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  1. Hilarious…however if you check out the new DeLorean if it gets produced is an all EV and they hit it out of the park!, it was in a movie I saw but can’t remember which one..looks awesome though!
  2. I would have bought Bitcoin instead and retired already with about 600 Million!!! Would never have given this a 2nd
  3. Kraperoni is clueless period the worst of the worst gurus, still do not why he continues to post!!!. No there is not that many dinar in circulation, and Iraq ONLY has to actually cover what is in circulation inside of Iraq when they revalue not anything outside of Iraq!!! Lastly, Iraq’s total net worth with all their oil sure could very well be 16+ trillion dollars that is US dollar value. Now the Iraqi dinar inside of Iraq even if they had say 20 trillion Dinar still circulating the total dollar value amount of that is only around 20 BILLION US Dollars!! So YES 20 billion value of dinar and Iraq has north of 16 Trillion in assets also again in US Dollars shows you they can easily afford to RV at $3+ dollars!!
  4. Hilarious and you must be from Florida or live there? I have eaten at Del Friscos since I lived there definitely a great steak!!
  5. Awesome post thanks and yes I remember reading that and saving it on an old laptop that died!! Fingers crossed, I fully believe they will either RV at around $1.17 and if it’s higher it will be around $2.65!, not going to explain why but again from my 20 years invested and all my research and people I have come to know over these past 20 years those are the two rates I fully believe that one of them will be correct!! Hope to see it sooner for sure!,
  6. I think it get posted because I heard a rumor they get paid one penny for every post they make and then get paid another penny for each reply from n that post!! So thanks Ron and thanks JonnyV for making Ron one cent richer…:lol
  7. Ok you quoted his post and didn’t say anything so thought maybe it got
  8. Hi Greg see you haven’t posted in awhile. Just curious any word from your Iraqi contacts over there as to where we stand??
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