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  1. Bumper64

    Adam Montana 19 December 2018

    PB, you know that there always has to be that one!!!
  2. Bumper64

    Silly Smiles II

    That is so my dog!!! 🤣😂
  3. Bumper64

    Where in the Bible does it say God the son?

    This is a touchy subject so please PLAY NICE!!!!!!!!! Bump
  4. Bumper64

    Please Mods and Mr.Montana

    Correct, Adam is the only one that can see who are giving out the Red Rubies
  5. Bumper64

    I am getting Married!!!

    Congrats Moose!!!!!!
  6. Bumper64


    I'm reading quite a few smug remarks in this thread. Let's all act like adults and keep these threads on the up and up!! Play nice!!
  7. Bumper64

    Where's the money going to come from???/

    Just checking in to see if everyone is PLAYING NICE in this thread!! 👀
  8. Bumper64

    Adam Montana Weekly 30 May 2018

    Now that was funny!!!! Good job Adam 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Bumper64

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

  10. Bumper64

    How do we handle the dreamers ?

    Let's keep this thread clean of suggestive bad language Example: F... Ass etc..!! We can spread our thoughts without using these extra additives!! Thanks!!! Bump
  11. Let's PLAY NICE boys and girls!!

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