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  1. You do know that Al-Kazemi is not even running for PM in this upcoming election right? So there will be a new PM and if he is controlled by Iran then no RV no reforms just more of the same!!
  2. Amen Brother absolutely correct!!!
  3. Here is my guess is they all were probably threatened or paid off to lay back for awhile. They could have been threatened by the SEC telling them to step back while we investigate or we will focus on you guys also which would be the likely scenario or they could have been threatened by one of the big hedgefunds aka shitteadel!! Who know either way all of them are correct there really isn’t much else they can add we just buy and HODL!! Now with the impending Market crash and our national debt ceiling not being raised and our WORTHLESS Congress going on vacation for 6 weeks…WTF yes 6 weeks must be nice to get paid like that and sit on a beach somewhere!! What will happen if they actually let this go it will most likely speed up a market crash and maybe that’s what Congress wants!! But in any event once that happens these hedgefunds are screwed screwed screwed!! Their net worth and liquidity will also drop like a rock and then comes MARGIN CALLS!!! It will be like a domino effect seriously most stocks will come crashing down but it will be crazy to see AMC and GME go thru the roof!! Just my opinion which is worth about two dinars worth which is not financial!!!
  4. Here you go to all you vaccinated people, the vaccine DOES NO GOOD for the Delta Variant!! But we all owe you a thanks for getting vaccinated which is the CAUSE of the Delta variant geniuses!! Just releases Yesterday from the CDC!!!
  5. Funny how none of them have masks on right!!! Lol… Especially since the CDC has completely come out and said the vaccine does absolutely nothing for the Delta variant!!
  6. Robinhood is a shitte app period their market cap numbers are wrong! Fidelity, Yahoo finance, Webull and the stock App on my iPhone ALL show the market cap right around 19 Billion, 18.58 Billion to be exact which give you the 513 million shares! So know I don’t think Robinhood being the only clueless app saying 27 billion is correct that company is clueless!!! Are their synthetic shares and naked shorts Absolutely but we won’t find them in this number sorry!
  7. Why can’t he run?? Why would being part of the interim govt make any difference?
  8. Why is Kazemi not running?? Personally if he is giving up this quick to me that’s not a positive sign!
  9. Well again looks like we maybe waiting a longer while for any kind of squeeze. Citadel will do anything they need to in order to stop this…. Proof you ask well watch this video below at one point today 91% of ALL TRADES FOR AMC were routed through the Dark Pool!! The overall average routed through the dark pool ended at 71.5% highest in history ever!! Yes Citadel will get fined a few million dollars when this comes out but who cares they don’t as it saved them 100’s of million dollars!! Depressing to say the least today!!
  10. Hey I too bought a lot of AMC too, it will probably squeeze before the RV happens, good to hedge my!!!
  11. OMG Mark I couldn’t stop laughing I think you found the needle in the…if this guy is that well connected to our stock markets, man please also ask him about the dinar he absolutely must know the date and the rate!! Lol Guess everyone is jumping on the YouTube bandwagon for their 2 minutes of fame…lol
  12. Great post Keylime and if this in fact is true then I don’t know what to say other then honestly we all would actually bankrupt the insurance companies that insure for the 67 Trillion!! Literally if they forced them to buy back all these naked shorts the floor would be over 1 million dollars per share it maybe 10,20,50,100 million dollars per share IF THEY ARE REQUIRED TO BUY BACK THAT MANY NAKED SHORTS!! Now here are my thoughts, once this comes out and Lou the foul mouth New Yorker maybe correct that they will somehow manage and mitigate the damage Mark my words folks, yes it won’t be fair but yes it will also make most everyone still to be multi millionaires!! They will force them to buy back ALL the real short shares including the synthetic shares that people hold which will still be a couple billion shares I bet but they will also REMOVE the Buy button not letting anyone Buy anymore shares when this goes down! The stock will still climb to ridiculous prices the longer people hold we should still see 100K per share but make no mistake they will absolutely not make them buy back 26 billion naked shares not matter how unfair any of think it is count on it! The question or answer the attorney really needs to find is how many shares are actually in ALL INVESTORS ACCOUNTS!! Just my thoughts for the day and hopefully we see this thing MOASS before this forum thread reaches a 100 pages!! Lol
  13. That can only mean we will have the RV either right before or during so when they open back up we are done done done!!
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