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  1. Thanks Thief for that well thought out explanation and you are 100% correct! So many people think that once Iraq raises the value of the dinar to say a dollar that somehow that just creates all this magic money for them to be able to pay their debts with and it doesn’t!! Their income still depends on what they are selling to make money which in Iraq’s case is what 90% oil barrels. Your explanation is perfect however that most should be able to grasp the difference and why no matter what if their currency is at 1/10th of a penny or worth $1.17 tomorrow Iraq would still have to borrow the exact same amount of money to pay all their debts!
  2. My guess is all the currency the dealers buy back from say you or I would be theirs to do with what they want. So say a RV happened and they just bought back 20 million dinar well the dealer is going to take that money to the bank as his owned and exchange it to become a multi millionaire. The only money that truly gets tracked is the money the dealers get from the CBI or whatever bank to originally sell to the public. Actually buying back dinar that has already been sold to the public the dealer doesn’t really have to report. Also I spoke with currency exchange yesterday and they are still completely out of dinar to sell! So personally I always thought once dinar dealers couldn’t get their hands on dinar to sell that we would be really close to a revaluation IMO!
  3. The dinar will NEVER have two different rates or values that’s absolutely not how the monetary system works! It will not be a dollar inside Iraq and .10c or .01c outside of Iraq...that you can 100% count on not happening!!
  4. Yes you can Linda depending on how much Dinar you own and If it comes in at just over a buck or more and since that is an older yacht you should be able to afford it!
  5. I believe that you are absolutely correct that it will either be right around the $1.17 or they will come out at around $2.65. Of course we all want the higher rate but I feel they more then likely will be at around the $1.17ish rate! Either way they can have ALL of my dinar period I will be out!
  6. Seems to me that if he will do anything the U.S. wants the. We do have the RIGHT man in their for the job finally!! We don’t want an Iranian stooge so seems like great news to me as we want an RV ASAP!!
  7. No worries Shabibi will NOT be coming back as the CBI Governor..he is long passed that job and he’s not an idiot!! So yes we still have a chance for the RV this weekend!!! Unless they postpone the ISX again then another delay, it just sure seems these two items may come out together!
  8. People don’t have morals anymore like they did back in that day. I guarantee you if no police which means no endorcement of laws then only crime syndicates will run the city and people will die and disappear and those towns will turn into a ghost town or we will send in the military to protect the innocent lives. These people are ridiculous seriously no police how stupid is that?? Again all this crap is mainly happening in Democratic run states go figure! If we need to DEFUND anything it’s the entire Corrupt Democratic worthless party they are completely 100% worthless and the people that follow their worthless policies are no more then Sheep!! Yes I said it and whatever Democrat read this I don’t care, take a close look in the mirror and stop being a sheep! I know soooooo many former democratic voters that will NEVER vote democrat again because they have seen their true colors period!!
  9. Yes you read it correct amazing isn’t it so hopefully we are on the actual proverbial doorstep now!!
  10. As it has been explained to me that yes once Iraq does finally stop the auctions something absolutely must happen with their currency. Reasons being as to why they are having the auctions in the first place started by Shabibi to control inflation and the dinar exchange rate! So something either has to replace the auctions or they have to go Article 8 and international this has always been the belief by a great many in this dinar community for a long time...guess we shall see but things sure do seem to be long up for this to be a spectacular month...sure hope something finally happens!
  11. HCR May I ask what state this was in? I sure hope the husband sues the state and let’s the President know exactly what they are doing, just more proof the coronavirus isn’t as deadly as they say. They are only trying to drive the numbers up to keep the lockdown going for as long as possible to hurt Trump. I bet the deaths are half of what is reported!!
  12. Agree all I will be doing the exact same thing, of course if we all buy that much XRP it will automatically drive the price
  13. KristiD I can’t find the article but this was reported by a guru so it looks like Iraq borrowed the money from 3 major banks to cover salaries in May and June. **** Mnt Goat Article quote: "...the government resorted to BORROWING FROM THREE GOVERNMENT BANKS TO SECURE EMPLOYEE SALARIES FOR THE MONTHS OF MAY AND JUNE NEXT." So for now it appears the Iraq did not print any more currency or devalue the dinar. Instead they borrowed from 3 major banks to meet the employee salaries for May and June. Will oil prices rise fast enough to meet the July and onward salaries?...
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