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  1. Dinarrock

    Go Iraq

    You will never see the lower denoms on the street until after the rate change!
  2. Dinarrock

    Go Iraq

    That’s exactly what it means and Breitling went over this in his call yesterday also...good stuff! Hopefully we will see the RV before Iran gets blown up!
  3. Dinarrock

    Go Iraq

    I thought it would have been 2015’s so hard to remember with everything in this investment. So they are atleast one year to two years late implementing
  4. Dinarrock

    Go Iraq

    Navira can you tell me when this video was made? I don’t remember seeing this one but I do remember Breitling commenting on his blog saying that they wanted to reduce the note count from 4 billion notes down to 1 billion notes but he has talked about this for a few years now. At the end of the video it shows they need two years to complete so this has long past but just curious if anyone knows when this video first was released?
  5. Actually Luigi, how do you know they are brand new gurus to replace the old ones?? Lol...I will bet you 50 dinar it’s the same old gurus all they do is change their guru name and post for awhile to get a new legendary status!! Lol
  6. Dinarrock

    Go Iraq

    Yes that is my understanding as well Karsten and I have been invested since 2005! However again with so much dinar now in circulation how do we know if that is really their true value now period? I know why we did it and tanked the dinar but along with doing that we add trillions of dinar into the mix and they have added trillions more over the years. This we absolutely supposed to RV back when Shabibi had the reigns but we all know what happened to him. Let’s not forget also that governments don’t want people to have money as it’s easier to control your people when they are poor. So even though there won’t be instant millionaires there by just increasing the purchasing power to atleast on par with the dollar stills gives the people a lot of value. Just thinking out loud but sorry to say the only ones getting rich are the dinar dealers and the dinar forum owners period so far!! Not knocking Adam but I am sure he set for life now with the time it has taken to I am just so so tired of this investment that I went and bought some Dong for the first time last week just to cheer me 5 million for less than $300.00 go figure and if the China deals does finally come to fruition soon which I believe it will who knows that currency may just in fact gain value before Iraq gets off the toilet since the Chinese basically control that!
  7. Thanks for the explanation Luigi but can I also ask you with your knowledge do you truly believe Iraq will actually RV their currency or Reinstate a previous value overnight out of the blue one day??
  8. Dinarrock

    Go Iraq

    Yes that is the one thing that scares me also the big question what if this is truly their value and we have been lied to this whole time and it’s not a programmed rate!! Which means all of us are complete idiots for funding a terrorist nation to rebuild their economy...think about that long and hard! This deal is either real or not we will either become wealthy or stay exactly where we are for many more years to come! Happy Easter Everyone!!
  9. And we finally have a winner! You are absolutely correct this has got Maliki and all his owned news media written all over it! Just like 90% of the fake news we have here in the U.S. people tend forget about all the Maliki owned media there and all of their deep state manipulating all their news!! Come on GreedyDinar07 one article and it’s supposed to be taken as hey I get it as well been in this since 2005 myself but I promise you that one article is BS and that you can take to the bank!! Lol
  10. If and when it ever RV’s you will find me on a Caribbean island somewhere with my toes in the water and my azz in the sand not a worry in the world with a margarita in my hand!! LOL
  11. Wow I am not sure why I am responding to you but I have been in this since 2005. You really should spend more time researching may I suggest! First of all Iraq doesn’t have to cover the RV so stop listening to guru nonsense while you are researching. The dinar you own does not get covered by Iraq. Iraq only has to cover what is circulating inside Iraq they do not have 40 trillion circulating inside Iraq either so again you need to do more research. This is all I am willing to tell you believe what you want but in the end you will be lucky because you have invested in the dinar albeit not because you have been informed correctly sorry to say! The only thing you really need to do and research is post RV so are able to keep and grow your lucky windfall dinar investment may I highly suggest!!
  12. Botzwana I can’t wait to meet you after the RV and buy you and beer and talk about the good ole dinar days!! LoL
  13. Wow what a tool Mahdi is turning out to be! Delay delay the ministers which is the same thing Maliki did! Wow it’s their own damn fault for ISIS in their own country what a Moron! Arrest Maliki and use all the stolen billions to pay for it. Think Maliki is worth like 200 billion right!, these people are so stupid or maybe not once they get in power it OHHHH now it my turn to rob rape and pillage the country all I can while I am in this position! What a bunch of no good camel jockeys seriously!
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