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  1. The thought process has been that Iraq May change to be the same as Kuwait which would be April 1st. The article we read yesterday maybe a clue as to Iraq actually changing to this which would hopefully bring us our elusive RV at the same time!
  2. Sorry Laid-back is also incorrect Iraq’s current fiscal year has always been the same as ours here in the U.S. January 1st!
  3. Yes that would be ironic however I will Take it and be happy as long as it’s atleast $1.17 or yes I bet the economy will be reopened by Easter!! We don’t close for the 50,000 flu deaths we have every single year approximately and we will not have anywhere close to that from the Corona Virus, all the models that the experts based their numbers on are turning out to be completely WRONG and way overstated!! So no we will not keep our entire economy closed for this virus very much longer!
  4. As long as you can fully understand that when they RV their currency it Does Not create a bunch of Magic money for Iraq to pay anymore of their bills!! This is a hard concept for many to understand but if Iraq say RV’d their currency to say $1.00 tonight they would still need to borrow money from the IMF tomorrow to pay their bills. No magic money is created in that transaction it only gives the Iraqi people inside Iraq greater purchasing power that’s all that’s it nothing more!! Iraq will still be selling their oil for say $30 per barrel right now or whatever the going rate is that’s their income and they still will pay their bills from that it make no difference if their currency is a 1/10 of a penny or worth $5 to our US dollar they will still be short money to pay their bills hence why they will absolutely still need and ask for loans. Now what the IMF needs to do is say hey yes we will give you the loans you need to keep your economy going however only if you RV your currency and stop your auctions period...that’s what we need!
  5. Thanks so much Keylime I love your analysis on this fingers crossed!!
  6. Thanks for the information and I hope so as I bought a lot more XRP yesterday at .15 have read and researched also and thank you for all your knowledge so hopefully one day XRP will payoff even higher then the dinar RV when it happens!!
  7. We are still waiting on the Iranian Rial to RV first don’t you remember you informed everyone that the Iraqi Dinar was only going to RV after the Rial!!...So let us all not get too hyped up on any of your nonsense predictions okay!!
  8. I will bet you all your dinar Biden will NOT be the next president!! CLUELESS,!!
  9. And there is the issue it doesn’t matter who the PM is because most all in Parliament are corrupt, they are all either paid off from Maliki or Iran or threatened to do what Iran wants..the good ones the few that are left I am sure their families are threatened with death if they don’t fall in line....what a bunch of corrupt POS losers the whole bunch of them are.. it will be a long long time until we see anything come from those worthless investment.. they all suck and I hope the protestors burn the whole place down...civil war is the only thing that will get rid of the corruption!
  10. Wow absolutely love this thread folks! It truly is going to be in God’s timing for all the believers out there! Had this blessing happened 5,6, or 7 years ago when it was supposed to happen I would have done something different with this blessing as I was in a very different place in my life so it would have been for more selfish reasons I am ashamed to say! However this journey now and my relationship with God has truly changed what I will be doing with this blessing!! As much as it’s been such a long struggle taking this Long I am truly happy it has taken this long as I believe God has truly changed the heart and minds of so many people in this blessing to better his kingdom!
  11. I for one thank you for sharing keylime so please by all means keep sharing!! Your thoughts and visions are a 1000% better then reading any guru nonsense!! I would never worry about people getting let down also that would be their issue it’s absolutely Not the same thing as a guru calling it and being let down and I personally believe it should not be compared as such. So again please by all means share what your heart and thoughts desires have always really appreciated them! Hopefully April will be a very special month, I will be praying for it also!!
  12. Hilarious thanks for the post NE, I had to borrow it and repost it in another thread with some clueless Demorats so
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