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  1. Good. That way we know who they are......They're Now on The List.
  2. Years ago ....some will remember the ministry of planning site using $ 1.13 as a model value..... It is my understanding, that # has increased a bit. Either way , they have to bet off the USD. That will take at least 1 to 1 plus..😎
  3. Blah. Blah. Blah ......In for penny , in for a pound since 2006. "While I Wait...I Accumulate ".
  4. OK. So ...There is an Admiral in Reno , sitting on the Prosperity Packages and CMKX - Diamonds , along with the RV. He is preparing the contract rates , wearing his white hat , speaking with a Chinese Elder , distributing the 800 #,s. There .....that's about Rigjt
  5. Actually Sounds Promising,s can be changed .
  6. I can hear Foghorn Leghorn talking about "The Government Program".
  7. Is there a link directly to CBI article on currency? I see the one for auction results. Thx Yota
  8. 13 years in this. It's an endless Loop....of the same Poop. Mark Z. Terry K. Etc.....
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