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  1. Thanks Steve for all you do much appreciated!
  2. I absolutely agree this position isn’t very important so Why are they fighting so much and holding up this insignificant position is my question? The only answer I can come up with is it keeps Mahdi from fully forming and seating his government! Shabibi always said he must have a fully seated government in order to complete monetary reform.
  3. Yeah well I will hold my breath figured since they were already talking about it and in typical Iraqi fashion they would kick this can down the road. But yes hopefully something happens and they are able to resolve this soon!
  4. Here DinarThug posted it in the spiked camel java thread: Deputy: postpone the selection of the candidate of the Ministry of Education to the next legislative term 9th July, 2019 Revealed the head of the Chaldean coalition in the House of Representatives Hoshyar Kardag, on Tuesday, the postponement of the selection of a candidate for the Ministry of Education to the next legislative term. In a statement received by Mawazine News, Qirdagh said that "political consensus has prevented the selection of an appropriate minister for education over the past period, as well as the repeated rejection of candidates of one party, in order to extract the quota from this party and turn it into another. The interest of the country in imposing the will on all ministries." He added that "it is hoped to resolve the selection of a candidate for the Ministry of Education during the parliamentary sessions remaining of the current legislative term after the extension," stressing that "the political blocs if not succeed in this will be postponed to the next legislative term in conjunction with the selection of candidates for special grades." Qardagh described the postponement of choosing a suitable candidate for the Ministry of Education as a "disaster".
  5. Absolutely agree 100% that the auctions will only stop after the RV not before! However I also read in another thread here that they just kicked the can down the road until the Next Legislative term to vote on the Education Minister! So looks like we wait still a little longer. Still can’t believe they can’t decide on this one simple position unless they are holding it up on purpose for some reason!
  6. Yes it’s a translation issue I think too. I think they are possibly talking about lowering the nominal value here personally. For example the .00086 to the .86. They are most definitely not talked about making the actual currency value worse then it already is!!
  7. Absolutely agree with you! Iraq should come out at a rate of just over $2.00. They can cover this and that’s only their cash reserves, this doesn’t count all their gold reserves either...Great News!
  8. Happy Independence Day everyone and yes a special heartfelt thank you to all our Veterans on this forum as well!! Awesome picture King Bean!
  9. Dinarrock

    Go Iraq

    Nope sorry looks like they didn’t! Source: Parliament postpones voting on special grades because of differences and incompatibility between blocks The House of Representatives, Tuesday (July 2, 2019), voted on candidates for special grades, submitted by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, to Parliament, for the purpose of voting on them. A parliamentary source said in an interview with (Baghdad today), "The parliament postponed the vote on special grades because of differences and incompatibility between the blocks." The Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, has sent the names of candidates for positions of special grades, including the Governor of the Central Bank to the House of Representatives after the approval of the Council of Ministers. And got (Baghdad today) a document issued by Abdul-Mahdi and addressed to parliament, including the names of candidates to the positions of special grades, after the approval of the Council of Ministers in its meeting last Tuesday, and the names are: Ali Abdul Amir Allawi for the post of Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Salah Nouri Khalaf for the post of head of the Financial Control Bureau; Mohamed Abdel Hadi Mohamed Taqi El Hakim for the post of advisor to the Prime Minister; Fayyad Hassan Nema for the post of Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil; Hamid Yunis Saleh Al Zobaie for the post of Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil; He called on the parliament to vote on names during its session, which is scheduled to be held on Thursday, June 27, 2019, indicating that he will send successively to parliament, the names of candidates for the fundamentalist to the rest of the sites, but Parliament postponed the vote on Thursday also.
  10. Dinarrock

    Go Iraq

    What am I missing here but this sure sounds like Iraq just kicked the can down the road until October for completing the proxy ministers which I would guess is the education minister and any others?
  11. Dinarrock

    Go Iraq

    Hey where are the two Bros? Question for anyone who knows Trump announced two weeks ago today about some big news, has anyone heard anything today regarding that? Looks like he is at the G20 meetings so guess we won’t here anything until tomorrow at the earliest or next week?
  12. Dinarrock

    Go Iraq

    Awesome article as usual wow they sure know how to talk the talk but NOT walk the walk as the saying goes! HEY IRAQ are you Listening raise the value of your currency and make it international and then ALL your Dreams will come true..people and companies will invest in your country but NOT until then GET IT!!
  13. Dinarrock

    Go Iraq

    Hmmm so why are you doubting your crystals now?? Seems like you just jinxed it! Lol. No the HCL doesn’t need to be passed before the RV, that is Adams belief but not mine nor many I know in this investment believe it has to be passed for the RV to happen. Has he been right so far yes but I will bet the RV happens before the HCL that is my belief. The auctions will stop After the RV as they will no longer be needed not before! Shabibi also said a fully completed government and security needed to be done before they raise the value he never said anything about the HCL at that time and so far he has been correct also! So here is to hoping and praying they pass the education minister tomorrow they will truly have a fully seated democratic looking government in their entire history. I don’t believe you can’t count during Saddam’s time since he was a dictator.
  14. Dinarrock

    Go Iraq

    Fingers crossed that sure would be amazing!!
  15. Not sure why you got all the negs Luigi especially since this is posted in the RUMOR section but guess there are a lot of slow people out there that really need to get a life!! Hope those same slow people seek professional investment advice post RV also!! I will try and get you some more green!! lol
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