really?! Think about how many people will be mislead by the headline and not even bother to read the article to see how ludicrous this is! But still, the bigger issue is that this could go bad in soooo many ways. Think about Nazi Germany, the Civil War, China restricting rights, Communism... Just think abo
  7. Interesting! I didn't think I was the only one seeing digital currency as the "One World Currency"!
  8. Hmmmm. I never thought about the distribution method!
  9. While the blockchain may not be hackable, the only way to utilize the info stored is in a type of wallet with an address. In order to allow others the necessary information, that wallet address must be shared. It has to be made accessible in some way. Then there's the whole, "I lost my wallet info!", which means that the info is now unrecoverable...assuming it works the same as tokens. Granted, it's better, safer and less trackable and hackable than what we currently have!
  10. I'm posting this here because I'm just not sure where it belongs. LOL! So there are a lot of conversations being had recently about proof of vaccination, digital health passports, etc. Israel has already implemented this nationwide or soon will be as the 1st country to do so. Other countries are experimenting with it as well. The following article explains a little more detail about phone apps. I already have reservations about where this is all leading. I believe it's one more step in getting global populace acceptance of Blockchain technology leading to acceptan
  11. I agree with most of what you said. However, there are companies currently taking digital tokens/coins as payment for goods and services. Elon Musk stated that he will soon be accepting BTC as payment for Tesla's. Ford Motor Co. has stated they are considering following suit. There was one other Auto Co., but I can't remember which one. Electroneum (ETN) is based entirely on providing cell service to 3rd world societies and using ETN as payment (Condensed version). I believe those who use their service can also buy goods using ETN. That's just one example.
  12. It rarely happens. Only when there's a special reason for it. Otherwise, just check in to see it. Getting that email notification for the update has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with whether or not you're getting the email when the "time has come" for the most significant email of all! NO WORRIES!
  13. This is something I've been contemplating writing for some time, but a recent article in The Morning Brew just kind of convinced me that it's time to put in "on paper". I haven't listed the links, but all of the information I reference is available on Google. I apologize if that offends some, but...oh well! I'm reading an article in a publication called "Morning Brew". I can send you the link if you're interested. This is an article from this morning: Israel is furthest along Powered by the fastest vaccination campaign in the world, Israel’s cabinet
  14. Estonia report: Russia bets on COVID-19 weakening the West By JARI TANNER, Associated Press 16 hrs ago HELSINKI (AP) — Estonia’s foreign intelligence agency said Wednesday that Russia is counting on the COVID-19 pandemic to weaken unity in the West which would help Moscow gain a more prominent role in international affairs and lead to “declining Western influence on the global sta
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