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  1. Thanks so much Wheelman that is the best synopsis I have heard in a long time!!!
  2. I loved everything you said and hope your first scenario is true of however in your second scenario there is zero percent chance of that happening and here is why. None of the dinar outside of Iraq will ever go back to Iraq they go into our Treasury if you are here in America! Next Iraq ONLY has to cover what’s actually in circulation INSIDE of Iraq NOT outside of Iraq!! If you don’t believe this to be true then may I suggest to anyone sell all you dinars ASAP you have been had. However the reason I am invested is I do believe what I have said to be true!! I absolutely believe t
  3. Yeah I would like to see where the money actually goes!! All these fund raising scam and charities typically only 5-10% ever get to the intended purpose the rest goes so salaries and expenses of said fund raisers or charities!!! She is a POS period count on it, so follow the money and post it afterwards and I will retract my statements about this POS bet you will ever be able to find this money dispersed to Texans or a very very small percentage!!
  4. Okay I am going to explain this one last time!! Yes inside of Iraq it will absolutely be considered a lop as they will be required to exchange their large notes on a 1 to 1 basis just like Iraq has always said they would. But they will GAIN purchasing power that is all they gain which is still huge! All Dinar investors will NEVER be able to exchange for lower denoms period!!!! We will only exchange for our own currency in whatever country you are in so in America if the new rate is say $1.17 they if you exchange 1 million dinar you will get $1,170,000 dollars!!
  5. Yes that is my home state and I still have family and friends there but I sure can’t wait to move back!!!
  6. Correct basically inside of Iraq they will exchange 1 for 1 which in essence is a lop however they get much greater purchasing power which makes the new lower denoms worth more! Outside of Iraq we are not exchanging for the new lower denoms we are exchanging at whatever the current exchange rate will be which is hopefully atleast $1.17 or higher!!! Hope this helps any lopsters out there once again on how the process works, if you don’t believe it works this way then you should have sold out years ago and bought Bitcoin, the same 10k investment back in say 2010 in Bitcoin you would be worth abo
  7. Their team is extremely well knowledgeable that I know from listening to countless hours of their calls and posts back many years ago!!
  8. Apparently you CANNOT READ EITHER!! Did Caddie provide any stock market numbers after 4th of April?? NOOOOOOOOOO he did not so mind you’re own business since your reading comprehension is again that of an elementary school child!! He provided top 8 worst stock market drops and I provided the top stocked market gains which were over double the drops GET IT NOW?? Oh and Trump won by a LANDSLIDE PERIOD!! Just because your corrupt Demonrat party and Biden Cheated does not mean he won!!!
  9. Yes but once again it’s all a sham it would never hold up in a court of law...why you ask it’s because you CANNOT impeach a President that is no longer President period it’s again right in the Constitution what the impeachment is used for! Demonrats are so completely stupid and clueless!!
  10. Yep you are clueless as usual with your complete nonsense posts that show just how uneducated you really are!!! BIGGEST POINT GAINS 3/24/2020: 2,117.72 With the U.S. economy at a virtual standstill amid the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump is signaling there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. "I’d love to have the country opened up and raring to go by Easter," Trump said on a virtual coronavirus town hall held by Fox News. In a separate interview with Bill Hemmer on Fox News Trump added, "We want to get our economy back." His remarks, along with the progress
  11. Here you go more proof the corona virus was made up by the Rothchilds patent!! What a bunch of sick people I sure hope they all get what they deserve soon!! ATOMIC BOMBSHELL: Rothschilds patented Covid-19 biometric tests in 2015. And 2017. –
  12. Great videos Yota sure hope he meant it which means they literally need to throw lying cheating corrupt Biden and Harris out on their butts!!!
  13. What a bunch of BS again it’s already proven it’s a MAN MADE VIRUS what a bunch of idiots but I guess idiot corrupt Biden will send millions more of our tax dollars to support their BS!! Come on Military hold your oath and take these fools down!!!
  14. Yota can you find this on Rumble or Bitchute the LSM screwtube doesn’t want anyone to watch this?? Thanks
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