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  1. Here is from a poster on Twitter/Reddit hopefully he is correct also!
  2. Great video as usual from Thomas thanks!!
  3. Yes we are going to get our tendies eventually!! Yesterday and today are doing well but we really need some kind of big news or catalyst to get this thing to shoot off to the moon! Hopefully with all the fail to delivers on APE piling up and by the 13th day or 15th day I can’t remember they all have to be bought on the open market so maybe we will see it skyrocket this month!!
  4. Yes I watched this yesterday definitely worth the time! AMC cost to borrow MAX shot up to 357% today also!!!
  5. Too funny I literally just watched this two minutes ago from Thomas James he just stated exactly everything I said above, his assumption is surrounded around the market crashing still for the MOASS to happen though!
  6. Of course I hope and pray you are right unfortunately again I have invested more then I should have and that’s what’s causing me so much stress! My fault obviously and I have bought way too many shares as I know we are 100% correct in this play but again when something is TOO BIG to fail they won’t let it, it’s cheaper to screw us then to have to pay us! This is being done with everyone around the world watching and it doesn’t seem to matter! Come on RV!!!
  7. And I always unfortunately go back to my original question way way back and even our own corrupt government will NOT allow us 4 million plus retail investors to completely crash the entire stock market!! They will allow shittadel to do whatever it takes to keep it functioning! It’s no different then the FBI or CIA working with the most corrupt criminal and killers around the world just like you see in the movies, those people are untouchable because they serve a purpose to further our corrupt govt agenda at times! Again this is different then the Bernie Madolf scam or other because those only screwed over a select number or people. What we expect from AMC going to the moon is it will screw over the entire financial system for us to get paid which will be hundreds of millions of people around the world and like I said before there is no way our government will allow that to happen period!! They will screw over the 4 million plus retail investors before allowing us to collapse our stock market as you can see right in front of the worlds eyes to see. APE dropped and dropped with NO HALTS by over $3-$4 dollars from its high yet it moves .20 cents up and it gets HALTED…what does that tell you, there are not afraid of anyone seeing what is going on!
  8. We are not going to the moon anytime soon if ever as you can see APE has been halted three times today already illegally and there is nothing we can do about it!, there is nothing the SEC will do and even if they do it will be a very small fine that will easily be paid! They have figured out how to screw retail obviously!!
  9. Well either a lot of people are selling both AMC AND APE or again the corrupt market makers have figured out a way to short both down still as we are back down in the $18’s for both combined now, almost $4 down since right after open!
  10. There should be a lot less APE shares available to buy since everyone should be holding so in theory buying APE should cause it to rise faster but so far it looks like AMC is rising faster so who knows!
  11. I was able to buy 100 shares of APE about 10 minutes ago!! It was trading at $9.50 or halted there so I put a limit order for $9.51 and then it got filled at $9.34. So no problems buying APE it seems. Right now we are trading close to $22.50 for AMC and APE totaled together so atleast we are up over $4!!!
  12. I received my APE shares in Fidelity and Webull this morning also! It’s amazing that they halved AMC and APE didn’t open and half! But atleast AMC is up this morning the RSI was at its low Friday and over sold so we were expecting a Gap up today which it looks like it has so we should run up some today hopefully!!
  13. Truly unbelievable we are either missing something or it doesn’t matter as the market is so corrupt they don’t fear us anymore because they have control enough to make sure this stock never squeezes! Sick sick sick of this nonsense, Should have sold at around $26 and taken profits and bought back in today instead I am down over 150K in 4 f….:kn days again!!! So yes ruined my weekend for sure. We have this idiot Ryan Cohen screwing around with bed bath and beyond who is now filing for bankruptcy make over 60 million dollars all the while taking investors money away from AMC most likely!! I just don’t get it!!
  14. Just remember that is an assumption that AMC will drop by half and APE will make up the other half, yes it makes sense but we really don’t know what will happen. The market could give AMC 75% value and the APE 25% value we will know soon enough. My guess is you are right they will come right out of the gate shorting the hell out of it trying to scare people Into selling, then later on in the day we should see shorts start to cover! Hopefully it skyrockets and we get halts to n the way up its moving so
  15. This is 100% fact and No if you do not get your APE shares that doesn’t mean you have synthetics which makes zero difference!! Once they created the synthetic share it’s as real as any other share you can sell it anytime you want!! What it means if you don’t get your APE shares is that your crooked broker sold you and or loaned synthetic shares again in the millions or billions so if you personally don’t get your APE shares the BROKER is liable and on the hook for them!! The Brokers will need to buy by AMC by this Friday knowing this or buy APE next Monday on which again will drive the APE price to the moon! You could be holding your AMC shares for 5+ years when they were all most likely 100% real before all this nonsense happened and still not get all your APE shares due to you, because the broker your with ran out!!
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