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  1. Okay just found out that my friend bought another 1000 shares today and my sister bought another 100 shares today so everyone keep spreading the good word tell them not to miss out on the best opportunity to buy in early!!!
  2. The wife and I bought another 420 shares this morning!! Trying to do our everyone please tell every person that you know to buy AMC even if it’s only 10 shares!! If everyone tells 5 to 10 people and then those people tell another 5 to 10 people and so on we can send this thing higher and higher!!! We need to send this stock just passed the moon I think maybe to Mars!!! Lol
  3. Sure hope so but again once people start selling even if say it hits 100k it will crash like a rocket better hit that sell button this would make this ridiculous dinar investment look like peanuts..lololol
  4. Yes atleast 1K and you have made $600,000 makes waiting on the dinar easier! I for one really do hope it hits over 1K and I will wait and see how fast it keeps climbing sure hope so!!! I don’t see any downside with this investment and wish I had more free money to buy more AMC shares as I absolutely would I don’t think with everyone buying the stock is going anywhere but up!!
  5. I think that is just wishful thinking no way it comes close to that. Even if it was remotely possible so many people will sell out long before then there is not enough people that will hold. But the longer people do hold out the better off everyone will be! Also tell everyone you know to buy and tell them to tell everyone they know to buy we can shoot this up higher then GameStop I believe which will still be life changing while waiting on this stupid dinar investment!!! I personally bought another 320 shares this morning and will also be buying about 360 shares tomorrow again!! My best f
  6. Keylime this is the best post I have read to date on this AMC squeeze!! However correct me if I am wrong but the author specifically states to avoid Brokers that use the APEX as a Clearing house!! Unfortunately it looks like Webull uses Apex as their clearing house am I wrong?? I only bought 50 shares through Webull since I just signed up but I own the bulk of my AMC shares through Fidelity!! What are your thoughts on this issue??
  7. Yes you do it’s a brokerage account.
  8. This is a complete LIE so before posting your rhetoric please make sure it’s factual...YES Iraq has passed the 2021 budget a few weeks ago..WHERE WERE YOU?? You are constantly on here complaining HOW DID YOU MISS THE BUDGET BEING PASSED!!! SELL SELL SELL your dinar and move on or stop your constant whining and complaining!!!
  9. Just bought another 50 shares using my brand new Webull account!! Lol.. Got it at $9.98 per share hope we see atleast 1K per share or higher next month!!!
  10. Lol I actually bought premarket in after hours trading at 4:35 ish this morning and overpaid at $9.94 for my 100 shares but I set a order for my wife that executed later after the market opened and had a limit price for her at $9.59 that executed for her 100 shares so she did I still have to buy more but can’t until this Wednesday so hopefully it stays low until then!
  11. Awesome love it and yeah it’s also so funny how they bag on the investors as not knowing what they are doing so laughable these complete morons! Guess we shall see who gets the last laugh in the end, the corrupt Hedgefunds or the little guys!!! David versus Goliath has an exceptional meaning here as well!!!
  12. Thanks again Keylime I have my sister and two other friends buying on Monday also along with my wife now So probably another 2500 shares total to help the I do have a crazy question why do they call these investors Apes?? LoL
  13. Oh and FYI I am from Florida and the rest of my family and longest friend still live there right outside of Daytona Beach. I cannot wait to move back but circumstances unfortunately have me stuck in the worse state in the nation California, I cannot wait to leave this Shitte hole of a state it’s truly sad and disgusting here!!
  14. Yes I watch Italian Lou loved the guy and again I believe all of this is absolutely true! Just like our corrupt politicians these wall street criminals have being making billions and billions on the backs of American people it’s truly sickening!! So yes I truly hope this is atleast some sweet payback for these but yes I will hold and watch the climb up as we just may have the opportunity to make millions with a very small investment!! In the end it would be nice to see these criminal corrupt hedgefund managers going to jail for creating short stock out of thin air it’s 100% ille
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