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  1. There's always one milling around somewhere. If it were concerning a bad post, it would at least be understandable. @ChuckFinley posts that got rubied were about as generic as can be!
  2. LOL! As of this posting I notice a VERY ODD OCCURRENCE! This is the first time in .... I don't even remember how long it's been!.......that we've had an update and so many responses WITHOUT A SINGLE RED RUBY! Yes Virginia...miracles do still happen! We've finally reached a point that we can ALL agree on SOMETHING! YAY DV! I'm proud of us all!!!!!!
  3. Well, since there are some who have decided to go completely off topic, posting certain types of comments in the wrong section and are beginning to get a little out of hand, I'm going to lock this one up. @Adam Montana please unlock if you disagree.
  4. If they did give a notice or some kind of generic indication of a positive rate change, there would be a rush on all banks to buy up all of the currency still floating around. This would only increase their initial costs to RV. The only way to prevent that would be a freeze on IQD sales coming from the CBI or the gov't. This would also be a major indicator causing widespread speculation increasing the cost of initial RV. It's a lose-lose situation for Iraq to give any kind of noticeable indication for a RV.
  5. Once again....proof that you shouldn't try to ride the fence on this investment! Make a choice, spring to action, or suffer!
  6. I have 3...not that it's a competition or anything!
  7. WOW! Tied with the Thugmeister! I'm honored! GO @DinarThug! Thanks @Synopsis for keeping the official tally! What a Rush (Limbaugh)! OH! That ought to get me a couple more!
  9. Don't worry about it @"Fred" Some folks just don't like hearing or reading about opinions that differ from their own. For some reason there is always someone who thinks their way is the ONLY way...or at least the only RIGHT way. We just have to smile politely, pat them on the head and let them go on their delusional way.
  10. Why is the Middle East so often the butt of our jokes?
  11. @Adam Montana did you seriously just use the "S" word?! You really are in training to be the next Iraqi PM!
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