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  1. Pepperina that is not Biden with the Ankle brace that was the former Traitor John McCain from AZ so the post is false.
  2. Time for people to wake up before it too late! We are NOT going to let this Evil Left Demorat take over America period!! All of them are going Down and for those who choose to not see the truth in front of your eyes once it’s broadcast then good luck! We will not stand for anymore rioting and looting either!!
  3. Trump WON PA, MI, AZ, NV, GA and WI by a LANDSLIDE which puts our rightful re-elected President at 311 Electoral Votes just wait for it folks it’s coming count on it!! I hope they don’t stop there however as people in other states have had their votes not counted and stolen by the demorats so we deserve to know the whole truth!!
  4. Yes of course not but they have all the evidence we need and all these media outlets and online platforms will be held accountable! Our national debt will drop significantly when the time you are a stock holder in any of these complicit corrupt platforms I would definitely think twice!! Lol
  5. Agreed Yota thanks for the awesome video again! I truly hope they get the maximum for High Treason! The rats will definitely starting flipping on each other to save their own skin so we get the bigger fish as they say! I sure can’t wait to see these swamp rats get exactly what they deserve and again Gitmo is going to be packed! Lol
  6. Great post Markinsa!! Can’t wait for this pos to get locked up for a very long long time also!!
  7. Yes I heard that too CL but I also heard they have proof of the kickbacks with the money trail which I sure hope is true!! All these corrupt Governors need to be locked up as well! The fireworks show sure will be sweet when all this goes down as so many honest hardworking Patriot Americans are tired of this leftist corrupt nonsense!!
  8. Great synopsis 3n1 and great post Yota!! It’s awesome to see these articles about how much money is kept in homes for one main reason we should be getting closer to RV time. When the dinar RV’s the amount that they can actually RV is determined by the amount of circulating dinar inside of Iraq. It doesn’t matter how much dinar is outside of Iraq because again Iraq only need to be able to cover what’s circulating inside of Iraq. The other reason Iraq wants as much dinar inside of the bank Pre RV and inside the bank is to reduce Iraq people fleeing the country and taking their currency outside
  9. When they find Eric Coomer I bet he gets a nice cozy cell in Gitmo along with most of the rest! However I am still hoping for the truly evil Demorats to be Tried at a Military Tribunal that would be really special!!
  10. Great response CL and yes life is much better when you Mute the Demorats that are really not worth saving! In the end they will get exactly what they deserve so no !!!
  11. Uh oh sure sounds like High Treason to me I for one really wish they would go old school on these Demorats and truly give them what they deserve but hey that’s just me, guess I will just have to live with their Gitmo residency and get over it!
  12. Awesome posts again Pepperina please keep them coming, thank you! For The corrupt demorats you are going down count on it!!!
  13. Again ABSOLUTE DEFINITIVE PROOF LIVE on CNN yet a demorat liberal will say there is no get your heads buried out of the sand...what you can’t even believe your own eyes when watching this video and even Admit the truth!!
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