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  1. Kraperoni is the worst most clueless who maniac guru period!!
  2. Of course they are going to block the internet so the Iranian militias can go to town killing thousands of Iraqis to squash their movement!
  3. How can you have a positive meeting with any idiot from Iran seriously WTF?? I really hope all the citizens burn the entire place down!! I hope they take the entire government over by force!
  4. Mahdi is a *********** seriously!! No what’s damaging the economy is Maliki and all the corrupt politicians stealing all their money period! If this thing ever gains any value I will be shocked but you can guarantee one thing it won’t be anytime soon!
  5. Wonder if the Dip Shiiite Maliki is on that list of names???
  6. So what’s your opinion as to why it went from an all time high of $3.84 to trading now at .30c??
  7. Of course it’s easy for these dip Shiites to reduce their salaries to no more then 10 million dinars because they steal millions per month on the backend! I sure hope the citizens don’t fall for this crap...I hope they keep up their demonstrations until they actually see action and not BS!! It’s so funny that even the citizens know and is one of their conditions to stop the currency auction. Seriously because they know all these corrupt politicians are making millions of dollars every single month! The citizens must also know if they do in fact stop the auctions then they must raise the value at the same time!
  8. That independent newspaper is Maliki owned...BS news!!
  9. No sorry you are the one that needs help so how is the revalued Rial working out for you?? Shall we go back and show all your posts where you said Iraq would only revalue until right after the
  10. Guess we will see. Need more then one article from a source that says the minister of education has actually been voted in by Parliament. You should know that one article from one source doesn’t mean much with Iraq. If it’s true then we should see plenty of more articles saying HEY Iraq NOW has a fully seated government for the first time EVER!! We have NOT seen one single article saying this so until we get 2,3,4 more articles then I will believe it happened Navira so get off your high hopium horse you don’t own this thread! And yes the Rial will never never revalue like you pumped everyone on here a month ago into believing!
  11. Hey LB another poster posted this saying they have a fully seated government now and provided this article. Have you seen anything else yourself stating they did vote a new minister of Health and the minister of Education? BAGHDAD - Mawazine News, the Council of Representatives, on Thursday, its session until after the visit Arbain Imam Hussein (AS). A parliamentary source in an interview with / Mawazine News / "The House of Representatives lifted its session until after the 40th visit after the vote to give confidence to the Ministers of Education and Health." He added, "The Council granted confidence to Suha Khalil, Minister of Education and Jaafar Allawi, Minister of Health, succeeding the article Alaa Alwan, who voted for his resignation."
  12. I sure hope so I will wait to see something other then the source says it’s done. I have seen no articles other then what you posted so yes 8 hope you are correct! Atleast we hopefully don’t have to wait for the Rial to revalue before the
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