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  1. Okie must be surprised to see all these new Imperial Grand Wizard Gurus hatched out of the Void.
  2. This was necessary. Iraq only performs under duress. I believe Saleh had a talk with POTUS at the general assembly. The US is awful quiet ....there is a reason. Time will tell.
  3. I will need to see this in 3 more articles before I bite
  4. Halbousi (speaker) has formally came out in favor of heeding protestors demands due to govt. failures.
  5. This will not get better until the $$$ gets to the people ..
  6. They renewed a previous 2007 agreement with NASDAQ. Utilizing their software and technologies. They do state it is the Next Step and ISX Chief says they are joining several other exchanges meeting International that means
  7. This thread is a stark reminder that something else Floats too.
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