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  1. And here lies the problem with the AMC squeeze if it ever happens! I traded DWAC today it opened at $118 and they halted it promptly at $131.60 for 20 minutes and then they opened it up again for less then 5 seconds and halted it again! So please tell me how long or how high AMC will be able to squeeze if the hedgies are buying back their short shares which who knows if they will ever buy them back. I honestly thought after a 15-20 min halt they had to open trading back up for atleast 5 minutes or 15 minutes before they could halt it again but apparently that is not correct as I witnessed it with my own eyes today literally DWAC went from the $131.60 halt to one single trade and it was halted again in a split second at $157.50.
  2. I bought into DWAC premarket at $91 for 50 shares. It’s halted now so waiting for it to open up again, I believe a lot more people are going to buy today so I am buying some more. I don’t expect to be in this play very long but hopefully can make some quick money since amc is still dropping today!
  3. Hilarious I have no words but it made me laugh really hard how clueless these two are!!!! Too funny thanks for the belly laugh though!!!
  4. Thanks for the input Pitcher not sure what’s dragging this stock down yesterday and today really makes no sense!
  5. Wow you are truly amazing my friend I absolutely love love love what you said here!! I truly feel blessed to have you cross my path in life so far and I hope it continues long after the dinar has RV’d and we are long gone from this forum!!! Thank you my Blessed friend!!!
  6. Correct and if my memory serves me correct it was an extremely smart gentlemen named Scooter that said this is what we needed to look for and then the RV should happen!
  7. Agreed and yes please give us your thoughts on the graphs once we are making ATH’s. Personally once we get over $80 I fully believe this will start to skyrocket above $100 very quickly and we will start to see trading halts for the 15 minutes at that point, hopefully the gamma squeeze will start and then push the shorts to start covering and then we will be off to the moon IMO!! Also I just bought another modest 100 shares!! Lol
  8. Looking good today so far now at just over $43.00!! Please please everyone I caution you as this is absolutely a one time play this will never happen again IMO!!! With that being said please secure your financial future and sell some shares ON the way UP! No one knows how high AMC will go maybe it goes to 1K, or 5K or even 10K but if you hold all your shares until 100K and the max is say 22K and all the shorts get filled this stock will crash down to $100 or lower very very very quickly that is a fact once all shorts have covered!! You DO NOT want to miss life changing wealth being stubborn because of all the REddit and Youtubers saying 100K is easy they don’t know period!! All these Youtubers are making money every single day a lot of money because we all watch their videos period! They come up with whatever content they can so people watch and they make money plain and simple!! They have new regulations where they can halt trading in any stock for up to 2 days by the chair of the SEC just from their opinion it will be harming the market it’s on the register today! So make no mistake no one knows what will happen with AMC or GME when and if the short squeeze happens but all I do know is either way this will be the one and only time we will have a shot at getting financial freedom with a stock play, they will make sure this doesn’t happen again count on it. Which is why I am not waiting for 100k per share price period most of my shares will all be sold before that on the way up. If and when this does hit 100K by then I will probably have 400-500 shares is all period but I will have millions secured already in the bank before then because selling on the way up! Just my thoughts for the day now Let’s go AMC TO THE MOON and COME ON RV!!!
  9. Yes I hope a lot of people don’t jump on the latest and greatest internet fad of direct registering their shares. You don’t need to do this and it will be a nightmare to actually get paid and get the price you want when the MOASS is happening IMO!!! I will NOT BE DRS my shares I am good with Fidelity!!
  10. OMG the funniest thing I have read in awhile thanks for the Huge laugh!!
  11. Thanks Pitcher very much appreciated!!
  12. Hey Pitcher can you give us a market wrap up for the end of the day please?
  13. Thanks again Pitcher for your well thought out analysis!!!
  14. Everyone does understand that if Kazemi is Not put up as PM again all these white papers mean absolutely nothing right!! Their will be an entirely new government and they will throw out these white papers and start over, just thought I would keep it real!! Hopefully Sadr actually stating that he wants the value of the dinar to be raised and be recognized by the international community is a good thing!
  15. So is Kazemi part of his bloc which I don’t think he is? If not then Kazemi will no longer be the PM, Sadr will put forth his PM correct?? Thanks
  16. Thanks for the update Pitcher always love your analysis. Okay from my research from different people on youtube, reddit and others I am looking for another spike up as soon as tomorrow or Wednesday but specifically tomorrow we will see if the research is solid. This should be another $5-$6 spike up tomorrow hope the DD turns out to be true. Also read a really good analysis as to why the hedgies don’t want AMC to get close to the $80 mark if we are ever able to get another gamma squeeze above $80 then it’s game over that will supposedly trigger the short squeeze and we will shoot up from there! So take it for what it’s worth I have been busy too and don’t have the links to post, just passing on some very good DD from really knowledgeable posters that have done extensive research on AMC!!
  17. Right but OSHA also has not come out with anything regarding the mandate yet either the article says!!
  18. Here you go you two this was just posted in another thread by Markinsa!! Their is no mandate even in place yet and any of these companies requiring this and or fired anyone should be sued for millions!!
  19. Thanks exactly my point had I done this over the past few months I would be up 200K+ in this stock instead of just holding watching my account have these big ups and downs and me missing out on all that profit since I own so much of but great to see the pop up this past hour atleast hopefully we continue this into the last 20 minutes today we see another spike up and continue running tomorrow!! And I highly highly doubt me buying and selling 8-10K shares will have any effect on any sort of short squeeze when it comes! But again with the news out yesterday about how a market maker can create and naked short without any borrowing or fees is truly depressing and bad news for the market and any foreseeable short squeeze in the near term. Will we eventually have it absolutely but obviously not until Laws are changed and people see this which may take much longer then anyone thinks, hopefully not as long as this dinar investment has taken none the less!!
  20. Well let me clarify I meant doing exactly what you said not daytrading. I guess you would call it swing trading right? Studying the charts and watching the wave patterns on AMC for the past 4-5 months looks pretty predictable! But yes we this thing stalled up around $52-53 dollars this last and then slow bled off if I had sold I would be up at $52 and bought back in today I would be up
  21. One last thing to add…..COME ON RV!!! Hopefully all these corrupt elites and governments will allow the RV to skyrocket their wealth as well turning them into Billionaires from Millionaires!!!
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