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  1. There is a reason why so many of these dinar sites come and go 🤥 and DV stands alone as the best of the best when it comes to honesty and integrity!!! 😏😎 Its not just Adams staff but also its members that makes us the best. We are here to do our best to protect our members from getting taken and also protecting DVs name!! 👊 bump from me to all of you!! Bumper64
  2. Thank you so much!! ❤️
  3. Thank you all so much!! I love this group of people at DV!!
  4. Hello DV family, I have been getting emails for a few of my long time friends on here asking where I've been so I thought I would let everyone know whats been going on with me as of late. I have been in and out of the hospital a lot as of late due to having kidney stones and Colon Cancer. I have had several surgeries to remove the cancer, kidney stones blasted 3 times and a mediport installed in my chest for chemo treatments in the last few months. I had a PET Scan a couple weeks back and I just got my results back a few days ago and I am happy to say that it showed NO NEW cancer but due to a couple limp-nodes being the spreading type (stage 3) of cancer I will still have to go through my chemo treatments. With all this being said I want to let you know that I am still here everyday and as always willing to help SHOW YOU THE DOOR Just kidding folks!!!! I really want to thank Adam and all my fellow admin and mods and members of this family for all your support as you have all been helping me through this with your love and prayers from day one of these health issues!!! What a great DV family we all have here Thank you all!! Bump Go RV!!!!
  5. The people of Venezuela took to the streets today to demand their freedom from the violent, authoritarian, and socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro. President Donald J. Trump has been monitoring the situation minute-by-minute throughout the day. Earlier this year, President Trump officially recognized Juan Guaido, President of Venezuela’s democratically elected National Assembly, as the country’s legitimate president. Speaking outside the White House today, National Security Adviser John Bolton was clear on where America stands: “The President wants to see a peaceful transfer of power from Maduro to Guaido. 🎬 Watch: This is the Maduro regime in action [Warning: Disturbing images] Aboard the USS Harry S. Truman, Vice President Mike Pence echoed President Trump’s words. “As we stand here today aboard this ship, the people of Venezuela are seeking to reclaim freedom and democracy in their nation—a nation impoverished by dictatorship, socialism, and oppression. And so we say to President Juan Guaido, to all the freedom-loving people of Venezuela: Estamos con ustedes—we are with you.” The United States has imposed tough sanctions on Maduro and his henchmen. The Trump Administration has blocked more than 100 individuals, entities, and aircraft controlled by Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, depriving Maduro’s cronies from needed revenue sources while preserving critical assets for the future of Venezuela. More than 3 million people have fled Venezuela since 2015, and the United Nations estimates that number may swell to more than 5.3 million by the end of 2019. Nine out of 10 Venezuelans now live in poverty, with thousands of children starving. Under President Trump, America continues to provide humanitarian assistance to the Venezuelan people, and food and medicine remain exempt from U.S. sanctions. In January, Venezuela’s National Assembly invoked the country’s constitution to declare Nicolas Maduro illegitimate and the presidency vacant. It is time for Maduro to honor that constitution and step aside, returning the future of Venezuela to its people.
  6. Video John Solomon on the post-Mueller questions that could turn the tables on collusion investigators The Hill executive vice president John Solomon and 'The Russia Hoax' author Gregg Jarrett discuss their Mueller report predictions. As partisan Democrats and the liberal media hyperventilate over Attorney General William Barr’s release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report Thursday, they’re willfully ignoring the fact that they already know what the report concludes: Two years and $35 million was spent investigating a lie. Barr has already informed us that the report states categorically that there was no collusion between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and the government of Russia to elect Donald Trump president. The report finally puts to bed the main allegation that the left has been consumed with for nearly three years. Much to their chagrin, the lie that they pushed for the entire Trump presidency has been completely dismissed by Mueller. Barr told us that last month. On the issue of obstruction of justice, we know the report says Mueller left the decision on possible obstruction by Trump up to Barr. But by not filing obstruction charges, Mueller did decide that there was no obstruction of justice. Regardless, Barr – as we already know – wrote in his summary letter to Congress that he found there was no obstruction of justice. So no mystery there either. The political reality is that the release of the redacted Mueller report just gives the left an opportunity to attack President Trump one more time. The biased media will scour the 400-page report to use it as a political weapon against the president going into the 2020 election, just like they did with the phony dossier prepared by former British spy Christopher Steele in 2016. Democrats in Congress will look for inflammatory sentences in the report that they can take out of context to push more false narratives and more partisan taxpayer-funded investigations that will turn up more nothing burgers. The sad display that we will now see unfold will confirm to the American people that the Democrats are obsessed with investigating President Trump because they have no positive agenda for the American people. As the liberal media try to keep the American people fooled into focusing on the old news that makes up Mueller’s investigative report, there is one investigation that must be conducted in a thorough and impartial manner. President Trump has called for a much- needed “investigation of the investigators.” To be sure, we’ve learned a lot over the past three years about the special treatment afforded to Hillary Clinton by the Obama Justice Department and FBI, as well as the sinister activities that were set in motion in an attempt to derail the Trump candidacy and presidency. What else do we know after three years? We know that former FBI Director James Comey was operating under the assumption that Hillary Clinton was going to be elected president and therefore would soon become his boss. This clearly impacted his decision-making. We know that disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok was plotting to stop Trump from being elected president with his “insurance policy.” We know that former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s wife was taking campaign cash from Clinton allies. Yet McCabe was supervising the Hillary Clinton email investigation. We know that former Obama CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper behave more like political hacks than senior intelligence officials. We know that the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid Fusion GPS to investigate Trump and pay Christopher Steele to create the phony Russian dossier. We know that Steele appears to have had carte blanche to peddle his stack of lies to top officials at the Obama Justice Department, FBI, State Department and intelligence community. We know that the Steele dossier was nothing more than an unverified political opposition research document that somehow made it into applications under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that paved the way for our government to spy on the Trump campaign and launch a counterintelligence investigation into a political candidate they didn’t agree with. And we know that President Obama wanted to “know everything” Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page were doing. The American people have a right to know what Obama knew and when he knew it. It’s certainly a good sign that Attorney General Barr is taking these allegations involving the Justice Department, FBI and other agencies seriously and is assembling a team to look at them. I’m also pleased that Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is sending referrals to the Justice Department that will outline alleged criminal activity that he discovered during his investigation into the activities of senior Obama administration officials during the 2016 presidential campaign. As an added step toward transparency, President Trump should declassify information related to the Mueller investigation so the American people can see with their own eyes exactly what the deep state did in 2016. Additionally – and just as importantly – we’ll soon find out what Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has discovered in his year-long investigation into the aforementioned alleged Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses. But the Horowitz investigation isn’t adequate. The inspector general doesn’t have prosecutorial power and this investigation needs a grand jury to question witnesses. The American people deserve answers. And the best way to resolve this once and for all is to appoint an impartial special counsel to investigate the investigators who conducted the Russia probe. This would be news worth our attention
  7. More workers expect job offers, higher salaries, NY Fed poll shows Just because the U.S. economy has slowed doesn’t mean companies have stopped hiring or people have given up looking for work. Far from it. Americans still think plenty of jobs are available and companies are offering better pay as they compete for a shrinking pool of available labor, new study by the New York Federal Reserve shows. The Fed study is the latest proof the jobs market continues to sizzle. The rate of layoffs each week — known as jobless claims — fell below 200,000 earlier this month for the first time since 1969. The economy also added almost 200,000 new jobs in March after a feeble 33,000 gain in February, keeping the unemployment rate at 3.8%. The New York Fed has regularly questioned 1,000 people nationally over a one-year period — both those with and without jobs — to get a sense of their employment status and search for work. Some new participants are added each month and others rotated out. A little over 24% said they had looked for a job in March, up from 22.6% last fall. One-quarter of the respondents (25.7%) said they expected to receive at least one job offer in the next four months — the highest level since the survey began in 2014. “The increase was most pronounced for respondents without a college degree,” the Fed said. Adding to the evidence of strong demand for labor, the average full-time salary offer jumped 14% to $66,415 in March from $58,035 last November. The increase should be viewed with some caution since it’s a particularly up-and-down number, but it is the highest number the regional Fed bank has recorded. The upshot: The U.S. labor market hasn’t cooled off much, if at all. Companies are still willing to hire and don’t want to get caught short-handed if sales pick up in the spring as many economists predict. Another side-effect of the strong labor market is a steadily increasing stock prices. The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -0.01% and S&P 500 SPX, -0.23%are closing in again on record highs — just several months after a huge beatdown in December. “President Obama used to stir Americans with his powerful calls for national unity. It looks like he has, after all these years, finally forged agreement among leaders in both parties that his health care law made things worse and should be replaced. Bipartisanship blooms in Washington,” Scott Jennings writes in the Courier-Journal. “Voters in both parties know they were duped by Obama’s health care promises. Private insurance customers saw their premiums and deductibles jump to pay for someone else’s health care, but not their own.” “How’s this for unexpected irony: As New York pols move to choke their own economy by nixing new natural-gas supplies, President Trump is racing to the rescue,” the New York Post editorial board writes. “Trump last week signed two executive orders to help ease the way for new oil and gas pipelines and other energy projects. One, seemingly aimed squarely at New York, requires the Environmental Protection Agency to look for ways to make it harder for states to use the Clean Water Act to block pipelines”—a common tactic of Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), the editors add. “An Arizona mayor on Tuesday declared an emergency in the city he represents due to what he said was the strain caused by the incoming flow of migrants,” Elizabeth Zwirz reports for Fox News. “Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls shared the news on Facebook, explaining that he ‘proclaimed a local emergency’ in the city ‘due to the migrant family releases overwhelming the local shelter system.’”
  8. Great post Adam, I always love reading your thoughts on what's going on with this investment.
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