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  1. May I ask what was It that he personally asked him?? It’s been awhile since I watched X22 but yes I did like listening to him also.
  2. This is a good video from today also, looks like the corrupt are most likely 3 times more scared of AMC then GME, seems like their risk is much greater on AMC even though the AMC float is much higher then GME which is a good thing in my opinion!! The MOTTO FOR THE MONTH IS AGAIN BUY AND HOLD BUY AND HOLD!! Not financial advice just my MOTTO!! Lol
  3. Again ALL I am doing is BUYING MORE AND HOLDING!!! Just bought another 1,050 shares this morning at $13.20, after the small run up, I knew I should have bought first thing this morning with the rebalancing happening this week with AMC going into the Russell 1000 Index!! Oh well atleast we are now sitting around $14.10 hopefully we get another big run up today and this week!!!
  4. Agreed so would you say we can expect the RV by the end of next week now?? Lol
  5. Sorry that is pure FUD, Redbox has a very low float and outstanding shares all this word is doing is trying to keep investors from buying more AMC and GME don’t believe it or fall for it!! If you want AMC to squeeze it’s buy and hold AMC!! You will get burned in Redbox that company does have a completely failing business model!!! Sorry I am not investing or getting distracted from buying more AMC AND HOLDING MORE SHARES!!!
  6. Thanks so much and yes your information is WAY more credible then any guru nonsense that we hear! Gurus are only spewing nonsense to make money. In your case it’s extremely rare to get this type of information which excites me more so Thank You Very Much for posting your information!!!
  7. Wow that is good to hear from you Artitech!! You actually have a source that has verified to you personally that they approved or passed something to do with the delete the zeros project?? Thanks
  8. I truly hope so 1000%!!! So sick of all this BS!! I unfortunately live in California at the moment until my daughter graduates High school in 3 years and then I am moving back to Florida where I am from thank God!! Anyway even Costco gas is now at $6.09 for regular unleaded thanks Biden you POS!!! #Letsgobrandon!!
  9. Unfortunately his information is wrong this time about how many shares institutions own!!
  10. Kuwait never issued a complete new currency when Iraq invaded them their currency just dropped because of the invasion and then after their currency went straight up. You can’t compare both countries as their stories are completely differently, no way Iraq revalues at .05, it will be much higher IMO!!!
  11. Yes but again that is Mtn Goat’s contact which is still the janitor who works for the Minister of
  12. Sorry here is the link I forgot to
  13. And here is the Reddit post from one year ago today that breaks down how AMC can get that high and higher using the Geometric Mean!! In theory if no one sold and there are 2 billion synthetics out there the price will absolutely keep rising until people decide to sell. However we all know that no matter what there will be tons and tons of people selling most of their shares long long before AMC even gets to 5K I honestly believe that!! I myself will sell a lot before 5K because it will make me a multi millionaire but I will also hold a thousand or so shares and wait to see how high AMC goes! Now those people with say only a 100 or 200 shares will absolutely have to hold if they believe AMC will hit 100K to make life changing money! Me personally at 1K I will have life changing money with only half of my shares! Good luck and I just keep buying at this low low discount price because we won’t see it here for long I
  14. It’s not I was just pointing out that if you bought in 2002 you bought the wrong dinar notes and those are now worthless where as the ones I bought have a value of about 1/10 of a penny! LOLOLOLOL
  15. Too funny guess you must have invested when Sadam was still in power and bought the old Sadam notes because the currency we hold now didn’t come out in 2002…lol
  16. Pitcher can you please give us your opinion on the current technicals on AMC? What I am curious about is your thought on the current 23%+ short interest, the 180 Million shares on Loan which is 35% of the total float, also the cost to borrow max is now 20% which is much higher then it used to be but nowhere near has high as GME cost to borrow? What are you thoughts and feelings on this and anything else you want to share please? To me all this is in our favor right? How much longer can they hold out do you think before it explodes?? Thanks
  17. I am just buying more and holding, buying more and holding!! Every 10, 25, 50 or 100+ shares helps IMO!! And if millions of people around the world feel the same as me then everyday we get closer and closer to MOASS!!!
  18. Almost 90 million in volume so far today and we are trading a dollar lower then we opened at such BS!! Guess short interest is really going up today!!
  19. Great minds think alike keylime, I was just reading that and going to post it here also!!
  20. Agreed now look at this something has to give no way these crooked hedgefunds and crooked Kenny can keep holding at these prices for much longer in my opinion. Shares on loan now over 174 Million, max cost to borrow is 15%, average cost to borrow is over 13% and min cost to borrow is 4% which I bet no one is getting! Utilization is 100% and short interest is over 23% according to Ortex which we know is 100% BS!! Short interest is most likely closer to 40% IMO!!
  21. Well good thing it will never come out at 1 cent that will never ever happen! So I guess you will need to do back flips naked down the street Now back to the AMC rocket to the moon. We are now at $14.23 with over 64 million in volume so far! I cannot wait to hear the box office numbers for Top Gun after the long holiday weekend this alone should push AMC much higher on Tuesday I believe!! Hopefully Top Gun turns out to be the all time top grossing movie of all time for opening weekend!!!
  22. One more thing the biggest movie of the year I think was just released today!! TOP GUN!!! I think this will have a huge huge huge opening weekend and it’s a 3 day weekend and for many a 4 day weekend since schools where I live ended today!! This should be a huge push for AMC stock come next Tuesday when the market opens since it’s closed on Monday for the holiday. When the market opens hopefully we have huge news releases on how much money Top Gun made this weekend!!! Oh and yes I fully 100% believe the dinar will come out at atleast $1.17 or higher!!!
  23. Update so far today there are just over 170.08 Million AMC shares on loan which is just over 33% of the entire float!! Yes short interest is only at 22.42% per Ortex…yeah . We have been at 100% utilization for what 3 months now also!!! Sure seems like Kenny and the hedgefunds are getting a little worried. All we need is either a huge rally of people or institutions to start buying a lot more again or a hedgefunds to tap out in the play!!! We are also over 52 million in volume right now and only up 2-3% they are shorting us today for sure!!!
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