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  1. Great minds think alike keylime, I was just reading that and going to post it here also!!
  2. Agreed now look at this something has to give no way these crooked hedgefunds and crooked Kenny can keep holding at these prices for much longer in my opinion. Shares on loan now over 174 Million, max cost to borrow is 15%, average cost to borrow is over 13% and min cost to borrow is 4% which I bet no one is getting! Utilization is 100% and short interest is over 23% according to Ortex which we know is 100% BS!! Short interest is most likely closer to 40% IMO!!
  3. Well good thing it will never come out at 1 cent that will never ever happen! So I guess you will need to do back flips naked down the street Now back to the AMC rocket to the moon. We are now at $14.23 with over 64 million in volume so far! I cannot wait to hear the box office numbers for Top Gun after the long holiday weekend this alone should push AMC much higher on Tuesday I believe!! Hopefully Top Gun turns out to be the all time top grossing movie of all time for opening weekend!!!
  4. One more thing the biggest movie of the year I think was just released today!! TOP GUN!!! I think this will have a huge huge huge opening weekend and it’s a 3 day weekend and for many a 4 day weekend since schools where I live ended today!! This should be a huge push for AMC stock come next Tuesday when the market opens since it’s closed on Monday for the holiday. When the market opens hopefully we have huge news releases on how much money Top Gun made this weekend!!! Oh and yes I fully 100% believe the dinar will come out at atleast $1.17 or higher!!!
  5. Update so far today there are just over 170.08 Million AMC shares on loan which is just over 33% of the entire float!! Yes short interest is only at 22.42% per Ortex…yeah . We have been at 100% utilization for what 3 months now also!!! Sure seems like Kenny and the hedgefunds are getting a little worried. All we need is either a huge rally of people or institutions to start buying a lot more again or a hedgefunds to tap out in the play!!! We are also over 52 million in volume right now and only up 2-3% they are shorting us today for sure!!!
  6. Well I bit the bullet again and picked up another 510 AMC shares this morning during this fire sale to help average my cost down!! My new favorite song I wrote is Buy and Hold, Buy and Hold!!! LOL AMC to the MOON!!! DINAR to $1.17+++
  7. Wow wow wow looks like we are on our way to the moon Come on RV, let’s go AMC Rocket!!!
  8. Good point granted who knows why they didn’t. Maybe they didn’t want to ruffle the feathers, maybe Trump made a call and told them to let them have it who knows. But one thing I do know is the Iraqi Army is no match for the Kurds Peshmerga in an all out civil war for sure!
  9. In theory yes but you forget that Kurdish Peshmerga would kick the Iraqi Army’s azz and send them packing so not going to happen! The Iraq army doesn’t hold a candle to the Kurds Peshmerga!!
  10. The only thing I got from this video is BUY BUY BUY!!! Then BUY BUY BUY SOME MORE!!! Maybe it’s just me and I am slow!!!
  11. Awesome I sure hope we just see this thing skyrocket soon and I mean very soon!!!
  12. No we hope he is not to be quite honest as big an investor this guy is they only bought 27,100 shares of AMC which is absolutely nothing to them just pennies. So that tells me he is only looking at this as a complete long shot. Between my one friend and I we own more then 27,100 shares and that is just two people with everyday jobs not making a whole lot of money. If this billionaire truly believed in the AMC and GME movement he would have bought atleast 1 million shares and even that isn’t much for this guy! Now to be fair I don’t know how many shares he bought of GME the article I read only said AMC for 27,100 but if that include both then I am not impressed at all. But anything to help the movement I guess. I have done all I can which is actually lose a ton of money so far! Had I just bought and sold AMC during all the swings or even sold in the 40’s the last time it was there which I almost did because of the market I could have bought back in now and had close to 50,000 shares myself but hey that’s how stupid I am. Hopefully this bs will payoff soon but to say the least I am extremely worried!!! No hedgefund has covered when AMC and GME were at high number for a long time and no one has covered when the market is crashing and extremely low now. We constantly see all this illegal activity which takes years to prove so who knows.
  13. We are also currently sitting at just over 100 Million in volume today folks! Hopefully we see a lot more volume again tomorrow!!
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